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Pimpin' Jersey Shore Ch. 2
Category: Roleplay Stories



"Yeah bitch... take my cock whore!! Taking your cousin's dick in your ass... you filthy fuck pig." I was ass pounding my cousin, pornstar Lisa Sparxxx. She was stretched out and tied to my bed. We fuck all the time. She loves being my fuck toy. I squeezed those fucking big ass, natural titties and pounded my 10 inches deep in that thick, fucking ass. The bed was shaking hard and I kept pounding harder and harder. I smacked her phat booty hard! Lisa smiled back at me and licked her tongue out, wiggling it for me. I smacked her phat ass again... harder! She squealed in delight. Lisa loves rough sex.

"Yes daddy... POUND MY ASS JAMESSSSSSSSSS!! FUCK... I LOVE YOUR COCK DADDY!!" Lisa is a super horny fuck slut... she's known for gangbangs. She's a sexy fuck whore for me anytime, anywhere, anyhow. I use the bitch in as many dirty, sleazy fuck ways as I can.

My cock was so fucking hard, pounding the fuck outta that ass. The bed almost broke and I fucking loved it. I fucking love rough, dirty sex and doing it with my big titty cousin is even better. I pulled out and turned her on her side. Her hands and feet were tied to the head and foot of the bed, but there was room to turn her over. I pushed her big jugs around my cock and fucked them senseless. I drilled between those perfect tits so fucking hard, squeezing them roughly as I titty thumped them. Lisa sucked my cock with a sleazy ass, fuck freak look on her sexy face.

She loves my big cock. She grinned wide the whole time. She moaned and grunted around my thick head and shaft, her sexual lust running wild. She fucking gets off big time on being used sexually. I pummeled her tits for another five minutes, slapping them hard and squeezing them harder. I blasted a massive load of jizz in her fucking whore mouth and Lisa happily swallowed it all down, eating my creamy jizz... it's her favorite thing to eat. She sucked me fucking clean. I spit in her mouth and she swallowed that with a smile, licking and smacking her lips.

I roughly squeezed her big tits for a few, while she sucked me. Lisa loves for me to tie her up and use her, she begs me to do it every fucking time we are together. I just leave her and come back whenever I fucking feel like it and pound her some more. She fucking loves every second of it. She has a very submissive side and I love taking advantage of it.

I pimp her too. She's made me a lot of money and it makes me love her even more. I love pimpin' hoes... family or not. I brought her with me, for the weekend, to the Jersey Shore. I left Lisa there and went in the kitchen to see my top Jersey Shore ho, Jwoww or Jenni, from the TV show Jersey Shore. I had fucked her out previously and pimped her too. She recently got divorced so she's been spending alot of time with me. I've taken her off the ho road and kept her for myself... at least for the time being.

"Hey daddy... Heard you fucking your cousin... Come do me... I need that big fucking cock in my ass." Jenni winked and licked her lips... A few minutes later she was bent over the counter, wearing only a gray sports bra, while my 10 thick was buried deep up that sweet booty. I smacked it hard, puffed my blunt, smacked it some more and pounded the ever living fuck outta her booty. My cock flew up that phat ass like a supersonic jet, thumping Jenni's round booty mercilessly. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! I'M CUMMMMMMMINGGG BABY!!" Jwoww blasted her pussy nut so fucking hard it painted the fridge.

I pulled the slut's long, brown hair and pulled her to the fridge. "Lick it up bitch!" I still booty thumped Jenni while she leaned over and licked her cream off of the fridge, looking back at me smiling. I dig that dirty slut. She's gonna be my new girlfriend. "Yeah bitch. Lick that shit up. Filthy whore... Make your pimp happy, ho!" She did. She licked the fridge clean and squirted three more times. By the time I took my huge cock out of her ass, she squirted 7 times. I turned her around and she wrapped those huge fake tits around my cock. Jwoww pulled her erect nipples hard. She squirted her milk all over me and my cock and licked me clean. I pounded those titty pillows harder and fucking harder. Her tits were stretched out, laying on top of her sports bra as I roughly banged them.

Jwoww's milk was squirting everywhere. I smiled and spit on her face. Jenni smiled back and licked it up. I blasted my jizz all over her beautiful face. Jenni pumped every drop out of my cock and sucked me dry. She wiped my nut off of her face and licked it off of her hands... looking right at me, smiling as big... and as sexy... as possible. I spit in her mouth and Jwoww swallowed that down too. For the hell of it, I jammed my cock in her mouth and let loose with the piss too. Jwoww loves my piss. She happily swallowed the whole huge load... and sucked me totally dry, smacking her lips, kissing my cock and smiling at me with a loving smile.

I smacked her face and smiled. "Thanks bitch. Go feed my cousin and come back so I can piss on you again.

"Yes daddy. Love you James."

"I know."

Jwoww got up and fixed a sandwich and tea for Lisa. She went in the bedroom and fed her. I went outside and started fucking Snooki and Deena... the meatballs. They double sucked me and I tit fucked them both. I cum dumped on their slutty faces. They licked each other's faces clean. I sucked Snooki's milk down, while sucked those big cans of hers. I pussy thumped them both as they rode me and finished in Snooki's thick ass. I pumped it full, pulled out and Deena sucked the rest down. I pulled out of her mouth and pissed on her face.

Snooki loves my piss so she turned around quickly and shoved my cock in her mouth. She swallowed down several mouthfuls of my warm yellow cocktail. She pulled Deena's head back and spit some of my piss in her mouth. Deena drank it down with a smile. I laid back on my lounger, with my long time friend, talk show host Wendy Williams lounging beside me topless. Her huge fake titties were on full display.

I got Deena to blow me again. I took pictures to send her husband. He knows she's one of my hoes. I like teasing him with pictures of his big titty wife being my fuck toy, that makes me money, letting other guys use her sexually... it's a big turn on. Deena smiled for the pictures... My huge cock shoved down her throat. Fucking whore. She loves being my bitch. She sucked me good. Snooki and Jwoww taught her how to deepthroat me and she's does it really well now. Her frizzy, brown haired head flew up and down my thick shaft. Her saliva coated my shaft and her tongue, lapping all over my cock, brought me to the brink. I grabbed the slut's head and pumped my cream into her slutty mouth. Deena eagerly and happily drank down every drop of my jizz. All my bitches swallow... it's a requirement.

"How you doin' baby?" Wendy asked, reaching over, slowly stroking my shaft while Deena guzzled down my load. She smiled so sexy at me, that long brown and blonde hair flowing down her back. She bent over and sucked my cock while Deena licked my balls. Jwoww came out on the deck. She and Snooki knelt down and waited for my piss facial. They made out, molesting each other's tongues and groping each other's big tits. I relaxed, enjoying Wendy blowing me and watched the makeout show with Jenni and Snooki. Wendy took me all the way down and licked my balls with my whole cock down her throat. Deena gave me a rimjob, licking my anus, then sticking her tongue up my ass. Snooki and Jwoww fingered each other's bald pussies while they sucked the milk from each other's big, milk filled jugs.

Wendy had me blasting my nut down her throat in short order. She gulped it down, moaning her approval of the taste. She looked at me with some of my jizz in her mouth. She let it dribble out of her mouth onto her huge, 34FF ebony funbags. She smiled a naughty smile and winked at me. Wendy pulled her huge tits to her mouth, stuck out her tongue and slowly lapped up my jizz, from her hard, brown nipples and huge, ebony tits. She sucked her funbags while I took her red bikini bottom off and fingered her sweet, juicy, mature twat. I licked my fingers as I looked at her, tasting her juices.

Wendy got on my cock and rode me like a sex crazed maniac, bouncing hard on my huge white rod. Her huge titties jiggled. I smacked her phat ass and squeezed it. Wendy rode me for a half an hour, squirting five times. I jizzed up her mature, bald cunt and quickly got up, going to Snooki and Jwoww. I pissed all over their fucking, sexy faces. They loved it. Snooki squealed in excitement. Jenni smiled so sexy at me, her mouth wide open and her gorgeous tongue stretched out. They both sucked me after I drenched their whore faces in my piss. I grabbed Wendy and went back inside. We went to the bedroom. Wendy smiled, when she saw Lisa tied up.

"Mmmmmmmm, a freaky family... I love it daddy." Wendy said, her finger on her bottom lip, looking so fucking sexy.

"Fuck yeah baby... I fuck 'em all.. From my grandmothers to my cousins." Lisa smiled at me and blew me a big kiss. I went over and pissed on her face and in her slutty mouth. She loved it, drinking it down. I sucked her huge tits for several minutes, drinking down her sweet milk. I love my cousin's huge titties. I sucked them roughly, hungrily. I got on top of her... she was on her stomach. I pounded her phat booty some more. Wendy came over and Lisa ate her pussy, while I booty banged Lisa roughly. I squeezed those huge tits. Her milk soaked my bedspread... but who fucking cares... I just kept ass banging her harder and harder.

Lisa came three times, then I shot my creamy wad up her phat booty. I pulled out and shoved my cock in her mouth. Lisa sucked me clean, moaning and sucking me voraciously, lusting for my big fucking cock. Wendy went to Lisa's ass and sucked out my jizz, shoving her sexy ass tongue up my cousin's phat booty and licking out every drop of jizz I pumped up there.

Later that evening, Snooki and Deena were out with a client. $10,000 in my pocket. I even sent out Jenni with a client. A dinner and blowjob, $6500 more for me. I was home, fucking Sammi and Angelina from the show Jersey Shore. A couple of clients were there too. I fucked both women in front of them. I rammed my throbbing meat missile up Angelina's sweet booty for a half an hour, smacking that phat ass hard. She screamed out in ecstasy and squirted six times. Sammi swallowed a load of my jizz... and piss. I even buttfucked her while she sucked off both clients. Angelina got DPed by both middle aged businessmen. I pissed all over her fucking slutty face while she got double fucked. She smiled big, licking her luscious lips as I did. $10,000 more for Superpimp.

I went in the bedroom, fucked Lisa in the pussy and tit fucked Wendy while I watched some college football... It was a good night. I jizzed down Wendy's throat. That gorgeous ebony goddess sucked out my biggest load of the trip. She drank it all down happily, tickling my balls with her long red nails. I made Jwoww my girlfriend. She moved in with me. It's fuck and suck paradise 24/7. Just more sex and money for the world's greatest pimp. I love my job and I love... Pimpin' Jersey Shore.

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