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My Hot Mother in Law
Category: Roleplay Stories

In the kitchen...

"Good morning, handsome."

"Same to you, beautiful."

My wife's smile always gets to me. I kiss her cheek. Her smile brightens.

I take in her awesome gorgeousness for a minute. Hugging her around her waist from behind with my left arm while she makes a blueberry smoothie at the counter.

Damn. She smells great. She feels great. She tastes great too... I'm licking her neck.

"Still horny, huh?" Billie playfully giggles. She turns around and kisses me while the blender does its thing.

"Damn, you feel good. All these sexy curves."

"Haha. Mmmmmmmmmmm. All for you, stud. All for you." Billie licks my lips, then kisses me again. Very passionately. Forgetting all about her smoothie. Hugging me around my neck. Pressing her 34DD breasts into my chest as we feverishly kiss.

I run my hands up to her breasts and knead them through her gray sports bra. God, my chick's got an awesome rack. Fucking perfect tits. Truly perfect. I play with them while she sucks on my tongue and coos blissfully.

Billie jumps up into my arms. Our lips never parting. Our kiss getting even more intense and passionate.

Just then...

"Well, well. Sorry for interrupting, you love birds."

Billie's mom Patty casually strolls into the kitchen. She kisses me on the cheek on her way to the fridge.

Billie and I just look at each other and laugh. Bad timing this time.

Patty moved in with us recently. Her condo complex got shut down for some weird zoning issue so, she's staying with us 'til they get it worked out.

I kiss Billie again... unfortunately giving up on going any further with her at the moment... and, sit her on the counter. She reaches over and pours her smoothie from the blender into a glass.

"Good morning, Patty."

"Awww. Good morning, sweetheart." My gorgeous mother in law walks over and gives me one of the biggest... and coolest... kisses ever. Right in front of her daughter. Hey... I'm not complaining. Ha.

Billie smirks and winks at me as she drinks her smoothie. I laugh. I really dig this old broad. Ha.

To be fair, Patty's not that old. She's in her late 40's. A smokin' hot milf. Great face. Great tits. Great everything. Sweet. Cool. Fun. Yeah... the perfect mom in law.

I start softly kissing Billie's neck while she finishes her smoothie. Patty watches us, but also strikes up a convo with her daughter about some guy that she has a date with. While they chat, I concentrate on my busty blonde wife's tasty neck. Ha.

"He's so cute."

"Yeah. He's nice too, mom. I think he's got a girlfriend though."

"So! I can work around that."

That gets my attention. Patty the vixen. She throws me a naughty wink when I glance over at her. I chuckle. I definitely dig her... most-definitely. Ha.

I rub Billie's thighs as I start sucking on her neck. Her happy coos of joy spur me on. Billie tilts her head to the side to give me easier access to her neck. Damn. I'm in love. Every suck on Billie's neck makes me realize that even more.

"OH DAMN!" Billie blurts out when she looks at the time. "I'm gonna miss my interview. I've gotta go change so I can go." Billie gives me a, I'm sorry smile. Caressing my disappointed face with both hands. She gives me a big, hot kiss and hug, then hops down off of the counter, and heads upstairs to get dressed for her job interview. She gives me a quick, sweet kiss on the cheek on her way out of the kitchen. I watch those sweet, plump booty wiggle it's merry out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Damn. Just damn. Ha.

Oh well... it's just me and Patty in the kitchen now. It doesn't take Patty long at all to cheer me up either. Her very naughty smirk at me signals her next move.

"Don't worry, stud. I'll take care of you." Patty quickly moves over to me, and pulls my soft cock out of my thin white sweatpants. A button fly in the front makes for pretty-quick access.

Patty gives me a quick kiss on the lips, then drops to her knees and immediately starts sucking me off. Jesus. My wife changing upstairs while her mom blows me in the kitchen. (Thumbs up)... Good god, Patty can suck.

Her lips roll right down my fat and veiny shaft. She pumps my base. Moaning oh so happily as my monster grows pretty quick in her mouth.

I just stand there. Kinda stuck as to what to do. Billie knows I have a crush on her mom, but I've never fucked her so... I don't know exactly how she would handle seeing her mom on her knees in our kitchen sucking her husband's dick.

I don't really care that much at the moment though. Patty's mouth feels too fucking good on my dick to care.

I put my right hand on top of her head as Patty bobs on my dick. Slurping loud and fast. Her spit lubing her naughty mouth's kinky journey so perfectly. Patty shakes her brown haired head around on my dick. Fucking my now fully-hard cock with her mouth. Making such sexy, obscene sucking sounds. Fuck! That's hot!

My giant rod won't stop throbbing inside Patty's expertly-skilled mouth. She sucks me deeper. Making those slutty sucking noises even more. And...

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. More, baby. More...." Patty's happy smile as my cum pumps down her throat makes me smile. I slowly fuck her throat as I cum down it. Patty submits. Letting me bang her throat as much as I want. What a beautiful woman. A beautiful, slutty milf. Fuck! I think I'm falling in love with my mother in law. Ha.

I manage to get my fourteen inch cock down enough to get it back into my sweatpants right before Billie comes down the stairs. Smiling. Looking so fucking fine.

Patty and I are just standing in the kitchen, playing it cool. I notice a drop of cum on Patty's bottom lip. I whisper to her about it. She licks it off before Billie walks over to me and hugs me. Smiling so happy and content. We kiss. I make sure to get in a nice and tight booty squeeze... both hands... on my wife's delectable rump.

Billie's rockin' a tight and short blue mini skirt so, that plump ass is looking extra-delectable.

"Good luck with your interview, sweetheart." Patty kisses Billie on the cheek. She heads to her room. Smirking back and winking at me behind Billie's back. I shake my head and chuckle.

"You'll do great, babe. Don't worry." I smile at my woman. She smiles back. And, kisses me again.

"Thanks, babe. Keep this warm for me." Billie reaches down and cups my bulge. "I want it as soon as I get home." She playfully giggles and winks at me.

"You got it, my love. You definitely got it." We laugh and hug and kiss. My woman will get the job. She's awesome. I believe in her fully. And, I'll be here right beside her through thick and thin. I love Billie. With all my heart. Her naughty mom can never change that.

Speaking of her naughty mom... later... after Billie heads off to her interview...

"Shove it all up there, stud. All of it. Every fucking inch! My God!!! What a COCK!!!!"

Patty "talked" me into ass fucking her. I have to admit though, it didn't take much "talking." (Big smirk)

We're spooning in her bed. Me behind her. My massive cock crammed deep up her tight, comfy ass.

I'm fucking Patty's smooth ass, and she's fucking my cock with her ass. Patty's bouncing around on the bed. Begging for more. Screaming. Creaming. Moaning. Grunting. Rubbing my hip. Her C cup boobs jiggling. I reach over her and grab one. Squeezing as tight and as rough as I can.


Holy shit! Patty's absolutely loving my fat dick shoved up her ass. We fuck hard and intense for another thirty minutes or so. Patty pisses all over me when she's not cumming all over me. I just grin. What a woman.

I piss up her ass and keep on fucking it. Patty screams out, and smiles from ear to ear. Absolutely loving the warm sensations racing through her beautifully-brutalized butt.

I pull Patty over on top of me. Her back to me. I pull her legs up and hold them there. I finish butt fucking her in this position. Patty rubs her clit and smacks her pussy. She squirts once more. Violently. Her pussy gravy splattering her TV several feet away.

I thrust hard up Patty's milf ass, and dump my huge load up there. Grunting loud and proud as my cum rockets out of my cock.

Patty smacks her labia repeatedly, then rubs her pounding clit faster and faster. Screaming again as my cream fills her beautiful ass beyond full. Some leaks out. Oozing down Patty's mature rump, slowly glazing my balls. Damn. What a feeling. Cumming on a beautiful milf ass. That booty pounding on my cock. Vibrating all over it. Holy fuck.

Patty and I kiss. Laughing and swapping spit for a good five minutes or so.

"My god. My son in law can fuck! And... what a COCK! WOW! I see why Billie is always so happy." We laugh again and kiss again too. I play with those luscious breasts as well. Yep... it's official. I'm in love with my mother in law. Ha.


"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Cum in me, baby. Cum in me. Yeahhh." What my wife wants... my wife gets.

I hold her hands above her head and kiss my woman with intense love and lust. Thrusting deep up her pussy. Cumming hard. Billie's legs wrapped tight around my waist. Pulling me in as deep as I'll go.

We both look at each other after we break our heated kiss. Our eyes locked on each other's as my cum races deep up my wife's wildly spasming pussy. Billie's lips quiver. She perfect body shivers. Her smile grows. Beaming with such deep love and desire for me. She wants to get pregnant. She wants me to give her a baby.

Billie came home and told me that she got the job offer but, she turned it down. She said she was excited about the offer but, she thought about everything, and decided she'd rather start a family with me instead of get the new job.

I was caught off guard. But, I quickly hugged her. We kissed the most passionate and loving kiss we've ever had. My love for my wife deepening even more. She gave up her career to start a family with me. I was so touched and so honored. I want to get her pregnant. I wanna have a huge family with her. I want to spend every day the rest of my life pleasing her. Making her the happiest woman on earth.

"I love you, James. I love you sooooo much. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can feel your cum stirring in me. God! I love it."

We kiss once again. Smiling so wide and blissfully-happy as we kiss.

"I love you too, my queen. My gorgeous, beautiful queen." Yep, one more huge kiss. Ha. So much love and passion exploding all around us.

Patty was very excited too when she heard the news. That was after she got home from her date. We had a very cool group hug and kiss. Yeah... the three of us are gonna get along very, very, very nicely... just a prediction. Ha.

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