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Hood Rats And Henny Ch. 1
Category: Roleplay Stories


My 21 year old white hands couldn't be happier. They're both overflowing with my chick's light chocolate titties. God, they're soft. (Squeezing them rough)

"Oh yeahhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Those lips. Ruby red and extra full. Wet, creamy, and heavenly delicious. (Kissing Mone deep and dirty)

I pry my hands off of Mone's huge natural jugs and grab the bars on the head of the bed. I squeeze them tight, and start fucking Mone real fucking fast! Driving my hips and white meat missile straight up that silky smooth, soaking wet Puerto Rican snatch hard, fast, and fucking furious! The bed shaking and creaking outta control. Mone screaming with intense joy. Her tattooed legs wrapped super tight around my waist. Her hands heatedly rubbing up and down my back.

We be fucking, baby. We definitely be fucking. Ha.

I'm in love. My fucking awesome dick is too. It's fourteen inches long. Extra, extra thick. Super veiny. And.... Tattooed from tip to base. My balls too. Shiny gold stars everywhere. My bitch love the tattoos. And I love her... and her 30 year old Puerto Rican hood rat pussy too. Premium hood rat though. Extra premium. Ha. (Proud boyfriend pimp grin)


She squirts. Violently. Her milky cream splashing everywhere. Shooting out the widely stretched corners of her powerfully pulsating coochie pie, showering my crotch and the bed.

I keep on fucking. Fast and hard. My giant white dick shaking from the fucking fabulous pussy slaying sensations. Kissing my bitch, then moving to her wildly wobbling titties, sucking each one mercilessly. Shoving my face deep down into each one, sucking as hard and as boob hungry as I can. Fucking that sexy ass bitch even harder! The bed banging violently against the fucking wall. Creaking full blast. Fucking awesome fuck! Awesome!!

We fuck for another hour. Just like that. Mone screams and creams like a maniac the whole time. Her very pleasurably wrecked snatch fiercely pumping out four more hefty, messy squirts.

When I finally jizz dump, the first half ends up in her battered to a sweet pulp pussy pie. The other half ends up on her huge titties and gorgeous glowing face. I pull out, lean back, and start shooting it up to them. Mone leans up, smiling wild from ear to ear, tongue stretched all the way out, lapping away at the flying sex goo. I grin myself, growling from the massive rush of fucking awesomeness coming from my powerful jizz blast all over my chick. Fuck! It looked amazing! All that gooey seed splattering Mone, slowly rolling down her perfect face, right into her mouth. Smacking her huge, light chocolate titties and slowly rolling down the sides of them. Fucking awesome shit! Mone wickedly laughing and lapping up cum. Blowing me real slutty kisses and winking at me the whole fucking time. I might put a ring on this Puerto Rican bitch.

Afterwards, Mone licks her face and titties clean while I watch and take pictures. Grinning with horny pride. She smiles for the camera all sexy and slutty for me as she laps up all my gooey jizz from her face and titties. Then, she and I chill in bed. Popping open a bottle of Henny and drinking straight out the bottle. Gotta keep it hood up in this bitch, baby.

We joke around, laugh, and drink. Chillaxin' happily. I really dig this bitch. We vibe on a whole other level. More so than just about any other chick I've dicked down.

Mone kisses me, all cummy and Henny scented, then she gets up to go shower. She makes sure to shake that super thick ass for daddy on the way to the bathroom. The tattoos on her thighs and hips really poppin'. She smacks her big ol' booty and squeezes it for me too, winking all sexy over her shoulder at me, and blowing me a big sexy kiss also. Fucking sexy ass bitch!

I chill in bed. Stretched out and relaxed. Pimp livin' and shit. Swiggin' Henny out the bottle. Hood pimp shit.

I get a text from my mom. She's on a date with her boss. Gotta stay in good with the dude that signs the checks. Best way to get a raise.

"Love ya, baby. MWAH!" Mom's a sweetheart.

"Love ya back."

Mom's boss Karl is a real chill, old white dude. Real nice guy. Don't be fooled by his age though. Dude's still a pimp. He gets almost as much pussy as I do. Even at 85 years old. He's got a big ol' sweet tooth for chocolate... just like me. Ha.

I'm adopted by the way. My mom Jackie's black. Gorgeous ebony milf. Big natural titties and a sweet, but also, boss bitch demeanor. Sexy as all fuck.

I get another text from one of my other bitches. A main one. Tyra is a sweetheart. A mixed beauty. Tall, trim, long legs... all natural 32G boobs. Yep. All natural. And with that thin, trim body of hers. She's a marvel. How a chick that trim got titties that big... naturally... is amazing.

"Can you come over?"

"Not right now."


"Can't right now. Mone's still here."

"Todd asked me out. I guess I could go to the movies with him then."

"I'll be over in a few."

"Yea! Good. Love ya. MWAH!"

"Back atcha, hot stuff."

I laugh. That bitch knows how to get what she wants. Ha. Todd's my buddy. But, Tyra knows I can get a little possessive with my main bitches, so she exploits that from time to time to get me to do what she wants me to do. Ahh... a manipulative hottie working me. Ha. Pimp life, dude. Pimp life.

Tyra's actually really sweet. She hardly ever does the manipulative shit. It's just a fun little game we play from time to time to keep things fresh. She loves me and I love her. She might be getting a ring too. Damn, I got myself getting hitched twice already. Gotta cool that shit down, or I'm gonna be a Mormon pimp or some shit.

A few minutes later, I kissed Mone goodbye and told her I had some business to take care of. I made my way down the block to Tyra's house, smoking some real good shit my aunt Tracee hooked me up with.

Tyra... she's 23... lives with her mom Christine. Another mixed hottie. Tall, with awesome natural knockers. She's done some modeling work. And, she's also done some TV news anchor work too. She's fine as fuck. You can see where Tyra got her beauty from.


Our neighbor Carmen waves over at me. She's putting some clothes on the line in her back yard. She makes sure to let me peep her red g string as she hangs it up. I do love g strings. I smile back and wave. Smoking, and feeling good. Damn, Carmen's got huge tits. Huge! Seems like they get bigger all the time somehow. They're natural though. Damn, she's fine. I love that titty tattoo too. Teaz on her left boob. She does love to tease. But, she loves to fuck even more. Definitely my kinda bitch. Ha.

I knock on Tyra's front door. She immediately answers it. She was waiting. She's standing there in the doorway, smiling, wearing nothing but a white cotton bathrobe. I laugh again. She opens one side of the robe, smiling very playfully, blows me a kiss, then opens the other. Boo yah! They're they are. Those titties. God damn! In all their magnificent, all natural 32G glory. I reach out and grab 'em. Squeezing away. Smoking, and watching them jiggle when I shake 'em. Tyra keeps on smiling. Cooing happily as I play with her huge, milk chocolate knockers of fucking pimp titty awesomeness. She knows just how much I love 'em too. (Titty loving pimp smirk)

I head inside. Still squeezing Tyra's tits. Mesmerized by them. Tyra leads me in the door with them. Giggling at how obsessed I am with 'em.

We kiss. So passionate and loving. Yeah... passionate and loving. I can be sweet when I wanna be.

"Oh, hi there, James. How are you?" Tyra's mom Christine strolls into the living room. I shut the door behind me and greet her. My right hand still tightly groping her daughter's huge, mulatto left breast.

Christine winks over at me. She knows how much I love Tyra's titties too. And how much I love hers on top of it. Yeah, I've been deep dicking Christine as long as I've been fucking Tyra. She's got some of the sexiest titties ever too. Right up there with her daughter's, and Mone's. She can fuck too! I love butt banging her. I did her booty two nights ago when I came over to see Tyra, but she was still at work. Christine kept me company while I waited for my chick. Christine and her sweet, milk chocolate milf ass kept me company, that is. (Cocky pimp grin for ya)

I've had a few threesomes with Tyra and Christine too. Tyra knows I fuck her mom, so it wasn't a big deal at all setting that up. She actually brought her mom into our fun herself, the first time. Tyra told me that she did that with her last boyfriend once, but he couldn't handle the both of them. Ha. A trick's loss is a pimp's gain. Big time. Hellz to that yeah!

"I gotta piss." I blurt out. Tyra's kissing me. Short, sexy kisses on the lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Piss in my mouth. Right here." She smiles real naughty.

Dude, like I said earlier, I'm living the pimp life. When a chick as smokin' hot as Tyra says to piss in her mouth, right here in front of her fucking fine ass mom, you know you're living a charmed pimp life.

About five seconds later... give or take...

I'm grinning at Christine. Smoke rolling from my mouth. She's standing by the kitchen counter that separates the kitchen from the living room. She's drinking some tea and watching her daughter, on her knees, drinking her boyfriend's piss. Right there in her living room. My grin couldn't be any bigger or any more pimp happy. Full, pimped out pervert grin, bitches.

My soft, but still massive white monster being held up by Tyra, pointing right at her open mouth. Her naughty tongue lapping at the strong stream of tangy dick wine shooting right into her mouth.

Christine's licking her luscious lips at me, winking too, really turned on by the whole spectacle. I motion her over with a cocky smirk, and in very quick order, Christine's on her knees, beside Tyra, very happily sucking down a mouthful of my white perv piss as Tyra jerks my enormous pissing dick while her mom furiously sucks on it. I'm about three quarters hard now and feeling fucking fine!

Christine passes my dick back to her daughter, smiling extra sexy up at me, licking wickedly and seductively all around those incredibly gorgeous, cherry red lipstick smeared lips of hers.

Tyra sucks me next, gulping down another mouthful of piss as she bobs extra blissfully on my inked up white meat pipe. Interracial pimp city, bitches! Fuck yeah!

Christine pulls her white tank top off. Her purple bra too. There they are. Those amazingly beautiful, light brown milf titties. Milk chocolate milf perfection. Big, super soft, over fifty, and still perky. Luscious fun bags to the highest degree. Christine shakes 'em for me, tweaking her rock hard brown nips, then shaking those funbags some more. Fucking awesome, baby!

Speaking of high, my blunt is almost gone. I'm buzzed and happy as fuck. Two hot, milk chocolate bitches sucking me off, drinking my piss at the same damn time. Mother/daughter action on top of it. Full on pimptastic shit.

The second I stop pissing, Christine gets a big mouthful of cream. Yep. I cum. Five globs of extra rich and creamy ball goo splattering the inside of her mouth. Christine moans her joyous approval, and very quickly sucks it all down, not sharing with her daughter this time. She lets my monster slide from her cum greedy mouth, grinning wickedly up at me, then she kisses my white cock from base to tip. She lifts it and kisses my balls too. All over them. Every shiny gold star on my dick and balls... and there's lots of them... gets a kiss.

Christine stands up and kisses me next. Her arms around my neck. Tyra sucks my dick again, trying to suck out a drop or two that her mom didn't. God, those perfect lips wrapped tight around my cock as her mom kisses me with her soft, magically lush lips. Fucking interracial pimp city on fire shit right here! Ha. My white dick knows it. It's twitching hard in Tyra's freak fabulous loving mouth. She's such a fucking babe!

We end up having a long, extra sexy threeway kiss. Extra tongue action. Extra cum tinged spit swapping. Real lusty. Real kinky. Real fucking fun.

I make sure to play with all four big, milk chocolate funbags as much as possible as we kiss too. I'm a big titty guy. Can't help that shit. Sorry, not sorry. Ha.


"Yeah, girl. Karl's got a fly ass Mercedes and all, but that back seat ain't got much room. Between my big black ass and Karl's big ol' white dick, it's a real tight fit in there. Hahaha. Whew! Damn, it felt good in my butt though. That's one old guy that can fuck! OK. I'll talk to you later. My son's home. Bye."

I stagger in the front door, kinda out of it. Mama is worried. She's looking sexy with those big pink curlers in her hair though.

"Baby... you OK? What's wrong?" My mom helps me to the couch, sitting me down and sitting beside me, checking my forehead temp. "Baby, what's wrong? Tell, mama what's wrong."

I take a deep breath. "I don't know. I ate a hot dog at the liquor store, and I started puking my freaking guts out right after that. Other than that, I don't know." I lean back on the sofa, still feeling real woozy and real sick.

Mama gets up, and hurries into the kitchen to get me glass of water with a couple of Alka Seltzer. She hands it to me, then heads to the bathroom, coming back quickly with a wet washcloth.

"Here, baby. Drink this." She puts the glass to my mouth. I sip it while she puts the cool, wet washcloth on my forehead. "Baby, you feel hot. You need to go to the doctor. I'll take you."

"No. I'm OK. I'll be fine. Don't worry." I try and calm my mom. She worries about me. It's sweet, but I can handle an upset stomach without going to the doctor.

"You sure, baby? I want you to be OK." Mama caresses my face, smiling, then leaning in and softly kissing my cheek.

"I'm sure. Don't worry. Oh shit..." I hand mom the glass of Alka seltzer real quick and jump up off of the sofa. I run to the bathroom and barely make it to the toilet before I start projectile puking again. Twelve times straight. Fucking liquor store hot dog. I'm bent over the toilet, very much regretting that stupid ass food choice earlier.

Mom comes in, and rubs my back. Hugging me too.

"Baby, I wanna take you to the doctor. I'm worried about you."

"No. It's fine, mama. I'll be OK. I may not have any guts left after this, but, I'll be OK." I muster a puke tinted laugh. Mom laughs too, gently rubbing my back some more.

Mama puts her face on my back as she rubs it, hugging me, loving on me as I get ready for the next wave of not fucking fun hot dog removal from my already over emptied guts.

Two hours later...

"I think he's better now. I was worried, Christine. Sure... you can come over. James is resting right now. I called Mone, but she didn't answer. I think she was applying for a job with Karl's friend Stan. At least that's what Karl told me. Stan runs that travel agency down by Target... Yeah, the one not far from here."

Mom's chatting with Christine, sitting at the kitchen table, nursing on a bottle of red wine. Yep... the whole damn bottle. Moms can handle her damn liquor.

Over at Stan's Ultimate Travel...

"WOO! God, yes! Do me, baby! Yeah! Mmmmm, mmmmm!"

"Baby. You're one fine piece of ass. Real fine." Stan slaps Mone's thick, tattooed badonkadonk as he doggy style dicks her down. She's bent over his desk "applying" for the job of Stan's new secretary. Her huge, super soft, light chocolate knockers smashed down into the mahogany desk as she gets pussy pounded from behind by the super horny, tall and chubby white dude in his late 60's.

Stan's last secretary, Tameka, got pregnant and quit. Word is it was Stan's, and her hubby got real mad about it and made her quit. Stan's a playa for sure.

"Yeah... really? Shit! Tell her I'll be there in a few minutes." Stan hangs up the phone. "Damn. Sorry, baby. We got pick this up later. I gotta go. The wife's waiting for me." Stan pulls out of Mone's pleasurably throbbing coochie. She looks back at him, disappointed.

"Well... did I at least get the job?"

"Sure. You're hired. Be here at 9am tomorrow. I can't wait to finish this then, baby."

Mone smirks at her new boss. She thinks to herself, "his ass better hire me." Mone's money making mind now realizes Stan being married can definitely work to her financial advantage. She tells herself that she can get some good dick at the office on the side, and also make Stan pay to keep her from telling his wife about them. It's a win/win to Mone. She stands up, smirking wickedly, and pulls down her skintight, black leather mini skirt, fixing her lipstick in her compact also.

Later, at home...

Christine and Tyra came over to check on me. Tyra's snuggling with me in bed while Christine and mom chat in the kitchen, sharing a bottle of Henny I got yesterday.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm sorry you're sick, babe. But, I love snuggling with you. I love you, James." Tyra kisses my cheek, smiling real sweet. I smile back. Pimp happy smile. My stomach has stopped rumbling for the moment, and combined with my chick being here with me, it's all making me feel better by the second.

"Love you too, baby." I smooch Tyra on the cheek. I don't wanna spread any sick germs to her, so I avoid her lips. Those huge and perfect, milk chocolate titties of hers rubbing softly on my left side definitely has me not thinking about that damn hot dog from earlier... thankfully.

Tyra runs her hand down to my crotch, and rubs my bulge, giggling extra naughty as she does. My loose shorts are thin, so there ain't much between that sexy ass hand and my pimp ass dick.

My left hand runs down Tyra's freakishly perfect body and grabs that sweet chocolate booty. Squeezing on it through her white velour booty shorts. Sexy bitch with some sexy ass shorts.

I run my hand down into Tyra's shorts, squeezing on that super fine naked booty real nice while she plays with my bulge through my shorts... also real nice. I'm smiling. I'm feeling better. Then...

"Baby... I just wanted to... what the???" Mone walks in my bedroom door. Mom and Christine right behind her.

A tough one for a sick pimp. My main bitch catches me with my other main bitch. What do I say? What do I do? Hmmmm......

Check in next time and find out. Keep it hood... and keep it pimpin'. Don't forget the Henny. I'll bring the hood rats. Peace.

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