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Blowjob Queens... My Sister Ch. 2
Category: Roleplay Stories

"Yeah... that's two Whopper meals and an order of Chicken Fries. Sprites for the drinks. And... ketchup, mayo, tomato, and lettuce on one, and ketchup, onions, and pickles on the other."

"Will that be all?"

"Yeah..." Leaning my head down on the steering wheel as I cum into Tina's mouth. "...... fuck yeah!"

"Oooook. Drive around to the first window for your total."

My jizz is pumping too damn strong into my sister's deep sucking mouth for me to worry about driving around to the window at the drive-thru at the moment.

Tina's bobbing quick in my lap. Her lips tightly squeezing on my fat, veiny weiner, sucking loud and proud on it as I growl like a fucking werewolf. She laughs, still sucking down all of my sticky wad. My dick jumping in her mouth as her lips ripple quick up and down my bulging shaft. Slurping and sucking me dry. Fuck! Just fuck!

The thick veins running all over my cock are throbbing incessantly as Tina loudly sucks my cum spewing meat. Her happy, slutty moans making my dick very appreciatively lurch against her tonsils several times as it finishes up pumping out my huge load of rich and gooey semen. That makes my sexy sister smile, moan, and laugh around my dick, and also rub so perfectly on my big aching balls.

The car behind me is beeping their damn horn non-stop, but I don't give a shit. I wait til every last drop of my pearly white sex dessert is comfortably in my older sister's stomach before I drive around to the window. I also reach my arm out the window and flip off the horn-beeping motherfucker behind me as I drive off.

"Yum." Tina smirks really naughty at me, loudly smacking her lips at me as I pull up to the window. I laugh. I also reach over, and grab a hold of those 36D titties through her nurse scrubs top, and cop a real good, but quick, feel.

My dick's still hanging out of my pants, so the sexy black chick at the drive-thru window gets a good look at it. She giggles, and gives me a thumbs up. I pay her, and wink, then drive to the next window to pick up the food.

Tina gets her Whopper out, making sure to get the one with the mayo on it. I don't want any part of a hamburger with mayonnaise on it. We eat and laugh about the drive-thru fun on the way home.

Later, at home...

I'm in the basement, in my room. Tina's upstairs in her room with her nurse friend Cathy. She's older than Tina. She's in her early 60's. Still hot though. Awesome rack on her too. Just like my sister.

While I think about my sister and her older nurse buddy upstairs, I text our neighbor Tina. She moved in recently, and I managed to get a date with her tomorrow night. She's working tonight, so I've gotta wait. She's a massage therapist.

Tina's a beautiful Brazilian honey with huge natural jugs and one of the sexiest auras I've ever been around. The chick oozes sexuality. Absolutely oozes it 24/7. That super sexy Portuguese accent makes her even hotter too.

Between texting my gorgeous Brazilian neighbor, and thinking about my sexy nurse sis and her sexy ass nurse friend upstairs, I'm as hard as a giant rock. I just grin when I look down and see it poking out of my shorts. I need some pussy, or at least a mouth... or two.

About ten minutes later, I decide to go upstairs and see what's up in my older sister's room.

I can hear talking and laughing and chicks having fun noises from down the hall. I see an open case of Budweiser in the hall by Tina's door. I smirk. My slutty sis does love to party. I grab a cool beer, and pop the top. Gulping down about half of the can.

I lean into the door, and listen. Grinning. I hear buzzing. I'd recognize that sound anywhere. It's Tina's favorite vibrator. Yep... my sis is most definitely a party girl. Cathy too. Now we're getting this freak party started. Ha.

"Damn, girl. Do it faster. Yes! Just like that! Oh God!"

Cathy's really into it. I imagine that big ass purple vibrator sliding in and out of her mature cunt while she's drinking a cool Bud. Those big titties out and jiggling. Tina fucking her friend with her favorite toy. Grinning wickedly as she twists it around inside that well seasoned snatch. Pumping it in and out, buzzing the fuck outta Cathy's bushy blonde snatch. I saw it up close and very personal when we 69'ed last week in her living room after a beer party. Cathy told me she keeps it nice and bushy to keep the retro slut vibe alive. My kinda chick.

I finish my beer, and pop open another one, listening closely at the door as Cathy screams out from her over 60 pussy getting fucked so well by my sister and her big purple sex toy. I lean against the door, trying not to push it open. It jiggles a little, but stays closed.

"You can come in if you want, James. You don't have to stand out there and drink up all of my beer." Tina and Cathy laugh inside the bedroom. I chuckle myself, in the hall. You don't have to tell me twice. I down the beer, and toss the can, open the door, mischievously/very proudly grinning from ear to ear, and head in. It's fuck 'o clock up in this bitch... bitches. Ha.

Tina pulls double duty. She fucks Cathy's mature twat with the big purple vibrator while she loudly and wildly slurps my dick at the same time. I'm standing by the bed, grinning, holding Tina's dirty blonde-haired head on my fat fucking dick while she voraciously bobs on it. Growling loud and horny as she wildly flings her head round, and furiously sucks me off.

Her spit hanging from her glossy pink lips all the way down to the beige carpet by the bed.

Cathy's stretched out on the foot of the bed, smirking at me, and blowing me extra kinky kisses as Tina plunges that big ol' vibrator in and out of her constantly quivering pussy nice and quick. Cathy's cream dripping cunt sucking it right in. Her juices lubing and coating the vibrator with a thick layer of honey sweet sex milk. Damn, it looks good too. That over 60 snatch wildly sucking that fat purple vibrator right in there. Pearly white cream rolling right down the purple shaft as Tina's hand speeds up, fucking that bushy blonde pussy nice and fast now.

We kinda switch. Cathy starts sucking my dick. Her beautiful eyes locked right on mine as I stand by the bed, forcefully fucking her mouth as she sucks me. Taking that bitch's throat like I own it.

Tina's eating Cathy's soaking wet snatch, drinking down her load as Cathy grabs Tina's hair and grinds her violently spasming and cumming cunt all over Tina's smiling face. She's cumming hard onto Tina's deep lapping tongue as it swirls around inside that well seasoned snatch. Tina's sucking out every last drop of cum from Cathy's thumping cunt, loud, happy, and oh so horny. Her mouth lost in all of that blonde pussy hair.

I keep on fucking Cathy's throat. She submits it to me, smiling so sweet and sexy up at me while I ram my fat fucking veiny dick right down her throat. Pounding it hard. Fucking it fast. Cathy gagging and spitting up. All of the spit pouring out of her throat and mouth when I pull my dick outta there, smirking deviously at her. I slap her face, then smack her lips with my big fucking dick. Cathy moans her very happy approval, licking all over the veiny shaft. The thick veins gliding across those spit covered lips perfectly. Cathy nibbles on my shaft. My precum pumping out onto her dirty tongue. Her red lipstick smeared lips wrapping tight onto my crown and sucking it all out as she screams out with ecstatic, erotic bliss. Sucking down my immense load of precum right before I start blasting the real shit into her slutty mature bitch mouth.

It shoots out of my bulging meat fast, and oh so wild. Several thick and very gooey sperm wads pumping right into Cathy's mouth, immediately swallowed down by the sperm crazed milf nurse who's growling like a starving wild beast on a fresh kill as she very, very, very heatedly sucks my cum spewing meat pipe. She's sucking out my load, absolutely gorging her extremely slutty self on it, big time. Her mouth owning my thick as fuck dick. Taking complete control of it. Forcefully drinking my cum. Sucking down every single drop of rich and creamy sex dessert in me.

"Yum, yum! Give me some! Hahaha. WOO! HELL YEAH!" Cathy's loving my seed. Voraciously gulping it down til she's got it all. Cleaning my big, funky meat stick like a cocksucking pro. The thick veins running down my shaft bulging constantly as my dick and balls are totally fucking drained.

We drink a few more beers after that. Relaxing on the bed, joking and laughing and chatting about their work.

About a half an hour later, Tina starts sucking on my cock while Cathy and I make-out. Tina softly slurping my cock with such sweet sisterly love. Her smooth lips lightly sucking on the veiny shaft while her hands gently massage my big meaty balls. So perfect. Tina's mouth is making sweet love to her younger brother's cock while Cathy kisses me, pulling in and shaking my pierced nipples as I growl with such intense, sexually stimulated delight right into her mouth.

I watch my sister bob on my cock. Her lips gliding up and own my spit lubed meat so smoothly. Her tongue dancing all the way back and forth across the underside of my shaft as it frantically twitches in her mouth non-stop. The electric thrills of sexual bliss racing through my crotch making my dick jump constantly inside Tina's expertly sucking mouth and throat.

When I cum, Tina takes it all in her mouth, not swallowing it, just collecting the sperm. Pumping my thumping shaft with both hands, sucking my wad out with spit drooling perfection, as I deposit my extra creamy load deep into her sexy nurse mouth. My happy grin is beaming the whole time. Cathy's biting on and sucking on my nipples, further exciting me. Awesome shit, dude. Awesome fucking shit. Oh yeahhhhhhhh.

When I finish cum-depositing into my sister's cum greedy mouth, she grabs Cathy's blonde-haired head and pulls it to her, kissing her deep and really dirty. They share my gooey, sticky seed. Both of them moaning so loud and nasty as they cum-swap. Their tongues fucking each other's silly. Both of them swallowing my cum with pure, intensely heated, cum whore delight. Making sure to kiss as sloppy and as loud as they can to make me grin even wider. Such sweethearts they are. Ha.

"Such delicious cum, baby bro. Haha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Tina and I kiss. My hands finding their way onto her 36Ds and fondling them softly as we kiss with pure, incest driven love. My sweet sexy sis smiling. I'm smiling. And Cathy's smiling... while she licks all over my cock and balls. A truly sweet moment right there on Tina's bed. The best kind of try sweet too... sex fueled and cum happy. Ha.

That's my sister. My sexy, sweet blowjob queen. I love her so much.

I can't wait til my date with our neighbor Tina tomorrow night too. I foresee some more kinky blowjob fun there as well. Hot damn! Blowjobs rock, bitches! Ha. Peace.

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