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The Hottest Wife Kelly Ch. 4
Category: Roleplay Stories

"God, baby! Fuck me! Yeah! WOO! Give mama that big fucking dick! Yeah! WOO-HOO! Hahaha!"

(The doorbell rings)

"COME IN." I call out to whoever's ringing the door.

(The door opens)

"Oh... sorry. I'll come back."

"No...it's fine. Come in."

"Yeah...come on in. Hehe."

Kelly's long legs are on my shoulders. My hands are firmly planted on her fast jiggling jugs as I fuck her on the counter behind the sofa. I'm standing on the sofa to add some height so we line up. Ha. I'm 6'3 and I need more height to fuck my wife. Haha.

Kelly turns her head towards the door and waves to our neighbor as he nervously waddles in the door. I say waddle cause the dude's massive. He's gotta be 400 plus.

"Umm... hi. I'm George. I just moved in next door." He shuts the door.

"Hi, George. It's a pleasure to meet you." Kelly greets him. She closes her eyes and moans as I fuck her faster. My giant, inked up... shiny gold stars all over my dick and balls... cock pistoning in and out of that dripping wet pleasure palace between my 55 year old wife's long, silky smooth legs.

"Hey, George."

"I... Umm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt anything." Dudes nervous, standing by the door.

"No, it's cool. Don't worry. Kelly loves being watched. The dirty slut. Hahaha." I laugh. Kelly does too. She blows me a sexy kiss, and rubs my face, closing her eyes again as she cums... again. Her long blonde hair hanging off of the counter.

"Oh.. Well.. OK." Dude clams down a little. He's watching us. Real interested. That's cool.

"Wanna beer?" I hold up one from the counter. They're sitting beside Kelly.

"Sure. That would be nice."

I toss him a bottle. He catches it. Good hands on the big guy.

I tip my bottle to him, and take a big swigg, still fucking Kelly's coochie. My right hand still squeezing her huge, heaving titty.

"You like our quiet little hood, George?" I laugh. My cock's twitching non stop inside Kelly's wildly juice flowing pussy. My impending cum dump exciting Kelly and I, both. She grins up at me with such sexually heated glee at that prospect. I just laugh again... and pound her milf pussy harder, driving my hips right into her. My cock lurching so damn deep inside that feverishly pulsating, soaking wet pussy pie each heavy thrust in.

I lean down, and smooch Kelly, sharing some beer with her as I fill her coochie full of creamy white filling. The extra gooey, jizzy white kind.

Kelly plays with my hair, sucking fiercely on my tongue and cooing merrily as my semen pumps steadily into her. She's so turned on not only by that, but also from being watched by our new, very large neighbor. And George... he's closely checking us out from several feet away. Drinking his beer and ogling my blonde bombshell goddess of a wife. I just grin and chuckle, freaking loving it all.

"Yeah. Umm... It's great, so far. Really great." George playfully grins and chuckles. Tipping his bottle to me.

Afterwards... George and Kelly and I chill in the living room, having a few more beers, chatting and relaxing. Turns out George is a former porn cameraman. He tells us a few "war stories" about a couple of famous porn stars.

George seems cool. A real chill dude. Huge and fat, but chill and laid back. When he leaves, Kelly comments on how nice he is. I'm still thinking about earlier, so I'm all about her.

We kiss and make out a little, then head upstairs.

The next day...

"I love the idea, babe. I think it's really hot. Haha. Oh yeah. Mmmmmm."

"I had an idea you'd be up for it." I wink at my wife, and laugh. She laughs too. She loves my idea for her next job. Doing some pornos with me. She quit the real estate gig after her and her co-workers get back expose on Newman.

We hug and chill on the couch for awhile, watching some TV and fooling around.

I leave a little later to take care of some business. Kelly stays home and relaxes. Watching TV and sipping some wine, when she gets a call from her best friend Christy (Christy Canyon).

They chat on the phone for awhile, about different things. One little... sort of... tid bit of info that Christy enlightens Kelly on is about our new neighbor George.

"He's HUGE."

"I know. He must be over 400 pounds. Sweet guy though." Kelly sips her red wine as she relaxes, all stretched out on the couch. She's got her favorite white cotton bathrobe on. I bought it for her from the Beverly Hills Hotel. It's really soft.

"No. I meant he's HUGE. His dick is." Christy laughs.

"Oh really?"

"Yes. It's enormous."

"How enormous, exactly?" Kelly's naughty grin as she asks, and sips wine, is getting naughtier, and more interested, by the second.

"Ten inches long and twelve inches thick. It's the fattest dick I've ever seen. It's even fatter than James'."

Kelly spits up her wine when she hears that. "GOOD GRIEF!!! MY GOD!" Kelly wipes her chin as she collects herself. "He never worked on-camera?"

"Nope. Just as a cameraman and he directed some movies too."

"So...did you? You know..." Kelly grins to herself. Very interested in her friend's answer.

"Hell yeah. How do you think I know. It's still the hardest I've ever cum. It felt like my body was in a cum coma. I came so hard, then I couldn't move. I just shook and trembled for a couple of minutes straight. I need to drop by and say hi to ol' George. Haha."

"Yes you do. Hehehe."

"What about you, you naughty slut?" Christy teases my wife. Her playful laugh making Kelly giggle herself.

"Hmmmm... maybe. You never know. Hehehe."

Just then, the doorbell rings.

"I'll talk to you later. Someone's at the door." Kelly blows Christy a kiss and hangs up. She finishes her glass of wine and gets up, walking to the door. Just her bathrobe on.

Kelly opens the door and sees George standing there, holding some roses.

"Hi, George. How are you?" Kelly smiles.

"Hey, Kelly. I'm great. I just thought I'd drop by and say hi. Here... these are for you, by the way." George hands Kelly a dozen, long stem red roses. She smells them, smiling happily. Kelly does love her roses.

"Awww. That's so sweet. Thank you so much. They're beautiful." Kelly hugs George, then invites him inside.

They chat on the couch for awhile. Drinking wine and getting to know each other better.

Kelly keeps noticing George checking out her very tasty curves in that robe. Kelly does love to flirt, so she moves around in the best ways possible for George to catch a peek of her incredibly fine goodies.

Kelly loosens her robe covertly so that when she pours George some more wine, it opens up top, and gives our huge, husky neighbor a very prized look at Kelly's immense, and very eye popping, cleavage.

"Christy told me that you two got to know each other very well." Kelly grins, sipping her wine as she watches George for his reaction.

"Yeah. She's a very sexy woman. One fine piece of ass too. With all due respect." George tips his glass to Kelly, not wanting her to feel insulted by his very direct opinion of Kelly's best friend.

Kelly smirks, giggling mischievously under her breath. She uncrosses her long legs and stretches them out, knowing that George will enjoy that.

Kelly looks George over. He's not her typical kind of man. About six feet tall, but really fat. Over 400 pounds. A massive stomach hanging over the top of his sweatpants. His Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned down to his giant belly. A gold chain with an emblem of Medusa on it. Thick, slicked back brown hair and five o'clock shadow facial hair. Huge, fat legs. A real jumbo sized playa for sure.

She keeps thinking about what Christy told her though. Not only about the size of his cock, but also how good of a fuck he was.

Once they both down their fourth glass of wine, things get kicked up a notch... or two.

"You know, Christy told me about you. I hope you don't mind me asking, but... could you show me that monster between your legs? Just a quick peek." Kelly asks in the most playfully naughty way possible. A very kinky grin directed right at George as well.

"Sure. But... if I show you mine, you have to show me yours." George points at Kelly's tits. Smirking extra naughty himself.

"Deal. You first. Whip it out, stud." Kelly laughs, raising her eyebrows and wiggling them with curious anticipation.

George laughs himself as he yanks the top of his sweatpants down past his nuts, and let's his enormous meat stick flop out over it. Kelly's gorgeous green eyes immediately bulge. Christy wasn't lying. George's dick is completely soft and it's still the fattest dick she's ever seen.


"Glad you like it. Now... it's your turn." George keeps on smirking, again, pointing at Kelly's tits in her robe.

She grins real sexy, laughing as well, as she opens her robe and lets George feast his eyes on the greatest pair of tits ever in existence. All natural 34FFs. Ol' George has seen his fair share of great tits, but, he's never seen a pair like Kelly's. Absolutely perfectly shaped. So soft, but yet so hefty. Perfect, pointy nipples too. They're always hard.

George licks his chubby lips as his eyes very thoroughly peruse those incredible knockers for a full minute without him saying a word.

"Well... those are some really beautiful boobs, Kelly. I saw them yesterday, but, I just had to see them again, up close. They're spectacular. Truly spectacular." George just shakes his head in disbelief at how perfect my wife's boobs are. Kelly gets that a lot. From me, and everybody else. Ha.

"Well thank you, sweetness. So is that beautiful cock of yours. It's quite spectacular. Hehe." Kelly flirts some more. She sees George's enormous meat get even bigger, twitching as it grows at the sight of my wife, and her totally amazing breasts.

"Mmmmmmmmm. It likes me. Hehehe." Kelly giggles.

"It sure does, sweetheart. It sure does." George reaches out and rubs Kelly's left leg. She's got it crossed over her right. She doesn't object when George slides his large hand up further, between her legs, and rubs her upper thigh.

Kelly pours herself another glass of wine and sips it as George's hand makes its way all the way to the promised land, rubbing softly on her bare pussy. Kelly coos blissfully into her glass, her eyes closing, as George gently massages her puffy, stimulated labia with his fat fingers. His large forefinger sliding right into the crease in between her juicy lips.

George leans over and sucks on Kelly's left breast, sucking in a huge mouthful of her massive, excitedly heaving breast into his mouth, as he rubs her pussy, nice and steady and gentle. His huge fingers showing great skill at finding the sweet spots on Kelly's quivering vagina lips, and manipulating them, then two meaty fingers sliding inside, tapping away on her pleasurably pulsating pink folds.

"Please suck my cock, baby." George heatedly smiles, so desperate for Kelly's mouth on his enormous prick.

"Well, since you asked so nicely. Hehe." Kelly blows him a naughty kiss, giggling playfully. She leans down into his massive lap, and kisses on his massive organ. It's half hard and growing. Kelly's amazed at it's ungodly girth. She spits on it, licking her saliva into the very veiny shaft, then lifting it with her hand, and opening her mouth extra wide. She sucks it in. Just the spongy head. She manages to get that in.

Kelly slurps away on that incredibly fat dick, managing to get about six inches down her throat. Her mouth aching already from stretching so wide to accommodate it. Her copious amount of spit lubing the massive shaft as much as possible.

George growls away, his big left hand on Kelly's blonde head as she bobs on his monster. He's watching Kelly do her thing, gripping her hair as she feverishly gobbles up that morbidly obese cock as best as she can. Kelly can't lick the sensitive underside of George's shaft cause his dick's so damn fat. She gives him a first class knob slobbing job though, bobbing quick on it, voraciously sucking down another inch.

"Yeahhhhh. Suck that cock, baby. You're amazing. I think I'm gonna feed you my first load. I hope you don't mind. Yeahhhhh." George laughs. His huge belly shaking as he does. Kelly does too. Moaning her approval of George's plan. She gags on that monster, but keeps on sucking it deep and messy, her spit hanging all over the place. From her sensuous lips to his hairy nut sack, to the brown leather couch.

Kelly feels the enormous meat rumble in her throat. She gags once more, but also sucks even faster on it. Bobbing faster, and more intensely, on it too. George holds her hair, grunting wildly as Kelly bobs faster and faster, sensing his impending cum dump.

"Oh shit! Here it cums, baby! Ugh!" George fucks Kelly's throat as she wildly sucks his obese organ at the same time. His jizz ropes are thick, creamy and large. They explode down Kelly's throat one after the other.

She massages those big hairy nuts as George grunts fiercely, unloading the last of his gooey wad straight down Kelly's happy gullet. She moans and sucks, enjoying the smooth, creamy taste of the fat man's load.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Very tasty, George. Very, very tasty. Hehehe." Kelly happily slurps him cum free and clean.

"Glad you approve, my dear. I've got some more in there for ya... if you're up for it." They both laugh again. Kelly turns her head to George and mischievously wiggles her eyebrows at him as she slurps his fat spongy crown. She gives him a thumbs up. George laughs again.

"Good. I was hoping you would be." Another hearty laugh for the huge new neighbor, as he enjoys my blonde beauty wife's mouth all over that massive neat stick between his very fat legs. George wonders what position to try next. He very correctly assumes that they all will be a really, really good choice. Ha.

Looks like Kelly and George are gonna be real good friends. I wonder where that'll take us. Check back next time and see. Peace, peeps.

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