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Me, My Mom And Boobs Ep. 1
Category: Roleplay Stories

It's Fake... It's Fiction... It's Incest And Boobs Fueled Fantasy Shenanigans Featuring The Hottest Mom Ever

"MY GOD!!!"

The smoke in the air all around us is thick. I can smell my high getting higher.


Billie's very heated grunts of sexual arousal blast through my being just like my giant, bulging dick blasts in and out of her violently quivering pussy. Deep and hard. Fast and throbbing. Billie's pussy squeezing and pumping on my very fat neat with non-stop sexual aggression. Fuck! It feels amazing!

I put her hands on the brick wall, squeezing brutally hard on her big natural breasts, under her hoodie. My dick thumping steadily. Lurching extremely deep into her honey hole faster and faster as my impending cum races from my huge balls, ready to explode into my new wife's cum dripping cunt. The fucking anticipation of giving her a public creampie... we're behind the liquor store by the dumpster... is driving me crazy. Billie too. Her body is begging for it. Her too.

"Cum in me, baby! Fill me with your sweet cum! Do it! DO IT! GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!"

She's throwing her blonde head around wildly as I pound her pussy even harder. Even more violently fast and deep. Fuck! I'm ready! I'm ready to fill her with my seed! Right by the fucking dumpster! Fuck! That's hot!

"OH SHIT!" I start jizzing.


Billie's crying from feeling so fucking good. She's cumming too. Her gorgeous, curvy body trembling with pleasure, big time. Her pussy is vibrating like a jackhammer on my fourteen inches of pierced... small gold piercings all the way from the very back tip of my bulbous, mushroom crown, all the way down the underside of my incredibly fat, thick veins-covered shaft, down the middle of my huge ball-sack, to the very back-bottom of it... cock.

The homeless guy chillin' by the dumpster, closely watching us while he downs a 40 ouncer of beer... tilting it to us in a salute, then quickly getting back to downing it... cracks us up. All of it together makes us both scream out in immensely powerful, sexually blazing bliss.

The weed smoke from the blunt we were sharing is still swirling around us. It's explicitly visible in the brightness beaming from the light on the telephone pole beside the dumpster. It's all contrasting perfectly with the dark, star filled sky.

The smell of piss, puke, and cum is thick and dirty as well.

And, our mutual cum makes us both growl, groan, moan, and quiver as we very passionately kiss. The sounds of customers going in and out of the liquor store not even registering with us. We're to into each other. Too into pleasing each other. Too into loving each other. And too into cumming into and with each other. It's fucking beautiful. All of it. Dirty, naughty, and fucking beautiful.

After we finish and break our kiss, we just laugh. Smiling at each other, then kissing again. Heated and loving. Our lips smacking and fucking as we keep on smiling at the whole situation. Giggling with such playful... But extra naughty... delight.

"Damn... that was good." I remark, looking around us at the cats looking for food, and the homeless dude sitting by the dumpster, now applauding us, and belching from the beer.

Billie and I laugh again, and take a bow, nodding to the scruffy, very hairy, older dude. She fixes her clothes, pulling up her tight white spandex pants and pink g string, and pulling down her bubblegum-pink hoodie with SLUT written in white across the chest. Kinda fitting, huh? Ha.

"Hell yeah! It was fucking fantastic, babe. God, you can fuck! WOO! Makes me so glad I married you. Hahahaha." Another kiss from my happy wife, and we wave to the homeless dude as we head around the dumpster to go into the store. I hand him a twenty. He smiles, belching and nodding.

Billie gives the smelly, but cool, dude her own special tip. She pulls up her hoodie and flashes him. Showing off those fucking amazing, all natty 34DDs. Jumping up and down and laughing and smiling extra naughty and happy. Shaking her boobs around for the guy... which gets a big round of applause from him... then pulling her hoodie back down, and jumping up very excitedly into my arms, and kissing me deep and dirty as we head to the car. The homeless guy watching us walk by him on our way into the store, tipping his bottle again to us and smiling real happy. Hey, we're spreading joy everywhere we go. Ha.

As soon as we walk into the store, all eyes in it lock onto my hot blonde wife. I smirk. Billie giggles, enjoying the sorta creepy attention. I ought up another blunt and start smoking as Billie checks out the wine section. I head over to the beer, and get a cold Budweiser.

I can see the clerk, and the other three dudes... and one chick... in the store, watching Billie's white-spandex-covered booty wiggle as she reads the labels on the different wine bottles. She's casually chewing her bubblegum as she reads, not paying any attention to any of them.

I just snicker as I walk over to her, smoking, very much enjoying everyone lusting over my chick. She's super-freaking gorgeous, so I don't blame them.

"Hey, babe. What about this one?" Billie shows me a bottle of red wine. I'm not a big wine guy, so it makes no difference to me what wine she gets.

"Cool. Want a bottle of Henny?" I can sense everyone in the liquor store staring even harder at Billie's beautiful, very supple booty, so I reach down and grab her butt, squeezing it and smirking.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Sure." Billie kisses me as I play with her plump bubble butt. It's a short, quick kiss. She smiles so contently at me. Beaming with happy love. My chick makes me so happy. We've been married for around a month now. It's been awesome too. Every second I'm with her is.

Anyway, back to the pervs in the store...

I whisper into Billie's ear that everybody is watching her ass. She giggles, liking it very much. I squeeze her butt once more, then walk over... smirking and smoking... to the bottles of Hennessy, and grab one.

One of the dudes... an older guy... walks up to her, and starts talking to my wife. I keep on smirking. Billie's a very mesmerizing chick, so her chill, cool, sexy charm works immediately on the dude. He's totally captivated by her.

I let them talk for a few. I pretend to be looking for more liquor while they chat. Damn. Baccardi has gone up. Fucking inflation. Ha.

"He wants to fuck me." Billie whispers into my ear from behind. I turn my head to her, and she's giggling again. Billie playfully bounces her eyebrows for me, and smiles happily. She kisses me again.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." She keeps on giggling. "I told him sorry, but I'm married. He's sweet though." Billie's definitely enjoying the attention. I can see out of the corner of my eye that the old guy is still watching her, and lusting for her.

The middle-aged couple in the store are both watching my wife, covertly pointing to her as they talk. I snicker again. Knowing how much everyone wants my chick really turns me on.

Billie and I go to the counter and lay for our liquor. I reach behind her, and slap her firmly jiggling ass for the others to enjoy. Me too, actually.

Billie smiles at me. Naughty and happy. A truly perfect combo.

"Bye, everyone." Billie waves, and playfully smiles, to the other customers... and the drooling clerk. They all wave back. She and I both laugh as we walk out the door.

I pass the blunt to my busty-blonde-bombshell new wife as we walk to the car, laughing and hugging and kissing. Being in love is a really cool feeling, for sure.

When we get home, my mom greets us as we walk in the front door. Billie hugs her, and hands her the bottle of red wine, then heads down the hall to the bathroom. Blowing me a kiss and wiggling that sweet-ass booty at me on the way. I just smile, dude. Damn, my chick's fine.

Speaking of being fine, mom smiles at me. She sits the bottle of wine down on the coffee table, then hugs me. Lazily draping her arms around my neck. If I could accurately describe just how hot and just how wonderful my 55 year old, tall, busty-blonde-bombshell mom really is, I would. But, I can't. So, I'll just say... SHE'S FUCKING AWESOME! Again... SHE'S FUCKING AWESOME! (Two big thumbs up to that)

"My handsome, handsome son. My God, you take my breath away." Mom smiles so sweet, playfully rubbing my chin as I stand there, and happily grin my fucking ass off.

"Back atcha, beautiful. Damn, you're HOT!!!" We laugh, and kiss. Reveling in our mutual love and desire for each other.

Those absolutely incredible, all natural 34FF boobs of hers smash into my very happy chest so perfectly.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath as we kiss. Dude, I'm as in love with my mom as you can possibly be with another person... or with anything else for that matter. Ha.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Mom purrs so freaking sexy as we kiss. Her lips and tongue bedazzling me yet again.

My hands make their way up under her thin gray sweater, and palm those insanely-perfect knockers of hers as we kiss. Her beige satin bra is so freaking soft, it only adds to the wonderfully-beautiful awesomeness of feeling up my mom.

I love my wife, but I love my mom more. Billie knows that and is cool with it. She knows just how close I am to my mother. She knows all about our hardcore fucking fun, boob-related or not. Hell, Billie joins in whenever she's around too. As you'll see shortly. Ha.

"Have you started shooting for the magazine yet, baby?" Mom licks all over my left cheek, then she starts perfectly sucking on my tongue... delighting it greatly. Ha.

Once mom releases her suck-action tongue-grip, I answer her.

"Not yet but, I'm thinking I might just start it with you, right now... if that's OK." Mom laughs at the pervertedly-sweet smirk I'm rockin'. She kisses me on the lips, then she laps at my lips, wickedly grinning the entire time.

"Of course, baby. Anything for you, lover. I'd be honored to be the first boobs in Boobs magazine. Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." More passionate kissing with mom. Plenty of copiously-wet, spit swapping included.

Hey, if you're gonna start a magazine about how much you love boobs, who better to be the star of the first issue than your mind-boggingly-perfect mom... who just so happens to possess the most awesomely-amazing boobs ever? Yeah... that's a real easy one.

While mom's working over my tongue again with her mouth, I take the time to stop groping her titties long enough to text Billie in the bathroom and ask her to get my camera... video and regular... from our bedroom when she's done. She's sends me a bunch of laughing and licking emojis in return... along with a big heart and thumbs up... so I figure she's into joining in. Good figuring. Ha.

I put my phone up, and very quickly get back to the super-fun, boob-groping stuff. Smiling away as mom shoves her tongue down my throat. Hugging me to her. Craving my mouth and my hands so very much. Cooing away, and writhing her divinely-perfect body on mine. Her huge, bra-encased boobs quivering excitedly against my hands. Awesome, dude. Just fucking awesome.

After Billie brings the camera, we all chill for a few, and drink the wine. About three quarters of the way through the bottle, I have to pee, so I head to the bathroom, leaving my two beauties in the living room to chat and drink some more wine.

"Oh, that was Earl. He's a sweetie."

Mom identifies the older guy in the liquor store earlier that wanted to fuck Billie.

"He was definitely sweet. He smelled really good too." Billie playfully smirks at mom over her wine glass.

"Haha... he always does. I see him in there every time I go in. He always buys my beer or wine or whatever. He bought me a really nice bottle of bourbon the other day, so I let him feel me up in his car. I rubbed his dick a little while he played with my boobs. Hehe. He's got such talented hands too. He had my boobs tingling all over." Mom wickedly grins, giggles, and winks at Billie. "I'm sure he wanted to play with these bad boys too, pretty damn bad." Mom reaches out and cups Billie's boobs through her hoodie. Squeezing them and shaking them. Smiling and giggling too. Mom loves great boobs... not just hers.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You've got great hands too, Kelly. Just like James." Billie smiles happily as mom kneads her big boobs like two big balls of bread dough. Her magical hands making my chick get real moist, real quick.

"Thank you, sweetheart. You've got such beautiful boobs. I can tell why my baby loves playing with them so much." Mom laughs, and keeps on smiling, as she keeps on groping Billie's awesomely-beautiful funbags.

She leans in, and softly kisses Billie's neck, then slowly licks up it... and her left cheek... purring away happily as Billie moans her very appreciative approval.

Mom nibbles on Billie's left ear, pulling on it with her mouth, and sucking it too, and smells my wife's perfectly-styled, just below shoulder-length blonde hair. Mom's hands still kneading and cupping those soft and perky 34DDs. Her hands now under Billie's pink hoodie, woman-handling those bare beauties.

"Hell yeah." I happily smirk as I walk back into the living room. My cock already stirring in my pants at the blazing-hot sight of my dear mom groping my wife's big tits. Hell to that yeah, for sure. Ha.

I stand behind my mom, grinding on her ass, and reach around her, playing with her amazing tits as she plays with Billie's amazing tits. It's a standing, big beautiful titty massage daisy chain. And good God, it rocks!

I reach over, and squeeze Billie's boobs for a minute... along with mom... then move back to mom's, roughly kneading them as I lick away on her neck. She crooks her neck to the right a little for me to lick it easier, under her long blonde hair.

We take some pics a little later. Billie playing the role of photographer to start. She moves around mom and me as I shake, slap, and knead those awesome, natural knockers as they hang over the huge cups of her beige bra. I twist her tingling nips around nice and hard, then shake them hard as well. Shaking them constantly for over a minute straight.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. GOD! OH YEAH!"

Mom's digging it. I softly kiss her neck as Billie zooms in on mom's 34FFs, making sure to get close-ups of her super- hard, throbbing nipples as I manipulate them nice and rough. Quickly rubbing across the rubbery hard tips and pinching them tight too.

Mom's grinding back against my bulge. Which is about 99% hard by now. My very happy grin makes Billie smile and blow me kisses as she films mom's boobs. I laugh myself and wink back at her, absolutely loving it all. Soaking in every single second of boob work that I'm doing, and all of the horny and appreciative attention coming from it all as well.

Billie films mom's magnificent hanging boobs wobbling around as I fuck her, standing-doggy style. Nice and slow and easy. Mom licking those full, very seductive lips of hers as I thrust into her quivering cunt nice and steady. Yanking back on her long hair once in awhile while I fuck her to get that gorgeous, extra-hot, open-mouth howl of delight from her.

I take a break from fucking mom for Billie to join in with mom and kiss her as they both feverishly grope each other big heaving tits. I film it, and take pics as well. Close-ups of them squeezing each other's boobs, and also of them swapping kinky spit. Awesome shit. Hot as all fuck too.

Both pairs of tits quivering in each pair of hands. All four nipples tingling and pulsating constantly.

I film mom and Billie both on their knees, taking turns sucking my insanely-hard, wildly-twitching cock. Both of them spitting on it, then sucking it, one at a time, then passing it off to the other. My grin couldn't be any bigger or happier.

I also film mom and Billie both smiling as I paint their big boobs with my cum. Covering all four beauties with rich and creamy wads of pearly-white sex juice. Mom sucking my cock as I cum, then letting my seed dribble out of her mouth, further glazing her amazing tits. Billie sucks the last of my jizz out as mom swirls her kinky tongue around in the cum puddles all across her massive boobs. God, that's fucking hot. My dick lurches so excitedly in Billie's incredibly-sexy mouth repeatedly at the sight of it.

"Soooooooo yummy, baby. Hehe. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

"Hell yeah."

Mom and Billie both are enjoying the free jizz buffet. My two blonde beauties smiling so wide and bright. Kissing and licking each other's cum glazed lips. I fucking LOVE IT!

We finish the evening with me filming mom playing with her cummy boobs. Shaking and slapping them. Picking them up with both hands, then dropping them repeatedly. Smirking away. God, I'm obsessed with her boobs.

We keep filming for another hour or so. The first issues of Boobs magazine is gonna be epic. Mom and her boobs are the stars, so it has to be. Ha.

Me, My Mom, And Her Boobs all agree. Billie too. It's unanimous. Ha.

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