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My Sister Ann Coulter
Category: Roleplay Stories

"This is good coke James... and I don't even like coke."

"Yeah... it's purer than a virgin's punanny."

"Ha... I know you know about that you horny bastard."

"Nope... I don't like virgins... I prefer sluts... like you."

"HEYYY! Just for that... no blowjob... on second thought..."

My sister, Ann Coulter, reaches in my green with gold stripes sweatpants and grabs my soft cock. She jerks it slowly... leans into me and kisses me. I pour a line of coke on my chest and Ann snorts it, as she jerks my very thick cock. She licks her lips and wipes the white residue off of her nose. Ann pulls my pants off and admires my huge cock.

"I love your big cock James... it's so beautiful. I could look at it all day... but I'd rather suck it instead." We laugh... Ann leans down and licks my very thick, but still soft, shaft... slowly up and down... looking up at me... smiling.

Ann softly kisses every inch of my cock and huge balls. She then licks every inch. I light a blunt and watch. She lifts my huge, soft cock to her glistening red lips and sucks me in, her mouth stretching wide to accommodate my girth. Ann sucks my head hard... I smile and blow her a smokey kiss. I puff away on my blunt, as my hot blond, older sister sucks me expertly.

She softly scratches my, half hard, shaft with her nails... laughing around my cock, as it twitches in delight. Ann sucks about half of my really thick 12 inches into her tightly clenching mouth, bobbing her long, straight blonde haired head quickly... her long blonde hair flying around, as she sucks me off.

I take a deep puff and blow Ann some smoke... she winks at me, and continues sucking my cock, jerking the base, tickling my huge balls.

Ann takes the blunt from me and smokes it, blowing the smoke all over my sensitive underside of my cock. Ann takes a deep puff and puts her smeared lipstick covered lips against my throbbing shaft and slowly blows smoke up and down the massive cock, slowly, up and down, base to tip.

I lean back and smile, my eyes closed. It feels so damn good. My sister has given me tons of blowjobs... and this one is as good as any of them. Ann softly bites my balls... then licks every inch of them.

I grab her and pull her up to me... sitting Ann on my face. She smokes the blunt and grinds on my mouth. I slide my slithery tongue up her neatly trimmed, blonde, juicy cunt and lick her out. Ann has huge labia and I suck them, as I roll my tongue in her pussy. I rub her erect, pink clit in circles, faster and faster. I roll my tongue side to side, licking quickly, tasting every inch of Ann's pink folds. Ann reaches back and strokes my cock, smoking the blunt, blowing smoke into the air... and all over my cock.

"FUCKKKKKKKKK... SWALLOW MY CUM JAMES!... DRINK IT DOWN BABY!" Ann squirt into my mouth. My tongue laps at her pussy discharge, as it shoots into my mouth. I suck Ann's cumming pussy, suctioning out every last drop of pussy cream. I drink it all down, sucking my sister dry.

Ann climbs on my cock, slowly sliding it up her, well stretched out, cunt. It feels so good, when my cock inches it's way up Ann's tight, wet pussy. Ann's pussy stretched wide, and clenched hard on my huge, rock hard cock. "FUCKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!!" Ann screams out in ecstasy, riding me hard, bouncing wildly on my massive organ. Her long blonde hair flails wildly, the blunt still in her mouth, smoke flying out of Ann's mouth... her red lipstick long gone, smeared on her face and my cock.

Ann's cums all over my invading cock, blasting out her cream. I can feel her super wet pussy spasming.

Ann leans down and kisses me... blowing smoke into my mouth, as we kiss deeply. She sucks my tongue, softly biting it. I smack her tight ass... Ann moans loudly, into my mouth. I slam her pussy down on my cock, fucking my cock with it. "Mmmmmmmm... YES!!" Ann squirts again.

Ann rides me, reverse cowgirl, my rampaging, massive cock, buried up her tight, toned ass. I reach up and roughly squeeze her C cups, as she rides my cock in her, fucking awesome, ass. Ann's hair rubs my face and I slam up her tight booty, my cock flying up and stretching that sweet ass, insanely wide and super fucking fast. Ann squirts all over my balls and bed. She squirt a lot all the time, but this one is a record breaker. It keeps shooting out... soaking my sheets and huge balls.

Ann climbs off of my cock and wraps her C cups around my cock... taking the blunt from me and blowing smoke into my piss slit... FUCK... that's awesome! She does it again. Ann sucks my huge head, wanting my cream. I pump up between her gorgeous, perfectly shaped, natural tits and into her hard sucking mouth. Ann sucks my throbbing head, as hard as humanly possible. I blast my creamy wad into her mouth... she drinks it all down... sucking fast... not missing a creamy drop.

Ann sucks me totally dry and keeps sucking. I hold her head and start pissing in her mouth. Ann sucks out every drop... 12 mouthfuls to be exact. She sgulos it all down, jerking my shaft, sliding a finger up my ass. I smile and piss down my fucking hot as fuck sister's throat, pushing deep down it and piss dumping into her stomach.

"Fuck you're a sexy slut babe." I take the blunt from Ann and finish it.

"Thank you baby... you're the hottest fucking brother a sister could ever hope for." Ann smiles and sucks me clean, still fingering my ass.

We fuck pretty much every day. The only time we don't is when she's out of town... or I am. I take her with me most times... just to fuck her. We fuck in public all the time. Ann sucked me off in front of the Washington Monument... right in front of everyone. They took pictures and cheered us on. Ann blew the security guy, while I filmed it... to keep him quiet.

I've fucked Ann in amusement parks... at SeaWorld four times. We sixty nined at Coney Island... at Nathan's. I slid a foot long weiner up her ass, while she deepthroated my own foot long weiner, in a storage closet. I came all over her hot dog... and watched her slowly eat it... licking up the creamy jizz, all over the hot dog and bun.

I've fucked Ann's booty in every high end restaurant in DC and NYC. Sometimes it's in the bathroom... sometimes she just rides me at the table. I've ass fucked her in the kitchen of several places. The kitchen staff cooks... and takes pictures... of sexy ass Ann Coulter with her brother's 12 inch cock up her tight ass. We have a fuck blast. I love my sister and I love fucking her silly. My cock... and I... are very happy with... My Sister Ann Coulter.

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