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Fun Times with Filthy Friends Ch. 2
Category: Roleplay Stories

"Damn, uncle Dave. You knocked up all three?"

"Sure did, Johnny. And, it was funnnnn. HA!"

Puffing and passing with uncle Dave is a blast.

We're in his front yard, chillin' under the big oak tree. Smoking. Watching peeps walk and drive by.

Uncle Dave was talking about Dana, Tori, and Danyelle. Dana is uncle Dave and aunt Beth's housekeeper. Tori and Danyelle are her daughters. All chocolate. All hot. All have got huge natural jugs. He knocked all three up. Beth knows all about it. They're swingers, so she's cool about that shit.

I knocked up Tori myself... twice. She's a slutty one for sure... just like mama. Hers, and mine. Ha.

Tori's been begging me to marry her, but I let her down easy every time. I'm already hitched, and one wife is enough... for now. (Cocky horndog grin)

I really like her though. She's super fucking hot. Those huge chocolate melons get me so damn hard too. Obviously, uncle Dave agrees with me on that. Ha. They get so fucking massive too when they fill up with milk. Jesus! They give udders new meaning.

Dana is the first chick that I got pregnant. A smokin-hot black milf with huge jugs and a party personality. She loves to drink, and she loves to fuck. My kinda broad.

Danyelle just moved here, so uncle Dave welcomed her to the neighborhood... the fun way. Three for three for the 70 year-old, big ol' beer belly rockin' playboy. Not bad at all. Black bitches love big white dicks for sure.

"Here..." I pass the blunt to Johnny and head inside to take a piss.

We were helping aunt Beth move some stuff from the basement, and we took a smoke break when we finished.

"It's about fucking time you came back in here." Aunt Beth grabs me by my shorts and pulls me into the bathroom, quickly locking the door behind us.

"Now..." Beth yanks my shorts down. Smirking very-wickedly at me. I just laugh. Fuck yeah. I love horny aunt Beth. "You're gonna be my fuck toy 'til I'm done with you. You got that??" She playfully slaps my face. Smirking mightily. She rips off her pink tank top and pink satin bra. Those mega-awesome, all natty, milky-white 38Fs bounce in front of her. Fuck... yeah!!!!!!! Veiny titty perfection. Massive fucking tits!

I turn the tables on the horny, blonde bbw milf bitch though. I feel like dominating the dominant bitch. I slap her face right back, and grab her long, wavy blonde hair. Yanking on it.

"You're my fuck toy. Don't get it twisted, bitch." I smirk at her. Cocky boss pimp and all. Beth gets excited by the role reversal. She's a dominant, bad-ass boss bitch, but... from time to time... and pretty much always with me... she shows her submissive side. She craves my cock, so I can feel her pussy leaking at the situation just by the look on her sexy face.

"Get on your knees and suck me off, whore. Don't stop 'til I tell you too... and no hands. Just your fucking mouth, whore." I give my slave her orders. She smirks wickedly and submits.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, master." Aunt Beth drops to her knees and starts cock gobbling. No hands. Just her mouth. I stand there and look away. Not even giving her the satisfaction of showing her the pleasure that she's giving me.

I own this bitch and we both know it. Uncle Dave is married to her, but she belongs to me... period. Her mind, body, and soul. It's all mine. Mine to use and abuse. Any way I want. Fuck yeah. This is gonna be fun.

I grab aunt Beth's blonde head and force my fucking dick down her throat. All the way. She gags and spits up... the spit and puke spurting out of the corners of her mouth... but I ram it even harder down her throat the next time. Repeating that several times. Holding Beth's head against my crotch. Making her suck it even through the puking.

Once I pull out, my aunt projectile vomits all over the bathroom floor. She's breathing deep and heavy. I laugh. A devious, mocking laugh. A dominant master laugh. I slap her face, then yank her head back and look right at her. That sexy face flush with sexual heat, and glistening with spit and puke. God, she's sexy. I spit in her face, then ram my dick back down her fucking throat. Dominating my favorite aunt. Orally dominating her at the moment. Beth willingly submits to my darkest desires. She's there to please me. Her fucking horny as hell, sex fiend nephew. She's my property. My whore. I own her. Only me.

Back at home...

Spence (The King Of Queens) snuck into my room and managed to start eating my gorgeous blonde wife Billie's ass while she was sleeping. Billie (Billie Eilish) doesn't work today, and we partied hard last night, so she's catching up on some sleep. She's nude. Her back to the edge of the bed. Spence is squatting on the floor by the bed. His pasty-white perv face crammed up Billie's ass crack. His long tongue shoved up her ass, licking her out. His pudgy hands squeezing my wife's plump butt as he gorges himself on her tasty bowels.

"Wow, she's got the tastiest butt I've ever eaten." Spence is impressed by my wife's taste. The chubby bastard keeps on snaking his tongue deep up her rectum, still squeezing and spreading her very-sexy and jiggly butt cheeks.

Billie's instinctively grinning in her sleep. Spence or not, that long tongue up her ass is feeling pretty damn good to her... sleeping or not.

Max (2 Broke Girls/Kat Dennings) happens to walk by and catch a glimpse of Spence eating Billie's ass. She stops and stands there in the door way, shaking her head.

"Oh, hey, Otto."

"OTTO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! MY DICK! MY ASS! MY DICK! MY ASS! MY POOR SWEET DICK AND ASS!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Spence screams out, spastically running out of my bedroom, flailing his arms, screaming hysterically. He's still scared shitless by even the thought of Otto being near him.

Max grins. Proud of herself. She even reaches out and trips fear-crazed Spence on his way back down the hall.

"What the????" Billie wakes up, rubbing her eyes. Wondering what the hell just happened.

"Oh, hey. I was just having some fun with Spence. Nothing to worry about." Max grins deviously at Billie. My wife shakes her head and laughs. There's never a dull moment with Spence around.

Back in aunt Beth's bathroom...

"My ass! I own this fucking ass, bitch!" I yank back on Beth's blonde hair. She fiercely growls at me. Her eyes blazing with carnal lust.

"It's all yours, master. All yours. Take it. TAKE IT!!!! FUCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" My aunt is raging. Her massive udders flopping around under her as I pound town her butt from behind. Yanking on her long blonde hair, hard. Really-hard. Taking great joy in her pained roars of submissive ecstasy. My cock thumping away inside that phat ass. My piercings on my cock rolling right across aunt Beth's powerfully-throbbing bowels.

God damn! I start jizzing Beth's booty hole. Slamming my giant rod as far up her bbw ass as it will go, over and over. Slamming it in every fucking time!

"FUCK, FUCK FUCK!!!! GOD DAMN!!! CUM IN MY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! YES, MASTER, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!" Beth lurches forward every time from the force of fourteen fat inches of pierced dick brutally banging... and jizzing... her big and bouncy, bbw milf butt. Fuck! I love this woman!

I start slapping aunt Beth's enormous titties as hard as I can. Brutally hard. She screams out and moans wildly deep and loud. Her body shaking from submissive slut delight. Her eyes closed. Her mouth open. Her massive breasts heaving so heavily. I just fuck the bitch as hard and as fast as I can. My cum pouring out of Beth's ass as I bang the holy fuck out of her ass. Owning it. Dominating it. My aunt's screams of pained-delight making me grin deviously. Making my cock throb so fucking hard in her ass!!!! Fuck!!!! I keep on fucking her. Squeezing the soul out of her tits. My fingers leaving deep red marks on her milky-white breast flesh. Fuck!!!... I cum again!

I pull out and spin my aunt around quickly. She drops right to her knees and gobbles up my cumming monster. Deep throating the whole thing. Gagging, but still sucking it all the way down. She grabs my hands and holds them on her head. I start throat fucking the huge titty whore again. Rough and dirty. My cum mixing with her spit and a little bit of puke. I pull out, and it all pours from my aunt's messy mouth. I smirk, and ram my dick right back down there. Force fucking her throat for another two minutes or so... before I start pissing down there.

Beth smiles around my massive cock. Swallowing my piss as fast as it shoots out of my cock. I fuck her throat the whole fucking time I piss down it. Totally dominating my favorite aunt. She squirts all over her bathroom floor. Violently squirts. Not touching herself at all. She cums from being my piss suck slave. Turning herself over to me. It excites her that fucking much.

The second I stop pissing down Beth's throat, I lean down and kiss her. Tasting my piss, cum, her spit, her puke... everything. We kiss for a full two minutes straight.

Aunt Beth grabs my head and holds it as we mouth fuck each other. So dirty. So heated. So fucking intense. The most powerful kiss ever. Nasty, messy, and powerful. Our pissy spit pouring between our mouths.

"That, was fucking incredible." Beth wickedly smirks. Playfully slapping my face again. I laugh. Damn, I love her. Ha.

At Filthy Freaks...

"Oh god. Oh god......." Dale closes his eyes as he cums down Kayla's throat. She sucks him down a little more... about eight inches or so down... and tickles his balls while he deposits his creamy load right down the throat of one of the sexiest bitches to ever walk the planet.

Kayla is Jamaican and Indian. A true exotic beauty... and a super-stacked all over one. Her lips are works of cock-erecting, slutty art. Thick and very-voluptuous. Her rack is incredible. Huge tits with tattoos. All natural too. Every inch of her is. Gorgeous face with a pouty slut smirk that'll rock you to your core. Very-curvy hips and a huge, uber-sexy badonkadonk to go with them. She's got several tattoos all over her body. Damn, she's fine. Buxom to the fucking max, max!

Kayla wants tomorrow off. She's been telling everyone that she wants to take me somewhere. She won't say where though. Billie even asked her, but Kayla was very low key about it to her. Hey... We'll see soon enough, I guess.

Kayla knows the easiest way to get time off is to nicely ask Dale. Like I said before, he's always looking out for the staff. And... like I said... because of that, the staff is always looking out for him. Hence, Kayla blowing him in his office.

Dale holds Kayla's dark-haired head as he finishes cumming down her throat. His insanely-long white dick jumping as it pumps his average-sized load down there.

Those thick, wildly-sexy lips are pursed so perfectly around that long shaft. Smoothly sucking on it as Dale's last dribbles of semen ooze down light-chocolate honey Kayla's throat.

"Thanks for the day off." Kayla winks up at Dale, then kisses the tip of his dick. She laps at it, then stands up, checking her smeared lipstick in the mirror by Dale's desk.

"No problem, doll. Thanks for the great blowjob." Dale puts his 16 plus inch rod away as he watches Kayla put more lipstick on those amazing lips. Cherry red. Wet and creamy. She slowly applies it. Smoothing it across her lips with her thick, sensuous lips. Pursing them, and putting on a hot show for the bar manager.

Kayla confidently walks out of Dale's office and gets back to work, tending bar. Dale just grins. Loving his job more and more every second.

Back at home...

I'm back from aunt Beth's house. Billie's up, so we're chillin' in bed. Smoking. Max strolls in and flops down next to me. We puff and pass and chat... which leads to a very interesting confession from Max.

"Otto got you pregnant?"

"Yeah. He slipped one past the goalie."

"Damn, everybody's getting knocked up around here." I laugh. Max and Billie do too as we puff and pass.

"So, I'm guessing you don't want Johnny to know about this either." Billie slyly grins over at Max. I kiss her arm, then her boob. My chick is so sexy. I just love being with her. Being close to her. Basking in her sensual essence. She's my hot, horny bitch fix 24/7.

Billie smiles at me, then kisses me as Max states the obvious. "Of course not." She takes a deep toke on the blunt, then passes to Billie... who's more concerned with smiling at me and kissing me than she is smoking. Max blows big smoke rings up towards the ceiling. We're all chill. It's a cool vibe. I decide to make it a lot cooler.

I grab Max's head and push it down towards my cock. Billie already has my shorts down. She's playing with my soft cock. Max just smirks and goes right along with the program.

All this getting knocked up talk has me feeling frisky. Ha.

Max kisses all over my soft meat. Licking slowly all the way over it too. The piercings and all.

I reach over and grab onto one of her braless 34DDs under her baggy pink tee shirt. Cupping and fondling it as she makes out with my dick.

Billie and I keep kissing. My busty blonde goddess is making me smile. Her lips so full, and soft, and lush. Her tongue dancing with mine. Dirty dancing... very-dirty dancing.

My cock grows as Max sucks it. Her incredible, voluptuous lips rippling right down my thick-veins-covered cock. Fuck! They feel so damn good gobbling up my dick. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I growl so happily pleased.

Billie giggles as she starts softly, but wickedly sucking on my tongue. She's cupping my face as we kiss. Fuck, I'm feeling sooooo good right now.

Meanwhile... back at Filthy Freaks...

Mom (Porn Goddess Kelly Madison) took a liking to a really nice bar patron. He kept tipping her... mom still loves to bartend here and there... big and complimenting her. When he found out about our special, secret menu, the guy immediately offered mom double the usual $100 to suck on her amazing tits.

Mom took him up on his offer, and they headed back to the "work only" bathroom. There's actually three of them. One's reserved just for management. That's the one mom took her new friend to.

As the chubby guy sucks away on mom's magnificent right tit, she adds up... in her mind... how much money the guy's spent on her today.

"Hmmmm... three drinks. That's $30. A ten dollar tip for each one. That's $60. $200 to suck my boobs. And, a hundred dollar tip just because I'm so beautiful. Awww. That's $360. And, don't forget the dozen red roses he brought me when he came in. Plus, he's so sweet." Mom smiles. Looks like she's found a new fan. A real smitten one. Join the crowd, dude. Ha.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Suck it, Clint. Suck both of them. Yeahhhh." Mom bites her bottom lip and moans happily as the guy worships her perfect breasts with his mouth. Cupping them and licking all around her areolaes, then nibbling lightly on her hard nipples and sucking them hard. His mouth applying extreme suctioning power as he sucks on each perfectly-shaped 34FF breast.

Mom plays with Clint's hair as he orally ravages those enormous jugs for five more minutes. Alternating between them. Cupping and fondling them as he ravenously sucks them.

Mom reaches down and grabs Clint's small bulge. He tries to pull away, ashamed of how small it is. Mom thinks that's sweet. She feels sorry for him, so she does her best to cheer him up... her way.

She calms him down as he keeps on sucking her heaving breasts. Hugging him tight to her chest. She reaches back down again and rubs his bulge so good, Clint relaxes and groans as he continues orally worshipping mom's totally-amazing tits. Her hard nipples are twitching excitedly in his mouth. He gently bites down on one and sucks it extra-hard. That gets a very-sexy moan from mom.

She bites her super-succulent bottom lip again and sucks it as she rubs on Clint's now-hard bulge.

Both of them are heatedly moaning and groaning, very-much enjoying their private time together in the quiet bathroom.

Mom unzips Clint's pants and out pops his erection. It's small... probably around four inches long. It's hard as steel too. Very-slightly curved upwards, and uncircumcised. Mom tells Clint that's there's no reason for him to be embarrassed. She likes his cute little dick. That gets a relieved smile from Clint. His smile is covered by mom's immense, wildly-delicious breast flesh. Her tits are fucking huge. Clint motorboats them for a minute... which makes mom laugh... then he gets right back to deeply sucking on each one.

Back at home...

"Take it, you filthy whore!"

Max screams into the ball gag. Her hands cuffed behind her back as I ram my giant, throbbing dick up her tight ass. Yeah... we're getting a little kinky here.

Max is laid out on my bed, on her stomach. I'm on top of her, ramming fourteen inches of pierced super dick up her bouncy bottom. Smirking away. Billie's smirking back at me... and pissing all over Max's face. Like I said... were getting a little kinky. Ha. We're just getting started too.

"Do it, baby. Piss all over the bitch. The smart-ass, ball busting bitch. Make her your bitch. She's already mine." I lean down and laugh deviously in Max's ear. "Aren't you, whore? You're my bitch, aren't you?" I keep on laughing... and keep on fucking Max's tight, plump butt.

Max frantically nods yes repeatedly. Screaming YES into the ball gag over and over. Crying out as she violently cums again. Her second time so far. We're gonna need new sheets after this, but fuck it... it's well worth it. Ha.

Billie's piss keeps on coming too. Soaking Max's gorgeous, sexually-blazing face and her long, dark-brown hair.

I lick some of Billie's piss from the side of Max's face, then blow my wife a kiss. Laughing wickedly. She blows me one back, and licks her full, decadent lips so sultry and sexy. Damn! I love that hot fucking bitch! Blonde perfection. Head to toe.

"I might call everybody over and run a train on this bitch." I laugh. Winking over at Billie. Driving my dick even further up Max's rump. She's screaming hysterically into the ball gag. Crying tears of deep carnal joy as Billie's piss rains down all over her face and hair.

Billie finally finishes pissing on Max, and she leans over and kisses me. Cupping my face in her hands. My cock throbs maniacally inside Max's brutalized booty, Making her scream out once again. Her tears of butt fucking bliss getting deeper and more intense. She's pulling hard on her restraints. Growling and moaning outta control. So turned-on by the piss bondage butt fuck. She can't control herself. She starts pissing all over my bed. Fuck it... I start pissing in Max's ass.

"UUUURRRRRRUMMMMMMFHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Her muffled screams of delight combining with her frantic pissing... and her fucking back on my dick, begging for more and more of it make me smile.

Billie drapes her arms around my neck and smiles too as we kiss. Wicked and nasty. Both of us loving every messy second of piss dominating our best friend. Oh yeah... the kink keeps on coming.

Back at Filthy Freaks...

"Oh my god, Clint. WOW!!... WOW!!!"

Mom is taken aback By how much cum Clint shoots out of that small dick of his. She's jerking him off, watching spurt after spurt of creamy ball goo blast into the air, splattering onto the bathroom floor, the door, and even the ceiling. Mom keeps jerking it out, and Clint keeps pumping it out. Grinning so happy. Groaning loud. His chubby body shaking from the intensity of the awesome handjob mom is giving him.

When Clint finally stops cumming, mom looks around the bathroom. She's amazed. Shocked by how much pearly-white seed is dripping everywhere. She laughs. She also makes sure to fully drain Clint's small, but potent dick. Pumping it past empty. He growls and groans away. His chunky body still shaking. He's so damn glad he came into the bar today.

"Wow! That's a lot of cum, babe. A LOT! My lord." Mom looks at her hand. She's got jizz rolling down it, dripping to the floor. She can't stop laughing and watching all of the cum everywhere.

"Thank you so much, Kelly. You're the best. The most beautiful, and the best. Whew! This is the greatest day of my life." Clint takes a deep breath and chills. Smiling from ear to ear. Leaning against the sink.

"Awww. Thank you, Clint. You're a doll." Mom kisses Clint's cheek. Smiling so sweet at him too. That gets another happy grin from him.

Mom looks down at his still hard dick and smirks. The foreskin-covered crown's covered in sex cream.

She winks at Clint, then she leans down and sucks on his spermy crown. Sucking down all of the cream glaze from his cock head.

"Yum. Hehe." Mom smiles up at Clint, then she licks her hand clean. Slowly. Swirling her tongue around in all of that creamy jizz rolling down her hand. Letting Clint watch and lick his lips as he lusts over my perfect blonde bombshell mom. "Yummy, Clint. I love your cum." Mom winks at him, then she drops to her knees and sucks his cock. The whole thing. Over and over.

Clint realizes this is an even better day than he thought. He grins so wide, it almost pops off of his face. Mom laughs as she sucks. Happy to bring so much pleasure to a nice fan... and a big tipper.

Back at home...

"Good God." I lower my head and growl. My cum joining all of that warm piss I shot up Max's brutalized ass. The excess flows back out, further drenching my satin sheets. It's worth it. It's definitely worth it.

Max is speechless. She's fucked-out. Smiling around that ball gag. Her fingers tickling my lower abdomen as my cum rushes up her messy butt. Her blissful, muffled coos of joy making me happy.

Billie kisses me again. Again... making me happy. What a fucking day. What a fucking life. Filthy Freaks for life, baby. Ha.

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