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K&J Realty
Category: Roleplay Stories

Fake Sex Fantasy Fiction... For Twisted, Loving Wives Entertainment Purposes Only

K (Kelly) & J (James) Realty

My Wife Kelly (Kelly Madison)

James (Me)

"Yeah, babe. She's doing great. How's things out at the beach?"

"It's so beautiful out here, baby. I wish you were here with us. MWAH!"

"Me too, but, duty calls. Ha."

"Hahaha. Oh yeah. I bet it does. Oh, and duty sounds yummy too. Hahaha."

I'm holding the phone down to let my wife hear Ronda (Ronda Rousey) wildly slurping my sex bone behind my office desk. Me, chillin' in my pimped-out boss chair. Ronda, on her knees slurping away. She throws me an extra horny and happy grin as she feverishly eats up my extremely hard twelve inches of thick veins covered manmeat. Making sure to hold up my cock and slowly lick all the way down all of my gold piercings on the underside of my mighty dick. From the tip of my dick, all the way down to the back-bottom of my ball-sack. All of the small gold ball piercings that run down my dick and balls. Every last one of them. It's a long and very, very pleasurable journey... for me, for damn sure... too. Ha.

I grab Ronda's ponytail as she starts bobbing on my giant dick, yanking on it a little. Letting her know again who's the boss. Her spit cascading steadily down my frantically bulging, veiny shaft. Her lips dancing downwards on my meat right after her spit. Her eyes locked onto mine. A big, freaky bitch smile cemented on those gorgeous, stretched by my meat, lips. Ronda's sexy eyes sparkling like stars in the night sky as she loudly sucks me off. Popping her mouth off of... and back onto... my cock repeatedly. Growling and grunting with deep sexual hunger. Willingly being my office slut toy. She's most definitely getting a raise too... and she just started at K & J Realty last week. She's a motivated mover-upper. Giving head to get ahead. She's already learned how to get things done around here. Ha.

We have a number of celebrity, wannabe realtors working for us. It's like a well paid hobby/stress reliever for them. It's kinda our thing too. A big key to our success so far.

"It sure feels good too. Damn good." My very pleased growl proves the validity of my remark. "I can't wait to have your mouth all over me again, asap." My sly/wicked smirk is blazing right through the phone.

"Oh yeah. Haha. Yum. I can't wait to eat that beautiful meat up, baby. I'll make sure to get right on it as soon as I get back to the office. I promise, my love. Licks and kisses for you... and it. Hehe."

"Back atcha, gorgeous. How's the sale going?"

Cut to Kelly and my girlfriend Billie (Billie Eilish) lounging in the bubbling, steamy hot tub on the back deck of the Santa Monica mansion we've been trying to sell for the last couple of months.

"It's going smooth as silk, my king. Smooth as silk." Kelly smiles her trademark, magnetically gorgeous smile as the client stands up in the tub and pours her another glass of Cristal, then he puts the bottle back into the ice bucket, and relaxes on the other side of the tub. Grinning happily right at my tall, amazingly perfect, long blonde-haired wife.

Billie's sitting to Kelly's right, soaking it all in. Drinking, and watching the bubbles from the tub cascade freely all over her gold bikini-covered DD breasts. Giggling and smiling so beautifully sexy. Her kinda thick blonde hair wet on the bottom from the hot water swirling all around her. Sexy steam flowing up slowly all around her as well. Damn, she's gorgeous.

The 65-year-old, very interested male client is closely checking out Billie... and her cascading bubbles covered breasts... as he casually drinks the champagne as well. It's a very cozy and relaxed vibe in the hot tub. We most definitely know how to sell a house around these parts. Ha.

"Good. That's another million plus for us. Damn, I love you."

"Awwwww. Hahaha. MWAH! I love you too, my king. More than anything. MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! Sexy man."

Owning a real estate company with your former porn queen, older... I'm 21 and Kelly's 55... wife is absolutely as good of a job as you can find. It's very lucrative. And also, very, very entertaining. In many different ways. We'll get into all of them as we go along.

"Well, well... room for one more, big daddy?" Kelly's best friend Beth confidently walks into my office with a big sexy smirk on her gorgeous, blonde bbw milf face, closing the door behind her.

I just grin like a true boss-pimp. My cock throbbing away inside Ronda Rousey's massively talented mouth. Ronda even waves Beth over from behind my desk, excitedly bobbing non-stop on my massive, pierced, foot-long sex pipe.

I light up a big fat blunt, and start toking. Kicked back in my comfy ass chair. Calmly watching Beth unzip her skin tight, black leather bustier... oh yeahhhhh... letting those all natural 38F milf breasts explode right out of it as she strolls over behind my desk, stopping right beside Ronda. She blows me a big sexy kiss, shaking those massive, milky knockers around for me also. Drops of milk oozing out of her excitedly extended nipples as Beth shakes her titties side to side. Again... oh yeahhhhhh.

I pass Beth the blunt and grab onto Ronda's head. I'm cumming down her throat.

Beth stands there, all boss bitch like. Titties out. Smoking. Looking fucking delicious.

Ronda moans with such sexually charged delight, gulping down my quick pumping sperm globs. Eating it all as she softly... and so skillfully... massages my pierced balls. My hands holding her dirty-blonde-haired head perfectly still on my cock. The extremely happy/horny growls escaping my smoke blowing lips making us all smile.

"I wanna ride it. I want some piss too, big daddy. Right in my coochie." Beth passes back to me, smirking and winking devilishly at me as she peels down her pretty much painted on black leather pants. Struggling at first, but rather quickly getting the job done. She manages to pull them down to just below her clean-shaven pussy and big, beautiful ass. I smirk back. Extra devilish myself. I really dig this busty, blonde, bad-ass bitch.

"Hop on, baby... Suck my nuts, Ronda." My grin gets even happier as Beth sits on my rock-hard cock. She lets Ronda rub it up and down her silky slick labia first, then guide it right into her cock-gobbling honey pot.

Beth's smoking like a bad-ass queen the whole time, facing me. Smirking right at me as my thick meat slides right into her very comfy... and slightly tight... cunt, no problem at all. Twelve inches of thumping hard, pierced dick right up her super slick cunt. Fucking awesome shit. Fucking... awesome.

She leans back on my dick, and throws her legs up on my shoulders. Those knee high, black leather, high heeled boots she's wearing look fucking sexy as all hell.

I lay my head back and growl outta my mind as Beth rocks on my cock, still smoking, and looking extra fucking fine doin' it. And Ronda, slurps on my big pierced balls. Lapping them down so thoroughly. She also slides a finger up my ass and starts wiggling it, furthering my immense pleasure at the current moment. Boss pimp shit right here. Oh yeah. Boss pimp shit for life. And I'm only 21 years old. Living the good, good life for damn sure.

I wonder what my wife and girlfriend are up to out at the beach...

"Well... I have to admit... I'm feeling really, really good about this contract." John... the potential buyer... playfully grins as he finishes off his fifth glass of champagne.

"Well..." Kelly snuggles up real close to John in the steamy hot tub. Smiling extra naughty. She very mischievously rubs those all natural 34FF beauties all over his left side. Her very skimpy pink bikini top's not covering much at all of those incredibly ravishing, wet, glistening breasts.

Billie's across from them, feeling real good from three glasses of Cristal. She's got her legs stretched out in the bubbling water, playfully rubbing her feet up and down John's hairy legs, under the water.

"I'm glad to hear that, John... very glad." Kelly rubs on John's wet gray hair covered chest, while she's grinning so seductively right at him. Those mesmerizing green eyes of hers doing their job, totally captivating the mature playboy. That's what my wife does. She's Kelly. She makes people fall in love with her, everywhere she goes. It's a gift. A very helpful one too.

John moves his right hand up to Kelly's insanely luscious left breast, and pauses, trying to get a read on if she'll mind him doing what he so desperately wants to do.

Kelly mischievously giggles, and leans back against the side of the tub, spreading out those very skimpy pink bikini top covered jugs for John's enjoyment. He grabs her breast and roughly fondles it. Smirking at my wife... who smirks right back at him. Kelly moves her very thin bikini top cups off of her massive tits, letting John freely squeeze her now naked, warm and wet breast as much as he wants to.

Kelly looks over at Billie, and winks. Still smirking as John feels her up. Both of his big, strong hands now manhandling the most perfect tits ever. Those massive mountains of soft, hefty, and extra supple flesh. Gripping and kneading them deep and dirty. Heatedly squeezing on them. The steam from the hot tub creating a very erotic atmosphere on the deck. Combining with the setting sun and the smack of the waves rolling in to really ramp up the hot and sexy vibe already permeating thick all around the three of them.

"So... One more thing before we finalize the deal. I was kinda hoping for you to possibly agree to the original price. If that's an option you'd be comfortable with, dear, sweet, John." Kelly grins very seductively at John, who's very happily mauling her huge wet titties as the steam picks up, swirling around them both even more. She reaches below the water and rubs John's bulge through his designer swim trunks... Which we supplied at no extra charge. Hey... we do it up good here at K & J Realty. (Big, boss-pimp thumbs up)

John can't stop groaning and growling. So loud and so horny. His supremely titillated grin almost popping off of his mature face while Kelly rubs on his rock hard, veiny erection under the water, making sure to cup it and lightly squeeze it, shaking it gently as well, as she rubs on it so skillfully. All of it is doing wonders for John's desire to pay full price for the beach house, by the way.

"Ahhhhh... I'm sure we can make that happen. Or should I say, I'm sure that you two beauties can make that happen." John laughs as he very confidently leans back against the tub.

Kelly's still wickedly smirking, and perfectly rubbing his pounding hard, mature erection under the water. Very sure of her ability to make just about anything happen. Ha.

Billie and Kelly look at each other and grin, both blonde honeys laughing as well. Billie moves over right beside John. She puts her champagne glass on the side of the tub as Kelly reaches over and pulls Billie's bikini top cups off of her amazingly beautiful, DD breasts, much to the immense joy of ol' John.

Kelly then pushes John's head right into Billie's heaving rack, letting him motorboat his old, super horned-up brains out all over them... which he very, very eagerly does. Licking, kissing, sucking, nibbling, and rubbing his face on, all over them. Making the traditional, extra horny motor boating sounds of glee as he goes. Ha. Kelly and Billie both laughing at that. And Kelly's still rubbing on his now jumping hard erection under the water, so John is extremely pleased with where things are going so far in the steamy, back deck hot tub, real estate negotiation. My wife the master negotiator at work... again. Ha.

Back in my office...

"God yes! Piss in my fucking cunt, big daddy! Yeah, you sexy bitch! God!!! I love your big fucking cock!!! Uhh!!!" Beth's leaning back away from me as I piss deep up her pleasurably palpitating pussy pie.

Ronda's sucking on Beth's giant right titty, and deviously smirking at me around the 38F breast as I deviously smirk back, groaning so happily from the intensely awesome sensation of pissing in such a wet, throbbing pussy as it's grinding back and forth on my piss spewing monster, being swirled around and around by Beth's pussy as my massive load of dick liquor erupts out from my piss slit... non-stop. So much piss pumping into that already flooded, totally shaved milf cunt, that it starts squirting furiously out of the outstretched corners of Beth's pussy. Awesome shit! Absolutely fucking awesome!

Ronda and I kiss for a minute as Beth speeds up on the pissing cock grinding. Swirling it all the way around several times, fast and wild, then back and forth, alternating as my happy growls intensify. Ronda sucks really hard on my tongue, cupping my face with both hands, as her spit rolls right down it.

Ronda's intense tongue work feels so damn good, my dick lurches inside Beth's pussy just from that.

When I finally do finish pissing... my pants are soaked from the overflow of it. Ronda and Beth both hit their knees, and enthusiastically suck me off. Wild and nasty. Spitting all over my thumping, pierced monster, and big beefy balls. Slurping, sucking, nibbling on, licking, lapping, more spitting, more sucking, more nibbling on... and more spitting on as well... my very happily throbbing, giant meat missile. I can't stop furiously growling from all of it, but I sure star jizzing from all of it, with no problem at all.

Beth and Ronda both smile so wide and happy. Kissing and tongue sucking as my cream splashes all over both of their sexually glowing faces. They both make sure to also suck deep on my dick and drink down a mouthful of cream supreme before I finish cumming. Making loud and dirty slurping noises as they drink my sticky, gooey seed with fiercely heated, sex crazed joy. Both cum crazed bad-ass honeys lapping at my monster dick as it pumps out the last of my mighty wad. Cum coating both of their tongues as I lean back in my chair, watch, and pimp-boss grin. Again... awesome. Nothing else to say. Ha.

Beth pulls on Ronda's ponytail, yanking her head back away from her, then smirking, and winking, at me before she spits right into Ronda's mouth, and then kisses her as deep and as dirty as you possibly can. A wild, boss-bitch smooch for damn sure. My grin can't get any bigger either watching it all. My cock still excitedly thumping in Beth's hand the whole fucking time too. I dig these two kinky sluts so damn much. Both them bitches are most definitely getting a raise. What the hell, I'm in a giving mood. I just gave them both a big ass sperm shake to fucking prove it too. Ha.

"Great job, ladies. Same time tomorrow?" I deviously pimp grin as I light up the fattest blunt you've ever seen.

"Fuck that! I want some more right damn now, baby! Hahaha!" Ronda blows me the sluttiest, take-charge-bitch kiss ever. All of us laughing... and agreeing to keep on going. Hey... business is business. And this business is DAMN good... and fun too. Ha.

Back in Santa Monica...

The hot tub is rollin' now. Water bubbling like mad. Steam steaming everywhere. Kelly laid back against the tub, drinking another glass of Cristal as she smiles, watching Billie ride John's fat six-inch dick. Bouncing up and down on it, facing Kelly. Kelly's long leg stretched out, her foot so seductively rubbing on John's fat old balls under the water as Billie rides his very thick and veiny dick.

John's grinning like a pimp from ear to ear, drinking another glass of champagne himself as he enjoys my beautiful blonde girlfriend perfectly working his dick in the hot tub.

"UHH! Mmmmmmmmmmm." Billie's grinning blissfully at Kelly. Bouncing on that fat old meat, grinding back and forth on it, then bouncing again... even harder. Bubbling water splashing all over her. Her big wet titties jiggling wildly as she rides that mature meat like a cock-riding champ.

John's left hand is reaching around Billie and squeezing tight onto her left breast. His big thumb flicking across Billie's rock hard, excitedly thumping nipple. Billie's eyes are rolling back in her head. Her tongue licking around her lips as Kelly watches, and drinks, smiling, and rubbing John's big balls with her very, very, very talented foot.

Kelly's letting Billie handle the bulk of the dick work. She's enjoying watching, drinking, and helping out a little with her naughty, boss-bitch foot. Ha.

Kelly ends up sitting beside John, jerking on his fat cock under the water as Billie takes a deep breath, then dives under the water to lap at John's balls... very much delighting John with that... then coming back up for air, grinning mischievously at Kelly, then quickly diving back down again, and sucking on John's precum pumping rod under the water. Billie alternates between both three times, making John growl outta his mind with impending cum joy.

Kelly laughs and keeps on pumping his beefy dick with her right hand, casually sipping her Cristal with her left. Damn, she's amazing. So skilled in every naughty way possible.

Kelly squeezes John's mature thumping dick hard though, not letting him cum. Billie knows what to do, so she comes up quick for another deep breath, then dives back down again, and sucks John's old rod as fast and as slutty as she can.

John starts pounding on the tub in response, growling so loud, hoping to release his jizz storm backing up in his fat, wrinkled balls.

"I'm assuming Billie and I have made our deal happen, to your satisfaction, of course. Haven't we, John? Tell me, John." Kelly softly says in her sexiest voice, wickedly laughing softly into John's ear, licking and nibbling on his lobe... pulling it with her mouth too... as she squeezes harder on his pounding dick, her thumb pushing down into his piss slit inside Billie's mouth, not letting him cum.

"YES!!! YES!!! OH MY GOD, I'LL PAY WHAT YOU WANT, DOLL!!! JUST LET ME CUM!!! PLEASE!!! SHIT!!! I NEED TO CUM!!! PLEASE!!! UHH!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!! PLEASE!!!" John very loudly and emphatically bellows out. Begging for sweet release. His hands pounding on the side of the tub with cum desperation.

Kelly wickedly laughs again... and lets go of John's cock, quickly pulling her thumb out of Billie's perfectly sucking mouth.

John growls like a crazed grizzly bear as his jizz erupts violently into Billie's furiously sucking mouth, blasting against the roof of her mouth and the back also. Slapping all over her tonsils as she smiles under the water, and so completely sucks out all of John's load as fast as she can. Moaning and smiling cum happy under the water as John growls and growls... cum happy as well... above it. Kelly's still laughing. Leaning back in the hot tub, and calmly finishing her glass of champagne.

Billie pops back up out of the water, smiling wide, smacking her lips loud and slutty, thrilling John so very much. He can't stop thanking her and Kelly for the warm, wild, and bubbly hot tub negotiations.

Kelly pulls the contract out of the folder by the tub, and gets John to sign it. He does indeed agree to the original asking price. So we actually end up with two million out of the deal. God, I love my wife. Ha.

"There. It was great dealing with you, John." Kelly smiles extra sexy as she shakes John's hand. Always getting shit done. I love this woman so freaking much. Ha.

"It was definitely a pleasure dealing with you ladies. I sure hope we can make another deal happen in the very, very near future." John grins nice and sly. He also rubs Kelly's long, smooth, right leg under the water as she stretches it out for him, and winks at her. Billie moves up beside Kelly, to her left, drinking some more Cristal and playfully grinning herself.

Kelly looks at Billie and smirks... Billie does also... then she smirks over at John.

"Sounds like a great idea, John." Kelly grabs the bottle of champagne and pours herself and John another glass, handing it to him. "I'm sure we make that happen... again." They all three touch glasses and salute one another, laughing and grinning at the possibility of a repeat performance in the near future... Hot tub or not. Ha.

Kelly and I... and our friends... are just getting started peeps. Kelly's coming back to the office soon, and my dick and I can't wait. And, if Beth and Ronda aren't finished with me and my dick when Kelly gets here, it'll be even more intense, realty boss-pimp fun for me. Ha. Money, money, money... and sex, sex, sex... rules in this kinky realty world. Ha. Check back for Episode 02. From all of us, cheers. (Tipping the pimp cup to you)

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