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The New King of Queens
Category: Roleplay Stories

This is a parody... It ain't real.

Queens, New York 2000

Hey there, my name is James. I just moved into my new house in Queens. I'm originally from Manhattan, but I moved out east for business reasons. I started making porn movies and the taxes and other business expenses is way cheaper here. It's a quiet neighborhood and I noticed my next door neighbor, Carrie Heffernan, is a fuckin' hottie, so that's cool. I'm going over to their house tonight for a little party, so I'm gonna get to know her better. I'm a pretty charming guy, so I'll work that charm and see where it goes.

Later that evening...

"So what do you do James?" Kelly Palmer, a gorgeous black married chick asks.

"I do chicks... I make porn, sorry. Trying to break the ice." I smile, giving her my charming, funny guy vibe. She laughs and smiles back... It worked. This chick is digging me.

"That's a cool job James. I bet you've been with a lot of girls then." She pushes the envelope a little further.

"Yep. Some better than others. Some nicer, some prettier and some way sexier than others." I look right at her, smiling, letting her know I was talking about her. She picked up on it right away.

"I'm sure you have... And will." She sips her drink and winks at me, walking away, looking back at me. Damn, I found my next conquest. She's talking to Carrie and smiling at me. They both look over and Carrie waves me over. I walk over and Carrie puts her arm around my waist.

"Hey there, my tall, handsome neighbor. I was just talking to Kelly about you. I think she wants to give you a tour, if you don't mind." I assure her I didn't.

"OK you two, have fun." Carrie winks at me and gives Kelly a big sexy smile. Kelly takes my arm and leads me upstairs.

"This of course is the bed..." Like a cobra, I strike quick. I walk up behind Kelly and lick her neck, reaching around and grope her big black tits. She moans and writes against my body. She reaches her hand up and caresses my face, as I softly bite her neck.

"We need to be quick James. Deacon may come up here any moment." I could care less about her husband, but I work quick anyway. I unbutton her red sweater and squeeze her tits through her white bra. She undoes her jeans and pulls them down. She's not wearing panties. I like this chick even more. I bend her over and kneel down, licking her labia. Kelly reaches back and play with my brown hair. I slither my tongue up her chocolate twat and lick her out.

I pull my 7 inch cock out and rub her hard clit. I twist and roll my tongue in her pussy, licking quick and rolling quicker. My tongue is world famous and I show Kelly why. The tip wipes her upper wall and licks it with short snake lick licks. I quickly roll it side to side and then lick her upper wall fast. She cums immediately, squirting on my tongue. "oh my God James... You... Oh my God, you are so fucking good." I kiss her pussy and get to work.

I rub my head on her labia, quickly down and slowly back up. Kelly shakes and moans. I repeat it several times. She squirts again. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!" She puts her hand to her mouth to quiet herself. I slide my 7 inches of rock hard white meat up her sweet black pussy and work it, long deep strokes, smacking her thick booty. She moans and covers her mouth. I grab her hair and fuck her fast. Fucking her pussy faster faster faster faster faster fasterrrrr! Then I slow down. "Oh my goddddddddd... I'm cmmmmminggggggggggggg!!" She tries to remain as quiet as possible. I slowly fuck her pussy, all the way in, all the way out.

Reaching down I pinch her erect clit hard and hold it. She shakes and moans loud. I slowly fuck up her pussy, all the way in, all the way out... I then rub her clit faster faster faster fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... She squirts again, covering my cock.it spills out the sides of her beautiful hairy pussy. I fuck her pussy faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster, smacking her ass hard... Pounding her pussy harder harder harder harderrrrrrrr! "Yessssssssssssssssss, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee!!" She bites her hand and squirts again.

I pull out and pull her head around, smacking my hard cock on her lips. She licks it and sucks it hungrily. I pull out and kiss her, picking her up in my arms, shoving my hard cock up her pussy and bouncing her on my cock. We kiss. I pull her beautiful tits out of her bra and suck them as hard as possible. Her sweet milk shoots out into my thirsty mouth. I suckle both tits, as she bounces hard on my cock. Kelly holds my head to her beautiful, big tits. I swallow a couple of mouthfuls of her milk and kiss her, letting her taste it.

I bounce her faster faster faster faster faster faster fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on my fucking cock. She squirts again and I cum deep up her sweet black pussy. My cock spasming and shooting out thick nut rapidly. I Iet her down and she goes to her knees, sucking the last drops of jizz out of my cock. She looks up at me, smiling and winking at me, licking my cock, as she sucks it dry. She kisses it and looks at me.

"Where the hell have you been, my whole life?" Kelly smiles at me, kissing my cock again. She fixes her clothes and I put my cock away. We kiss and I squeeze her gorgeous, thick ass. She gives me her number. "Have that tongue and cock ready baby. I'm coming over tomorrow. I'm gonna fuck your brains out." She tells me, her arms around my neck. We kiss and she walks back downstairs. I, on the other hand, hang around in Carrie's bedroom. I go over to her chest of drawers and open it. I find her thongs. I take one and smell it. I put it in my pocket and close the drawer. I open her bra drawer and take one. I smell it also, taking in her aroma. I fold it up and put it in my pants, like the thong.

Later that evening at my house, I looked through my window and I saw into Carrie's bedroom. She was getting dressed after her bath. Doug had gone out to a late night movie marathon with Deacon and her father was asleep, so she was alone upstairs. She dropped the towel... Wow... What a beautiful body. I rubbed my hardening cock. I pulled it out and slowly stroked it. Carrie put lotion on her body, rubbing it all over. Her hands sliding smoothly across her tan skin. Her nipples were hard. I stood right in the window, not caring if she saw me. I wanted her to see me watching her.

She rubbed between her smooth legs and brushed against her neatly trimmed pussy. She paused and closed her eyes, rubbing it gently. I stroked my cock watching every second. She's such a beautiful woman. She bit her lower lip, as she rubbed her beautiful cunt. My cock was so hard. I wanted that woman bad. She played with her perky breasts pulling the nipple and cupping her full breasts. She rubbed her pussy faster. I stroked my cock faster. She opened her eyes and turned her head towards me. She saw me. She paused. She didn't know what to do... But she quickly made her decision. She smiled at me and signaled for me to come over.

I left my cock out and went over to her house. As soon as I started to ring the doorbell, she answered it. She dropped the towel again, showing me that beautiful body up close. I touched her all over. She moaned and licked her luscious lips, her nipples so hard, her body trembling at my soft touch. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

She kissed me and jumped into my arms, I held her up and kissed her deeply. I squeezed that gorgeous, smooth ass and pulled my cock out. I pushed it into her wet pussy and bounced her on my rock hard cock. She moaned into my mouth, as I bounced her steadily on my insanely hard member. Her pussy was so wet and warm, my cock smiling from the feeling of being inside it. I bounced her quickly on my cock, up and down, rapidly working my cock up that sweet pussy. She moaned loudly into my mouth and squirted all over my twitching cock.

She smiled, as we kissed and I bounced her even faster and even harder on my hardness. She leaned back, looking me in my eyes, her arms around my neck and she blew me kisses, as I thrust up her beautiful snatch. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JAMESSSSSSSSS!!" She drove me to plow that twat even harder and I did, slamming up her pussy, all 7 inches driving up her wet pussy, as it wrapped so snug around my cock.

I fucked up into her pussy at breakneck speed. My legs shook and Carrie screamed in sexual bliss. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS JAMESSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BABYYYYYYYYYYY!!" She squirted again, it leaked out around my cock. I plowed even harder and more intensely up her super wet snatch. She squirted again. I kept it up, holding her and fucking up into her pussy as hard as possible. She squirted again. I pulled out and bent her over the bed. I smacked her ass hard and spit on her rosebud. I shove my rock hard 7 inches up her gorgeous, tight ass and ppouded it. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! DRILL MY ASS DADDYYYYYYYYYYY!!" I did just that. I smacked her sweet ass hard and drilled up it relentlessly.

Carrie squirted again, blasting her carpet. I kept drilling that ass, rubbing and smacking her clit, fast then slow, then very fast. She squirted again, soaking her carpet once more. I squeezed her gorgeous tits, rolling her hard, light brown nipples through my fingers. I just piledrove that sweet ass harder and harder. She kept squirting. I picked her up and held her legs out, her back to my chest, and I fucked up into her ass, rubbing her clit so fucking fast, my hand was a total blur. She squirted the biggest nut yet, soaking her bed. It splashed everywhere. I rubbed her rock hard clit as fast as possible. She cried out in ecstasy and just kept squirting. Her bed was soaking wet with pussy nut and I kept rubbing and fucking. I was working this bitch better than she could ever imagine. She squirted 6 more times, just from the assfucking. Her sheets were ruined, but we had a helluva time. At last count, Carrie came 27 times. She was trembling in my arms all throughout my sexual conquest of her. I fucked all of her holes like only I can. She was hooked for life.

Carrie told me Kelly had told her all about our fun earlier in the evening. She wanted me too, SOS he hoped I was watching her when she was in her bedroom. I fucked her til Doug was due to come back. It was his last night there. Carrie divorced him and kicked him out. She moved me in... And Kelly too. She dumped Deacon and moved in with us. They are my two main squeezes and we fuck and suck like maniacs, every fucking day and night. It's a fun life. I make porn and live with two super hot babes. It's good to be... The New King Of Queens.

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