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Gabbie and Me
Category: Roleplay Stories

I love my chick's laugh. Especially when it's muffled by my dick.


That gorgeous fucking face.


Those beautiful, beautiful green eyes.

"UMMFH! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Those lips. God, those lips. So full. So succulent. So fucking delicious and nasty. Fuck!

The warm shower water splashing down upon her as she so blissfully sucks her man's very-pleased dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hahahahahahahahahaha."

Gabbie laughs. She wins this time. She made me cum in less than five minutes.

"God.......... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She swishes my seed around in her mouth as it keeps on shooting in there. She sucks my fat cock, then gulps down half of it... and my cum that's already in her mouth.

I bang on the shower wall. Growling like a bear. Grunting as my cock keeps on jolting and shooting out my creamy seed. My love, on her knees in front of me,. Her sexy eyes locked right on me the whole time. Gabbie's smiling so sweet. Rubbing my wet thighs so soft and gentle. With such love. Gulping down another mouthful of sticky seed and winking at me when she drinks down the final drop. Yeah, babe... you won... this time. Ha.

"Told ya." Gabbie stands up and smiles right at me, giggling too. Then, she kisses me. Those lips. God, those lips. Full, succulent and tasty. She drapes l her arms around my neck. Licking at my lips. I wrap my arms around her trim waist and look deep into those gorgeous green eyes. Fuck. I'm in love.

We kiss again. Passionate and slutty. The water wetting us both even more as we very-heatedly swap cummy spit. My hands finding Gabbie's beautifully-plump booty cheeks and squeezing away. My bitch is so fucking hot. Her body drives me fucking WILD!

I haven't even gotten to those fucking awesome titties yet.


After the shower...

"Johnny wants to take me to the movies. The Mario Bros one, I think."

Gabbie's eating some orange slices in the kitchen. Nude. I love her nude, so she walks around that way a lot just for me.

"Oh yeah?" I grab a beer from the fridge and chill. Smirking over at my girlfriend. She smirks back. Wickedly shaking her eyebrows at me as a tease. She gulps down another orange slice, then slowly walks over to me. Such a sexy walk. Really milking the moment.

Those eyes blazing with lust. My bitch knows exactly what she's doing.

"Yeah... Should I go?" She coyly asks me. Looking away and playfully grinning. Really working my emotions... my sexually-explicit ones.

I reach down with my right hand and SLAP HER BARE ASS! Still smirking.

Gabbie looks at me, oozing sexual energy and desire. Her grin big and wicked. Her insanely-hard nipples shivering with delight. This is a game we play with each other every day. And... it's a HUGE turn-on for us both.

"I don't know. I'd have to think about that. My best friend on a date with my chick? Sounds..." I put my face right at her ear and whisper... "Naughty." My warm breath tickling her skin, titillating my woman so very much.

Gabbie takes a deep breath, moaning so hot. She bites her luscious bottom lip. Sucking on it too. Her eyes flickering with ever-increasing excitement.

I even flick my left thumb over her left nipple a few times to increase her excitement even more.

"Oh god!" Gabbie starts breathing heavy. Her big soft breasts heaving greatly.

I just smirk away. And chuckle. I do enjoy this game. Ha.

I step behind my girl and press my crotch right up against her naked butt. Gabbie's leaning on the island in the middle of the kitchen. She pushes her beautiful booty back against my cock. Rubbing all over it with that delicious ass.

"Beg me to fuck you, bitch. Beg me."

I smirk right at Gabbie as she wickedly looks over her shoulder at me. Licking her lips and grinning. So turned-on. So ready for dick... my dick. She's still dancing that booty all over my growing bulge. Getting it ready for her ass.

"Please, baby. Please give me that gorgeous dick. Please fuck me. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE. PLEASE, BABY. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE. I need your dick so bad. I need you so bad, my love. Please. Please fuck me." Gabbie's eyes light up and sparkle. Her lips quivering. Her body shivering. That sexy fucking ass dancing all over my now fully-hard rod.

I pull my cock out of my thin black sweatpants and it plops right on Gabbie's butt cheeks. That giant dick laying on top of those deliciously-supple butt cheeks. They were made for each other. We... are made for each other.

"Please. Please fuck me, baby. Please." Gabbie smiles so beautifully-sweet at me and blows me a kiss. Damn... I think I'm falling even more in love with her.

I wink at her, and Gabbie knows what that means. She reaches back and grabs my monster. Pumping it for a second, then spitting in her right hand twice, and rubbing it into my cock.

Gabbie places my cock head at her rosebud and pushes it in. Pushing her ass back on my dick as well. My dick pops through and slides slowly up her tight ass. We ass fuck all the time, so she's used to my size. Her ass adjusts perfectly. Sucking in my fourteen fat inches of dick. Her tight hole gripping and throbbing all over it as it slides even further up there.

I grab Gabbie's 34DDs and knead them as she starts fucking my dick with her ass. I let her take charge for the time being while I play with her perfect titties.

Gabbie leans back into me, smiling so damn happy, and I start kissing and sucking her sexy neck. Pawing her heaving boobs as her ass fucks my cock. Sucking it in deeper and swirling it all the way around, then pumping it quickly. The constant changing motion is driving me... and my raging-hard dick... fucking wild!

We ass fuck for an hour in the kitchen. Same position. Same spot. Kissing and loving on each other as my giant, thrusting dick ravages her tight, beautifully-comfy and perfect butt.

When I jizz...

"Yeahhhhhh. All over my fucking face, baby. All over it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hahaha." Gabbie's smiling so happy on her knees. She's between me and the counter. My cock spraying her gorgeous face with tons of sticky, gooey seed. It plops down all over her face, then rolls slowly down it. Most of it being collected in my chick's very-anxiously waiting mouth. Some of it rolling down her throat to her chest and settling on those awesome fucking tits. She smears it into her large areolaes and mischievously smiles at me. God, she's got a sexy smile.

Gabbie very-happily laps at the flying semen with her kinky tongue. Smiling so fucking sexy at me and blowing me hot kisses too.

Gabbie gobbles my dick up the split-second it stops jizzing. Engulfing it with such intense, dick-crazed glee. Sucking half of my fourteen inches of dick down her throat. Smiling and winking at me... and throwing up the double devil horns at the camera... as she sucks me, while I take a few pics for our social media sites.

I lean down and smile right at my chick. My gorgeous, sexy, totally-amazing chick. I kiss her and pick her up as we kiss. Loving her more and more every fucking second we're together.


Later... Gabbie and my buddy Johnny are at the movie. I'm at home. Relaxing on the bed. Grinning. Wondering how my chick's movie date with my best friend is going. I decide to text her.

At the movies...

"MMMFH! GRUMFH! GLUMFH! Mmmmmmmmmmm." Gabbie smiles around Johnny's cock. She's texting me while she sucks him in the dark theater... and while she watches the movie. A real multitasker right there. Ha.

"Having a nice snack right now, babe. How's my man?" That's Gabbie's text. We're both on the same sexual wavelength so I get what she means right away.

"Wishing I was that nice snack at the moment." I throw a wink onto the end of my message.

"Awwwww. You will be, as soon as I get home, sweetheart. Hahaha. I promise. MWAH!" Gabbie adds a bunch of hearts and kisses and licks to hers. "I want you to wait, and get all excited thinking about what I'm doing here." A wink from her. And a big kiss.

Damn, my chick turns me on! Always! ALWAYS!

A couple of minutes later...

Gabbie's biting her lips so she won't scream out in the theater. She's facing the screen, riding Johnny. His six inch, thick rod buried up her bootyhole.

Gabbie's playing with her big, soft titties as she rides that super-hard dick. Bouncing away. And grinning. Loving my short, extra-horny friend's erection thrusting up her perfect ass.

Johnny's grunting and groaning, trying to keep from cumming. He's gripping Gabbie's hips and driving his dick up her beautiful butt as she bounces on it. The double butt fucking action is driving both of them crazy with joy.

Gabbie's happy smile gets even happier when Johnny announces that he's gotta cum. She gets an idea. A funky, messy idea.

A minute later...

"Oh shit!" Johnny holds Gabbie's blonde head as she slurps fast, messy, and heated on his precum-spewing rod. Gabbie's saliva is pouring from her mouth. Pooling on Johnny's throbbing balls.

He starts cumming. Gabbie bobs on his cock, sucking out every last drop of cum in Johnny.

Johnny growls and groans away. His eyes bouncing all around in his head as he shoots his creamy wad into my chick's happily sucking mouth.

When he finishes, Johnny lays back in his seat and takes a deep breath. Gabbie pulls off of his drained dick and smiles. She opens her mouth to show Johnny all of his cum is still in there. He grins himself, and his eyes bulge when he sees Gabbie grab the popcorn box and lean her mouth over it. She drools all of that cum all over the popcorn. Johnny watches anxiously. So turned-on by my gorgeous, big titty blonde goddess.

Gabbie smiles again and licks her luscious, sperm-glazed lips clean after she finishes drooling Johnny's cum all over the popcorn.

Gabbie sits up in her seat and casually reaches into the popcorn box and grabs a few cream-covered pieces. She puts them in her mouth and eats them and giggles while she watches the movie.

Johnny watches Gabbie eat the cum flavored popcorn and smiles so damn excited. He starts jerking his spent dick as he keeps closely watching her.

Gabbie giggles again. Knowing that Johnny's jerking off and going nuts watching her eat his cum... and the popcorn.

She picks up another piece of popcorn... complete with cum topping... and puts it up to Johnny's mouth. He shakes his head no, and pulls back from her hand. Grossed-out by the thought.

Gabbie giggles again, knowing she'll get what she wants.

"You eat it... and I'll eat yours again. Right here. Right now." She whispers to Johnny. Giggling and playfully grinning once again.

Johnny takes about two seconds to think about it, then he gives in and reluctantly grabs the spermy popcorn from Gabbie's hand with his mouth, and quickly swallows it. Gagging with a grossed-out face.

Johnny's thin brown hair and goatee is shiny with sweat. He's been so excited by my girlfriend... and her mouth and booty... it's raised his heart rate a few notches. Ha.

Gabbie laughs, then moves the popcorn box and winks at Johnny before she lowers her head once again to his lap. She starts sucking his cock again, which very-quickly helps Johnny get over his spermy popcorn eating regret. He starts smiling... and getting distracted. So much so, he almost starts eating the cum-coated popcorn again, but he catches himself before it's too late. Ha.

When Gabbie finally gets home, I do indeed get my wish. I become her nice snack. Her all-night nice snack. She blows me four times and fucks me three. God damn. I'm so worn out afterwards, I pass out asleep... with my chick in my arms. And what a chick she is. Love ya, babe.

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