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Spence The King of Anal Sex
Category: Roleplay Stories

Spence becomes The King Of Anal Sex... Supposedly

"I miss you so much, baby. God, I miss you."

"Miss you too, babe. Just thinking about you has me all hard all the time in here. Thank God for the female guards. At least they're slinging some hot ass pussy."

"Hahahaha! Oh yeah. I'm glad they're keeping my man company. Hehe. I'll be up there this weekend. I'll never miss a visit, I promise."

"I know, babe. I'm looking forward to seeing you Saturday. My dick certainly is too. I already worked out something with the guards. We're gonna have an extra long, very private visit."

"Yeahhh! Hahaha. Yum. I can't wait. I can't wait to be with you... and you're dick. Hehehe. I miss my man so freaking much. I think about you all the time, baby. Every second. Every day. MWAH!"

"Good. Think about how hard I'm gonna fuck you Saturday, you nasty hot slut." I smirk.

"Hehehe! Oh Yeahhhhh! I want it all. Haha. As hard as you want. Any way you want, stud. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God, I want you. I'm so wet just thinking about it. Babe... my pussy is dripping wet for you. Uhhh!" Kelly plays with herself on the phone for me. The image gets me extra hard. I rub my dick trying to conceal it from the others while I talk on the phone. It's hard being in jail so far away from my chick. Real fucking hard at the moment. Ha.

"Sexy bitch."

"Haha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Your sexy bitch. Always yours, my king. Yum." I can feel Kelly's excited, slutty grin beaming through the phone.

"Gotta go, babe. Damn rules."

"Awww. Damn. MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! I love you more than anything, my king. I miss you so very much. I'll call you later too. Love you, stud. MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! MWAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Hehehe."

"Right back atcha, gorgeous. I'll call you, baby. I got a phone from one of the female CO's I've been banging. More privacy. And, I can jerk off to that sexy ass voice without anybody looking at me funny. Ha."

"Haha. Yeaaaa! I can't wait! MWAH! I'll make sure to be extra sexy for my man. And extra nude too. Hehehe. MWAH!"

"You sexy fucking tease. Ha."

"Always, my love. Hehe. Talk to you then. MWAH! Love ya, stud. MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!"

"Love ya too, gorgeous. Later."

Damn, I hate being locked up. It's not long term by any means, but still. I got busted for some stupid drug shit up in Frisco. I'm up here doing thirty days. Kelly's back home in LA, running things.

One of the things Kelly's running is a pet project that I started right before I got locked up. It involves my best friend Spence (The King Of Queens). He's been bugging the holy hell outta me forever to make him a pornstar. That's my job... along with a couple of others I also have. Including the one that got me locked up, and telling this funky ass story. Hey... you live and learn... hopefully.

Dude was so obsessed with being a pornstar, he got a really big penis enlargement and took all kinds of pills and funky shit to lengthen and strengthen his dick. Hey... he wanted it bad.

Anyway, I kept telling Spence to do that shit himself. Go out and make it on his own. I was too busy. I gave him some names to contact, but that was it. He tried a few times, but, he just couldn't get it done. In the end, Spence gon Spence. Ha.

After numerous fuck-ups and failures, I finally took pity on him, and told him I would help him out. His freaking crying about not getting to live his dream just annoyed the shit outta me. I couldn't take it anymore. I got my wife Kelly (Kelly Madison) to help with it... and eventually take over the reigns when I got in trouble. I also got some friends to help out too. More on them later.

At home... By the pool...

"Is daddy OK, mama?"

"Yes, baby. He's fine. He just misses us. You know your dad though. He's making the most of his situation. Hehehe." Kelly and Kaia giggle.

Kelly casually sips her banana margarita, putting on her designer shades, as she sits on the lounger beside our 19 year old daughter Kaia. They're soaking up some sun by the pool. Both topless too. Double the insanely awesome sight right there. Two big titty blonde beauties sunbathing topless. Watching the other super hot half... and fully... naked babes frolicking by... and in... the pool. It's always crowded out there. Yeah... my normal life's pretty damn cool.

"I'm gonna check in on Spence." Kelly grabs her phone and calls Ronda Rousey. She's our trainer... and now Spence's as well. She's inside the house, working on Spence's stamina... or something like that.

"YEAH! DO IT, YOU FILTHY LITTLE WEASEL BITCH! DO IT!!!" Ronda answers the phone. Kelly smirks immediately. Seems like Spence's physical training is well under way. She can hear Spence grunting and crying out in the background as Ronda slaps him senseless... as she fucks his brains out.

"Ronda... I was just checking on our boy. It sounds like you have things well under control though. Hehehe." Kelly turns her phone to Kaia, smirking playfully, letting her listen in to the rough and loud and freaky training session in our home gym. Kaia giggles again, sipping her own margarita, shaking her beautiful blonde head at my best friend's pained grunting and groaning.

"Oh yeah. It's going pretty damn good, Kelly. Hold on... HARDER, BITCH! HARDER! OR YOU'RE GETTING MY TWELVE INCH DILDO UP YOUR ASS... AGAIN! DO IT, YOU PASTY WHITE BITCH!!!" Ronda's slapping gets louder. Spence's pained... but masochistically pleased... groans do too.

"Hahaha. OK. I'll let you continue your workout. Great job, Ronda."

"Thanks. Maybe I can use my dildo on you later, baby. Rawrrr." Ronda and Kelly laugh. Ronda also slaps Spence again. Nice and hard.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe. Hehe." Kelly hangs up and laughs again. It seems like Ronda's tough love type of training is working on ol' Spence. Kelly sips her drink, imagining just how tough the training is upstairs in the gym.

And to that end... Upstairs... The home gym...

"Yeah, bitch! God, your dick is big!!! FUCK!!! At least there's something good about you now. HARDER, BITCH! HARDER!!!"

Ronda's forcefully riding Spence on the gym floor. She's got one hand on the wood railing in front of the mirrors while she slaps the shit outta Spence with the other. Choking him, spitting on him, and slapping him hillbilly silly as she wildly bounces her tight, delicious ass on that monster meat of his. Ronda loves getting fucked up the butt, so she's combining her job of whipping Spence into pornstar shape with her intense love of getting railed up that divine booty. It's a win/win for everyone. Well, except for Spence's fragile body getting the shit beat out of him by the dominant, bad ass beauty. But hey... he's also getting to ass fuck Ronda Rousey, so he's happily grinning his pasty white perv face off... when he's not crying and grunting in horny masochistic sex slave pain.

"GOD DAMN! I LOVE YOUR DICK! FUCK!!! It's the only decent thing about you, you worthless fucking weasel bitch! Fuck my ass! HARDER!... HARDER!!!" Ronda spits in Spence's pained face again, smirking so deviously at him, squishing Spence's face hard with her right hand as she speeds up her dick bouncing domination with that very beautiful, very firm and toned dumper of hers.

"OH GOD! I'VE NEVER BEEN SO TURNED ON AND SO SCARED AT THE SAME TIME IN MY LIFE! OH GODDDDDDD!!!" Spence keeps up the submissive wussy crying and groaning, but also the pervy, pasty white freak grinning too. He's having a blast and scared shitless at the same damn time. A really funky training session indeed for my goofy ass, wannabe porn stud buddy.

"OH GODDDDD!!!! EEEEEKKKKKK!!!" Spence cries out as Ronda twists his nipples as hard as she can, bouncing as hard as she can on that enormous, uncut dick as well. Her wickedly devious, burning with intense sexual domination delight smirk showing just how much she's truly enjoying this anal domination session with submissive bitch boy Spence. She starts laughing... and smacking the shit outta him some more. Bouncing on that dick non stop. Damn, Ronda has a beautiful ass. I can't wait to fuck it again... sans Spence.

A bit later... Down in the kitchen...

Kelly's making some more margaritas for the crowd outside. Her long blonde hair framing that perfect, sun kissed milf face so beautifully.

Spence comes waddling in. Sore as hell, but also happy as hell. Ronda really worked him... and his dick... over.

Kelly snickers when she sees the pained/happy pervert look on Spence's pasty white face.

Spence casually walks up to her at the marble island, and takes a deep breath.

"Whew! That was fun." His perverted grin beaming with cocky stud delight. Kelly laughs as she turns off the blender. She pours a drink, and offers it to Spence, shaking her head, and giggling at him.

Spence eyes Kelly's naked, all natural 34FF titties, and he's automatically mesmerized. His licks his pudgy lips, and starts drooling at the incredibly hypnotic sight of them right there in front of him. He waves off the drink, then grabs the salt shaker and sugar, quickly dumping some of both on Kelly's huge left tit. She looks at him curiously, and laughs.

Spence shakes his perverted eyebrows at her, and leans in, sucking super hard on Kelly's salty/sweet titty. She lets him do it, smiling wickedly, and turning towards him to give him more clear access to her awesomely perfect tit.

Spence sucks and sucks, shaking that huge titty around with his mouth as he sucks it senseless, cramming as much of that salt and sugar spiced boob into his sleazy freak mouth as he possibly can. His super pervy grin as he very ravenously sucks on her boob makes Kelly laugh. She's enjoying his intense suck job. Spence knows his way around a salted, sugary tit, I guess.

Spence pulls Kelly's massive tit as far as it will go with his mouth, shaking his melon shaped head around as he wildly sucks it as hard as he can, then he loudly pops his mouth off of it, mischievously grinning from ear to ear as Kelly's boob falls quickly from his mouth. Her nipple so hard and twitching excitedly. Spence's pasty white face messily painted with sugar and salt from Kelly's heavenly gorgeous, extra seasoned boob.

"Yummy." Spence's grin gets even more mischievous.

"Glad you like it." Kelly laughs. She looks down and notices his extra large, recently enhanced meat pipe stirring around in his tight swim trunks. "Him too." Kelly laughs again. Spence is feeling it. Loving the attention. He's well on his way to porn studdom, and he knows it.

"I take it you had a fun training session with Ronda." Kelly sips her margarita. Her eyes moving back and forth between Spence... and his enormous, happy bulge in his swim trunks.

"Oh yeah. She was rough. But, I loved it. God, she's got a great ass. I loved fucking it so much. My dick was so hard the whole time. She told me to come back later for another session. I can't wait for that."

Spence excitedly rubs his hands together... grinning mightily as well... at the thought of butt banging Ronda again later.

He grabs a drink, and gulps it down, gagging and coughing from drinking so much, so fast. Kelly shakes her head, and laughs again at him.

He wipes his mouth, and confidently smirks, trying to quickly regain his cocky composure.

"So, you're a big, butt fuck guy now, huh?" Kelly wickedly grins at Spence over the brim of her glass.

"Oh yeah. Definitely. I'm The King Of Anal Sex." Spence very proudly proclaims.

"Oh really? The King? Already?" She giggles, and sips her drink.

"Oh yeah. Already. I can fuck a butt like nobody's business. Ronda loved it. Beth did too this morning. I'd love to show you how good I am, Kelly. I'd definitely love that. And so would you. I promise." Spence grins at my wife, real cocky and playful. She giggles as she drinks.

"You're really confident, I see. Good. That'll help with your new career. Ha!"

"What about with you?" Spence wickedly shakes his eyebrows at Kelly, then leans in, and licks the rest of the sugar and salt off of her titty, then sucks her huge boob deep and rough... just like she loves. Kelly smirks, nice and naughty as she sips her drink. She's really enjoying Spence's titty cleaning proficiency.

"Well... don't get too greedy... just yet." Kelly winks at Spence as he lets her now clean... except for some Spence spit... boob fall from his mouth. Spence is beaming. So full of himself. He picks up another margarita, and tips the glass, and nods to Kelly, then he saunters outside, all cocky and full of newly conceived, sex stud pride. Kelly laughs again, shaking her head again also at my hardcore pervert, wannabe anal sex king buddy as well. She finishes her drink, then makes another one. Still laughing at Spence and his new found cock sure attitude.


"GOD!!! OH GOD!!! WOW!!!" Kelly stops at Kaia's bedroom door when she hears her screaming inside. Pleasurable screaming. Kelly stands there, and listens, arms folded and grinning, very curious about what's going in inside the room to cause the sexy screams.

She quietly cracks open the door, and immediately starts grinning even naughtier.

Spence is fucking our 19 year old blonde beauty daughter in the butt, from behind, on her bed. Grinning his trademark goofy ass Spence grin from ear to ear, gripping Kaia's sleek hips tight as he rams that giant, uncircumcised dick of his as far up Kaia's tight, tasty booty as it will go. His giant, smooth meat lubed up and thrusting relentlessly.

Kaia's chewing her bubblegum, blowing big bubbles and popping them, smiling so happy and moaning so blissfully naughty as she takes that big time butt banging like a true champ.

The bed's shaking big time from the constant force of Spence's hardcore booty banging. And Kaia's loving it. Smiling and chewing gum. Moaning, cooing, and pleasurably rolling her eyes the whole, ass happy humping time.

Kaia's super soft and natural 32F breasts are hanging down under her, jiggling away mightily as Spence rails her butt steady, strong, and extra cock sure and sleazy. He pulls her head back and grins full of cocky stud pride right at her, then shoves his fucking long tongue down her throat. His hands moving up to her big bouncing boobs, squeezing them hard as he fucks her booty and drools his sleazy spit right down her throat.

Kelly plays with her boobs as she smirks away, very interested and titillated, watching the action on the bed closely. Her nipples tingling greatly as she squeezes her massive breasts through her short and skimpy, white and gold bathrobe. She's getting more and more turned on by the second, by the supposed King Of Anal Sex deep booty dicking our daughter. Kelly bites her bottom lip as she cups her left breast, wondering for a moment just how good Spence's massive throbbing member might just feel up her own tight, tasty ass.

Spence starts grunting and shaking, and pulls out of Kaia's tight ass. She wheels around quickly, and smiles up close and very personal at that massive, precum pouring monster, lapping at all of that clear fluid pouring out of it. His foreskin moving back and forth across the slick pink head. She sucks the first three inches into her mouth, and Spence grabs her blonde head, ramming another five or so right down her throat. Kaia doesn't gag at all... she's learned very well from her mom. She takes it all, and sucks ravenously on every fat, thumping hard inch. That smooth, extra chunky meat fucking her throat fast and furious before it jumps even further down her throat, and starts aggressively dumping its extra thick and creamy load right down there.

Kaia moans loud and lusty, loving the massive amount of dick cream pumping down her gullet. She sucks hard, and drinks it all, tickling Spence's big hairless balls as he fucks her throat, shaking and smirking, dumping the rest of his mighty wad, growling so immensely happy, and grinning so immensely goofy.

Kelly watches from the doorway, grinning and rubbing her thighs together, proud of how easily Kaia took Spence's ass pounding, and his seed. "That cocky little shit is one helluva hot fuck. I'll give him that. Hehehe." Kelly tells herself, giggling, while she heatedly fondles her awesomely large boobs some more through her bathrobe.

Kaia pulls off of Spence's rod with a loud PLOP! She smiles, chewing her now, sperm flavored gum, then she kisses his foreskin and cum covered tip, and sits up.

"That's was fun, Spence. Can we do it again later?" Kaia asks with a very beautiful/naughty slut smile plastered on her perfect, sexually glowing face. She's going to town chewing her bubblegum. And damn, she's fucking HOT!

Spence is beaming again. So proud of himself. Really living the sex stud lifestyle now. He remembers that he's ass fucking Ronda again tonight, and realizes that he's gonna be ass fucking Kaia again too. He nods, grinning so fucking happy. And, real confident. Real proud. And really excited. He's gonna be knee deep in beautiful booty banging the rest of the night... and he's fucking loving it all. Grinning as big and as cocky as you can.

Kelly's laughing quietly in the doorway. She closes the door and shakes her head once again at Spence's over the top, new, cocky sex stud attitude as she walks to our bedroom.

About fifteen minutes later...

"Oh yeah, babe. Everything's going just fine. Just fine. Hehe. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I want you big, gorgeous dick in my butt so fucking bad. God! I want you! Now! Right now! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Kelly playing with her dripping wet pussy as I jerk off in my cell. I'm making good use of the phone the guard got me. Jerking my massive, raging hard and thumping dick, imagining ass fucking my woman senseless while she writhes so blissfully turned-on all over our bed. Those huge udders of hers are jiggling across her chest as she smacks and rubs her rock hard clit and puffy, pulsating labia. Eyes closed. Lips pursed. Moaning the sexiest moans ever right into the phone. FUCK! I start cumming... right as Kelly does. Both of us shooting our loads at the same exact moment. Fucking awesome shit! Fuck! I want my bitch!

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That was so yummy, baby. Hahaha. I miss my man soooooooo much. I can't wait til Saturday. I'm gonna fuck you so good, baby. God!!! I want that dick!!! Uhh! I want you, my love. I want my king. I love you more than anything, baby. God, I love you! MWAH!"

"I love you too, my queen. So fucking much. Damn, I miss my bitch."

"Hahaha! Yeahhhhh. MWAH! All yours baby. I'm all yours. Your bitch. Forever and ever. Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

I'm grinning, dude. Missing my woman, but also loving her more than life itself. All horned up and miserable in my damn jail cell. Damn. Oh well, it's only for a month.

Seems like Spence is doing good. The King Of Anal Sex may be a bit of a stretch, but hey... confidence is good. Ha. We'll see how things progress from here on out. Maybe Spence can keep on fucking ass... and not fuck it all up. It's a lot to ask of him, but... them's the rules. Ha. Peace.

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