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"I'll scream your name all night long amor."
36 years old
San Juan
Puerto Rico - 12345
Last Login: July 19 2024

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Status: Single
Here for: ,
Orientation: Bi
Hometown: San Juan Puerto Rico
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic
Smoke / Drink: Yes/Yes
Education: No Answer
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Bar Tender
Height: 5"7'

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Isabella is an Puerto Rican lives in San Juan, She works as an model she is in magazines photos souvenirs. She enjoys her island her homeland her people. The island of beauty is an beautiful island it is an small island but big enough for thousands of people that live here the residents speak English and Spanish. Isabella can speak both because she had gone to school to learn. After few years after living on her island she had moved to California to work on photo shoots. You can find this beauty in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Forever an Boricua! I love you Puerto Rico! The island of beauty!~ Isla de enchanto!~ The island of Enchantment.

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