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King James The Hedonist
Category: Roleplay Stories



Sitting in the kitchen of my mother in law Kris Jenner. I'm waiting for my wife Kim Kardashian. I'm not a fan of waiting around. Even though Kris is on her knees, under the kitchen table, sucking me off. She's pregnant with my child... twins.

Kris has got ten of my twelve inches down her throat, bobbing her short black haired head on my cock, desperate to swallow cock cream. She's a whore. I pimp her. All her daughters too. I haven't pimped Kim in awhile, but everyone has a price. If I'm in a real horny mood, I'll even let you fuck them for free.

I calmly smoke my blunt while I wait for my wife... and deposit my premium cum down Kris' throat. "Mmmmmm... I love your cum James." Kris moans around my huge cock, as she gulps down my sticky load. I know she loves it. Every chick I've ever fucked loves it... and that's a whole lotta women.

Kris sucks greedily on my cumming manhood, making sure to not miss a drop. She lovingly kisses all over my cock and balls when I'm done feeding her.

Kris wants to marry me, but I'm not interested. I have a lot of wives already... and more to come, so I'll just keep fucking and pimping her.

Kris sits in my lap, her arms around my neck and kisses my cheek. "Thanks for the lunch baby. There's nothing better to eat than your cum." She kisses my cheek again.

"I know. Get me a drink." I tell her.

Kris gets up and fixes me a rum and coke. She strolls back to me and hands it to me. "Here's a little something extra sweetheart." Kris unbuttons her red silk blouse and undoes her black bra in the front. She squeezes her right breast, pulling her nipple, and squirts some of her breast milk in my drink. I suck her milk oozing tit, drinking down her tasty milk. Kris hugs my mouth to her tit, as I devour it.

Kris grabs a spoon and stirs my drink for me. I drink it, as she looks right at me. I put my drink down and grab her, sucking her tits ravenously. I gulp down a couple of mouthfuls of her Kardashian milk... maybe she'll sell it... then I go back to smoking my blunt.

Her daughters come in the front door, so Kris fixes her bra and blouse, softly rubbing my face, as she goes over to greet her hot and horny ass daughters.

"The King is here." Kourtney says, coming over to me and jumping in my lap.

"He's mine now Kim. You've had him long enough. I get to be queen now." Kourtney smiles at me and kisses me on the lips.

"You smell like sex. Did you fuck mom?" Kourtney asks.

"Always do baby." I respond, as Kourtney takes the blunt and puffs a couple times, then passes it back.

"You've got a client tonight at eight. Don't forget. He's a big money client." I tell Kourtney.

"I remember. I want you to drive me, so we can fuck before I meet him." Kourtney says, as I pass her the blunt.

"I'll get Spence to drive you... you can fuck him. He'd love that." I say, laughing. Spence (The King Of Queens) is my cousin/lackey. He's got a big crush on Kourtney too.

"I don't wanna fuck Spence. I wanna fuck you. Pleaseeeeee." Kourtney gives me her sad eyes look. She rubs my cock through my leather pants too.

"Pretty Pleaseeeeee." Kourtney kisses me on the lips, stoking my cock, through my pants.

"I'll think about it." I tell her, taking the blunt back and finishing it off. Kourtney gives me a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Thank you. I love you James. My gorgeous brother in law." Kourtney smiles sweetly.

"Love you too slut." We laugh.

"I'm your slut. Always." Kourtney hugs me.

"See Kim... he's all mine now." Kourtney teases her sister.

"Kourt... he's mine... and always will be. Sorryyyyy." Kim kisses me. I squeeze her ass, in her skin tight, white Capri pants. She's not wearing panties. Yeah, she's right. I'm hers... and always will be. Fuck, I love that woman.

Kim's sister Kylie takes me upstairs, to show me her new bra... a $4,200 designer bra. I look it over, as Kylie wraps her big tits around my cock that her mother just sucked. Kylie licks it, kisses it, and sucks the fat head, as she pumps my cock with her awesome tits. About ten minutes later, Kylie is wearing my cum. Her perfect face is totally covered in my jizz. We both take pics to upload to social media.

"Thanks for the facial James. It's great for the skin. Especially your cum. Mmmmmm." Kylie sucks me dry, then gets to work wiping my cum from her face and licking her hands clean. Kylie, like all Kardashian women, is a cum freak. Kim taught her well.

Kim and I get back home around 4 pm. My home is my castle... literally. I had it designed like an English estate/castle. Bel Air's finest home... and biggest. People who've never been around me or who have never been to my home don't believe how I live. I live like a king... a sex king. I have tons of hot famous women over all the time, some live with me. They are they for my pleasure.

I rule my world with a thick twelve inch cock and an alpha male attitude to attain as much self pleasure in life as possible. In other words... I'm a Hedonist. I'm obsessed with pleasure... my pleasure. Others too... as long as it coincides with mine.

I use people... for pleasure, sexual and otherwise. Of you enter my home, you will fuck, and or, get fucked. Everyone fucks everyone. I'm a combination of Caligula and Henry The VIII. Hedonism and gluttony are my keywords.

Kim and I head upstairs to the king bedroom. I prefer that to master... even though I'm very much into sexual domination.

Kim takes her clothes off and puts on her custom made, white with gold trim, silk bathrobe. I bought it for her. What a beautiful woman she is.

We relax on the bed for a few. "Boss... um sorry."

"What is it Spence?"

"I just wanted to tell you, your mom is looking for you."

"Babe...I'm gonna go see what mom wants... (I kiss Kim)... Spence... keep Kim company til I get back."

"Yes sir."

I head out to find mom (Beth Chapman).

"Well Spence... you might as well come in and sit down." Kim tells him. She brushes her hair, laying on the bed, looking as beautiful as ever. Spence stares, and comes in, sitting on the bed.

"Umm... is there anything I can do for you Kim?" Spence asks, staring intensely at my wife.

Kim giggles, as she notices his staring. "Well..."

I find my mom upstairs, in the gym. Mom's got on a pink, with white trim, sports bra and spandex pants combo that accentuates her gorgeous curves. Her long, wavy blonde hair is in a ponytail and she has a blue MY SON IS KING hat. I love that hat.

"Well hello there, to the hottest mom ever." I say, walking over to mom, as she stretches. I stand behind her bent over body and grind on her phat ass. Mom looks back at me, wiggling her bootylicious rear on my bulge.

"Hello there to you, the most gorgeous son ever. I missed you. My ass missed you too." Mom says, grinding her ass on me, blowing me kisses.

I peel down her spandex pants and kneel, pulling her white thing aside. I kiss her swollen, wet labia. Mom's always ready to fuck. I slowly lick up and down them, rolling her puffy clit in between my fingers. Mom grinds on my face, horny as always.

My tongue wiggles it's way up mom's quim, rolling and twisting its way all the way up that sweet, wet, pink honey hole. It darts all over her inner folds, tasting moms pussy walls, lapping up her juices with delight. "Mmmmmm... keep going baby." Mom moans. I rub mom's hard, pulsating clit faster, pulling it, letting it go, then rubbing it faster and faster.

My tongue and finger action gets the desire result. Mom screams out, licking her beautiful, full lips, as she squirts into my tongue. I lick it all up, smacking moms curvy ass, squeezing those thick cheeks, rolling my tongue over every inch of that sweet as honey, mature pussy.

I stand up, pulling my cock out, spitting on it and moms anus. I rub it in, pushing my huge head slowly, but steadily against moms sphincter. It pops in, sliding slowly up my perfect mother's thick, tight ass. I'm a mama's big and I love fucking mama's ass. I smack it, wrapping mom's long hair in my hand, pulling it, fucking my mother's ass.

My twelve, thick inches moves smoothly up mom's tight booty. All twelve inches drilling up my mother's ass over and over. Mom squirts all over me, as I continue pounding up it. I smack moms ass again, squeezing it, pulling her long hair.

"FUCK MEEEEE!! I'M YOURS BABY!! USE MEEEEEEE!!" Mom squirts over and over, as I pound that ass for thirty minutes. Mom reaches down and rubs her swollen clit, as I drill harder and harder up her tight ass. I pull that beautiful, long blonde hair hard.

Mom squirts again. Her pussy nectar is dripping off of me. I look at it and smile. I shove all the way up mom's awesomely comfy ass and pump my seed up it. My cum bazooka shoots out my thick jizz, coating mom's tight clenching ass. I fill it to overflowing. I pull out. Mom wheels around and kneels, sucking my entire cumming cock down her throat. She opens it wide and swallows the rest of my thick, gooey cum.

Mom moans sluttly moans, as she devours my jizz, happily gorging yourself on my cock cream. Mom looks up at me, knowing I love that, as she sucks me totally dry.

While mom and I talk, back in my bedroom...

"Yeah Spence take it. Take that dick. Mmmmmm... yeahhhhhhh!"

"Kim... this isn't... uhhhh... exactly what I had in MINDDDDDDD... Uhhhhhhhhh!!" Spence is bent over, taking my cousin Fat Bastard's (The Austin Powers Movies) fat dick up his chubby, nerdy ass, while Kim watches and plays with her pussy.

"What do you mean? You asked if there was anything you could do for me. I think this is hot. It's really entertaining. Mmmmm... my pussy is so wet watching it. See." Kim opens her pussy for Spence to see. He looks over grimacing, as his butt gets violated by my huge, fat and hairy cousin.

"Yes I see. Uhhhhh... but it's just that this isn't what I... Uhhhhhhhhh... fuck. I thought I was gonna maybe do you. ARGHHHHHH!!... Would you just hurry up you fat bastard." Spence tells Fat Bastard, his face contorted, his ass on fire from the fat dick ramming up it with jackhammer power.

Fat Bastard smacks Spencer's ass. "Aye wee man. You know you like it. Take me cock up your chubby arseeeeee!! I'M DEAD SEXY!!" Fat Bastard belches and farts loud.

"Awww... that's sweet Spence, but I'm waiting for James to do me. I tell you what. Take Fat Bastard's cock really good and I'll reward you. OK?" Kim says, cumming all over her fingers.

"OK. I'd love that. Uhhhhh. Damn!"

"Yeah chubby... we know you love it. NOW TAKE MY FAT COCK BITCH!!" Fat Bastard let's loose with a gigantic belch.

"You're calling me chubby? I meant I'd love for Kim to reward me. UHHHHHHH... FUCK... HURRY UP!!" Spence yells at Fat Bastard.

Fat Bastard finally cums... fifteen minutes later. He fills Spence's formerly tight ass with his seed. He belches and farts repeatedly the whole time. Kim waves the air and Spence almost pukes. Fat Bastard slaps Spence's worn out ass and grins and waves bye to Kim. He walks out, farting, as he passes Spence. Spence shoves him away.

"Oh my God, that was awful." Spence rubs his very sore ass, waving the fart polluted air around him.

"Awwww. Poor Spence. You did a good job. Here... clean my pussy." Kim shows Spence her wet pussy.

Spence forgets his anal pain and degradation and crawls over to Kim's picture perfect pussy. It'ands clean shaven and has the most beautiful labia in existence. Spence grins wide and starts licking up Kim's juices. Kim moans, and that spurs Spence on. He sucks Kim's pussy, wiggling his tongue up my wife's pussy of perfection.

I wander back into my bedroom, with my wife Ronda Rousey and see Spence eating Kim's pussy. "Hey babe. I had to reward Spence. He took Fat Bastard's cock up his ass for my entertainment, so I figured I owed him." Kim tells me, giggling and moaning.

I lay beside Kim on the bed, Ronda lays on me, her back to me. I watch, with my arm around Ronda, fondling her small, but perky, left breast in her black sports bra. I play with Kim's tits with my left hand while she grinds on the bed, enjoying Spence's mouth on her pussy.

Kim cums in Spence's mouth and lets him keep going. Kim and I kiss, as Ronda sucks my cock. Spence sucks out another orgasm from Kim. She screams out into my mouth, as she squirts into Spence's.

Ronda wraps her beautiful lips tight around my massive shaft and sucks away, massaging my huge balls. I hold her ponytail, as she drools all over my shaft, lubing it for her lips. Her mouth is stretched obscenely wide, as she inches her way down my cock.

Spence fingers Kim's pussy, as he sucks on it. Kim sucks my tongue, as she caresses my face, grinding her pussy against Spencer's chubby face.

Ronda Bob her head faster and faster on my cock, sliding a finger up my ass, massaging my prostate. Kim squirts again in Spencer's mouth, as I cum into Ronda's. Ronda gulps down my entire wad, moaning in delight, loving my sperm.

Spence sucks Kim clean, then Kim stops him. "Thank you Spence. That's enough. That was great." Spence looks dejected. Kim feels sorry for him.

"You can watch James fuck Ronda and I, if you want." Kim tells Spence. He watches from the floor. Kim climbs up on my cock and rides me, bouncing and grinding on my happy cock, as Ronda rides my face. My tongue licks out that delicious pussy of Ronda's.

Ronda has one of the tastiest pussies ever. It's so damn delicious. Is suck and lick, as Ronda grinds on me. Kim and Ronda cum, then switch. I eat out Kim's ass, as Ronda rides me like a champion cowgirl. She bounces wildly, then grinds fast, working my twelve inches beautifully. They both cum again.

Kim's sits up and squirts into my mouth, as Ronda cums all over my cock. They switch again, this time I fuck Kim's ass, and eat out Ronda's. I keep sucking and licking and they keep bouncing and grinding. Kim shoots her pussy cum all over Ronda and Ronda reciprocates.

I finally cum up Kim's ass, and watch Ronda suck it all out and share it with Kim. They cum swap, licking it from each other's mouths, smiling at me the whole fucking time. Fuck... I'm the sex king. I fucking love every second of it. Kim and Ronda suck me clean, then they both drink down my piss. I drink some Hennessy and watch my perfect sex goddess wives drink my warm piss, mouthful after mouthful.

We all drink some Henny... even Spence. He coughs. The cognac a little strong for him.

Spence heads off to his room. "I'll check in on you later Spence. I'll see how your ass is." Kim tells poor Spence. He waves at her, as he goes to his room.

"Poor guy. Fat Bastard went hard on him... no pun intended." We all laugh.

Later that night, Kourtney calls me. "Hey baby. That client was easy. Just had to suck him a little and he fucked my pussy for like five minutes. That was it. Easy money. How's everything at Casa Sex?" Kourtney asks.

"Great." I answer, as my wife the queen of supermodels Kate Upton fucks my cock with her awesome, natural tits. She blows me a kiss, then blows my cock head.

"I'm glad you had an easy time. Keeps your pussy nice and fresh for me." I tell Kourtney, laughing. Kate pumps my cock faster with her big tit blanket. They are wrapped so tight around my throbbing cock monster.

"You bet. I'm yours baby. Anytime... any place. MWAH!" Kourtney kisses me through the phone.

I cum all over Kate's perfect face. She smiles, as I paint that supermodel face with my white, gooey cream. It oozes down her face, onto her outstretched tongue. Kate licks her lips, swallowing all the cum she can.

I walk upstairs, past Spence room and hear talking. I open the door and see Kim jerking Spence off on his bed. She sees me and waves at me. "I felt bad about earlier and his ass is still hurting, so I figured I'd help him out a little." Kim blows me a kiss, as I leave. I shake my head, smiling.

Kim jerks Spence's thick dick, as he groans wildly. Kim giggles. Spence starts cumming, his jizz spurting into the air, plopping back down on him and his bed. Kim jerks out his whole load, then leans over and licks up a drop of thick cum on Spence's fat cock head. Kim swallows it.

"Mmmmmm. Yummy. Very nice Spence." Kim leans down again and laps up another, bigger drop of thick sperm off of Spence's piss slit. "Wow Spence... you have some really yummy cum." Kim compliments him. Spence grins wide, groaning in pleasure. Kim pats his cock and heads back to my bedroom.

"Spence... here... something to think about, while you sleep." Kim undoes her robe and flashes Spence. He stares, wide eyed at Kim's truly spectacular, nude body. Kim giggles.

"Nite." Kim waves at Spence and leaves his room. Spence lays back on his bed, grinning big.

The next day...

My aunt Kathie Lee Gifford wants to see my gimp room. I smirk. I don't explain to her what it is. "Kim... take Kathie Lee to the gimp room, she wants to see it." I wink at Kim. She smiles back. My aunt is in for a surprise.

Kim leads Kathie Lee to the basement. They are both wearing white tank tops and bikinis underneath. Kim's is a black two piece. Kathie Lee's is a pink two piece. Kim takes Kathie Lee to the room and let's her in. I have five old gimps... slaves in bondage gear and masks. They all have big cocks. I use them for my movies, and also to entertain certain female friends... or family members.

Kim leads Kathie Lee over to the gimps. "This is wild. Are they dangerous?" Kathie Lee asks.

"No... not at all. They are horny as heck though. Check out those big cocks. Yum." Kim explains.

The gimps surround Kathie Lee and grope her all over, roughly squeezing her tits and ass, rubbing her pussy. "Mmmmmm... Oh my God. Where have these guys been my whole life." Kathie Lee jokes, writhing, as she's groped relentlessly by the gimps. Kim giggles.

The gimps take off Kathie Lee's bikini bottom and slide not one, but two cocks in her wet, mature twat. Kathie Lee screams out in pain/pleasure at the double vaginal dick injection.

Two cocks, one from the front and one from the back see saw up my aunt's awesome pussy. Kathie Lee relaxes, enjoying being filled so full. The gimps fucking her, still molest her gorgeous C cup titties, Kathie Lee's nipples rock hard and throbbing. Two other gimps grope Kathie Lee's tits as well. She grabs their cocks and jerks them off.

The other gimp walks up behind Kim and reaches around, roughly groping her big full tits. Kim starts to move away, but decides not to, the gimp keeps her still, his hands squeezing Kim's full tits, his old cock grinding against Kim's awesomely perfect ass. Kim moans, as the gimp molest her perfect body with his old hands and cock.

Kim feels his old, thick cock hardening and grinds against it. She watches Kathie Lee get quadruple fucked, two cocks now in her mouth, as well as in her pussy. Kathie Lee squirts three times in a row, from the four cocks in her.

The old gimp groping Kim yanks her bikini bottom off. His cock slides into her butt crack, fucking it, but not entering her holes. Kim shakes her ass, fucking his cock with her ass crack. Kim leans over. The old gimp grabs her dark hair and pulls it, his huge old dick pouring precum.

Kim shakes and grinds her ass on his cock. Her eyes open wide, when she realizes his old, thick meat is pressing against her anus, wanting to enter. Kim doesn't move. The gimp pushes his cock all the way up Kim's tight ass, fucking my wife's ass. Kim closes her eyes, lust overtaken her. She moans, as the old cock pounds her ass, in and out, over and over.

Kathie Lee swallows two big loads of jizz and takes two more in her pussy. The old gimp ass fucking Kim grunts loud and pumps his watery sperm deep up Kim's ass, as she squirts all over him.

"Mmmmmmmmm... So good." Kim moans, pulling away, turning around and kneeling down, sucking the old cock that was in her ass. "Yummy." Kim says, as she sucks the old watery sperm down, enjoying the taste.

I fuck my sister Carrie (Carrie Keagan) as we watch the video from the gimp room. I have cameras in every room. Carrie takes my load in her ass, then my piss in her mouth... and ass. She squirts so much, she repainted my bedroom with her pussy cream. I squeezed and sucked those huge titties of hers, as we watched it all.

Carrie wanted to try out the gimps, so Kim and I fucked while we watched the footage from Carrie and the gimps. She did double anal and vaginal at the same time. She swallowed five loads of jizz too. My slutty sis. I love that whore so much.

Just another couple of days in my crazy sex kingdom. We finished the night having a sex dinner. Everyone fucked while we ate at my huge dinner table. My aunt Kathie Lee worshipped my cock the whole dinner. She wanted me to herself. I fucked, cummed in and pissed in all her holes, three times apiece.

Mama fucked Spence... in the ass, with a strap on, while he ate out Kim and drank her piss... and got his dick sucked by dear fuck friend Jennifer Aniston. It was a glorious dinner. A sex filled, lust fueled dinner. My kinda dinner. Piss and cum... pussy and cock cum... were flying everywhere.

That's my life. I'm... King James The Hedonist.

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