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Rhea, Her Ass and Me
Category: Roleplay Stories

Anal Fantasy Fun... Fake... Fiction... Funky





"God, yes! More! MORE!"



"Sexy, bitch."

"Hahaha. You too, stud. You too!!! Fuck my ass, baby! Fuck it HARD!!! WOO!" Rhea's long, pierced tongue is working overtime, lapping all around, wild and free and funky.

Damn, Rhea's got a tight, strong ass.

(Fucking her ass harder... faster... deeper... and even harder!)

The bed's creaking, cracking, and jumping into the wall. Banging hard against it. The force of my fourteen-inch tattooed... shiny gold stars inked all over my cock and balls... pierced... small gold piercings from the back tip of my thick, spongy, tattooed crown, down the underside of my massive, thick veins-covered, tattooed shaft, all the way down the middle of my big, tattooed ball-sack to the very back-bottom of it... ass thumping my Aussie goth bitch up her very toned, fit, and strong booty is turning the bed into an amusement park ride. A real nasty... and fun... one.

The piercings all over the underside of my cock roll steadily and smoothly up my chick's dumper, fiercely stimulating her already pounding anal walls.


Rhea's wildly throwing her head around. Screaming ecstatically in that super sexy Aussie accent of hers. Her shiny, shoulder-length, slicked-back dark hair is beaming with sweat and piss. Her pierced tongue out all the way, furiously lapping at the air as I pound up her ass harder and harder. My hands holding her broad shoulders. Our sweaty, writhing bodies glistening with raw, intensely sexy carnal heat as we both approach a very violent... and very beautiful... orgasm. Rhea's fourth. My first.

Her shaved bare pussy's already dripping sex milk all over the cum and piss-stained sheets. Rhea's puke from earlier when I throat fucked her senseless is smashed into the stained sheets too.

Rhea's piercings and tattoos make her such a fucking sexy fuck-toy. The huge ear piercings she has and all of the dark goth make-up that's now smeared and running across her face makes her look so slutty and BITCH FUCK WORTHY!


"UHHH!!! SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!" Rhea starts violently squirting. Her tall, muscular frame spasming hard as she shoots out her fourth huge load of pussy cream. Soaking me, the sheets, the bed, and everything in my room behind me.

I pull her beautiful, sweaty face back and up to me. She's grinning wickedly, right at me. That smeared, black lipstick looking so fucking hot.

I smirk down at her, then shove my fucking tongue down her throat and start cumming up her manically thumping, quaking ass. Eight fat wads of sperm exploding from my tattooed, pierced monster, flooding my bad-ass goth bitch's gorgeous, slutty ass.

"FUCK!!!!!!" Rhea grins. Wicked and slutty. Smacking her thumping hard clit. Rubbing it fast as she finishes up her mighty orgasm and as mine slows down as well.

We kiss some more. Spit very heatedly racing between our mouths. God, I love fucking this bitch.

I reach under Rhea and start slapping and roughly squeezing her titties. Really hard. She screams out and grins even more wicked and slutty. Playfully biting on my face, sucking on it, and growling. All over it. Awesome shit. Fucking awesome.


Rhea and I slump down onto my messy bed and chill. Breathing deep and laughing after our morning anal workout.

We kiss some more. Tongue fucking like crazy. Her long, pierced tongue making mine tingle and smile. Ha.

"I'm gonna grab a beer, stud." Rhea tickles my tummy, and kisses me once more. Sucking hard on my bottom lip as she crawls over me to get up.

I slap that sexy ass as it... and she... walk outta my room and down the hall to the kitchen. Laughing. Fuck. I found my soulmate. My kinky, tall, bad-ass goth bitch, butt fuck-loving soulmate. Ha.

Whew! I take a deep breath, relaxing on my sweet-stank smelling bed. A good way to start the day, for damn sure. Ha.

In the kitchen, my half-brother Spence almost falls in the floor when he sees the very naked Rhea walk by him at the table, over to the fridge to grab a couple of beers. She leans over to look in the fridge, allowing Spence to get a very, very good view of that freshly fucked, very-well toned booty of hers.

Rhea loves to work out, so her ass is in top notch shape. Just like the rest of her. She's tall and muscular, but in a very, very, very sexy way.

Spence can't stop ogling my Aussie chick's rump.

Rhea notices him staring at her ass. She can feel it from the fridge. She smirks as she grabs the beers, making sure to wiggle her perfectly shaped booty for my insanely-horny, older half-brother.

Rhea turns around and smirks at Spence. Standing about a foot away from him. Towering over him. "Enjoying the show, bitch?" Rhea teases.

Spence just nods and drools. His beady eyes roaming up and down and all over Rhea's statuesque frame. Her leg tattoos capturing Spence's attention. Then her bare pussy that's still leaking her cum. Her long, strong legs. Her perky D cup breasts. Her pierced nipples. Her cocky smirk. Everything about my chick is sexy as fuck.

"Hahahaha!" Rhea laughs, then walks by him, heading back to my room. Spence very, very closely watches her walk all the way back. His eyes glued to that gorgeous ass. He swallows hard. In love with Rhea's beautiful booty.

Rhea pauses at the door to my room and smirks back at Spence once more. She waves at him and laughs again, kissing her middle finger, then flipping him off with it.

Rhea heads into my room, letting Spence drool all over himself as he dreams about her, and her totally awesome ass, at the kitchen table.

Later... I'm out with my mom...

"Dude, are you evah gonna stop staring at me?" Rhea's hot Aussie-bitch accent has Spence drooling again. That, and her sitting in the recliner in the living room in a very skimpy black bikini top and skin tight black leggings... no thong underneath. Black leather boots on too. All decked out with her black, goth makeup. Rhea's nipple piercings poking hard into her skimpy bikini top.

"Oh... umm... sorry. Do you want a beer or something?" Spence stops obsessively staring at Rhea momentarily. He tries to play it cool. Trying to cover up the massive, kinda pervy crush he has on my chick.

"Nah. Thanks anyway. Stop staring at me and come over and watch this porno with me, you perv." She invites him over.

Spence almost breaks his legs as he furiously hurries over to the couch. He flops down on it in a heap. Rhea laughs and shakes her head.

Rhea's watching an anal gangbang movie. She fucking loves anal sex. She craves it.

Spence has a dilemma. He can't decide what to stare at. The movie or Rhea. His beady eyes frantically switch back and forth between both. Rhea mockingly laughs when she sees him struggling with his decision.

She shakes her head once again, then gets back to watching the hot black bitch on tv taking five white dicks up her ass. Two at a time.

Rhea watches closely. She rubs her hard nipples as she watches, not paying any mind anymore to Spence.

He's watching her now. Almost exclusively. He gulps as Rhea plays with her throbbing nipples. Pinching them and rubbing them. His cock stirring in his baggy shorts from the super-hot sight.

Rhea happens to look over at Spence. She sees him rubbing his bulge. She smirks. Deviously. She's impressed by the size of that lump of baggy shorts-covered soft dick meat in his hand. Dude's got a huge cock. Uncircumcised and huge.

"If you're gonna play with yourself in front of me, bitch, at least have the decency to whip it out and let me see the damn thing." Rhea laughs, shocking Spence with her demand.

She goes back to watching the big titty black chick take two white dicks up her ass while two more of them jerk off all over her face.

Rhea whips her perky, pierced nipple titties out, quickly yanking her bikini cups off of them. Spence follows suit... with his dick. His fumbles with it, which makes Rhea laugh, but he manages to get it out of the fly of his shorts eventually. It's half-hard, and leaking clear fluid. It's really fat and smooth and pale-pink. His foreskin covering about half of the bright-pink head. Rhea is impressed. She doesn't let Spence know that though.

Rhea pinches her nipples really hard as she watches the porno. The two hard dicks in the black bitch's ass both flood it with sperm. Their combined cum pouring out of her gaped-out booty hole when they both pull out.

"Jerk it, bitch. And do it right, or I'll go in the kitchen and get a knife... and whack your balls off." Rhea makes a cutting motion, teasing Spence. He gets frightened by her teasing. She laughs again. Loud and mocking laughter. Rhea's got a wild sense of humor, as well as being smokin' hot and horny. I dig that broad. Ha.

Spence relaxes eventually, and jerks his dick.

"Here, before you start jerking that little dick of yours. Take a few pics, and send them to James." Rhea hands Spence her phone, then gets up and bends over. She pulls down her leggings and shows her gorgeous ass. Slapping it and squeezing it as Spence fumbles with her phone to take the pic.

"Hurry up, asshole! Do it right!" Rhea grins. Rubbing her ass as she watches the movie.

Spence finally gets his act together, and zooms in on my chick's plump, very toned dumper. He takes about five pics in all. Zooming in on Rhea's ass and her pussy.

"Let me see 'em." She grabs her phone from Spence. His dick is jumping repeatedly, and leaking precum everywhere as he stares hard at that beautiful, bare ass. "Good. Nice job, bitch." Rhea texts me the pics, then she sits back down in the recliner.

Spence stands there drooling over her for a minute, then he sits back down on the sofa.

"Now... get back to jerking that pathetic little pecker of yours, bitch. Ha!" Rhea mocks Spence. Laughing again. He starts jerking his fat cock, licking his pudgy lips as he stares at Rhea's jiggling, naked titties too.

Rhea watches Spence jerk his huge dick while she tweaks her hard, pierced nipples. Pulling them and letting them snap back into place, then twisting them around hard and shaking them even harder. Her nipples are throbbing... and Spence is sweating. Jerking his dick fast now. It's lurching and twitching in his hand. Leaking slimy, clear fluid all over his hand.

"Here... jerk it to this, asshole. I know you wanna fuck it." Rhea stands up and bends over. Slapping her gorgeous ass again and shaking it. Laughing and flipping off Spence. Teasing him big time.

Spence's eyes bulge... just like his dick does in his hand. He's jerking it super fast. It's pouring precum. He's grunting and growling, and Rhea's shaking her ass and laughing at him. Her super sexy, black lipstick-covered lips mesmerizing Spence.

"OH SHIT!" Spence starts shaking spastically on the sofa as he cums all over himself. One fat wad of thick, dick cream after the other pelting him and his shorts. Slowly running everywhere.

Rhea keeps on laughing at, and mocking him, and flipping him off. Her long, pierced tongue out as she very wickedly smirks at him.

"Good...you soaked yourself. You fucking loser. Hahaha!" Rhea flips Spence off once more and quickly pulls up her leggings as he tries to catch his breath on the sofa. Sweating. All covered in cum.

Rhea walks off, laughing. That's my chick. Always sexy. Always horny. Always a bad-ass cock teaser. Damn, I love that chick... and her gorgeous fucking ass. Ha. Peace.

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