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"Seneya Sagara aka "Alter"


Limited List= Only Dramatic/Intense Criminal Stories

WARNING! Complicated/Dark Villain Character"
28 years old
Madagascar - 00000
Last Login: March 05 2021

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From a young age, Seneya Sagara knew she was different and lived a hard life because of it as her mutant power was both envied and feared. Seneya has the ability to manipulate and create various fields, being able to alter them in numerous ways. The first field she can remember altering was the electromagnetic fields directly around her to hide herself when she was chased under the threat of death at age 8. Seneya never knew her parents, but was raised by a woman named "Dana Sagara", a thief and co-artist from Madagascar who was the only one that showed her any kindness and taught her what she knows. But after a con gone horribly wrong, Dana was fatally wounded before she was killed in front of Seneya, triggering her to unleash her mutant power on the group that caught and beat the two of them. Seneya hid just long enough to recover so she could flee and move from place to place developing her cons and trying to find out more information on the group that killed the only person she could call family in order to get revenge. Willing to do anything she must in order to get it while training herself how to fight with her strange mutant power.

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