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"~ Lesbian ~ Empress & Demoness ~ Not adding Males unless Family ~ Always have open relationship ~ Can be Shemale/Herm ~"
19 years old

United Kingdom -
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Interests: Relationships
WIFE: Not Currently Married
POST LENGTH: Semi-Para/Para
Discord: nessa_bearsbane
Heroes: Calypso Muse

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Status: Swinger
Here for: Dating, Networking,
Orientation: Lesbian
Body Type: Athletic
Smoke / Drink: No Answer/Yes
Education: College graduate
Religion: I will let you know . . .
Height: 4"5'

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Nessa was an only child, due to her mother passing away after birth and her good for nothing father was fighting the wrong side of the war, thus he was killed, leaven Nessa to defend for herself for years, it was at the age of 14 years old when she meet the Bearsbane family and their clan. She started to shadow one of the Brothers, when she was 18 she married that brother becoming a Bearsbane herself.

The Bearsbane and Clan was new to the area and Nessa was in talks with the local's and get to know trade routes and a handful of military routes. Nessa's Husband, Rókr Beasbane went on a mission up north while his brother Jökull Bearsbane was down south trying to gain allies, Rókr was ambushed and killed along with all members of the party apart from one scout who was a fair bit behind them.

Modern Times
Now in the 20th Centery Nessa found herself with just one person she could trust, but soon over some time she grew fond of someone else, Nora was her name. Nessa over time loved the bond Nora had with another girl, Nora's Daughter and with how they was together Nessa wanted to know what it was like, to have someone like Nora as a mother as Nessa never really knew what it was line being an Orphan for so long, but now Nessa has become part of Lovelace family, with her late husband no longer around Nessa changed her surname to Lovelace, it was either that or go back to Bloodworth, and she might have IF she was an evil or a bad kind of Demoness. Nora took Nessa as her own daughter and from that point onwards, would be a new chapter to Nessa, a more happy one, one that she felt more loved and not so much alone anymore, she would always keep Bearsbane as family though with only one left would be hard.
Birth Name: Nessa Bloodworth
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Species: Half Demoness (Succubus), Half Shifter
Date of Birth: 848 AD
Place of Birth: Nottinghamshire
Current Residenve: Bearsbane Manor

Mother(s): Michelle, Nora Lovelace, Melissa Lovelace
Father: MIA
Aunt(s): Melissa Lovelace, Ember Lovelace, Beth Lovelace, Mira Lovelace
Sister(s): Emma Lovelace, Autumn Lovelace
In-Laws: Jökull Bearsbane
Duaghter(s): Violet Lovelace
Son(s): None

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Relationship Status: Open
Current Relationship(s):
Past Marriage(s): Rókr Beasbane (RIP)
Past Partners(s): Amy, Lisa, Megan

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Melissa Lovelace™ {LF}

06-19-2024 6:22:34

I miss you too, honey! I’m sorry your boss has been such an ass to you. *hugs her tightly*

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