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Me, My Mom And Boobs Ep. 2
Category: Roleplay Stories

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Your cock feels so good, baby. Thank you again fro making me the first cover girl of Boobs Magazine. You're so sweet. MWAH!"

Mom leans down and kisses me. A big one on the lips. I slap her booty cheeks from the side and shake 'em good.

She's riding me... grinding my dick at the moment. Waking me up actually. When Billie's not here... And sometimes when she is... mom comes into my room and gives me her own, very personal... and very cool... wake-up call. Either snuggling close with me, and/or fucking me. Both are very-awesome by the way.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My baby's got such soft lips. Tasty too. Hehe." Mom's gorgeous, sweet and sexy smile has me beaming. And it has my dick stirring around nicely in her pussy too.

Mom sits up on me, smiling down at me and softly rubbing my face as my hands move up to her amazing tits and fondle them. My thumbs rubbing across her hard nipple tips. She's slowly licking across her luscious lips as I rub her nips. Her eyes closed. Smiling so contently.

She's grinding heatedly on my cock too. Back and forth. God, her pussy's wet. It's clenching down on my meaty monster. Pumping and massaging it as her sex juices pour out all over it.

"Billie should be on her way back." Mom notices the clock by the bed.

"Where did she go?"

"Just to the liquor store, baby. She's taking a box of the magazines over there for them to sell, and she's also going to pick up some more wine for later."

Mom smiles. Blowing me a sweet kiss. My hands go harder on her 34FFs. Squeezing them harder and shaking them around. Pinching on both throbbing nipples as mom grinds my cock faster as well.

I pull mom back down to me so I can kiss her again. Very passionately. Our tongues immediately start fucking each other. Mom's massive tits are smooshed against my chest. Greatly exciting us both.

Mom's long blonde hair again, smells amazing. Her sweet scent making me growl as we swap spit. Her pussy now bouncing on my fourteen-inches of pierced dick meat is making me growl into her mouth even more.

All of those small gold piercings on the underside of my cock are rolling along inside mom's quaking pussy. Delighting her wet, puffy pink folds as her pussy sucks in my cock and eats it up. Fucking awesome pussy work by my angelic sex-vixen mom.

Meanwhile... over at the liquor store...

"Thanks for the magazines, Billie. They're gonna fly off the shelf."

"You're welcome, Dave. I hope so. Kelly's the cover girl, so they should. Haha."

"Oh yeah. God. What tits!"

The manager, Dave very closely looks over the first issue of Boobs. He, like everyone else, is totally bedazzled by my mom's incredibly bedazzling boobs. Ha. All natural 34FFs. Perfectly shaped, hefty, heaving melons. Simply the most perfect boobs ever. Period.

Billie is looking over the red wine section when Earl... the older guy who desperately wanted to fuck her before... walks over. He's a real nice guy. Mom likes him. Billie seemed to also when he propositioned her.

They talk about different stuff. Earl makes sure to try and covertly ogle my new wife's boobs without her noticing. He fails quickly though. Lucky for him, Billie doesn't mind the attention.

Billie's rockin' a white tank top with no bra underneath. Her 34DDs are jiggling around very nicely as she reaches for the different bottles of wine. Ol' Earl can also see Billie's nipples poking into the thin material. He groans to himself, trying to maintain his sweet guy rep while they talk.

"Oh really? Congratulations, Earl."

Billie congratulates ol' Earl on his date with my mom. She finally agreed to go out with him later this evening.

"Thank you. I'm really looking forward to it. I mean Kelly's already an amazing lady, and now, she's also a centerfold. It's a big win/win for me." Earl and Billie giggle. Billie's reading the label on an expensive bottle of red wine while she chats with Earl.

Back at home...

"Godddddddddddd..." Mom's got her head tilted back. Her eyes closed. Her mouth open. She's smiling as my cum rushes up her trembling pussy. I'm watching her. Grinning so proud. Feeling so fucking good. Playing with mom's spectacular mounds of joy. My cock lurching deep, depositing my massive load of cream way up her honey hole. My entire body shivering with electric glee from the very intense cumming sensations.

A truly beautiful moment.

Mom opens her gorgeous eyes and smiles down at me. Blowing me a beautiful kiss, then leaning down and giving me the most loving, most passionate kiss you can imagine. Our unbreakable bond of incestual lust raging between our mouths.

Back at the liquor store...

"Can I ask you a favor, Earl?"

"Sure. Anything, doll."

"I need a photographer to shoot some pics of me... and my boobs... for a very special photoshoot that I wanna do for James. I want it to be perfect. And, I want it to be a secret. I really want to WOW my husband." Billie playfully grins, making a big, WOW hand motion at Earl.

"Of course, beautiful. I'd be honored to help you out. And your beautiful boobs too, of course." They both laugh.

"Cool. Maybe we can take some pics later tonight after your date. I don't want to do it at home, because I want it to be a surprise for James. I really want it to be special. I love him so much and I know he loves boobs so much. I want to make him so happy with it. It means a lot to me."

"Of course. I understand. I've been married myself... a few times." Again, they both laugh. "We can definitely do it later tonight at my place. I'll bring the wine. And, my lips are sealed. Promise." Earl grins, making a zipped shut motion with his fingers on his mouth, and points to the bottle of wine Billie is holding. She gets a chuckle outta that. "Here... let me pay for your wine, doll."

"Awww. That's so sweet." Billie shoots Earl a real sweet and sexy smile. Earl takes the two bottles of wine that Billie's holding, and nods with a smile, then takes them to the counter to pay for them.

As they walk out the door, Billie thanks Earl for the wine and hugs him, telling him that she'll see him later at his place.

"You got it, doll. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

Earl waves at Billie as she gets in the caddy with her free wine. She waves back and pulls off.

"This day is looking better and better by the second." Earl tells himself. He gets a chuckle out of it and heads back into the store to buy some beer for his date with mom. She loves beer. What a chick my mom is. God, I'm crushing on her so freaking much. Oh hellz yeah forever. Ha.



Earl and mom are on their date and Billie's taking a shower after some really sweet, really hardcore making out we just did.

My aunt Alia... she's my dad's much younger sister... she's in her early 40's... sends me a few titty pics for my personal enjoyment and for the next issue of the magazine if I see fit.

Alia's got the same size range of boobs as mom does, 34G. They're shaped differently, and mom's boobs look bigger than Alia's, but, they're both totally awesome racks for damn sure.

Alia's a lot like mom. Not only boob-wise. She's not blonde. She's got long dark brown hair. She's tall and trim like mom though. Awesome, delicious lips and ass too. Long legs. Sexy as fuck.

I just grin as I peruse the pictures. Five pics in all. All awesome. The last one has Alia fucking her favorite dildo with her tits. She's got her upper arms pushing her huge boobs together, tight around the huge ivory dildo. Damn fine tits.

Aunt Alia's pics are definitely going in issue number 2 of Boobs Magazine.


"Yeah! Eat that pussy, Earl. Eat it good! Hahaha! Yeah! WOO-HOO!" Mom cheerfully raises her beer bottle and cheers ol' Earl on. She's happy. And, she's downing another beer in the backseat of Earl's Lincoln. She's stretched out on the back seat... her long, lush legs wide and happily jumping... while Earl eats her pussy. Sucking and slurping on it hard and heavy. Licking her out fast and furious too. He raises his beer bottle to mom as a salute to her delicious demand.

Earl stops eating mom's heavenly snatch for a second to take a big gulp of the beer, then he dives back into her sweet, sweet pussy. Sucking on her slick, puffy labia, and tongue fucking her leaking snatch totally senseless.

Back at home...

"Babe..." Billie flops down in my lap in the recliner, in the living room. She's got a pink towel wrapped around her wet blonde hair. And another one wrapped around her curvy and smokin' hot body.

"Yeah, babe?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Probably. Ha."

Billie giggles.

"Are you going to put me in Boobs?"

"Sure. With tits like these..." I grope her big and soft, towel covered super-boobs. "Anytime you want."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That turns me on."

"What? This?" I grope her big boobs rougher. Really kneading them deep and tight. Over the towel. Billie lights up from my rough boob groping.

"Well, yeah. Haha. But, I meant posing for you in a magazine, or just in pictures. It's a different way for you to look at me, and it makes me feel so hot. It's a real turn-on for me, babe. I love turning you on, my love."

"Baby, you don't ever have to worry about turning me on. You do that every fucking second of the day."

"Good." Billie sticks the tip of her tongue out. Grinning bright and happy and naughty. She kisses me. Soft and sweet. With just a hint of slutty. Ha.

My hands keep on feeling her up, nice and rough. Over the towel, then I untie her towel and work her big boobs over bare. Billie's boobs turn me on so damn much. Her lips too. And those eyes. Freaking hell! Those sexy eyes! Everything about her. Everything. It's why I put a ring on it. Ha.

A minute later, Billie's on her knees, fucking my cock with her big soft tits. Squeezing and shaking them all over my very-thankful dick. Faster and faster. My excited cock jumping over and over, slapping on Billie's smiling face each time.

A few more, very happy minutes of that awesomeness, and I'm cumming all over my wife's gorgeous face, and tits. One fat glob of semen after the other pumping all over her. Even into her sexy-blonde hair.

Billie blows me sexy kisses and laps at my shooting semen. Slurping it up and down. Pumping my cumming monster with those awesomely perfect jugs as she very, very happily drinks down my fast-flowing seed.

What a fucking awesome, beautiful wife. I just smile and chill. And watch my woman eat my cum. Life's pretty fucking awesome at the moment.

About two hours or so later...

"I had a great time. Earl's such a sweet guy. And God, he can eat pussy." Mom smirks at Billie, then sips her beer. They're in the kitchen, chatting, before Billie heads out with her best friend... and one of mine... Max. I've got some business to take care of so, I unfortunately can't join them.

"Really?" Billie is intrigued.

"Oh God, yes. Soooooooo good. God, I came so hard." Mom's kinky grin makes Billie giggle. They both drink their beer and get down to some more sordid details of mom's date with ol' Earl.

"We went out to eat, then we went bowling. God, I haven't been bowling in so long. It was so much fun. Then, we spent some time drinking and making out in the back seat of his car. He ate me out, then I jerked him off as a thank you for such a good job eating my pussy. Hehe."

"Only a handjob?" Billie teases mom. Mischievously grinning at her.

"Yeah. And a condom. I made sure he enjoyed it though." Mom wickedly winks at Billie, then sips her beer. Very playfully wiggling her eyebrows at my wife as she drinks. "I almost drank his cum from the condom... but, I didn't. You don't wanna give it all away on the first date, now do ya? Plus, I didn't know if he could handle it. Hahaha." Mom and Billie tap bottles and laugh.

A little later...

"Heyyy, baby. How's my king doing?" Mom happily greets me, as I walk in the front door, with a sweet hug and kiss... and a beer.

"Hey, mama. I'm good. Damn!..." Mom notices me checking her out. She's wearing a very-skimpy, white with pink trim sports bra and matching headband and sneakers... and nothing else. I twirl her around to closely check her out from every angle possible.

"What? See something you like? Hehe." Mom giggles. She knows damn well I'm seeing a whole lot that I fucking love! Forget like. She's the hottest piece of ass in history. Period. And wearing that smokin' hot outfit... I gotta just shake my head and marvel at her.

"Hell fucking yeah. All of it. Everything. God, you can dress." I chug half the beer and keep on ogling my mind-blowingly gorgeous, 55 year-old mom. She jiggles her huge titties for me, and smiles extra-sweet and sexy. Such a perfect vixen.

"Awwww. Thank you, sweetheart. I had a little workout while you were out, and I wanted to look good for you when you got home, so... here I am." Mom giggles again. Turning side to side to show me the goods. Smiling so damn sexy. Mom knows she's my favorite chick ever. I love my wife, but mom's mom. Jesus. She's so freaking hot! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

"Billie should be out for awhile, so...." Mom grabs my hand, and happily leads me to her room. I watch that beautiful, naked booty wiggle it's way all the way there too.

Speaking of Billie...

"That's perfect, doll. Hold them up just like that... There. Perfect." Earl snaps a couple of more titty pics of Billie and takes a break. He hands my wife a glass of red wine, and gets one himself.

"You're making this so easy, Earl. You're really good. Thanks again for helping me out." Billie sips her wine.

"It's my pleasure, doll. Anytime you need me, I'll be there for you. Anytime." Earl nods to Billie, grinning so nice and friendly. Billie smiles back.

Earl takes a sip of wine, and he and Billie look over the pics he's already taken.

"This one's my favorite."

"Yeah, that's a really hot one." Earl agrees with my wife. They both agree on a pic. It's Billie on her knees, wickedly, but sweetly, smiling up at the camera with her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth. She's holding up her 34DDs and playing with them. They have good taste.

"Yeah..." Billie looks through the last couple of pics. "That one's my favorite."

"Mine too. You look so darn sexy smiling up at the camera from your knees, doll. God, every guy that sees this one will wish he was the one your smiling up at. I know I do." Earl stares at the pic. Grinning his approval.

"Thanks, Earl. You're really sweet. By the way, I heard that you and Kelly had fun on your date." Billie finishes her beer, then walks over to the basement fridge and grabs another one.

Earl looks over at my wife, marveling at her curvy, very supple naked body as she pops the top on the beer, sipping it, then walking back over to Earl. Her big soft tits are amazing and her ass and pussy are pretty fucking amazing too.

"Yeah, we did. By the way, you are so beautiful, my dear. You took my breath away there for a second." Earl lays on the older-nice-guy charm. Billie giggles.

"Thank you, sweet guy. You're such a charmer. I see why Kelly likes you so much."

"Oh yeah? She does?"

"Yep. She talks a lot about you. And how sweet and charming you are. And..."

"And what, doll?"


"Come on. Spit it out." Earl chuckles.

"Well, she kept going on and on about how good you ate her pussy. She was very impressed with your skills." Billie playfully smirks, tipping her bottle in salute to ol' Earl and to his very impressive pussy eating skills.

"I'm definitely glad that she liked my work so much. I certainly enjoyed eating that very-delicious pussy pie." Earl winks. He and Billie laugh. "I really like Kelly. She's such a sweetheart herself. And so breathtakingly gorgeous as well."

"Be careful with the breathtaking stuff, Earl. You're an older guy. I wouldn't want anything happening to you." Billie smiles. Earl hugs her.

"Me either. I didn't even get to fuck Kelly... yet." They both laugh again.

"I would tell you something else, but I don't want to upset Kelly." Billie teases. Sipping her beer all sexy.

"What is it? Pretty please." Earl gives Billie a pouty, faux-begging look. That immediately makes Billie laugh.

"I don't know if I should."

"I'll flip you for it. Here..." Earl reaches into his pocket and pulls a quarter out. "Heads you talk. Tails you don't." Earl very mischievously grins at my wife. He's super-pumped to find out what Billie knows.

"Ok. Flip that thing, daddy." Billie laughs again. Sipping her beer some more too.

"Ohhh, I do like it when you call me daddy, doll. That's a huge turn on for sure." Earl chuckles and winks at Billie. He flips the coin, catching it, then turning it over in his hands. Both of them look at it and...

"Ok... Spit it out, beautiful." Earl wins. He's happy. Plus, Billie actually wanted to tell him anyway.

"She told me that she almost drank your cum from the condom you had on, but she didn't want to give it all up on the first date. And, she didn't know if you could handle it either." Billie laughs. She knows how crazy that's gonna drive ol' Earl.

"Holy hell! Damn. I sure wish she would've done it. That would've made my year for sure. And, I most definitely could handle it. Wow! That wonderful memory would've been cemented into my brain forever." Yeah... Earl's driven crazy.

Billie just keeps on drinking her beer and laughing. She's glad that she could excite ol' Earl so much... and not just with her amazing tits.

Back at home...

"God! That cock feels so damn good in my butt, baby! WOO!!! FUCK MAMA, BABY. FUCK ME SO GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! YEAH! WOO! Hahahaha." Mom's riding my dick, reverse cowgirl. In her ass. On her bed.

Her long blonde hair is hanging down in my face, tickling me.

Her beautiful booty is gripping and pumping my massive, veiny dick as she rides it. Nice and hard. Intense and so fucking good. God! My cock won't stop twitching in there. All of those small gold piercings on the underside of my cock rolling relentlessly on mom's pulsating anal walls. Stimulating her sex nerves so very much. Making her scream and moan like crazy.

My entire body is tingling too. Absolutely loving being so deep in my mom's awesomely-magical ass.

My hands are playing with my favorite tits ever. Shaking and squeezing them harder and tighter the harder mom bounces that tight ass on my fourteen-inch, hard as steel dick.

We're both growling away. Loving every fucking second of the mother/son butt fuck party.

"WOO!!!" Mom keeps on bouncing, wild and hard, and keeps on smiling. So happy and content, riding her son's loving dick. And, I'm just as happy. Grinning from ear to ear as my cum approaches. My pierced dick signaling it the more it throbs and twitches in mom's beautifully-supple ass.

"I'm cumming, baby. Just for you, my king. Just for you. WOO!!! Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Mom starts squirting. Her pussy violently-thumping and pumping out her milky load. Roughly thirty seconds before I start cum-dumping my creamy filling in her butt. A very powerful and awesome Big O for the both of us.

Mom rubs her cum-dripping pussy nice and fast and smacks her throbbing clit. Laying back onto me and very passionately kissing me while we finish cumming, and while I keep on manhandling her 34FF heaving boobs. Fucking awesome, dude. Fucking awesome.

Mom and I laugh as we break our extremely-heated kiss. Smiling so happy at each other. My thumbs are flicking quickly across mom's raging-hard nipples. That makes her coo so blissfully, and kiss me again. Damn, I'm madly in love with my mom. And good grief, it's a wonderful fucking feeling too. Ha.

Over at Earl's...

"I just wanted to thank you for all of the hot pics and for being so sweet, Earl. Haha."

"God...what a thank you. And thank you for it, doll! Uhh!" Earl's bald head is back. His mouth open and growling away as Billie jerks his old cock from her knees in front of him, smiling up at him as she goes. Smacking that super-hard dick on her big beautiful tits til he cums on them. She's watching his dick leak slimy precum all over her left breast. She smacks his hard old cock repeatedly onto her slick left tit, then rubs his dick on it, lubing it up for more.

Earl is loving all of that so very much. Smiling so happy back down at Billie.

Billie's hand is a blur, jerking off Earl faster and faster. His old, wrinkled dick lurching in her hand. So excited to cum on those gorgeous, jiggly tits.

"UHH! Here it cums, doll!"

Earl throws his hips forward as his cum erupts form his dick. Billie aims it at one breast, then at the other. Getting an equal amount of slightly watery jizz on both bouncy breasts. She jerks Earl's quite-large load out. It rolls all over my wife's tits, much to Billie's delight. She watches it roll around, and she wiggles her tits around to cover each nipple with some cream. Earl keeps on growling. Loud and oh so happy.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, doll. You're tremendous. And so lovely." Earl's grin is so freaking wide.

"My pleasure, Earl. Maybe we can do this again sometime... if you can actually handle it." Billie teases. Reminding Earl about what my mom said about him. He breathes deep and laughs. Billie does too.

"Oh... I'm most definitely can handle it, my dear. And I'll handle it anytime that you want me too." They both laugh again.

Billie admitted when she got home that she lied to me about going out with Max so that she could give me my surprise. She showed me the pics she and Earl took at his place. I'm very impressed. I love them all. My wife's a total babe. She's definitely gonna be the cover girl for issue number 2 of Boobs Magazine. Aunt Alia will be in it too. Maybe even mom again as well.

Things are going nice and smooth with the mag... and everything else. I do love it when that happens. Check in next time to see who's the next cover girl for my magazine. And, check in on mom and Billie... and Aunt Alia finally as well. They'll all be here... and so will their boobs. Ha. Peace.

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