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The Anal Adventures of Kathie Lee
Category: Roleplay Stories

I knew my wife Kathie Lee was a butt fuck sex freak when I started dating her four years ago. I heard the stories. I experienced it myself. Our first date showed me exactly how much my gorgeous mature milf of a wife loved having a big fat dick... or any size for that matter... power pumping her butt hole as much as possible.

We went to see a movie and also went to dinner at Lowry's in Beverly Hills. We ate some real tasty prime rib, and I butt fucked my new chick in the back seat of my Cadillac in the parking lot. She said she wanted to give me a tip too. How nice of her. Ha.

She blew me in the movie theater as well, so it was quite a fun first date. I jizzed all over the popcorn, and sat back with a really happy smirk, and watched Kathie Lee eat it all up. Wickedly grinning at me the whole, jizz dining time. Her loud, very sexy moans of pleasure as she ate the cream covered popcorn attracting not only my close attention, but also any other horny freak anywhere near us. I took some pics and kept smiling.

We got married a year later. And my dick has spent most of that time at home deep inside her tight, very well toned booty. Doing the freak nasty with one of the sexiest dumpers you'd ever wanna stick your dick up in.

"Hey, babe."

"Hey there, handsome."

Kathie Lee loves to cook. It's one of my favorite things about her. She's a great cook too... and even more great thing about her.

"Smells good."

"Well thank you, sweetheart. Here. Try it." She holds the spoon up to my mouth so I can sample her soup.

"Mmmmm. Very tasty." It's a lobster bisque.

"Glad you like it. Now... fuck my ass, baby. Mama needs that big beautiful cock up there." Kathie Lee being Kathie Lee. She kisses me on the lips and wiggles her sweet, sweet booty against my crotch. I'm behind her at the stove. My cock already starting to harden, and not just from the delicious lobster bisque either. Even though I do love that. Ha.

My wife's just wearing a white thong. Nothing else covering her booty. I slip it aside, and casually grind up against that beautiful behind as she stirs the soup calmly and deliberately. A sly smirk on her beautiful mature face. Her nipples hardening quickly in her tight purple tee shirt. No bra. Just gorgeous tits and hard nipples. Perfect.

I kiss my woman's neck. Kathie Lee tilts her head to the right so I can have more access to her tasty neck. She smells great too. She's always wearing the sweetest scents. So intoxicating... like her butt.

Her long, dirty blonde hair perfectly flowing down her upper back. Lightly brushing on my face as I softly kiss her neck.

I calmly pull my cock from my shorts and smacking it on her smooth, supple ass. Sliding it in between her tight ass cheeks, fucking her crack as she continues to stir the soup, smirking back over her shoulder at me as my hands find their merry way into her D cup breasts. She's almost 70, but her breasts are only slightly saggy. Still pouty pear shaped and so jiggly as well. I squeeze them, nice and rough. Kathie Lee's happy groans spurring me on. I keep up the rough groping as I fuck my woman's ass crack. My huge hard meat riding up her lower back as I thrust into that crack forcefully. Kathie Lee pulling on my massive dick with her ass, signaling for more.

"Put it in my ass, baby. Please. God, I need that dick in my ass." She leans back into me and heatedly nibbles on my cheek. My wife gets what she wants. I release her tits, then move my hands down to my cock, placing it against her wildly winking rosebud. She smirks right at me. I smirk right back. I also push right into that still relatively tight booty hole. It offers no resistance though. Kathie Lee's rosebud craves cock. It yanks me right in.

I fuck my wife's ass as she finishes up with the soup. Returning my hands to her breasts, squeezing away. Shaking them in my hands and fondling them softly, then squeezing them hard and manhandling them, driving Kathie Lee mad with sexually intense delight. My thumbs rubbing quickly across the hard, rubbery tip of her nipples through her thin tee shirt.

We kiss. Heated and nasty. Kathie Lee fucking my tongue with hers so passionately and so fiercely. Her loud slutty moans of hardcore ass fucking glee echoing right through my mouth. Our spit racing between our mouths at break neck speed. My cock pumping into her very, very welcoming booty quicker and deeper. Throbbing so hard in my wife's ass each thrust in.

"GOD!!!!!" Kathie Lee cums. Hard. Squirting violently. Her milky sex cream shooting out all over me and the floor. One huge jolt of cum after the other as I fuck her ass even harder, banging her fiercely squirting cunt up against the stove over and over and over.

I squeeze harder on my wife's delicious titties as I pound her booty hole faster and harder. So damn deep. My extra long dick throbbing, thrusting, and lurching hard inside of her ass. Making Kathie Lee scream out in immense, unbridled passion into my mouth. Her soft, beautiful body trembling on mine.

I start cumming in her ass. Kathie Lee turning off the stove as I fill her well pumped behind full of sticky, super gooey seed. Fat globs of semen racing up that very happily receiving booty.

We keep on kissing. I keep on manhandling her oh so supple breasts. And, I keep on cumming up my wife's ass. So much sperm. It starts leaking back out of her ass, pooling with her own cum on the kitchen floor between our legs. Kathie Lee's body quivering so beautifully on mine as I finally finish cumming in her butt. We're still kissing. So passionate. So wickedly passionate. Our mutual love of butt sex making us smile and caress each other with wildly intense and super charged sensual satisfaction.

"Thank you, my love. I love you... and I love your cock... so very much." Kathie Lee making me smile. She's rubbing her face in mine as my hands now softly fondle her breasts, under her shirt. Her skin so warm and electric. My hands loving every last second, they get to play with those free and jiggly D cup delights.

After lunch... the bisque was absolutely delicious by the way... I had to go take care of some business. Actual business mixed with a little "fun business" for good measure.

Kathie Lee stayed at the house. She cleaned up a bit, and then went out back to soak up some sun. My wife's got a beautiful tan. It matches the rest of her.

She decides to go topless... and bottomless... and get an all-over tan. That sexy mature bitch all stretched out on her lounger. Her beach towel between her and the lounger. The hot sun beaming down on her skin. Beads of sweat glistening in the bright sunlight. Kathie Lee's designer shades the only thing covering any part of her gorgeous tanning body.

"Hey neighbor."

Kathie Lee looks up to see our next-door neighbor Hal looking over the wood fence at her. He's on his deck, which he conveniently built tall enough for him to stand on and see into our back yard. He's smiling, garden hose in hand. He was watering his wife's rose bushes.

Kathie Lee waves and smiles back, not bothering to cover herself at all. She's most definitely not shy.

"Hey there. Nice hose." Kathie Lee the 24/7 tease at work. Hal's holding his hose right by his blue, skin tight bicycle shorts. My wife can see the outline of his rather average sized dick in those super tight shorts as well. So... double the hose. Ha.

Hal looks down at the garden hose... and his... and smirks over at my wife.

"Thanks. Nice... ummm... everything." He clears his throat, not trying to be but so obvious about his immense delight of my naked wife checking out his hose.

"Well thank you, doll. Care for a drink?" Kathie Lee holds up her mimosa. Hal quickly nods, and heads over to our yard. Dude's definitely excited.

Kathie Lee pours Hal a drink and hands nit to him as soon as he walks up to her. He's standing beside her lounger while Kathie Lee lays back on it, getting back to soaking up the bright rays of sunshine. She and Hal chit-chat as they drink.

"I love to sunbathe nude, dear. It's the most fun way to soak up some rays." My wife playfully grins at ol' Hal. He sips his drink and checks out her beautiful, golden mature curves. Her tits standing out so enticingly as always. Her nipples nice and perky. Her totally shaved pussy also grabbing our over 60 neighbor's naughty attention.

Kathie Lee loves attention so she's soaking up Hal's direct and strong, eye probing attention while she drinks her champagne and OJ, soaks up some sun... and watches Hal's bulge excitedly wiggle around in those blue spandex shorts. She smirks as she drinks. Knowing she's in total and complete control of the increasingly pleasurably heated situation.

"I'm glad you like what you see... both of you." Kathie Lee smirk again. She puts her drink on the table by the lounger and lays back nice and comfy, smiling, and waiting to see how aggressive ol' Hal actually is.

"Huh?" He looks down at his crotch and notices how hard it is." Oh. Ha. Yeah, well... we both definitely like what we see. You're absolutely stunning." He gives my wife a confident, "hell yeah" smile, very much liking the direction this is heading.

"Good. Now..." Kathie Lee sits up and reaches over, grabbing onto Hal's erection in those skin tight shorts. She pulls it... and him... back over to the head of the lounger, laying back down as she rubs Hal's meat through the spandex. She coyly watches him groan and growl. Hal really feeling it. Grinning from ear to ear as my wife plays with his spandex covered dick.

My wife starts to smirk wickedly as she pulls down the shorts enough for the five-inch dick to plop out. She grabs it and fondles it. Much to Hal's very happy and horny delight.

"Such a pretty little dick. Very nice, Hal. Very nice indeed. I hope it tastes as good as it looks." Kathie Lee winks up at Hal, then she pulls his dick to her mouth, licking thoroughly all around the head before she engulfs it, sucking down the entire dick in one easy gulp.

"Oh yeah. Suck that cock, baby." Hal downs the last of the drink and tosses the glass, holding onto my wife's dirty blonde-haired head as she deepthroats his dick over and over.

"Very tasty too. Yummy. Now... fuck my mouth, dear. Mama needs a good mouth fucking." Kathie Lee reaches around Hal and grabs his ass, squeezing his cheeks tight as she pulls his dick into her mouth. Hal grabs Kathie Lee's head with both hands and starts ramming his average sized meat stick into her mouth, fucking it nice and fast and hard. My wife moaning her approval the faster and harder Hal fucks her orally.

Kathie Lee's spit rolling from her mouth, hanging down to the lounger. Her head being yanked back and forth by Hal as he roughly takes her mouth, fucking it harder and faster by the second. Her hot pink lip-gloss covered lips wrapped tight around that veiny pale rod. Her tongue dancing really dirty under it as it races in and out of her mouth.

A few minutes later, Hal is on his knees, sucking as hard on my wife's cunt as he fucked her mouth. His tongue shiver chin deep up her pussy twirling around and around inside as Kathie Lee heatedly grinds her dripping wet coochie right on Hal's mature, but fit, face.

"Not in my pussy. Shove it up my butt, baby. I love getting fucked in the ass." My wife wickedly grins at Hal, blowing him a sexy kiss, and winking at him as he pulls his dick away from her labia. He was all set to fuck her pussy, but he gladly moves his rock-hard meat down to her winking rosebud, pressing against it, smirking away, as his dick pops right through my wife's anal ring. His whole dick quickly swallowed up by my wife's voraciously dick eating booty hole.

Hal growls, and starts fucking her ass, Kathie Lee's legs on his shoulders, right there on the lounger. Kathie Lee's sweat glistening body writhing happily on the lounger as our next-door neighbor does his dirty business in her ass. Fucking it nice and steady. Trying to make it last as long as possible.

"Do me, Hal. Do mama's butt. Do it good, baby. Mmmmmmmm. Do it sooooooo good." Kathie Lee grabs the jug of orange juice from the table and chugs it as Hal fucks her butt faster. As deep as he can. As hard as he can on top of it. His dick throbbing non-stop in that still rather tight butt. Kathie Lee's ass pulling it all in, every thrust. Craving hard dick meat up her ass as much as fucking possible.

Hal's growling and groaning as my wife spills some of the orange juice on her gorgeous sweaty tits. Hal leans down, and slurps it all up, sucking hard on her jiggly jugs as well, much to my wife's OJ chugging delight.

"My God, what a butt. This is the most beautiful butt I've ever fucked. Uhh!" Hal's head is rolling around. He's growling louder and louder. Kathie Lee puts the jug of OJ back on the table, then very roughly pinches and twists both of Hal's gray hair covered nipples. He kegs out a loud, pain fueled growl... and he starts cumming in Kathie Lee's rump. My wife smirking deviously the harder she twists his nipples. They both look at each other and laugh as Hal shoots his final wad of not at all watery jizz up that gorgeous, mature ass.

"Whew! What a butt!" Hal laughs.

"Well thank you, doll. Not too shabby of a dick." Kathie Lee grins and winks. Now softly rubbing on his sore nipples.

That's my wife. Always on the look-out for hot butt sex action. I fuck her butt as much I want, and she finds other lucky dicks to dick her butt down as well. Damn, I love being married to an anal sex slut queen. It definitely makes life a whole lot more fun... and hotter. Ha.

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