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Kelly Madison Does Mardi Gras
Category: Roleplay Stories

"God, babe. I love it here. I absolutely love it. MWAH! Thank you so much for bringing me. Haha."

My fiancée Kelly Madison gives me a huge, happy, horny hug... and a big ass kiss too. Oh yeah. She's a gorgeous, beautiful, perfectly amazing kissing queen.

Her huge titties rubbing on my chest, driving me fuck crazy... as always.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My man has such soft lips. Hehe. Yum."

I could have... and have... said the same thing about my chick's ass. I'm squeezing on it nice and naughty in our hotel room, by the balcony door. I slide my hands right down those thin gray yoga pants and squeeze away on Kelly's heavenly booty, bare and nasty. My middle finger sneaking it's way into her ass crack, and right up her very welcoming... and winking... rosebud.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God, yes. Finger my butt, baby. Hehe. Yeahhhhhhhh." Kelly smiles, licks my lips, then sucks them. Cooing very blissfully as my finger fucks her sweet milf booty just like my cock did in the airplane bathroom on the way here.

I've gotten Kelly into anal fun much more than she was with her ex. She got divorced about two years ago, and we've been very happily together ever since. We're getting hitched next month. And God... it's been fun as all fuck being with her. The titty queen, now the butt fuck queen also. Tits and ass. My soon to be wife has 'em both in spades. Very, very, very sexy spades. (Happy fiancee smirk)

I love Mardi Gras. Whether Kelly's with me or not. I've been coming down here for about 35 years. Kelly and I are both the same age. We're 54. We also both love boobs. Hers especially. Ha. And... we both love butt sex. Again... hers especially.

Kelly and I hit the bar across the street before we came up to our room. We each had a couple of hurricanes. Yep... my bitch can handle her liquor just like me. We really are made for each other.

We've been downing a couple of beers in the room too. In between fucking in the shower, and Kelly drinking my piss when I had to take a leak afterwards. My chick's the life of any freaking party. A regular one, or a one on one, naughty and nasty one.

"Let's go outside, and see what's poppin' downstairs." Kelly giggles, and grabs my hands... once I pull them outta her pants... and leads me out to the patio.

It's a madhouse down there on the street. Thousands of peeps walking around, drinking, cheering, desperately wanting to get as fucked up and freaky as possible, dancing... and... oh yeah... flashing for beads. Titties, pussies, asses, and dicks. It's one giant party. A sex fueled freak party. My kinda party. There's even peeps in the alley across the street, fucking all kinds of ways. On both sides of the street. Fuck yeah. I point them out to Kelly. She laughs and watches, yelling over, and happily cheering them on, drinking her third beer... on top of the two hurricanes earlier.

Kelly's long blonde hair swaying around in the cool breeze as she watches the naughty freaks across the street fuck for everyone who can see, to see.

It doesn't take long for a few horny motherfuckers down below to start chanting for Kelly to flash them. Can't blame 'em there. She's the hottest bitch there is. She laughs again, looking at me, waiting for the OK. I grin, and lean in to her, and give it.

"Whip 'em out, baby." I kiss Kelly's neck, and grin all kinky and funky fresh, leaning on the railing, so ready to be watch my chick do her kinky perv thing.

Kelly smiles extra naughty and sexy, then pulls down her very low cut white spandex top, letting her all natty 34FFs pour all out. That gets a massive cheer from the half drunk, and extra horny, freaks down below. It also gets a ton of beads being thrown up at us from the street. We catch them... most of them. I put them around Kelly's neck, and watch her excitedly shake those mighty money makers for her adoring, buzzed up fans below. She dances around, smiling so happy, and bounces up and down, shaking those massive knockers extra wild and crazy.

The crowd quickly gets even bigger, chanting, "AWESOME TITS! AWESOME TITS! AWESOME TITS!" Never have truer words ever been chanted. Ha.

I turn her around, bend her over, her beautiful ass facing the railing, and yank her yoga pants down. Kelly shakes that sweet naked ass for the crazy peeps below. She and I both slap it as she shakes it. That again, gets one helluva huge cheer. "YOU'RE SO FUCKING HOT!" and "WHAT AN ASS!" blare out and up from the street. Very excited, and very horny, dudes... and chicks... cheering on my incredibly gorgeous fiancée as she dances that sweet, supple ass around for them all. Bouncing it. Slapping it. Squeezing it. And spreading it, for them all. What a sweet, uber hot piece of ass Kelly is. (Grinning from ear to ear with loving perv pride)

Tons more beads come flying up at us. They land all over the patio, and on Kelly, who's still bent over, very wickedly bouncing that booty for her liquored up, and very rowdy fans down below.

Kelly's stands up, covered in multi colored beads. She kisses me so deep, dirty, and loving, her beer still in her hand.

"FUCK HER! FUCK HER! FUCK HER!" We both laugh as we kiss. I like these peeps. Certainly the way they think. Ha.

I move Kelly over in front of me, and lean her over to the railing. I squat down behind her, and start eating that extra delicious coochie pie. My oh Mardi Gras freaky fun my. My tongue twirling around inside that thin landing strip topped pussy. Kelly's succulent juices pouring all over it. I roll my tongue around, lapping at her pulsating pink walls, sucking on her puffy labia too as Kelly smiles back at me, lustfully licking around her wet and creamy, cherry red lips. Fuck! Kelly's got the sexiest lips ever!

The cheering and bead throwing from below continues as I kiss Kelly's coochie, and stand up, slapping her jiggly rump. She moans happily, blowing me a big sexy kiss. She also reaches back, and spreads her ass cheeks for me, laughing and sticking her tongue out as she goes, popping her pussy at me as I grin. Oh yeah. This bitch is gonna get it extra good. Hahaha.

I rub my half hard, tattooed monster up and down Kelly's dripping wet slit. She moans deep and happy once more, grinning so bright and happy, her eyes closed as more beads fly up, and land on her back. Kelly sucks on her bottom lip as I enter her. Slowly. One fat throbbing inch after the other. My dick only half hard, but still huge. All of those shiny gold stars tattooed all over my dick and balls throbbing so good, non stop, as I slowly slide up the sweetest, most beautifully comfy pussy ever.

I reach up and grab Kelly's long blonde hair, and wrap it around my right hand, pulling on it as I start fucking her deep and hard. Her pussy stretched so tight around my extra thick meat, sucking wickedly on it, pulling it in even further. Oh fuck! What a feeling.

We fuck for everyone's enjoyment... and certainly for ours. My now fully hard cock banging extra deep, hard, and fast into Kelly's cumming twat. Her silky sweet cream soaking the beads still left on the patio floor.

The fans below cheering us on non stop. "MAKE HER CUM! FUCK THAT BITCH! JIZZ HER SNATCH! And, FUCK HER ASS NEXT!" making Kelly and I both laugh. She leans back, and kisses me so passionately, caressing my face as we swap public sex freaks spit, then sucking extra hard on my tongue. Kelly's quivering all over, so excited to be fucking in front of a live audience at Mardi Gras. Her nipples are bouncing up and down, so fucking hard. She's so immensely excited... and so am I.

I give the fans below what they want. I made my chick cum, and now...

I pull out, and Kelly takes over, reaching back and jerking my meaty monster between us. It throbs so damn hard in her expertly skilled hands. She rubs it in her ass crack, then rubs the mushroom crown on her very turned on anus. It's winking so hard. Kelly's grinning so wide.

Kelly coos right at me, licking so wickedly at my lips again, smiling real fucking happy as my fourteen tattooed inches of Mardi Gras public fucking fame slides slowly up her tight, but very excitedly welcoming ass. Twitching and thumping all the way up there. FUCKING AWESOME FEELING!

Kelly kisses me, moaning loud, right into my mouth as I inch up her ass... while the horny ass peeps below raucously cheer again, throwing even more beads up at us. Fucking amazing, wild and funky shit for sure.

Kelly freakishly fucks my dick with her ass, really pumping and working the fuck outta my dick with her booty, chugging down the last of her beer, rubbing the can all over her sweaty melons, then tossing the empty can down to her fans below. Woo-hooing so happy and freaky as she does.

She winks down at the bald, fat freak that catches it, shaking her titties around for him as I take over and fuck her ass. Deep thrusts. My crotch smacking her ass cheeks and thighs every time I shove my meat pipe deep up her dancing dumper.

Kelly cums again, shooting her mighty, milky load at the wall behind us, right between my fucking legs. Awesome aim. Totally fucking awesome! Ha.

Kelly's 34FFs flop around extra crazy under her as I deep dick her booty hole. I pull Kelly back to me, and get her to open her mouth. She smiles wide, and opens wide, drinking down the beer from my can as I pour it right into her fucking sexy as all fuck mouth. I kiss her brains out. So fucking excited by, and horny for, my woman.

The fans below let out a very raucous cheer when I finally pull out of Kelly's dirty dancing ass, and shove back up her dripping wet, intensely quivering snatch. I cum immediately. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!! Kelly excitedly yells down to the crowd that I'm jizzing her snatch... as they requested. We both laugh... and get more beads thrown up at us... as the crowd chants and cheers like crazy. Everyone's turned the fuck on, and it's fucking beautiful! My cum pumps heavy and deep into my insanely sexy chick's palpitating blonde milf snatch.

Kelly leans back into me again, and kisses me as I fill her up with extra creamy, pearly white seed. My hands pawing roughly at those uber beautiful boobs of hers. Both of us groaning and growling happily as we kiss. The crowd loudly chanting thank yous up to us. It's such a freak happy atmosphere. Fucking cool ass shit. What a fucking trip so far. Hell fucking yeah! I fucking love Mardi Gras, bitches! WOO!!!

A little later...

"God... this is my favorite trip ever! Haha. I LOVE IT HERE, BABY! WOO-HOO!!!" Kelly's feeling it. All happy and frisky feeling. Dancing around so happy with me. We're out on the street, holding hands, strolling through the French Quarter. I'm smiling, watching my woman having such a great time. I'm so in love. So in love. I found the perfect woman. Perfect for me in every way possible. I've never felt this way about any other chick that I've been with. I guess that's why I'm gonna make Kelly my first wife. If you're gonna get married... you might as well start at the top. I'm marrying the hottest bitch ever. I swing for the fences, dude. And, I've hit a grand slam homerun this time for sure. Yeah!

Kelly changed from earlier. She's now wearing a very short and tight, black minidress, that's open down the front to her trim waist. Massive cleavage on fleek. Black stripper pumps on too. No bra. No panties. Easy access for me. Such a sweet, thoughtful fiancée she is. Ha. Awesome. Kelly's her own level of awesome. Her own level of gorgeous. Adjectives can't accurately describe her.

Her long blonde hair flowing down her back so freaking sexy. Kelly smells amazing too. My woman is the sweetest smelling chick that's ever walked the earth. She's just naturally sweet scented. God, she's amazing.

"Oh my God. I can't believe I ran into you. I caught your beer can earlier. I'm Steve."

The fat, bald dude from earlier greets us. Dude's super excited to finally meet Kelly.

"I've seen all of your movies. I've been a member of your sites for years. Are you guys gonna start one?"

"Hmmmmm. I'm pretty sure that we are. Hehe. You're so sweet Steve. It's a pleasure to meet you. Oh my God, you kept the beer can." Kelly giggles when Steve shows her the titty sweat covered beer can she threw down from the balcony earlier.

"Oh yeah! I'm keeping this forever. My God, you wiped it on your boobs. This is now my favorite thing ever. It's gonna get its own trophy case." Steve lifts it up proudly, and grins. Kelly laughs, and applauds so happy. She loves her fans. And, they most definitely love her.

We chat for a few. Seems like Steve is a pretty chill dude. He's a graphic artist from Chicago. He tells Kelly and I that he's been working on a comic book starring Kelly. He asks us if we want to go up to his room and check it out.

"Oh my God. I'm honored. My own comic book. Hehehe."

"Yeah. We can check it out." I give the ok. I know Kelly's excited to see it. We can pick back up on our French Quarter happy perv stroll tour later.

We head up to Steve's room. The fat, bald, middle aged fan can barely contain himself. He's so geeked out that he finally gets to not only meet Kelly Madison at Mardi Gras... And get a signature Kelly Madison titty sweat covered beer can from her... but, he also gets to show her his comic book, starring her. Kelly hugs my arm and kisses my cheek repeatedly... purring extra sexy for me... as we walk down the street to Steve's hotel. What a woman. My happy smile can't get any bigger.

A little later... In Steve's hotel suite...

"OH MY GOD... I love it, Steve. You made me look so good. Haha."

"That was the easy part. You're already perfect. I just had to transfer that to comic book form."

"Awwww. Thank you, doll." Kelly hugs Steve. She's checking out his comic book... The Naughty Adventures Of Super Kelly... as we chill, and drink another beer. I'm chillin' in a chair, watching my woman over at the table, look over the comic book. Steve's standing beside her. He's grinning from ear to ear cause Kelly loves his work. He was desperately hoping that she would.

Kelly brings the comic over to me, and sits in my lap, showing me everything. Dude has talent. He nailed Kelly in comic form. He did the impossible. He made her look every bit as hot in comic form as she does in real life.

She's wearing a very, very form fitting, black leather superhero get-up, mask, and cape, and all in the comic. A yellow, Super Kelly across her massive, superheroine rack.

"WOW! Look at the cock on this bad guy, babe. It's almost as big as yours. Hehe. So veiny too. Yum."

Kelly closely checks it all out, wowed by every kinky illustration. Steve really is talented... and horny. He's got Super Kelly getting fucked on every page. My kinda comic book for sure. Ha.

"I'm really glad you like it. I was worried that you might not. It's a big relief. Whew." Steve chuckles, taking a deep breath, and smiling.

"I absolutely love it, Steve. I love it! You're so talented. Wow."

We talk some more. Steve tells us about his job, and his other private activities. Seems like he's a big stripper fan. He spends a lot of time in strip clubs... when he's not working, or making Super Kelly porn comics in his spare time. Been there, done that. The strip club part. Ha.

Steve can't take his eyes off of Kelly's boobs in that skimpy black minidress. She sees it, and whispers to me. Giggling and grinning. Kelly loves attention. The more, the better.

She makes sure to turn to each side as much as possible so her dress top will open as much as possible. Gotta show that super spectacular cleavage. Or that, Super Kelly spectacular cleavage, if you will. Ha.

Steve's staring, and swallowing hard, trying not to be too damn obvious about his immense lust for my woman's very tasty curves. He's losing on that one though. Kelly and I both smirk. We're both enjoying how excited he is by her. It's a big turn-on for me. I love seeing how turned on Kelly makes others. It always makes me feel so damn good, knowing that I get to fuck the woman that so many others wanna fuck so bad themselves.

"Steve... hmmm... do you think my boobs look as good as Super Kelly's do?" Kelly whips out her titties real quick for her talented, very horny fan. "What do you think? Hehe." Kelly grins extra naughty, swaying her bare beauties side to side for ol' Steve to drool and lust over. Dude almost passes out on the couch. I grab her right one and squeeze. Shaking it as I squeeze, just to tease ol' Steve a little more.

"How bad do you wanna do that, Steve?" I ask as I squeeze Kelly's massive boob even harder. She moans real happy to that.

"Ummm..." Before he can gather his wits to answer, Kelly gets up, smiles at me, then smiles over at Steve.

"I have a better idea, babe. I think Steve would probably like a lap dance a little more than just a titty squeeze. I'm guessing. Hehe. I mean... he does love strippers." Kelly playfully wiggles her eyebrows back at me, and blows me a big, sexy kiss, then she grabs her phone from her purse and turns on some music. She sits her phone down on the coffee table, right by the bowl of condoms Steve has sitting there. Wishful thinking on his part, I assume. Ha.

Kelly starts dancing, smiling wickedly, swaying her trim, but still very sexy hips, her smooth, supple ass... and her huge, hefty boobs around. Enticing Steve.. and me... so perfectly.

She moves over to Steve, winking back at me before she does, and stands right in front of him, reaching over, and softly rubbing her finger across his stunned, but very, very happy face. She tickles his chubby chin, shaking her bare titties at him, giggling at how hard he's gawking at her... and them.

Kelly turns away from Steve, winking at me, and blowing me another extra sexy kiss, then she sticks her booty back at him, wiggling it around for his immense, intensely staring enjoyment.

I watch, and rub my crotch, smirking as I watch my wife sit down on Steve's fat lap, and grind it. Kelly blows me another kiss, licking her tongue out at me and winking at me, giggling all sexy as well. She leans back into Steve, tickling the side of his face as she grinds slowly on his crotch. Back and forth, then twirling around. Damn, my woman's one sexy ass lap dancer.

Steve is outta his mind turned on. He looks like he's scared to move though, fearing he might cum way too soon. Kelly's grinning extra sexy, wiggling her eye popping tits around as she slowly twirls around on Steve's lap. Kelly's hips really putting on the sexually heated grinding action, big time. Slo-mo, then quick, alternating speeds of her crotch grind work, then rocking back and forth on Steve's bulge, her back, and the top of her mini dress covered butt cheeks, bumping into his fat belly each time she slides back.

Kelly watches me watch her, blowing me sexy kisses continually. Smiling playfully and oh so turned on at me as she grinds that very excitedly twitching bulge.

Kelly leans back, and rubs her face on Steve's chubby, sweaty face, grinning so seductively at me the whole time. Steve's bald head glistening with beads of sweat. Kelly grabs his nervously scared hands, and plants them right on her massive jugs, letting Steve play with his dream titties. We definitely have really good titty taste in common. For sure.

Steve manages to gather up the courage to finally squeeze on Kelly's world famous tits as she swings them side to side, still grinding on his now, rock hard bulge in his gray sweatpants. Kelly's still grinning at me, loving the fact that I'm watching her give Steve a very sexy lap dance... while I'm playing with myself.

Steve swallows hard as he thoroughly gropes my chick's boobs, sweating profusely as well, as Kelly speeds up her crotch grinding show. Back and forth, then around in a circle, lifting up off of his crotch just enough to barely touch his dick as she swirls her pussy and ass around on it. You can see Steve's hard dick jump around in his sweatpants... he's obviously going commando... as Kelly works it so perfectly. You also can see precum stains on his lap from his dick being so excited by Kelly's sensual lap work. Dude has tons of precum in him... and now outta him, on his light gray sweatpants.

I whip my cock out of my black leather pants, and stroke it. That turns Kelly on even more. She licks her wet and creamy red lips at the sight of my hand pumping my half hard meat monster. She licks her kinky tongue out at me, really working it for me, blowing me yet another super sexy kiss, grinning so happy and horny as well. Kelly fucking rocks. Period.

"Come with me, Steve." Kelly winks wickedly at me, and gets up, grabbing her phone, then Steve's hand as he gets up as well. His average sized hard dick pointing out, tenting out his sweatpants. A big wet spot right on the center of his crotch. I snicker. Kelly smirks extra sexy as she walks over to me, leans over, and whispers in my ear, "just imagine what we're doing in there while you jerk off out here, my love." Kelly kisses me, giggling seductively, then winks again, and leads Steve to his bedroom, waving back at me, and blowing me one more hot kiss.

I smirk mightily as I watch my massively sexy, soon to be wife wiggle her sweet ass at me as she and Steve head into his bedroom. Kelly calmly shutting the door behind them. Wickedly waving at me once more as the door closes.

I jerk my thumping hard cock as I imagine what Kelly is doing with the fat, bald, almost 50 year old nerd. I can hear some groaning noises, but nothing else.

My hand steadily pumps my bulging meat pipe, so intensely turned on by my chick. So completely excited by the most gorgeous sex vixen ever. The image of her sucking, or fucking... or both... that bald, fat nerd's small cock while I pump my huge one makes my mighty monster thump and throb so insanely hard in my hand. The gold stars on my dick each pounding and aching as the blood races more and more to my already overly excited monster rod.

Precum pours from my gaping piss slit. My hand getting glazed by it as I jerk off. My perverted fiancee mind racing. Is Kelly sucking his dick? Is she drinking his nerd seed? Is he fucking her pussy? Or maybe her tight ass? What are they fucking doing? Damn! I wanna know!!! But... I also don't wanna know. That's what's such a turn-on. Not knowing. Fuck! I keep on jerking. Listening for more clues as to what is going on in that fucking bedroom. I close my eyes and jerk my cock faster. My dick twitching and bulging so fucking much. So fucking turned on by my fucking perfect sex temptress fiancée. My hand gripping my very thick shaft, tighter. My cock bulging more and more. It's so fucking hard! I jerk it faster... and faster! More precum glazing my hand as it pumps out, onto my tattooed mushroom crown.

What the Fuck are they doing in there???? My mind can't stop obsessing over it. My fourteen inch tattooed dick can't stop throbbing over it either. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! DAMNNNNNN! I jerk my raging hard meat even fucking faster! Fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum!!! NO!!!!!

My heart's pounding. My mind's racing. My hand's jerking. My cock's thumping... harder and harder and harder!!!

Then... I get a text. It's a fucking pic from Kelly. She's smiling sweet and deviously at her camera, her tongue pout and licking towards the camera to tease me, her massive milf jugs wrapped tight around Steve's precum spewing, condom covered rod, fucking it hillbilly silly. She's blowing me kisses as she and he both fuck her tits, and his cock with her tits. Her caption reads, "be right there, stud. I hope you haven't cum yet. Hehehe." I laugh. My chick almost made me shoot my shit before I fucked her again. So damn close. Kinky bitch. Ha. I take a deep breath and chill. Smirking mightily. Fuck! I want my bitch! Now!

A minute mater, the bedroom door opens, and Kelly comes out, holding Steve's hand as she leads him over to me. I can see he's cum in his condom. Kelly's magical jugs claiming another very happy victim.

Kelly smiles so seductively at me, then kneels down in front of me, lapping at the shiny precum coating my crown and hand. She licks it up, and smacks her very lusty, and very succulent lips at me after she drinks it down, smiling so happy. Another sexy kiss blown my merry way, then she turns to Steve.

"Lose that condom, Steve. Put another one on, and..." Kelly gets on all fours, pulls her tight black minidress up over her booty, and slaps her ass at Steve. He can't stop grinning... and staring. His dick jumping around wild and freaky as he obsessively stares at Kelly's sweet sexy booty wiggling at him. "... do my butt while I suck my man's gorgeous dick. Haha." Kelly very mischievously wiggles her eyebrows at me, and Steve, then she blows me another sweet/super horned up kiss, and very anxiously gobbles up my dick, deepthroating the entire thing in one mighty gulp.

Steve takes about five seconds to hurriedly put on another condom from the bowl on the table... it finally pays off I see... and quickly get behind Kelly, rubbing his condom covered boner on her winking rosebud. He growls with immense delight, then pushes in, groaning outta fucking control as his five incher slips right in that divinely welcoming ass.

Kelly smiles so wickedly sexy around my dick as she bobs on it. She loves getting thumped in the butt, so even though Steve's dick isn't mine... she's still enjoying the feeling of it taking her tight butt for a fun, bumpy ride.

We double dick my incredibly perfect, blonde beauty chick for a good ten minutes. My hands on Kelly's blonde head, pushing her head down further on my cock. She licks all around my tattooed nuts as her lips press right into my crotch after she bottoms out on my cock. She moans from her love of my mighty cock, and also from Steve's steady butt fucking he's giving her. Dude's holding up well after the titty fuck in his bedroom. He's gripping Kelly's sleek hips as he fucks her butt with quick hard thrusts. Shaking his head around and growling loud. Feeling fucking fantastic. Kelly and I both laugh. He's so excited. He certainly picked the right chick to have a huge crush on.

Kelly's 34FFs flop around so beautifully under her as she furiously slurps my monster meat, smiling up at me, and swirling her long blonde hair around as she now, so ravenously fucks my dick with her throat.

A couple of minutes later, Steve thrusts up Kelly's tight, sexually charged dancing booty once more, and cums in there, shooting his gooey seed in his condom. His body shaking from cumming twice after fucking Kelly. First, her tits. Now, her ass. What a crazy night for ol' Steve.

I start creaming down Kelly's throat right after Steve cums in his condom. Kelly deepthroats me once more, and holds my dick perfectly still in her throat, gulping down my entire wad with her gorgeous green eyes locked right on mine. Her eyes sparkling with fierce lust, and extra kinky, carnally intense love. I grin back, groaning happily as I pump my sticky seed straight down Kelly Madison's cum greedy throat. What a night for me too. Being with Kelly makes that a nightly occurrence.

Afterwards, we exchange numbers with Steve and have another beer... or two. We talk more about Super Kelly and his vision for the comic book series. Kelly's really excited. I'm digging the idea too.

Steve can't get over his luck this evening. From the titty sweat beer can to fucking those same titties, to fucking Kelly's ass, it's been a funky ass whirlwind for her long time fan from Chi Town.

Kelly takes a couple of pics with Steve for him to prove to his friends back home that he did indeed get to fool around with Super Kelly herself. Then, we head out. Buzzed, happy... and still, very much horny.

After leaving Steve's hotel, Kelly and I merrily made our way down Bourbon Street, dancing, making out, and meeting all kinds of bead crazy, party crazed peeps.

We met an old couple from Maryland. Dave and Diane are in their 70's. Both in great shape. Tan and fit. Diane was rocking a bunch of beads. When she flashed me, I could see why. She's got gorgeous cans. Only slightly saggy, DD cup jugs, all jiggle happy, and so damn soft. She let me play with them for a couple of minutes while Dave did the same with Kelly's knockers. Damn, she had nice tits. So fucking soft. I can still feel those tan, mature beauties in my hands. Gorgeous tits.

Dave and I sucked whipped cream off of Kelly and Diane's huge jugs as they drank, and wildly cheered us on. Peeps walking by, drinking, chanting and cheering, and taking pics. Fun shit for sure.

Kelly blew me in an alley about two blocks from Steve's hotel. I filmed it with my phone. Kelly bobbing so hungrily on my incessantly throbbing meat pipe, smiling so wide from her knees when I came down her throat for the second time in the evening.

Kelly happily danced her way down Bourbon Street with me, drinking, kissing me, and flashing anybody near us. On the street, and up in their hotel, or in the many bars. Her titties got so much attention... and so many beads. Fuck! There were so many damn beads. Kelly's pussy got five hundred alone... I counted them... when she stopped in front of a bar, and very excitedly played with her dripping wet coochie, cumming twice, while the crowd around us raucously cheered her on, and filmed it... just like I did.

We went back to our hotel at about 3 in the morning, and fucked. Kelly on all fours on our bed, loudly cheering, and absolutely loving my giant, gold stars covered dick once again in her oh so jiggly booty. I banged that delightfully beautiful, and comfy ass for two more hours.

We took a break after an hour. Ate a snack. Made out. And, got back to the butt banging freak show. Kelly riding me like I'm her personal mechanical bull... which I guess I am. Ha. She rode me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, thrilling my cock, swirling her arm around and wildly woo-hooing her gorgeous self, horny bitch crazy as she bounced that tight milf butt non stop on my throbbing monster cock for the rest of the hour. Our bed rockin' so damn hard. Both of us banging on the headboard, and the wall. Must've been fun for the couple next door. It sure as hell was for us. Oh fuckity fuck yeah! WOO!!!!! HA!

I'm so in love with my woman. And I can't wait to marry her. We're definitely coming back to Mardi Gras next year... and every year after that. More titties. More ass. More Kelly Madison. Again... Oh Fuckity Fuck Yeah! Ha!

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