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Pimpin' Jersey Shore
Category: Roleplay Stories

I decided to take a vacation from my pimp work. I headed down to the Jersey Shore. I hadn't been there in awhile and I heard they had some hot pussy down there nowadays, so what the hell, I decided to check it out. I ended up in a nice house, right behind the house from Jersey Shore, that MTV show. Nobody was in it, so I snuck over and looked around. The deck was nice. I watched the show for awhile, so I knew the setup of the place. I got hard, thinking about assfucking Jwoww out there, where everyone could see. I decided to rub one out, on the deck, to kinda mark my territory. I imagined my 10 thick inches wedged up that gorgeous ass of Jwoww, pounding her hot milf ass, as she bent over the railing.

I closed my eyes and jerked off fast. I definitely wanted to fuck that sexy bitch. Why couldn't they be filming that damn show now? I'm here, my cock's ready to plow Jwoww's gorgeous, round, tan ass. Fuckin' MTV. I'm Dick The Motherfucking Pimp, you stupid asses at MTV. Get those bitches out here now, motherfucker. I came all over the deck, spraying my thick jizz, everywhere I could. I cum a lot, so I covered a lot of ground. I shook the drops of cum, still leaking out of my cock off of it and put my cock back in my thin sweatpants. I never wear underwear, so my cock felt damn good moving in my pants, after the jizz spraying.

I looked around a little more and left. I went back to my place and unpacked. I brought a pair of really nice, high powered binoculars with me, to see what's going down around me. I ordered a pizza and looked around with my binoculars. Just some random partygoers and a couple hookers out sellin' some pussy. Ah, my world. None of the bitches looked up to my standards though. I did watch a hooker blow a guy in an alley. He didn't last long. The bitch spit the jizz. She should've charged him to swallow. Good honomics. My pizza arrived. The delivery dude saw me looking over at the Jersey Shore house and said, "you know, word is, the Jersey Shore chicks are gonna vacay there this week."

"Oh yeah, might check 'em out." I gave him $30 and told him to vacay on outta here. I ate some pizza and drank a couple Budweisers. I hope those chicks do show up. I'll give 'em my pimp swagg and my 10 inches too. A pimp never really takes time off, so I guess my work break might be pretty busy, in a fun way. I went out to a couple clubs, got 20 numbers... yes, I work fast. I got a couple blowjobs in the bathroom. I was just scoping out the action, so I stuck with the blowjobs to keep things rolling. One chick wanted to get freaky, so I sat her on the toilet and pissed in her face. The bitch loved it, opening her mouth and smiling, swallowing my piss. She wanted to go back to my place, but I wasn't having that. I already pissed on her, no need to bring her home.

I went home and fell asleep on the sofa. In the morning I was woken up, by noise at the Jersey Shore house, so I cleared my eyes, walked to the window and looked over with my binoculars. There she was. Jwoww was bringing in her suitcases. Snooki and Deena were too. Three big titty bitches for the taking. It was just the three of them. My binoculars are top of the line, very powerful, so I zoomed into the house, through the windows.

I rubbed my cock, as Jwoww took her white top off and had on just her blue sports bra. Damn, those tits are big and beautiful. They put their stuff up and went out to the deck with a drink. They looked around. Snooki bent over and looked at the ground. It was one of the spots I cum me on. She looked closely at it and screamed. I could hear her, since I was so close. "OH MY GOD, THAT'S CUM!!" Yeah she should know. Deena bent down and looked at it. She swiped her finger in it and smelled it. She surprised her friends, by sucking it off of her fingers.

"Yeah that's jizz alright." She laughed. Snooki screamed again.

"How can you do that Deena? It's some random dudes cum and you just sucked it up." She looked sick, but Deena just smiled and drank her drink.

"Look, it's everywhere, AHHHHH!!" Snooki looked at my cum dump spots, pointing them out, screaming.

"Deena, you don't know who's cum that is." Jwoww chimed in.

"Well, it tasted great, so I wouldn't mind meeting him." Deena said smiling. I smirked. It's nice to know she liked my jizz. I was gonna figure out how to feed her some directly.

"I wanna get fucked. My ass needs some cock." Deena said, playing with her big tits, shaking her thick ass. This was gonna be easier than I thought.

"Jenni, you've got such beautiful tits." Snooki looked at Jwoww's (Jenni's) tits and pulled up her sports bra.

"Here, flash everyone." Snooki laughed and felt up Jwoww's, now exposed, huge tits.

Jwoww shook them, as I watched it all and rubbed my big cock. Just as I started rubbing good, they went inside. Damn! I decided to push the envelope a little. I wrote a note, telling them I was the one that came all over their deck. I snuck over to their place and left the note at their front door. I made my way, quietly, but quickly, back to my house. About 30 minutes later, I was watching some TV, when the doorbell rang. I got up and opened the door. Jwoww was standing there. "Hi, I'm Jenni, from next door. I read your note. Why did you cum all over our deck? That's weird."

I looked her over and answered. "Sorry, I just got excited. I'm a fan of yours and I watched the show. It was first night of vacation and I was thinking about how hot you are and it just happened. I'm sorry, but you really are gorgeous Jenni. You look even better in person."

"Aww, thank you. That's very sweet. I guess I understand. My friend Deena really liked it." She laughed. I smirked and invited her in. She came in, saying she could only stay for a minute. I poured us a rum and coke and we sat on my couch.

"My name's Dick. It's a pleasure to meet you Jenni. I always call you Jwoww." I looked her over. She was wearing a white top, that hung off of one shoulder, over her blue sports bra and white designer sweatpants. She had her long, brown, wavy hair in a ponytail. She was wearing glasses too. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

"You're a fan of the show huh?" She asked and sipped her drink.

"Well, mostly of you. I think you're one of the sexiest chicks on TV." I sweet talked her and looked her over some more.

"That's very sweet Dick." She looked me over too. My big cock was visible through my thin sweatpants. She smiled a sexy smile at me and sipped her drink again. I downed mine and smiled back.

"I hope you don't mind me asking, but how could you just jack off in public like that? All over our deck, too." She laughed and sipped her drink once again.

"Like I said, I was thinking about you and it just happened." I looked right at her. She was into me and we both knew it.

"It's kinda like when Snooki pulled your top up and you shook those amazing tits." I smiled at her and my cock twitched in my pants.

"Oh my God, you saw that?" She looked embarrassed, holding her head down, laughing, as she sipped her drink again.

"Yeah, I used my binoculars over there, to get a better look." I sat back, one leg on the couch and gave her a good view of my cock, in my pants. She looked at my binoculars and covered her face, laughing. She smiled that sexy smile again.

"Don't be ashamed babe, you have gorgeous tits. You should show them off." I smiled back, looking at her tits. She poked them out for me, while she drank, acting like she wasn't doing it.

"I guess if I was single, I might do it more." Jenni looked at me with a very sexy smile and winked.

"Well, your husband isn't here, so be my guest." I encouraged her, but she was still shy.

"I'm sorry Dick, but I can't... At least until I get a few more drinks in me... Just kidding." She laughed, but I refilled her glass, just in case. I drank another rum and coke also, as we talked. She told me about the show and she couldn't believe I was a pimp. She drank two more rum and cokes. We were having a good time, getting to know each other.

Jenni looked at me and half drunk or not, she rubbed her nipples. She quickly pulled her hands away and tried to act like nothing happened. "So tell me about being a pimp. I've never met an actual pimp before." She said smiling.

"It's a job babe, just selling pussy, instead of vacuum cleaners." I winked at her, reaching over and rubbing her leg. She didn't say anything, so I kept rubbing it. She looked at me, not knowing what to say.

'You're gorgeous Jenni. Your husband is damn lucky to be banging you." I broke the ice, so to speak.

"Well, we don't bang much nowadays. We are both busy and we have kids, so that takes up a lot of our time." She looked kinda sad. She was way too hot, not to be getting regular sex. I rubbed her leg higher.

"That's a shame babe. You're way too much of a sex goddess to not be getting much action. That's a horrible miscarriage of justice." We both laughed and I rubbed even higher on her leg.

Jenni grabbed my hand, saying, "Dick, I can't. You're a great guy and you're hot, but I'm marri..." I kissed her. She paused for a second and kissed me back. I moved my hand to her pussy and rubbed it through her pants. She moaned into my mouth. I slid my hand into her pants and blue thong, rubbing her pussy directly. I could tell she was clean shaven. I rubbed her clit softly, with my thumb and slid two fingers, up her pussy. It was so warm and already wet. I rubbed and fingered her, while we kissed. My tongue licked hers. I sucked her tongue and kissed her deeply, fingering her wet snatch and rubbing her erect, thick clit in circles with my thumb. Jenni moaned loudly in my mouth.

"Dick, please, I..." Jenni grabbed my wrist to stop me, but she also came on my fingers. I kept fingering her pussy, getting my fingers covered in her pussy nut. I pulled them out, looking directly in her eyes and slowly licked and sucked my fingers clean, tasting her. She looked me directly in my eyes, as I tasted her nectar. I kissed her sexy lip glossed lips, letting her taste herself. I kissed her deeply and played with her big tits through her top. I squeezed them hard, finding her thick, hard nipples and pinching them, pulling them and shaking them. Her breast milk soaked her sports bra and top. I kept pulling and squeezing those big nipples. Jenni moaned loud and squirmed on my couch. I groped those huge tits. They felt so good. Her heavy, fake tits were soft, but firm.

She still tried weakly to talk me out of fucking her, "we can't Dick I'm married." I stopped groping her and looked her in the eyes.

"Ok Jenni, the next move is up to you." I just looked at her and let her decide. She looked at me and rubbed my wrists. She thought about it. I just looked at her. My desire for her, burning through my gaze.

She looked at me with her sexiest look and told me, "fuck me baby." I kissed her and groped those gorgeous, fake fun bags. She pushed me back on the sofa and got on top of me. She reached down and grabbed my big, hard cock, squeezing it and slowly jacking it, through my pants.

"Oh my God, you're big! Mmmmmmmmm." Jenni stroked my cock through my pants and took off her white top. I squeezed those huge tits through her wet, blue sports bra. I pulled them out of the top of the bra, but left it on. I looked at them and squeezed them hard, pulling those thick, hard nipples. I watched her tit milk shoot out and licked her nipples clean, as it did. She pulled my sweat pants off and I pulled hers off and her blue thong too. I smelled it, licking it slowly. I put it on my pants, I was gonna #keep it. Jenni moved down and licked my throbbing cock, looking right at me, her eyes full of lust for me and my big cock.

I put my hand on her head and grabbed her brown hair. I watched closely, as she licked my cock from tip to base, slowly. She smiled her sexiest smile at me, loving teasing me with her tongue. She lapped up the precum, oozing out of my cock. She softly bit the thick head of my cock. She sucked it and chewed on it. She licked the underside of my head, as she sucked it. It felt so fucking good. She rubbed my big balls, as she sucked my cock. She sucked down about halfway and back up, tickling my balls.

I pulled her hair, as she sucked my cock faster. I pushed her head down further. "Suck it Jenni, open that throat baby. Open up and take me in." I directed her and she obeyed. She opened her throat and took more of my big, thick cock into her mouth and throat. Her cheeks bulging out. I pushed harder. She gagged, but I kept pushing. She gagged some more, her saliva oozing out of her mouth, around my cock.

"It's Ok baby, keep going. Take it all in." I coaxed her. I pushed her head down further and she finally took me all in.

"Look up at me baby." I pulled her hair and got her to look up at me, my whole 10 thick inches buried in her throat. Her lips were on my crotch.

"Stick out that sexy fucking tongue and lick my balls baby. Tease me with it, bitch." She obeyed and stuck her tongue out around my cock, licking my big balls. I smiled at her and blew her a kiss. I got my phone and took several pictures of her with my whole cock down her throat, smiling, as she licked my balls. Her cheeks bulging out, from my thick cock.

"Smile Jenni, show everyone how much of a cock slut you are, bitch. You love my big fucking cock, bitch. Show me." She smiled big and licked my balls. I was so fucking turned on. I finally pulled her mouth off of my cock. She breathed hard and spit on my cock, licking it off of my cock. Her saliva drooled down on my cock and she hungrily sucked it off. She sucked my whole cock greedily. She was in heat and she wanted me bad. She fucking loved my big cock and she attacked it with lustful gusto. She deepthroated me over and over, smiling big at me the whole time, her eyes never leaving mine. She was a good cocksucker and now that I taught her to deepthroat me, she was even better. She spit all over my cock and sucked it up. She sucked my cock so fast, jacking it as she sucked it. Her beautiful eyes never leaving mine.

I smacked her face. "Open up bitch." She did. I spit in her mouth and she swallowed it happily. I spit in her mouth again and she happily swallowed it once more, licking her lips, smiling big at me. I fucked her mouth fast and hard, holding her hair and forcing her fucking mouth down on my cock. I drove my cock down her sucking throat. She loved it.

"Cum in my mouth daddy." She smiled and said in her sexiest voice, as I pulled her mouth off of my cock, slapping her face.

"Suck it out, whore!" She smiled big and sucked my cock with supersonic speed. Her head was a blur, racing up and down my throbbing cock. I watched every second and pulled her hair. I grunted and blasted her mouth with my huge load of thick, creamy jizz. She moaned loudly, approving of the taste and swallowed it all down. I kept pumping her sucking mouth full of my thick jizz and she kept swallowing it. Damn, that bitch is sexy. I watched, as my cock kept jerking and pumping her mouth with my jizz. It's such a sexy sight. Especially when the bitch swallowing, is as sexy as Jwoww.

I finally stopped cumming and Jenni sucked me clean. Her eyes glued to mine. She smiled around my cock, rubbing my balls. She took my cock out of her mouth and licked and sucked my big balls. "Deena was right... You do taste great." She said smiling. We both laughed and I watched her suck my balls. She was doing such a great job, I just laid back and watched, letting her suck them, as much as she wanted. She licked every inch of them and sucked each one softly and then hard. She jerked my cock, as she did. I loved it. She jerked my cock faster and sucked my big balls, pulling them with her mouth, licking them in her mouth. She jerked my cock faster and faster, sucking and licking my big balls so fucking good.

"Suck it bitch! I wanna jizz down your throat again." She sucked me hard and fast, deepthroating me, looking right at me. She rubbed her pussy fast, as she rubbed my big balls and slid a finger up my ass. I smacked her face, smiling at her. She smiled back at me, her mouth spread wide by my cock. She rubbed her pussy faster and faster, smacking her clit. I fucked her mouth fast, pulling her hair and forcing my big cock in her mouth and throat faster and faster. She looked at me the whole time. She moaned loudly and came all over her hand. I grunted and pushed all the way down her throat. She gagged slightly, as I blasted my load of thick cum straight down her sucking throat. I held her head in place and just let loose with my cum. My cock pumped my thick load directly into her stomach.

Jenni loved it, moaning in delight, as my load was deposited down her throat. She just opened her throat and swallowed it down. She sucked it all out and sucked me clean. I pulled her up and kissed her. I squeezed those huge tits and sucked them hard, softly chewing on her hard nipples, swallowing her tit milk, as it shot out. I sucked them both, alternating between them. I pulled her big nipples with my mouth and licked the tip of them, in my mouth. I sucked her nipples voraciously, coaxing out her tasty milk and swallowing it down. I squeezed those huge, fake tit mounds, as I sucked them. I rubbed my cock on her labia, up and down slowly, as I suckled on her huge tits. She moaned loudly and I kept rubbing it on her slit.

I slid my cock up her pussy, inching my way up her soaking wet pussy. She rode me, holding my head to her huge tits. I sucked her milk down, as it poured into my mouth. I squeezed her huge fake tits and sucked them so greedily. I loved her tit milk and kept swallowing it. "Suck my big fucking tits, baby. I fucking love it!" Jenni said, riding my big cock, holding my head to her gorgeous tits.

I smacked her ass hard. She moaned. I smacked it again and she moaned again. I squeezed it and shook it, as I sucked those gorgeous tits hard. She rode me faster. My huge cock stretching her gorgeous, bald pussy. "FUCKKKKKK!! I LOVE YOUR HUGE FUCKING COCK DICK!! I FUCKING LOVE ITTTTTTT!!" Jenni screamed out, as she rode me faster. My huge cock drilling up her soaking wet pussy.

"I'M CUMMMMMINGGGGGGG!!" Jenni screamed, squirting all over my cock. She kissed me and kept squirting on my cock. She moaned in my mouth. I smacked her ass and fucked up into her juicy snatch, so fucking hard and fast. She moaned loudly in my mouth, as I pounded the shit outta that sweet pussy. I drilled it with awesome power and force, pistoning in and out of her pussy, with supersonic, fucking speed. I smacked her ass hard and pummeled that fucking pussy, harder and harder.

"IM CUMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGG AGAINNNNNNN!!" She squirted all over my cock again. I pulled her off of my cock, so I could watch her squirt on my fucking cock. She blasted it with her pussy nut. I slammed back up her pussy and pounded her, so fucking hard! I just kept fucking her harder and harder. She squirted on my cock again, screaming in sexual bliss. I just kept pummeling her gorgeous, tan pussy. I wrecked that motherfucking pussy. I pounded it harder and harder. She came again, squirting all over my cock. It oozed out around my cock and I kept pounding her fucking pussy. She came two more times. I lifted her off of my cock each time, watching her pussy shoot that pussy cream all over my throbbing cock. It was such a fucking turn on.

I shoved back up her pussy and came hard, blasting my thick load deep in her pussy, flooding it. The cum oozed out around my cock onto my balls. Jenni got off of me and sucked it all up, sucking my still cumming cock and swallowing every fucking drop of jizz. SHIT, this bitch turned me fucking on! She sucked me clean, looking up at me the whole time.

I got up and bent her over the couch. I smacked that thick ass. She moaned. I smacked it again harder. She moaned louder. I got behind her and spread her ass cheeks. She smiled and moaned softly. I bent over and shoved my tongue up her ass, wiggling it in her ass. I smacked her ass again and tongue fucked it. She moaned and writhed on my face. I smacked her ass again. She makes loudly. I stood up and pressed my hard cock against her anus. She lurched forward a little, but I pulled her back. I slowly pressed into her ass, inching my way up it, slowly. "Ahhhhhhhhhh, you're so fucking big Dick. Your fucking beautiful cock feels so fucking good in my ass, daddy!!" Jenni threw her head back. I grabbed her ponytail and held it. She couldn't move her head.

I fucked her ass slowly, all the way in and out. Her ass stretching wide, for my huge cock. I smacked her ass, she moaned. I pulled her ponytail and fucked her ass a little faster. She loved it. "FUCK MY FUCKING, SLUT ASS, DICK!! RAM THAT FUCKING, HUGE COCK, UP IT BABY!!" I obliged and rammed my cock, all the fucking way up her ass. She screamed in pleasure and I fucked her ass harder, smacking it hard. My handprint on her tan ass. I pulled her ponytail hard and pounded her thick ass so fucking hard. My cock drilling up that thick, tan ass harder and harder. Jenni screamed in sexual bliss and squirted all over me. I wiped her pussy cum and my cum still on her pussy on my fingers and shoved them in her fucking mouth. She sucked them, tasting us both. She moaned and sucked my fingers clean.

I hammered her thick, milf ass with awesome force and blazing speed. She squirted again. I kept hammering up her ass harder and faster. I reached under her with my right hand and squeezed her right tit, hard. Milk shot out. I held it and pulled her ponytail with my left hand. I slammed her ass, so fucking hard, the couch moved. I just kept pounding that great ass even harder. The fucking couch kept moving, but I didn't give a fuck. I pounded her ass even harder. "I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!" She squirted again, all over me.

I pounded her thick ass even harder and faster. That fucking couch was walking around, but who gives a shit. I hammered her ass so fucking fast and hard. She squirted again. Her knees buckled and her pussy nut hit the floor. I kept pounding her fucking ass harder and faster. Her knees gave out and she went to the floor. I kept slamming her ass harder and harder. She squirted again, all over the floor. She was on her stomach on the floor, with me on top of her, slamming my huge cock up her ass. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! POUND MY FUCKING ASSSSSSSSSSSS!! I FUCKING IT!! I FUCKING LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!" Jenni was a sex crazed bitch, in sexual nirvana and it turned me on, so fucking much.

I slammed that ass harder and came deep in it. SHIT, I pumped my thick load of cream in that fucking ass, overflowing it. I pulled out and the cum poured out of her ass, onto the floor. I moved up and shoved, my still cumming cock, in her mouth. She sucked it happily. Swallowing my thick seed, as it pumped out. She sucked me totally clean, letting my cock plop out of her mouth and smacking her lips.

"I need to get back to my friends." Jenni told me, but I just convinced her to stay and cuddle, pimp style. We made out on my couch and she blew me again. She swallowed my load again, smiling at me the whole time.

"Your cum tastes so fucking good Dick. I love it." Jenni was hooked on my jizz and I smiled. She called her friends and invited them over to my place. A few minutes later Snooki and Deena showed up drunk. They also showed up in time, to see me fucking Jwoww in the ass again. Deena was DTF asap. She took her clothes off immediately and knelt down by me, sucking my big balls. That bitch can suck balls, I'll give her that. She sucked them so fucking good. Her mouth is magic and I pulled out of Jenni's ass, so I could cum in Deena's mouth. She opened real wide. Jenni had texted her, that I was the cum dumper, on their deck.

I fucked the slut's mouth and blasted it with my thick creamy load. She sucked me so fucking fast. She made sure, to get every single drop out of my balls. She sucked me completely dry. I thought she was gonna suck my balls through my piss slit, as hard as she sucked me. She smacked her thick lips loudly and kissed my cock repeatedly. "Damn, that's some good fucking cum. The best ever!" She flattered me and I smacked those thick lips with my cock, rubbing my cock across them. Jenni was making out with Snooki. She had taken her clothes off. Deena smiled at me and started eating Snooki's pussy. Snooki ate Jenni's. I filmed it all and took pictures. They all smiled for me and posed very slutty poses.

We fucked for the next few hours. During the evening Angelina from Jersey Shore showed up. I pounded that slut's thick ass, hard and fast, smacking it and drilling it for an hour. She came 6 times, squirting everywhere. Deena licked it all up and sucked my balls, like the champion ball sucker she is. I fucked Deena's thick, tan ass, as hard as humanly possible. She screamed and squirted 5 times. I came up her ass and she sucked me clean again. I fucked Snooki's great tits and pussy. I came all over her face and tits. Deena and Jwoww licked them totally clean. They kissed and cum swapped my thick cum, smiling and posing for my camera.

I fucked Snooki in the ass. She screamed and moaned so loud. She loved my big cock in her ass. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DADDYYYYYYYYYYYY!! FUCKING FUCK ME MOTHERFUCKER!! YESSSSSS!!" She yelled out, as I pounder that thick but tight ass. I stretched it out good. Her husband should thank me. She came so many times, I lost count at 10. I was ass fucking Jenni. She was riding me sideways, as I started pissing in her ass.

"FUCKKKKK, PISS IN MY ASS DICK!! I FUCKING LOVE ITTTTTTT!!" Jenni was hooked on me and we both fucking knew it. They all were. Snooki screamed and looked shocked as my piss, shot out of Jenni's ass, as she rode my cock. Ten minutes later, I was pissing up Snooki's ass, as she rode my cock. She fucking loved, every dirty second of it. She screamed in ecstasy and just shook and moaned, bouncing so fast on my cock, she almost fell off of it. They all knelt around me and I came in their open mouths. They all kissed and cum swapped my thick jizz, smiling at me and posing for my pictures.

They decided to spend the night with me and we fucked all night long. I ate pretty much everything in the kitchen, out of their asses and pussies. They drank wine out of each other's pussies. They all drank my piss, from my cock and from wine glasses. They all agreed to let me pimp them. I've been making good money off of them. They love to fuck and I got them to start a secret website, to set up appointments. They travel across the country, sucking and fucking, rich guys and girls. They fuck some fans too, but only the more discreet ones. All the money comes to me. King Pimpin'... Dick style. I get them any time I want, as well. They're hooked on my 10 thick and I enjoy fuckin' them, as much as possible. I piledrive 'em hard and fast and cum and piss in them and on them, as much as I want. I do love being a pimp and I do love... Pimpin' Jersey Shore.

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