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My Mom, My Wife, My Slut
Category: Roleplay Stories

My mom Kelly (Kelly Madison) just so happens to be my wife Kelly. And, she also just so happens to be my slut Kelly. Yeah... the hat trick of female awesomeness.

Peep this...


I just got through pussy thumping mom/Kelly on the balcony of our hotel room for about two hours or so. She was bent over the rail, smiling and waving down at all of the nice and carnally entertained other hotel guests watching from below while I railed her beautiful brains out from behind. Those all natty 34FF boobs flopping and swaying around freely, much to the immense appreciation of the crow cheering us on.

Mom's pussy discharge is dripping and pooling all over the patio. I look around and down, and see it all... and just smile at that. I did good... real good.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Kelly leans back and kisses me, softly caressing my chin as we passionately kiss. My hands firmly gripping and groping the world's greatest tits. We're still getting some "HELL YEAH" and "FUCK THAT BITCH" chants from below. Mom and I laugh into each other's mouths as we lovingly swap mother/son spit.

Fucking my mom/wife is always the most fun thing I can do. My love for the woman is eternally powerful and blazing hot. She gave birth to me. She raised me. She loves me. She fucks me. She excites me. She mesmerizes me daily. Mom's the perfect woman. In every way possible.

"My man gets sexier every day. Hehe. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And tastier too. Hehehe. Yum." Mom sucks my tongue, tickling my chin as I shake and squeeze those insanely luscious udders of hers. A moment of pure sexually driven delight between a mother and son. God, I'm in love.

There's a knock on the door. I ignore it initially. I finally stop playing with my wife, and answer it after a minute or so. Kelly smiling and smacking my ass as I head back into the room. She stays on the patio, blowing kisses down to and shaking her tits for, her fans outside.

Another guest from down the hall stopped by to personally thank us for the show. I invite him in.

"That was an amazing performance. You and your wife put on an epic fuck show for us. I just wanted to thank you guys for it."

"Thanks. Mom makes it really easy."


"Yeah... I'm married to my mom." I hand the old guy a drink.

"Really? Haha. Kinky. I like that." He tips his glass as a thank you, and drinks. A kinky smirk plastered on his very mature face.

Mom finally walks in. She introduces herself, smiling so beautifully bright and happy. The old dude... Harry is his name... is totally mesmerized by my wife/mom. Join the crowd, dude.

Mom/Kelly is naked. Those huge hefty knockers swaying so seductively. Her long blonde hair framing that perfect milf face so perfectly. Her radiantly beautiful smile and sparkling green eyes are hypnotic. Harry feels it. And mom senses it.

"It's so nice to meet you, Harry. You're cute." Mom being mom. Always the hot tease. She grabs a beer, and pops it open, drinking some. Spilling a little on her chest, which she turns into a very hot production. She raises her hefty melons and slowly licks up the drops of Bud Lite that are slowly rolling around on them. Mischievously smirking and winking at Harry as he licks his lips and stares at the awesomely sexy sight. Totally entranced by the sexiest woman ever to the walk the earth.

I just smirk myself. I have a feeling we're gonna have a new, fun friend. And mom's gonna have another hardcore horny fan on her hands.

Mom kisses me after she cleans up the beer from her tits, letting Harry watch us make-out. My hands slap and grab, nice and tight, onto her gorgeous, jiggly ass. Making sure to turn it towards Harry so he can get a very clear view of my booty groping... and of mom's gorgeous booty itself.

Harry rubs his old crotch as he downs his drink. He pours himself another one while mom and I make-out. Our tongues fucking wildly in our mouths. My hands squeezing her butt cheeks so rough and deep. Mom cooing so blissfully, deep into my mouth. Awesome.

Turns out Harry is divorced... five times. He's 78. 15 sons and daughters. All grown. Seems like he's a busy bee when it comes to fucking. Mom's floored by him having 15 children. She's got three. I have two sisters. All grown too.

We chill, and talk for awhile. Drinking and smoking. I got some real good weed from an older lady in the hotel earlier. She blew me real nice too, so it's really good shit. Ha.

Things heat up between us when mom starts dancing for Harry and myself. She gives me one helluva hot lap dance on the sofa. That sweet booty grinding on my lap so perfectly. Her butt cheeks gripping onto my enormous bulge, and beautifully pumping it in her ass crack as she leans back into me and kisses me. I play with her titties. They're heaving so happy in my hands. I'm squeezing them, and rolling her rock-hard nipples between my fingers as she grinds on my lap.

Harry watches it all, sipping some scotch as he gawks extra hard at mom's gyrating body. Dude's so fucking turned-on by her... and I most definitely know that feeling.

Mom kisses me, smiling right at me, then licking at my lips. She gets up and smirks even naughtier, then walks over to Harry and repeats the super hot lap dance on him as I watch, and rub myself.

Mom smiles at me the whole time. Blowing me super sexy kisses and winking at me as well as she leans back into Harry, and grabs his bulge with her butt cheeks just like she did me, and pumps it nice and slow, then quicker, then slow again. Driving Harry mad with sexual fury. You can see his rock-hard erection in his Bermuda shorts. It's nice and fat. Mom's got it stuffed into her ass crack, pumping on it. Working it at different speeds to really excite our new friend so incredibly much. It's throbbing hard, and mom's grinding it hard too. Smirking at me and laughing as Harry's happy growls intensify by the carnally charged second.

Mom grabs Harry's drink and finishes it herself, grinning wickedly at me and Harry as she gulps it down. Smacking her lips and smiling big after she drinks it.

She grabs Harry's hands and puts them right on her titties. Harry does the rest. Going to town squeezing them. Nice and rough, just like she loves. Mom speeds up her booty grinding on Harry's crotch. That fat old bulge gripped air tight by mom's very talented butt crack, pumped silly. Slow, then quick, then slower, then quicker. The varying speeds making Harry's cock lurch and throb insanely hard in his shorts... and making him groan and growl insanely happy and loud as well.

Mom reaches up and plays with Harry's thick gray hair as she leans back into him and so heatedly grinds all over his dick. Harry's horny growls getting even more appreciatively intense. I laugh. Mom does too. Harry pervertedly grins, and keeps on mauling mom's huge, natural tits, her nipples so incredibly hard from all of the rough titty fondling.

Mom licks her decadently succulent lips at me, winking wickedly as well. We both know what's up. She doesn't even need to say a word. She blows me a big kiss and gets up, much to Harry's disappointment. She grabs his hand though, and helps him up out of the chair. She winks again at me all naughty and sweet, then leads Harry into the guest bedroom, waving real sexy to me and blowing me another naughty kiss before she shuts the door behind them. I just grin. My mom, my wife... my always horny slut. Oh yeah.

I sit back on the sofa and relax. The moaning and groaning coming from the bedroom starting out soft and heated. I'm smoking some of the best weed I've ever had. Damn good shit for sure. I turn on the TV, still grinning, and watch, my feet kicked up on the coffee table as I look over at the bedroom door, knowing full well what's going on inside. The sex noises getting louder and more intense. Bed shaking, grunting, "fuck me" pleas, moaning, and deep groaning all getting louder and louder. More and more heated and dirty as well. Another big grin to that.

An hour later, I decide to check in on my slutty blonde vixen wife and her new fuck buddy.

I walk into the bedroom to the sight of Harry stretched out on the bed. His eyes closed. Mom's riding him, reverse cowgirl. Harry large, fat cock buried balls deep up her tight ass as she grinds on it then bounces on it, grinning so happy and horny. Cooing and chanting "YES... YES... YES" as she works that old dick like only, she can.

Mom sees me and smiles really happy. She very quickly and very heatedly motions me over with her finger, so sexy and wildly turned-on. The tip of her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth.

I walk over to the bed. She grabs my erect cock and pumps it nice and fast, leaning over to kiss me extra heated and horny.

"Fuck me, baby. I want you in my pussy, right fucking now! Yum. Haha."

I get up on the bed, and slide right into mom's dripping wet, oh so happily thumping pussy. It sucks me right in. So happy to see... and to feel... my dick. Fourteen inches of fat, very veiny dick meat fucking the love of my life as she rides another man's fat old meat in her ass. Kelly so excitedly hugging me around my neck and kissing me so passionately and so wildly heated as I fuck her juice pouring pussy, and as Harry starts fucking up nice and quick into her ass. Mom getting double penetrated by two big dicks... and absolutely loving every fucking second of it.

Harry's growling incredibly loud. Mom and I are smiling and kissing. Tongues fucking. Spit racing to and from our mouths. My cock throbbing and jumping extra deep and extra pleased in her snatch.

Mom starts violently squirting from the intense DP. Harry and I both fucking her very horned-up holes hard and fast. The bed feeling... and sounding... like it's gonna break any second from the force of the three-way fuck fest. Hell fucking yeah!

Mom's milky cream erupts out of her banged silly twat, soaking my giant dick, and dripping down all over my balls, and Harry's as well. Mom's insanely lush and delicious body trembling from all of the intense, sexually charged sensations racing wickedly throughout it.

Mom's hugging me tight. Her huge tits smashed into my chest as we keep on kissing. Mom screaming out non-stop into my mouth as she keeps on cumming... and getting her holes double fucked hard, fast, and oh so good.

We end up with mom on her knees beside the bed. Harry standing to her left. Me to be right. She jerks off Harry's extra fat, old meat. It's a little wrinkled, but a very sturdy dick for sure. He's growling and groaning. His head swirling around as moms hand pumps his dick so fat. He starts shooting his still thick and gooey seed all over her huge heaving breasts. Mom's smiling real happy, cheering the thick, well seasoned wad on as it messily splatters all over those massive knockers.

Mom jerks it all out, then smears it all over her tits with Harry's hanging dick. Slapping his dick on her cream covered melons then, swirling it around on them, through all of that gooey dick cream. She sucks his bulging meat. Deepthroating the entire thing and grinning and giggling up at him as Harry growls his very happy thank you. She licks at his tip and giggles when his dick falls from her mouth, then, she turns her slutty milf attention to me.

Mom deepthroats my entire fourteen hard inches over and over and over... and over. Yep. Ten times in a row. Softly massaging my nuts as I grin so happy. I'm so in love with this woman.

Mom's beautiful green eyes never leave mine. She moves her hands from my big, meaty balls, and grabs my hands, holding them both as she keeps on sucking down my entire dick. Her tongue very lustfully licking around my nut sack every time she bottoms out on my massive, hard thumping member. You can feel the love beaming so fucking bright from those gorgeously magnetic eyes.

Mom deepthroats me one last time, then I star pumping my hefty wad right down her gullet. Her throat swallowing fast, drinking down every extra gooey, extra creamy drop of sex fluid in me. Her throat dominating my wildly throbbing meat. Taking all of my cum from it. Her eyes still locked on mine. She's rubbing my fingers and smiling around my dick. I'm smiling back down at her. Both of us beaming big time with very, very intensely beautiful love and lust for one another.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Best cum ever, baby. Yum, yum. Hahaha." Mom winks up at me and sucks me some more. I just grin. Damn, I'm so fucking in love with my mom... and with my wife. Ha.

Harry's standing there, breathing deep. Grinning so happy. His gray hair drenched with sex sweat. I most definitely have a feeling now that this is gonna be the start of a new, and very fun relationship for us all. And, we're only getting started. Ha. Peace, peeps.

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