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Status: In a relationship
Age: 118
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Greece
Signup Date: September 23, 2019

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Category: Roleplay Stories


For years now, I have been dealing with Vandella & HOS. Having to defend myself against all her allegations and bullying attempts – simply because I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO BULLY OR CONTROL ME.  I was kicked out of HOS and blacklisted upon allegations of page hacking, a rumour started by Sidheach at the time, I was writing with a writer that portrayed Vine La Mara. He chose to be exclusive to one of my pages that portrayed his wife, obviously the writers behind Sidheach, Candy and others, no doubt Vandella were not impressed. As because of her being “the matriarch”, she needs to be married to most, if not all of the men. A tip for Vandella though? You should actually WRITE with them, just saying. Anyway, so I left HOS and began losing friends and writing partners within seconds. Going one further Vandella posted status updates that were shared across the internet about me being a hacker and a bad person. Yes, people believed these claims, without proof. I am still waiting on the proof, after 7 years, of me hacking pages in HOS. To no avail. I defended myself ruthlessly, I stood alone and remained strong to this day against the hate and the rumours being administered against me. I couldn’t even join certain sites because I am going to “bully” HOS. Seriously? I am one woman people… However, no skin off my nose, I am a member on many sites. I don’t need the dead site or the porn site.



My first chosen site ever, HAVEN is my main writing site, because Naamah is the only admin whom saw what was truly going on and she was the only one who listened to me and allowed me to tell her what was going on. She also allowed me to defend myself when it was needed. Seeing that I was one of many that Vandella and HOS blacklisted and tried to ruin. Not once did she go behind my back and talk crap or give out information or feed into the fried shit everyone was trying to sell to her. Not even from fellow neighbouring admins. She always came to me first and spoke to me about it. So for this, I will always hold the greatest respect for Naamah, she is the epitome of what it is to be an admin. You can all learn from her. This is the safest site to write on. The admins take care of EVERYONE. Not just their buddies and they investigate before condemning someone.


The dead site admins, Tony and Susan, whom I am not ever making amends with because they are both bullies and they go out of their way to try and demean others. While crying victim about hate profiles they are receiving or backlash for being complete assholes to people. Yet they as admins have created hate pages on other sites, trying to make it look like it was me doing it. Thinking using my vocabulary will make me guilty. Plus their accusations against me hold no weight until they have the proof. They just heard Vandella’s lies and decided to target me. You failed. I am not one to bow to pumpkins. You don’t know me. You have no control over me and I simply do not care to join your site because you steal pages and change passwords, and you reveal ip addresses. Your site and you cannot be trusted. This is beyond contestation as far as I am concerned. Using the accusation of people making fun of your disability, without proof of who it was, to gain sympathy. You are you, deal with it. Keep your real life issues out of roleplay. No one cares about your problems. If you must? Share it with those who do actually care. Your site is now VPN safe? Great! Please practice what you preach and stop using VPN services to create hundreds of hate pages on neighbouring sites. Yes, we know it was you.

 You know…. Attacking people without proof shows weakness.  I do not give a rat’s ass what you think of me. Who are you? NOBODY.

You don’t scare me. Remember that.


Emmeline is a sweetheart, she is now receiving hate because she allowed me to stay on her site and she chose to stand her ground for what is right. Why? Because I did not do anything wrong. Not once. Yet I am being blamed for everything that went wrong with Vandella and HOS. Just because Vandella tells you something? Does not mean it’s true. Ask her for the proof. If you dare. Emmeline, I have a found to be an incredible person. She has compassion and kindness that most have no idea how to begin to disperse toward others. It’s truly unfair that she is being bullied and tormented by admins and ex members of her site, just because she chose to not unfairly condemn someone. She goes out of her way to help others and make them feel welcome and appreciated. All this while dealing with every day personal demons that none of you can even imagine. So to Emmeline, remain who you are sweetheart. Your goodness and pure heart are your strength. Hold onto that and never steer away from your true course in being a wonderful person. No hate or bully can ever take that away from you. You have proved to be a very good friend.


Ardat, my long time friend, how we became friends is actually quite extraordinary, lies brought us together, which we deciphered together.  Since then we have been very close friends. I have watched Ardat being bullied and made fun just because she chose to be my friend and get to know me for the person I am. She is still being bullied. By Tony, Susan and Vandella. Being accused of making hate pages and making fun of Tony’s disability. She never did that. Ardat’s writer deals with so many problems in real at times, yet she always finds the time to pop in and say “hello” or give comfort to someone who needs it or just to post a random joke to light up everyone’s day. I won’t talk about her life because it’s private. I can tell everyone, because I know what she deals with and has been dealing with for months. It’s not easy. Though she never once used it as an excuse or used it as a ploy to play victim and gather haters against anyone. Ardat’s writer is a wonderful person. She holds love for her fellow human that seems greater than the universe from where I am standing. She is a loyal, true and honest friend and she holds all my respect. She always will. Her friendship with me has never failed, not once. No matter the hate and bullying she receives on a daily basis.

Even after Russell and Vandella made fun on a public status of how she looks in real life. Calling her names and saying she is a traitor. What did she do? She chose to not hate someone just because others told her to dislike someone. She decided for herself. That is her only crime.

 Yes, Ardat did go to the dead site and ask Tony if I could join there. She did that because she is my friend. Not for any other reason. No, she did not beg Tony. He’s full of shit. I saw all the messages, I still have them. She asked him, once. Then he attacked her for it. Saying mean things to her and then removing her page from his site. Why? I will tell you why, because she is my friend. You are all trying to punish her for being my friend. Vandella, Tony and Susan. There are others too. You all need to remember that you are not Gods. You do not own roleplay or the right to decide for ANYONE who they may and may not be friends with. Vandella has a group, where she irritates the members to the point where they do what she says, just so she will shut the hell up. Or because they are afraid of being blacklisted. This is not leadership, its dictatorship. Nothing at all to be proud of. Tony has his own site? So what? The only power he has is tapping a button to remove a page. That’s all he has. Other than that he doesn’t have shit and he is a person just like Ardat and I are. Nothing special, just human. Telling her she has no life, which is a flaccid attempt at its best. Ardat’s writer is so amazing in real life that she has hundreds of friends that love and adore her. I know, because I have her on Facebook. I see it all. She has respect as an authoritative figure and she is an amazing mother raising a beautiful family. Your judgemental attitude toward her falls miserably flat when it is weighed against the true person whom is Ardat’s writer.

She is my best friend in both worlds and nothing and no one will ever change that. So please, come for Ardat. Give me an excuse to kick your ass all over the internet. I will fight for me friend because she is worth it.


 This person is not all there most of the time. As one of my friends recently added “kangaroo brain”. We laughed our asses off. So Rusty and I? We used to be friends, then she wanted what I had. Tried to be me. Tried to write like me. Tried to do her pages like me. Did she succeed? NO. As always she will lie and deceive. Then when she is brought to light, she posts status updates about not being the writer of Rusty. However, her unimaginative transparency gives her away.  Did you know she steals work? From other groups? She stole from HOS, she stole from KOH (Naamah's character) and she stole from TROPK. Not to mention she tried to copy Sakkara’s site name on her own site she tried to run. She got caught and she was revealed. I will continue to reveal her wherever I go. She is also responsible for posting hate on Haven and Emmeline’s site as Goddess Danu, part of Vandella’s new group, The Cursed Kingdom. So she cried wolf about me being allowed back into HOS? What about you sweetheart? You steal and recreate the stolen characters on other sites where you think no one will see. Sorry, everyone will always know as long as I am around. You pissed me off and its karma all the way for you cunt.

One more thing? You are not me. You can never be me. You don’t have the goods to back it up. Understand? Good.

Please respond to this part about you. I am waiting. Just for the love of god use Grammarly or any other program to help you with your damn spelling!

Everything I touch turns to shit? You are shit. Plain and simple.



Unfortunately, save for some, most only believe what they are told because they have no idea what the real story is. So here it is.

So, a few weeks ago, shit hit HOS and three members left. Ciaar, Snow and the previous writer of Solomon, now Sebastian, Ximena and Snow on the roleplay world renamed Dead Site. Vandella came searching for me on Haven. Then we spoke on Discord. She came seeking peace and tranquillity between us. I relayed to her that I had no problem with her as long as she kept my name out of her mouth and her blogs/status updates. For those who are always seeking to find dirt on me? Did you even notice that there was no fighting going on prior to her seeking me out? No? Perhaps you should ask yourself why that is… She also came to me asking for information about Ciaar & Snow’s writers. Obviously trying to gather dirt and allies, the way she is doing now. Just with different players on the board.

If I knew anything I told her about it. Soon we were chatting daily and just having a ball making fun of Tony and Susan. Vandella made a very nice gif of them. Along with her statement about Susan not being able to spell for shit. We enjoyed a long laugh because of it. Vandella asked me to write Snow White for her on her home based site at the time. I thought well why not? We have made peace, I no longer fight or attack Vandella. As she had also changed for the better, right? She no longer posts things about me or tries to pit people against me. I am also free to write whatever and wherever I choose. I decide. No one else does. So I wrote Snow White and Solomon and a ton of other pages in HOS. Vandella was very happy with my writing and me being back. Writing solos and bringing new edits and ideas etc.

She only asked one thing, that no one was to know that I was in HOS. Not even her own rulers. Or else she would have too much explaining to do and we all know how Vandella hates having to tell the truth to anyone. So, I agreed, because I didn’t want her to receive any unnecessary trouble. I kept my head down, I wrote and did my part in the group. Never causing any problems or drama. All went well until suddenly Vandella decided to “take a break”. The rulers had set in motion a new system of members being accepted into HOS. One she had fully agreed too. When she then decided she no longer approved of how it was being administered. Taking her break all the rulers said they understood and gave her the needed space, telling her how they hoped she would return soon. She is the Matriarch of HOS after all.

Another site was up at the time she took her break, where she created Vandella and also decided to create a new group named The Cursed Kingdom-TCK. Her main being Ramona Thorne as the Queen of the group. Something she had not told any of her rulers about. So imagine their disappointment to hear that their Empress had no grain or gall to run HOS at the moment, yet she could create a new kingdom and also reconnect with a known roleplay rapist, the writer who portrayed Blair La Mara. One that was banished from HOS for the said crimes toward more than one writer. Why not work on HOS and assist her rulers in the growth of the kingdom? Yet she either chooses to create a new kingdom. For me, that was very disrespectful toward her rulers, especially those who were at her side for a long time. Emmeline had created the home based site for Vandella and HOS. So yea, it was not something that sat well with her loyal rulers.  She’s a traitor. She betrayed her rulers. Apart from that, Vandella was unhappy about no longer having the login details to the control panel of the site. The reason behind that was because Vandella was ip tracing. Something that is not only illegal, but also something she banned the writer of Viper Jay Mata/Blood Emperor Andreas Davalle from HOS for. He was also ip tracing. He can also be found on the porn site as Hyperion Lord Raven Shadow, so watch your ip being traced on that site.

After Vandella no longer had the home page login details either, she got very upset. Slamming Emmeline with accusations about wanting to steal HOS from her and what not. During this shit storm, Rusty’s writer, who portrayed Goddess Danu in Vandella’s new group which she now had brought over to the home based site, decided to go to all sites and post hate, calling me out for portraying Solomon.


Attacking and bullying Emmeline in messages and telling her how bad she is for having me on the site and not kicking me out. Vandella knew I was there, the entire time. So due to the harassment that was repeatedly slamming Emmeline. ALL the rulers decided that it would be better if TCK left the homebased site, Danu had already spread hate and drama and the group could not be trusted, with her as a member to not cause problems. Along with TCK stealing ideas that had been pre-discussed with current members of HOS. This did not go well with Vandella, so she decided to leave the site and then began the rumour and lies that Ardat and Savahnne were trying to steal the site and HOS. How she got to that conclusion, only she will know. She needed someone to blame, anyone but herself right?

Then Vandella went on site and hacked the control panel to unban herself. While just deleting all the pages she gave to writers to write for her. Her inconsiderate ass deleted all their work without even telling them about it. The writers logged on to fine their pages had been removed. Then she had the nerve to threaten anyone who stayed on Emmeline’s site on pain of being banished from HOS. Telling them they may not use the “La Mara” name. Google is your friend Vandella, seems you need some schooling, that name does not belong to you or HOS. So stop claiming it does. Furthermore, causing drama from her pages still on site and nagging at the writers to leave the site and go to the porn site. Spreading hate and drama as far as she goes. Always trying to cause problems for others.

Firstly, the owner of the site is still pretty much in full power, which is Emmeline. The homebased site has never belonged to Vandella. She donated and that’s pretty much how far her “ownership” went. Secondly, no one was trying to steal her group from her. She is the one who deserted her HOS group to create a new one behind everyone’s back. While we were actually trying to help her with anything she needed. So running to Tony, Susan and Quill, and to whomever would listen to the crap she is selling while playing the victim, the joke is on you. Ardat and I had nothing to do with her move to the other site. It was her decision because she could no longer control and manipulate things the way she always does. So all your little hate pages and your blogs about how rotten we are? Is fable crap that you sucked out of your thumb on the basis of the lies that Vandella told you.

Some “Matriarch” you are Vandella. You are possibly the worst leader in roleplay history. Someone who cares about her members would not do what you did and still do. Threatening them to stay in HOS. A true leader builds, they don’t destroy.

We stayed on the site to support Emmeline, because she deserves nothing less. I am free to write what and whom I choose, and I will be doing exactly that. To all those who actually believed the lies and continuously attacked two innocent people? Kudos to you for being an upstanding shallow human being! You just don’t like your asses being handed to you and me standing up for myself. Too bad! It’s not changing!


I have the proof of everything that was stated in this blog. Feel free to contact me any time to see it for yourself.

To the haters and drama mongers, come after me or my friends. I dare you. 

Come kiss my sexy African ass!

 I will be waiting.


Fabulous Savahnne’s Writer

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