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Kelly and James Ch. 1
Category: Roleplay Stories

This is a love affair... A very naughty and perverted one... So... A very Dick The Motherfucking Pimp one (Big grin)

Filming for our vlog...

"Hey everyone. As you can see, I'm in bed. I just woke up actually. Kelly, on the other hand, woke up before me. Isn't that right, my love?"

I lift the covers and put my phone under there so my wife Kelly can say hi.

"Hehehe. Oh yeah. I love waking my man up with a blowjob. Haha." Kelly waves all sexy at my phone, then gets back to sucking me off. I let the covers back down and just smile. Just fucking smile.

"Yeah. This is a pretty normal way for me to wake up. Sometimes Kelly's fucking my dick instead of sucking it, but... it's all really, really, really good." I laugh. Kelly does too under the covers. You can see her head bobbing and you can hear the loud slurping noises as well. God damn! My woman can suck a damn dick!

"We have a busy day planned so, there's gonna be a lot of filming. Make sure to check the website all during the day. Some of our fun will be uploaded immediately. Some, will take a little longer. Anyway... have a great day..." I lift the covers again, and Kelly smiles and waves wickedly at the camera again. My cock stuffed down her throat. "I know we sure will." Kelly and I laugh again, and wave bye. I stop filming.

"God, babe. You're gonna get a mouthful in a minute. A couple of mouthfuls." I smirk. Kelly giggles mischievously, and sucks harder. So fucking ready to eat my cum. Her luscious lips pulling the cum from my balls with such intense cum hunger and lust.

A few more head bobs and deep sucks and... voila! I start jizzing. Kelly coos so happy. Softly rubbing my thighs as my cum races down her throat. She pulls back off of it some, and catches the rest in her mouth. Rapidly sucking my throbbing crown as she gulps down any and all gooey sperm pumping into her magical milf mouth.

My happy growls of perverted joy echo out in our bedroom.

Kelly giggles again, and sucks me dry. Her mouth and lips making sweet, sweet slutty love to my cock. All fat and thick veins covered, fourteen bulging inches of it. My wife is definitely the cocksucking queen of all queens. No fucking doubt!


My dear wife and I started our love site... we both call it that... a couple of years ago. Kelly And James has taken off, and she and I are having a fucking blast creating content for it.

It celebrates our relationship and our eternal love for one another. That's the whole idea of the site. It's fun. A LOT OF FUN. Ha. That's the point. Enjoy your life as much as you possibly can. Every day. To the fullest. It's very easy for me. I'm married to the most perfect woman ever. Perfect in every way possible. I can't wait to wake up every day... by blowjob or fuck... and spend another day with the love of my life. Making her happy. Just being with her. Sharing my life with her. Kelly is everything to me. That's the best way I can put it. She's everything to me. My world. My life. My love. I love her more than life itself. And, she proves to me every second of every day that the feeling is most definitely mutual.

OK, OK. Enough of the mushy stuff. Let's get to the fun, dirty shit. (Big-ass horndog smirk)...

Earl is our neighbor. He's also a redneck. A very, very, very fat, ugly... but cool... redneck. He's 68. He also handles most of the technical stuff for our site. Kelly and I do some of that, but we're really busy creating content most of the time, so it's cool having someone else who can handle the bulk of the tech stuff.

Earl's great at it. He's worked on a bunch of porn sites. He's also a director and producer too. He's a very valuable piece to our operation.

He's also a real redneck playboy as well. He sure doesn't look the part of a stud but, he sure plays the part perfectly. That morbidly obese, beer guzzling freak from Tennessee gets laid... a ton. He's just got a way with women. Thankfully, I do too. Ha.

Later, at the park, down the street from our house...

"Back again." Kelly's holding my arm. Softly kissing and licking my cheek. We're relaxing in a quiet spot next to a tree. "We did a little jogging, so Kelly wanted to take a break." We grin nice and naughty at each other. Taking a break is code for Kelly's horny again. Damn, I love my wife. Ha.

"I want this dick!" Kelly grabs my bulge and shakes it. Giggling for the camera. Earl is filming for us.

We don't worry about anyone seeing us. I lean back on my elbows as Kelly pulls my dick out of my sweatpants. She devours it immediately. Deepthroating the entire dick in a flash. Right down that throat. Fuck! My wife's a magician. A dick magician. Performing the great, dick disappearing act. (Smirking)

I close my eyes and groan as Kelly sucks me. Soft, but heated. Her tongue slapping all over the underside of my rod as it plunges down my wife's magical throat over and over and over.

Kelly's saliva rolls. Right down my bulging, immense shaft. Those thick veins running all over my dick are shiny with spit. Kelly's voluptuous lips roll right along with her saliva. Devouring my lurching meat with such powerful and nasty cock love. Her slutty moans of delight make me smile even wider. They also make my dick jump even more in her throat. A truly perfect blowjob... and a public one too. Even better.

A minute later, I'm laid back on the grass and Kelly's riding me. Earl is standing behind my head, zooming in on Kelly's all natty 34FFs as they bounce around wildly, hanging out of her white and pink sports bra. Kelly's got a white and pink track suit on, so the jacket is open and her amazing titties are on full display for anyone and everyone who can see.

Her track pants are pulled down. She's bouncing away on my massive rod. Her pussy is vibrating violently all over it and glazing it with her silky sweet juices.

I reach up and grab those perfect, bouncing melons. Squeezing and kneading them senseless. Kelly licks her decadently divine lips, and smiles so happy. Cooing so sexy as well. God damn, she's beautiful. She's 56 years old... same age is me... and she's still the hottest piece of ass on earth... or any other planet for that matter. I'm so in love with my woman. So completely and wickedly in love. (Hell yeah to that grin)

We keep fucking on the grass by the tree. A few people jog by, but don't really look in our direction. Like I said, it's a quiet spot. Bushes not far from us. It's kinda secluded.

Kelly blows me kisses, then leans down and gives me a huge one. Still very heatedly rockin' my cock.

We swap spit for a few minutes. Kelly squirts, and keeps on grinding my dick. She sucks my tongue so passionately.

My hands move down to her bouncy ass and squeeze away on it. Both of us smiling. So in love. So mother-loving horny for each other.

We end up 69ing on the grass. I'm sucking on Kelly's pussy from the bottom. She's grinding it on my face and cheering me on as she licks and kisses all over my cock and balls from the top.

Earl is still behind me. Zooming in on Kelly's heavenly wonderful snatch. My tongue is snaking around in there while I feverishly suck her labia. Kelly screams out and starts squirting right into my mouth. I open up and let Earl film the cum shooting right into my mouth. We'll go slo-mo on that later to spice it up even more.

I suck my wife dry, gulping down her milky sex cream. Licking and sucking her swollen labia and raging-hard clit clean.

Kelly sucks me down. Swinging her long blonde hair around and screaming happily all over my cock as she sucks the soul from it. Desperately wanting my sperm again.

Earl quickly moves around to Kelly's head and films her suck job. Kelly bobs fast and sucks hard and intense. Her lips pulling tight up on my veiny meat as they travel back up it. Damn! I feed my bitch a big load of sperm, and she thanks me for it by moaning the nastiest cum whore moans ever, and swallowing every single drop of ball goo I possibly have in me. Every last drop... and sucking for more. Always. Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

I just growl. Kelly laughs and wiggles her sweet pussy on my face as she sucks the kinky stud soul from my dick and nuts. I lick her puffy, throbbing labia and suck her clit. My favorite pussy. The tastiest one ever too. Best cum of all time. Wooooooooooo! (Happy horndog hubby grin)

Afterwards, I see an old friend... Kathie Lee Gifford... and head over to talk to her.

Earl and Kelly hang back by the tree and chat. They break open a couple of beers... a redneck always has beer... and talk about what else we have planned for today.

Kelly notices Earl can't stop sneaking peeks at her fiercely awesome tits. They're still hanging out of her sports bra while they drink beer.

"Here... you deserve a tip." Kelly wickedly smirks. She grabs Earl's fat hand and places it right on her huge tit. He wastes no time in roughly pawing it, and watching it heave happily in his hand.

"God damn, doll. You've got the prettiest titties I've ever laid my eyes... or my hands... on." Earl's naughty smirk and lusty old perv look combined with his rough, but pleasurable handiwork on my wife's boobs makes Kelly moan and laugh at the same time.

Earl goes ahead and grabs the other one, making it a two handed hardcore paw job on Kelly's mind blowing titties.

While that's going on by the tree, Kathie Lee's asking me if she can come over tonight and film some stuff with Kelly and I. The answer is of course, HELL YEAH! Ha.

We've filmed with Kathie Lee before. The site is about Kelly and I, but we do use others for content as well.

A couple of minutes later...

Kelly's got her boobs back in her sports bra, and she's finishing her beer as I walk up behind her and kiss her neck.

Kelly and I head over to our car and head out to lunch. Earl has a date, so he's got his own hot and funky business to take care of.


When we get to the diner, Kelly decides to get started on dessert early. I sit in the driver's seat and smile wide and perverted. My wife's blonde head bobbing away in my lap. No filming. Just James and Kelly fun time this time.

Kelly's lips slurp their way up and down my entire shaft. Devouring it with extreme cocksucking gusto. Her slutty moans of cock gobbling joy make me grin so wide. Loving my chick... and her mouth... so fucking much.

Kelly's head bounces away. Nice and quick. She swings her long blonde hair around as she slurps me. Adding to the whole sexually spectacular event. Public blowjob fun in a parking lot. Oh yeah. Love that shit.

People walk by, but don't notice Kelly sucking me off. I let the window down so an older couple can hear my wife's loud and nasty slurp job. I laugh when they look over and start talking about it to themselves. God, I love my life.

Kelly sucks me all the way down. Her luscious lips smearing her cherry-red lipstick all over my massively bulging and veiny fourteen inch shaft. All the way down over and over. Sucking smoothly, but also tightly back up on my meat, pulling the jizz straight from my balls. Kelly's tongue snaking across the underside of my excited shaft. Lapping on the crown when she gets all the way back up my rod.

That's it. Kelly gets her dessert. My creamy, gooey jizz erupts out of my piss slit and pumps violently against the back of Kelly's throat. She instantly swallows it all. Moaning so happy as my rush of cum cascades right down her very greedy gullet.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yum, yum, yum. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Kelly smiles blissfully around my cum pumping meat. Swallowing every drop of ball goo and sucking for more. Her head bobbing slower, but still bobbing steady.

Another couple walks by the front of our red Cadillac and waves and smiles when they see what's going on inside. I wave back and smirk away. So happy and so content. My woman doing it again. The perfect woman. The perfect wife. Both lead to a very, very, very happy life. Ha.

Tune in to Chapter 02 for Kathie Lee Gifford and others joining in our kinky fun adventure.

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