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Status: Swinger
Age: 65
Sign: Gemini

Country: United States
Signup Date: September 26, 2019

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My Kinky Wife Alia
Category: Roleplay Stories

Totally And Completely Fake In Every Way Possible... Pure Loving Wives Sex Fantasy Fiction

"I love it!!! Ha!!! MWAH!"

"I'm glad you do. I thought it could earn me a couple of extra blowjobs or something." My smirk is extra mischievous.

"HA!!! It sure will! Hahahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

My wife Alia... we've been married for ten years... is really happy with the extra large painting I had made for her. It's her. Yep. A giant... nude... painting of my wife right there on the living room wall of our lower west side apartment. Monet ain't got shit on this work of art. I gotta say, Alia's mind boggling, all natural 34G boobs are looking quite mind bogglingly amazing in the painting. The dude that painted it really captured the massive mammary magnificence oozing from them. Great painting. And yes... it will get me some extra blowjobs. And a big, big thumbs up to that. Ha.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. How about one of those extra blowjobs right now?" Alia slides me a real naughty grin as she hugs me close. Those huge, black sports bra covered hooters of hers rubbing on my bare chest so perfectly.

"Do you have to ask?" We laugh.

Very shortly thereafter, Alia drops to her knees, smirking wickedly up at me, and gets to work.

My bitch can suck a dick like nobody's business. I've got a huge dick, but Alia knows how to handle it properly. She gags a little when she blows me, but it's really sexy when she does. My tattooed monster... shiny gold stars inked up all over my dick and balls... sliding deep into her wet, welcoming mouth as she slurps it. Loud and messy. Fuck! Her beautiful eyes locked on mine. Her hands rubbing up my stomach as she sucks me off with such naughty, intense love. Damn, what a blowjob!

Alia drops my giant cock for a moment, and moves to slurping my big bad nuts. I've got my ball sack pierced too. Right down the middle. Several small gold piercings right down the middle of my sack. Alia blew me beautifully while I got the piercings. It was the perfect distraction from the discomfort of it. The biker dude piercing me got a big kick out of Alia blowing me too. She let him feel her up in between piercings, so he was extra happy about it.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You've got the most delicious balls ever, baby. Hehehe. Yum." Alia's slurping them real messy, one at a time. Swishing each tattooed nut around in her mouth, washing them thoroughly with her extra slutty tongue, then letting my ball slowly fall from her mouth, and moving to the other one. Repeating the process several freaking glorious times. Driving me insane with wildly lusty, ball suck getting delight.

A few minutes later, Alia's smiling wide around my raging hard, fourteen inches long monster, bobbing fast on it as she rapidly jerks the base with both hands. She wants dick milk, and she's most definitely gonna fucking get it.

Alia's long brown hair is in a ponytail. It's swinging around as she feverishly sucks me. I hold her head and grin. Loving my woman, and loving the awesome suck job she's giving me too. Fuck! She can suck dick!

My cock throbs and lurches hard in my wife's expertly sucking mouth as she applies even deeper and more intense sucking action, bobbing faster too. She gags slightly as she takes more of my giant dick into her throat, but keeps on sucking me through it. Her decadently luscious, cherry red lipstick smeared lips pursed extra tight on my massive, furiously bulging, gold stars covered shaft as my cum races rapidly from my balls, ready to feed my cum crazed bitch RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmm.... Mmmmmmmmmmm....... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Alia can't stop moaning with pure ecstatic glee as my cum shoots right into her mouth, and is immediately gulped down her cum craving gullet. Ten... yes ten... huge globs of dick cream pumping into my bitch's very, very happy mouth. All of it swallowed down in a flash. Alia smiling so cum happy up at me, tickling my tattooed nuts and bobbing on my cum spewing meat pipe til she gets it all. Every last drop of sperm. Every thick, extra gooey and extra creamy drop. Her eyes roll around blissfully from her cum eating ecstacy. She's smiling so happy and content. Alia's in cum drinking heaven... and I'm in cum spewing heaven at the same freaking time. And... It's totally fucking Awesome! Oh hell to that fucking yeah, bitch. Ha.

Alia stands up, licks her lips clean, and giggles. She lights a cigarette and smokes, then kisses me deep, dirty, and extra horny, and shares the smoke with me. We usually share weed smoke, but hey, Alia digs cigs too, so it's cool. I just got a great fucking blowjob, so I ain't complaining. Ha.

"I could suck your gorgeous cock every second of every day, and I'd be a very happy girl. Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

"And I'd be the happiest dude ever too." Alia and I share a happy, horny laugh at that. We also kiss some more. Nice and smokey and cum tainted. My hands also find their way onto my wife's deliciously beautiful booty cheeks. Squeezing, slapping, shaking, and squeezing them some more. Nice and deep like. She's bottomless, so it's just those smooth, sexy butt cheeks and my hands. Nothing else in the way.

My wife and I fuck a lot. And I mean A LOT! All the time. Everywhere. We love fucking in public. We love being watched. We leave our front window shades open so anyone can watch us fuck. We live on the first floor, so if you happen to be walking by in the west village at any given moment during the day, you just might see us fucking or sucking or whatever. Bondage, pissing... you name it. We love it all.


I'm napping. Alia and l fucked three times earlier, and she just blew me so, I decided to take a nap and recharge before Alia and I went out tonight. She's a comedienne, so I'm going to her show and we're gonna hit a few bars afterwards.

My wife on the other hand...

Alia doesn't really need to recharge. She ordered a pizza instead.

"That's $20 plus tip." The pizza guy smirks, standing in the doorway, holding the pizza as he checks out Alia in her skimpy, white silk bathrobe... and nothing else. She's smoking a joint this time. She looks over the dude. Looks like he's about 20 or so. Blonde. Trim. Cocky. Alia is annoyed by that, but she can look past it for dick. She stands there, looking at him, smoking... and makes her move.

Alia pulls the pizza guy in the door, and drops to her knees. She doesn't say a word to the guy. She just unzips his jeans, and whips out his soft dick. It's nice and thick. She takes another hit from the joint, looks up at the guy, who's smirking back down at her, feeling extra cocky and extra good about himself right about now. Alia shakes her head, and rolls her eyes at him, then hits the joint once more. She opens her robe, letting the horny dude check out her awesomely sexy titties. "Hold this." She hands the joint to him to hold. Dude's standing there, gawking hard at Alia's huge knockers, a pizza box in one hand and a joint in the other.

Alia dives in, and starts licking all over the dude's thick meat. The tip of her tongue quickly lapping at his crown, making the dude growl with pervy delight. She sucks him in, bobbing on that soft dick flesh. Sucking it. Slurping it. Pulling it out with her mouth as far as it will go. Her spit rolling around in her mouth and all over that growing bulge.

Once his dick hardens, it's about seven inches long. Extra thick too. Alia really likes it, but she's not gonna tell the cocky punk that. She just sucks it fast and furious. Her luscious, naked lips pursing tight around it. Her wicked tongue licking all around it inside her mouth. The pizza guy growling louder and louder as his dick throbs non stop in Alia's cock pleasuring mouth.

"OH SHIT! I'M CUMMING!" The dude emphatically announces. Alia sucks him even harder. Bobbing on it even faster. Her long brown hair, that's pulled back in a ponytail, flying around as she sucks that fat dick super fast. Alia makes sure to catch all of the guy's sperm in her mouth. She doesn't swallow any of it. The first blast hits her tonsils. The second and third all over her teeth. The fourth, her tongue. She sucks hard on that dick, pulling on it with her mouth to drain every last drop of sperm outta there.

"SHITTTTTT!!!" The dude cries out, his eyes closed. His kegs shaking from the pleasure he's feeling.

When he finishes cumming, Alia grabs the pizza box and pulls a slice put of it. Pepperoni and extra sausage and olives. She lets the dude open his eyes and watch her lean over and drool his sperm out slowly, all over the slice of pizza. The dude grins from ear to ear, so turned on even more by my kinky, extra gorgeous wife.

Alia looks at the cocky delivery guy, then she takes a big bite of the semen topped pizza slice, eating it non chalantly as the cocky punk watches and smirks his ass off. Alia stands up, still eating the sperm topped pizza. She takes the box from him and pushes him back out of the door, pausing to tell him, "no charge right? And... I think this counts as your damn tip."

The pizza guy nods as Alia grabs his joint back from him, and shuts the door in his face. She takes the pizza over to the kitchen table and sits it down, still eating her specially topped slice with the extra creamy "ranch" sauce.

"Not bad. I might have to call him again. The cocky shit." She tells herself as she finishes up the slice. Alia walks to the bathroom, still chewing and now smoking the joint too, slipping her robe off on the way there.

When I wake up from my nap, we spend an hour with Alia feeding me her gorgeous titties in bed. Smiling and cooing from my intense, and very loving titty sucking. Then she feeds me some pizza... sans special sauce... and her titties at the same time. Awesome snack for sure.

That's my wife. She's kinky as fuck and sexy as fuck too. It's been ten fucking fantastic years of kinky wedded bliss with Alia... and we're still going strong... and still fucking strong too.

If you find the right wife, you'll have one helluva fun life. That's a fucking fact. Alia and I will keep on proving that... and enjoying very fucktastic, kinky second doing it. Ha.

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