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Status: Swinger
Age: 64
Sign: Gemini

Country: United States
Signup Date: September 26, 2019

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The King of Sleaze
Category: Roleplay Stories

"Babe, do you think my tits have gotten smaller?"

Looking at my babe, former pornstar turned comedienne, Alia Janine and those huge 34G natural cans of hers. "Fuck no!"

"Mmmmmm, you love my big titties, don't you honey?"

I pulled her bikini top down and sucked her right tit like a hungry Pervert searching for milk... Yeah, like me. I kissed her huge titty and then her fucking, sexy ass red lips. "Of course babe... it's why you're my girlfriend... that and the fucking." I winked at her and kissed those cherry red lips, molesting her tongue with mine. I pulled her on top of me and squeezed her hot ass. Alia is more than just perfect titties. She has a gorgeous ass and she's tall, so those long legs attract my attention as well. I smacked that sweet ass, squeezing it hard.

"Mmmmmm, I love your hands James. Fuck, you turn me on. You make me wanna cum, just looking at your sexy ass. Ha ha ha."

"Good...cause I'm gonna fuck this ass in about two minutes."

"Ha. Mmmmmm. Give it to me daddy."

Exactly two minutes later my huge cock was wedged up Alia's sweet ass while she rode me, leaning over so I could suckle on those mega tits of hers. Alia bounced on my manmeat, moaning and squirting away. My crotch was covered in her pussy nectar after five Big O's. I sucked those huge titties as they hung down in my face. I worked her nipples with my tongue as I sucked them. "Mmmmmmmm, FUCK MY ASS DADDYYYYYYY!!" I smacked Alia's beautiful ass, squeezed it and ass slammed my cock up Alia's sweet, well toned booty like a horny ass jackhammer. My cock flew in her ass, those 34G tits jiggling madly in my face, as I sucked them ravenously. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" Alia squirted hard again, covering my crotch again with her pussy nut and I blew my load up her ass at the same fucking time. I pumped her ass full of cream, wave after wave, up her ass. We kissed and I roughly groped those giant funbags.

We showered and got dressed. Alia had a set at the Gotham Comedy Club. I was driving her over. We could walk, but why walk when you have a fucking Ferrari. We got in the car and lit a blunt. Alia took a big toke and passed it to me. I smoked... It relaxes me in this fucking NYC traffic. I passed back to my babe. She wore a sexy ass, tight, black, The Clash tee shirt and hip hugger jeans... No panties... My woman knows how to turn me on. She had on a Yankees hat... once again... I'm a lifelong Yankees fan, so... she knows how to keep me happy. Her curly black hair and sexy ass makeup had me staring at her, at the stoplights. She reached over and rubbed my Thunder Dick through my thin, white sweatpants. She took a big toke and kissed me, sharing the smoke with me, while we kissed. We got to the club and I parked.

We kissed for a couple of minutes... Some sweet ass titty groping too. She pulled my cock out and went to town on it, blowing me so motherfucking good. Those red lips, tightly gripping my shaft, her lipstick covering my cock. Her head bobbed hard on my meat. I smoked and played with her left tit while my girl gobbled down my dick. She rubbed my big ass balls, licking and drooling on my shaft, sucking greedily on my cock. Her head flew on my shaft for five more minutes, then I cum dumped that beautiful, talented mouth with my jizz. Alia swallowed every fucking drop as always. Fuck, I love her blowjob's. Alia moaned so sexy, gobbling my cock and jizz. "Mmmmmmmm. I fucking love your cum James. Best drink ever. This fucking gorgeous cock makes me wet." She rubbed her pussy, through her jeans, moaning loud. Alia came in her pants. She licked my cock head and kissed it. "FUCKKKKKK!!" She smacked her beautiful lips and bit her bottom lip, riding out her orgasm.

I stuck my hand in her pants and rubbed her wet pussy. I pulled it out and licked her juices off of it, looking right at her. She blew me a kiss, smiling so fucking big. "Sexiest man ever." Alia makes me smile... sexy fucking, hot bitch. We hugged and she got out. She leaned in the window, "you gonna be here for my set?"

"Of course. I'm gonna hit the bar down the street and be back for your set. You said 10:30 didn't you?"

"Yeah. That's what they said. See you then handsome."

"Oh hell yeah, hottie."

Alia smiled and blew me another kiss. She went in the club and I headed to the bar. Cool bar, always some good pussy in there and a laid back vibe. Always somebody selling or looking for someone selling. Easy to move some weed in there... Other stuff too. The owner knows me from my porn movies, so he likes having me around. I was sitting at the bar with a pint of Guinness, when two women walked over. A mother/daughter tag team. The mom was Dana... The daughter was Lisa. The mom looked just like Anna Nicole Smith... the hot Anna Nicole Smith, from the early to mid 90's...the daughter was hotter though. She was shorter, but better looking. Way too good looking to be bar cock hopping. Both were blondes. Dana looked late thirties. Lisa was like, twenty one.

"Are you James... the porn king?"


"Oh my God... My daughter and I thought you were. I'm Dana... this is my daughter Lisa."

"Hey there ladies."

"Can we have your autograph... and maybe a picture?"

"Sure." Lisa handed me a piece of paper for both and a pen. I signed both for them.

Dana leaned in and asked, "Will you sign my tits? I wanna get your autograph tattooed on them."

I smiled. I signed her left tit. She had to be an H cup. She was bigger than Alia. "Thank you so much. I think you're the hottest guy I've ever seen. I wish we could do a movie with you. Both of us at the same time."

I smiled again. We took a couple of pictures. Dana rubbed my cock. "Oh my God... it's so big. I've gotta have that in my ass. Pleaseeeeeeee."

The bartender smiled and laughed. He can't believe how many women throw themselves at me. Lisa walked up to me and rubbed my white tank top and kissed my neck. It was looking more and more likely that I would be fucking a mother/daughter duo in the bathroom. We indeed ended up in the bathroom. Dana and Lisa ended up on their knees double sucking my cock. Dana rubbed those massive jugs on my cock and balls. Lisa sucked my balls. I tit fucked Dana... and Lisa... she was a DD cup. I pumped my first load of jizz down Dana's throat. She moaned and swallowed most of it. She handed my cock to her daughter and Lisa sucked the rest down. I fucked both from behind, while they looked in the mirror. Their huge tits flopped wildly while I pussy slammed them, alternating between them.

I put a condom on and ass thumped them both, as they screamed loud in orgasmic delight, squirting twice apiece. Dana kneeled down and sucked her daughter clean. "Piss in her fucking mouth." Lisa looked back at me while I fucked her ass, not knowing if I was being serious. "Piss in her fucking slut mouth!" She finally did. Dana drank down her daughter's piss as I destroyed her daughter's ass. She has a boyfriend... Good luck following me in her ass dude. Lisa moaned so fucking loud, squirting two more times. I pulled the condom off and Lisa joined her mom on her knees. I cum blasted their open, hungry mouths. They both sucked my jizz down, kissing, sharing it, swallowing it down.

I pissed on Dana's face. She loved it, lapping at my piss with her slutty tongue. Lisa put her mouth on my cock and sucked down my piss. They took turns swallowing my warm piss, gargling it and chugging it down. Two sexy fucking whores... and a mother/daughter whore team too.

They bought some weed off of me and gave me their numbers. I ended up pimpin' them... when they found out I was a part time pimp. I went back out to the bar and drank another Guinness, then I headed back to the comedy club. I dig the manager's girlfriend. We fuck from time to time. I pimp her too. The manager has no clue. I did a couple of lines out of her pussy... I invented it... Alia loves it. The manager's hot blonde girlfriend blew me, after I fucked her bald pussy, like only I can. I watched my cock slowly drive up that sweet cunt, stretching it wide... Then pound it mercilessly, pummeling her juicy snatch... Then slowly, in and out, over and over. Then insanely fast, flying at hyper speed, up that soaking wet cunt. She screamed in ecstasy... So damn loud, she had to cover her mouth so her guy didn't hear her. That was so fucking hot, banging her when her guy was so close. She loved it too. She came eight times, shooting her pussy nectar all over my cock and the floor.

She blew me fast, that blonde pigtailed head flying up and down my famous cock, her sexy, pink lip glossed lips so tightly wrapped around my thick, meaty shaft. I held her head and cum dumped my huge load in that sexy ass mouth. She sucked out and sucked down, every motherfucking drop of jizz I had in me. That bitch is a cum whore and she craves mine. She smiled up at me, so sweet and sexy, while she gobbled down my load. She kissed my cock. "Thanks baby. I needed that so fucking bad. I need you so fucking bad. Let me know if you and Alia don't work out." She's sweet. I gave her some blow. I usually don't give that away... But I like her and she's a great fuck.

I went in and watched Alia's set. I laughed loud and made sure she got a good reaction from the crowd. After the show we went out to eat. I watched my girl eat... I love watching her do anything. She fucking turns me on. An old friend walked over to our table. Erin Andrews was in town. She's always horny for me... and the fact she's married, makes her even sexier to me. "Hey there handsome... hey Alia."

Erin sat down, looking so fucking hot. She wore a skin tight, Florida Gators, light blue tee shirt... no bra and skin tight, white, Capri pants and white heels. Her long, thick blonde hair was in a ponytail. She had on my favorite... hot pink lip gloss. What a fucking sexy woman. "Long time no see, Mr King Of Porn." Erin got right down to business, rubbing my cock through my thin, white with double red stripes, sweatpants. "Mmmmmmmm, always hard."

"Great to see you again Erin." I matched her by reaching over and rubbing her pussy through her pants. She wasn't wearing panties. Erin shook her eyebrows at me, smiling so sexy. Alia ate and smiled too. She loves watching me with other women... Another reason I'm with her.

"Hubby's not with me... so I'm all yours, while I'm in town." Erin squeezed my cock softly. Erin ordered a salad... then she pulled my cock out and slowly jerked it, under the table. She talked with Alia while she stroked my cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every fucking second. Her beautiful hands and pink fingernails worked softly and slowly up and down my throbbing shaft. It felt so good. Erin didn't even look at me. She talked to Alia and stroked me under the table. She sped up... Her hand moving rapidly on my dick... she worked even faster. My thick cock jumped in her hands. Erin finally looked at me. She put her thumb over my piss slit and squeezed my cock, not wanting me to cum yet. She held my cock still.

Then she slowly stroked my cock. Her hand was filled with my thick cock. Erin jerked me faster... and faster... and faster... Then she stopped. She held my cock tight, her thumb pushing down on my piss slit. Once again preventing me from cumming. I closed my eyes and groaned. Erin smiled and giggled. She was enjoying teasing me and my cock. Erin started back stroking my cock slowly, squeezing as she jerked it. Then faster. Her salad came. She thanked the waitress while she jerked my cock faster. She tasted her salad. "Needs some dressing."

Erin jerked my cock with blazing, cum hungry speed. I grunted and she put her salad under the table, in front of my cock. I blasted it with my cream. "SHITTTTTTTTT!! I said, looking at the table. Erin jerked my load out onto her salad. She made sure to get every fucking drop. Erin pulled her cum covered salad back onto the table. "Yummy." She left my cock out, looked around and quickly bent over, under the table and sucked my cock clean. Fuck... I love my fucking life. She came back up and looked at her salad. She smiled at me and mixed the salad and cum together. She ate it slowly, licking her lips after every bite. That's was so fucking sexy. "Want some Alia?" Erin asked my girl.

"Yes, of course."

Erin gave Alia a mouthful of her cum covered salad and Alia ate it, looking at me, blowing me a kiss. I was so fucking turned on. Erin and Alia ate the salad with my cum dressing, looking at me, smiling so devilishly sexy. After they finished, I hurried and paid the waitor. We went home and I fucked both of them fucking silly. I fucked Erin doggy style, while she ate Alia's delicious pussy. I pissed in her cunt as she came. Erin went nuts, loving it, begging me to do it again. I fucked her relentlessly hard til she came again and I pissed again in her cunt. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! I FUCKING LOVE IT JAMESSSSSSSSSSS!!" Erin turned around and sucked my cock clean.

I fucked Alia, reverse cowgirl, in the ass, squeezing those 34G funbags, while Erin ate her pussy again. Alia came in Erin's mouth then pissed in it. She pulled my cock out of Alia's ass and sucked my load out, swallowing it down. She took my huge cock down her throat, gagging slightly, drooling all over my crotch. I pissed right down her fucking throat. She smiled at me, opening her throat wide and swallowing every warm drop of piss I shot down her throat. I did blow... off of both women's tits. Erin did it for the first time... Off of my cock. Alia showed her how. I called my dear friend Kathie Lee Gifford, who was in the city, to come over. She did and joined the depravity. "Get me pregnant James. All those other chicks pay you to knock them up, so I want it too. I'll pay you babe." Erin begged me. I told her to keep her money, I'd do it for free.

I put her long legs on my shoulders, slammed my huge cock up her well fucked pussy and went at it. Kathie Lee and Alia sucked her tits as I pummeled her super wet cunt. My cock wrecked that pussy, stretching it so wide, thumping it ridiculously hard and blazing fucking fast. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... GET ME PREGNANTTTTTTTT!!" Erin screamed out, squirting hard. I pussy thumped her through five more orgasms. I held out as long as I could and finally I blasted my load up that cunt, pushing in all the way, my throbbing, monster cock blasting huge wave after huge fucking wave of jizz up Erin Andrews' perfect, bald pussy. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. . I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT... I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU JAMESSSSSSS!!" I smiled and pumped her pussy full, overflowing it. Kathie Lee leaned down and sucked up the jizz that oozed out. She massaged my balls so fucking good too.

I sucked the milk out of Kathie Lee's mature 34D tits for an hour, alternating tits... Erin and Alia both sucked a load out of me while I did. Kathie Lee wrapped those amazing, natural milf titties around my happy ass cock and I pounded her mature cans mercilessly for 30 minutes. She sucked my head so fucking good. We all smoked a blunt while I tit fucked Kathie Lee. I cum blasted her beautiful face, while she smoked the blunt. Damn, that was hot. Alia licked her face clean, while Erin finished the blunt. We all took some X and fucked some more. I ass fucked Kathie Lee, while Alia pounded Erin's ass with a strap on. I jizzed up Kathie Lee's mature, well toned ass and Erin sucked it out...and sucked me clean. Alia filmed me pissing all over Kathie Lee... her entire body, from head to toe. Erin licked her body clean, while I pissed all over her.

Erin filmed me getting Alia pregnant. She rode me for an hour. I sucked her perfect, 34G tits the whole time. She coaxed out my biggest load of the night. I shoved all the fucking way up that perfect, bald pussy and my cock blasted my massive load out. Alia and I kissed. She was so happy that I got her pregnant. I even knocked up Kathie Lee. She may be in her sixties, but after an hour of her riding me and me sucking that tasty milk out of her gorgeous, milf tits, I got her pregnant too. Three in one night. It was a helluva night. I found out later that I knocked up the manager's girlfriend at the club. So it was four in one night... Even better. A sleazy ass fuckfest if there ever was one. Hey, I'm... The King Of Sleaze.

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