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Pimpin' Jersey Shore Ch. 3
Category: Roleplay Stories

It was the last day of my Jersey Shore vacation. The weather was great, 80 degrees and sunny. I was on the deck of my rental place, relaxing with my girl, Jwoww. She was topless sunbathing, a hot pink thong on and nothing else, except designer shades. She had her right hand in my swim trunks, slowly... but perfectly... jerking my half hard cock. I was stretched out watching the hot pussy strolling down the beach, enjoying my girls handjob. I had a client scheduled for her later in the day. An old businessman with a thing for young, hot celebrity chicks. $100,000 in my pocket.

"Don't forget about the client later babe. He's real horny for you.. . I know the feeling." We both laughed. Jwoww, or Jenni, looked at me, leaned over and kissed me. I played with her 34F tits, squeezing them so fucking hard, pulling and shaking her rock hard, light brown nipples. She's a very sexy slut and one helluva good ho. I've made a lot of money off of Jenni... now she's my girlfriend, so I get her all the fucking time... and I'm having a sex crazed blast. Jenni slowly licked my neck, while she slowly stroked my twitching cock, pulling off my trunks.

"You have the most beautiful cock baby. I could look at it all day... but I'd rather suck it." We laughed. Jwoww bent down, stuck out that very sexy tongue and licked my plump cock head. She kissed it softly, with those slutty lips, her hot pink lip gloss smearing on it. Jenni looked back up at me and quickly licked the sensitive underside of my head. Her tongue lapped it over and over, sending such hot sensations through my cock. My cock twitched and Jenni smiled a sexy ass smile. She sucked the thick head, quick and hard. She jerked my thick shaft quickly and sucked me deeper. Jenni took half of my, now rock hard, cock in her sexy, slutty mouth and sucked so fucking hard on it. She tickled my big ass balls, suctioning intensely, up and down on my shaft, Jenni's gorgeous lips vacuum sealed around my throbbing shaft.

Jenni sucked me voraciously for another 15 minutes, desperately wanting my jizz cocktail. I finally fed it to her. My pulsating cock jerked and pumped my cum into her sucking mouth. Jenni swallowed my load hard and slid her mouth all the way down on my cock, taking the rest of my creamy load right down her fucking throat. Jenni drank it down happily. She rubbed and tickled my balls, licking them as my cock finished pumping my wad down that talented throat.

I reached over and smacked her phat ass, squeezing it hard, then sliding a finger up her ass. I fingered her anus while Jwoww sucked me clean, making sure to get every drop out of my balls. She even licked in my piss slit. Jenni is a cum whore and she fucking loves mine. "Mmmmmmmmmm... I love your fucking cum daddy. Fuck, it tastes great. Finger my ass daddy... Then wreck it with your big, beautiful cock." Jwoww looked at me, lustful desire beaming from her eyes, softly and happily sucking my cock head. She grinned wide and wrapped her talented tongue around my thick shaft and head.

I spent the next hour, ass banging my girlfriend through 10 fucking Big O's. Jwoww drenched the lounger and even the deck, with her massive amount of pussy nut. She rode me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I manhandled those huge fake tits of hers, slapping them hard, squeezing them harder. Her milk shot out. I sucked so intensely on those huge cans, drinking down Jenni's tasty milk. I guzzled down four mouthfuls while my thick cock stretched out and pummeled her phat booty ridiculously hard. Jenni screamed so loud in ecstasy, people walking down the beach, stopped and stared at us. I fucking loved it. I love being watched and I love people watching my woman get fucked. I finally filled that gorgeous booty with my jizz. I kept sucking those 34F titties and drinking down Jwoww's milk, while my cock pumped her booty past full with my cum.

A minute later, Jwoww was drinking my piss, as I stretched out and shot it right into her open mouth. She was stretched out in my lounger too, looking up at me, smiling so sexy, her outstretched tongue lapping up my piss as it was shot into her very sexy mouth. People were watching from the beach, I waved and smirked, filling my bitch's mouth with my warm piss. Jenni drank it all down eagerly, her eyes glued to mine the whole fucking time. She looked so fucking sexy, drinking down my piss, right in front of all those people. FUCK, THAT WAS HOT!!

I was in a very good mood and very horny, so I was feeling generous. I saw a dude, on the beach, staring and rubbing his cock through his trunks. "Hey dude... $300 and she'll jerk you off."

"Ill be right back." The guy said and ran off to get the money. I kept pissing in my girl's mouth. I had a massive amount of piss stored up for Jwoww. She smiled big and swallowed every fucking drop. I fucking dig that fucking slut. The guy came running up to my deck, breathing hard and handed me a three hundred dollar bills. He looked like he might pass out from running so fast, but he saw Jwoww and smiled. He said he was a big fan. Jenni reached over and pulled out his cock. It was average size. Jenni wrapped her hand around it and pumped it, her fingers rubbing it softly, as she jerked it. Jwoww is a sex superstar. She knows how to get a guy... or girl... off, in the most fun and sexually pleasing way.

The guy leaned his head back and groaned as Jenni worked his cock. "Five hundred more and you can cum on her tits." I told him, as I finished pissing in Jwoww's mouth. She sucked me dry, while jerking the fan off. She pumped his shaft faster and faster. He reached in his trunks and handed me another five hundred... he obviously was hoping for more than the handjob, so he came prepared.

He grunted and Jenni moved over in front of him. She knelt down and pointed his twitching cock at her awesome tits. He looked right at her and came on Jwoww's jugs. Jwoww jerked his cum out. She looked at her cum covered tits and smiled.

"Thank you so much dude. Jwoww is so fucking hot!" He was so happy at his luck.

"I know dude... that's why she's my bitch. You get $100,000 and I'll let you fuck her." We laughed, not figuring he would ever get the money. He thanked me again and went back to the beach, yelling happily. Jenni wiped his cum off of her tits with a towel.

"Sexy bitch!" I told her. Jenni smiled and winked at me. We kissed and she went inside to shower.

Later in the day, Jwoww was with her client, while Snooki and I were drinking and fucking. She was riding me, in the same lounger as earlier. Her big tits were jiggling as she bounced on my big ass cock, squealing in delight and getting drunk. I sucked hard on her big ass milk jugs. I drank down Snooki's milk while she squealed and waved at the people on the beach watching us.

"FUCK ME DADDYYYYYYYYY!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I LOVE THIS HUGE FUCKING COCK!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Snooki bounced so hard on my cock. I rubbed her clit through six Big O's. My cock was drenched... my balls too. I jizzed her neatly trimmed cunt, pushing deep, to get her pregnant. Snooki begged me to knock her up. She's a very good ho, so I decided to impregnate her. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... YOU'RE GETTING ME PREGNANTTTTTTTTTT... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!" I kept pumping that sexy bitch's hot pussy full of cream. I squeezed her titties hard and watched her milk fly everywhere. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK... MY TITTY MILK IS EVERY FUCKING WHERE!!"

Afterwards, we relaxed and Snooki finished getting drunk. A couple of guys on the beach paid me $1000 each to cum on her face. She was on my couch, drunk and horny, so I let them do it. We all took pictures of her cum covered face. Snooki posed for the pics. They left and Snooki showered. I pissed on her face in the shower. She drank most of my warm piss. She fucking loves drinking my warm yellow cocktail. She's a nasty slut... and I dig it. I fucked her phat ass too. Snooki came five more times, drunk in the shower, getting ass ppounded I came down her slutty throat. She loves my cum and she drank it all down, moaning happily. I like that bitch. She's fun. I sent her out to a client, after she sobered up. It was an easy blowjob date. $15000 in my pocket.

Jenni came home from her date. She gave me the $10000 tip the client gave her. She watched me fuck Deena and Angelina. I fucked their big titties, cumming on both faces. Jwoww joined in, sucking me clean. I booty banged all three bitches for an hour. We sucked and fucked all night. We took breaks to eat, then got right back to the fucking and sucking. They swallowed three of my loads. I swallowed several mouthfuls of Jwoww's sweet tit milk. I came... and pissed... in Jwoww's phat booty. Deena drank it out of her ass. I took pictures of it all... posting them on social media and sending them to Deena's husband. We have turned him into a cuckold. She took selfies of her drinking my piss, letting it pour of of her mouth, looking so fucking slutty and sent them to her cuckold husband.

Deena licked up my piss from the kitchen floor, as I filmed it. She's a nasty fuck toy for me and I love using her and pimpin' her out. The next day, before I left, I let a couple of dudes come up and fuck her for $500 each. I pimp her out cheap, when I'm really horny. We all filmed it. They wanted to fuck Jwoww, but she's way more expensive. They pleaded and begged. I just let her flash them and let them feel her gorgeous, huge tits for $500 each. I booty banged Angelina while Jwoww filmed Deena getting used like the slutty, big titty fuck whore she is. I jizzed Angelina's phat booty, a few minutes after the two guys came in their condoms, inside Deena.

All four chicks sucked me off, sharing my creamy load, drinking it down happily. Jwoww and I left and went back home. The other girls hung around for another day. They made me several thousand more dollars. They are always horny... and it makes me money, so I'm real happy about it. Just another couple of days in my pimped out life... Pimpin' Jersey Shore.

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