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My Hot Wives Penny and Bernadette
Category: Roleplay Stories

Story Theme : My Hot Wives Penny And Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory and I have fucked up freaky fun exploring sexual boundaries

My Mom Kathie Lee (Kathie Lee Gifford)

My wife Penny and I have been married for about a year and a half. It's been a glorious time, full of freaky fucked up fun and sleazy sexual awesomeness. My cock has been working overtime in Penny's hot holes... it's a tough job, but I get to do it. My baby is awesome... Penny always goes out of her way to keep me happy... sexually and otherwise. The latest example of that is, Penny giving me our friend Bernadette, as my second wife. She's already married to our friend Howard Wolowitz, but she's been our play toy for the last two years... mostly mine... but Penny's as well.

I wanted a second wife to pimp out and use sexually, so my woman gave me Bernadette. Penny "charmed" a local judge to make it legal, and gave me my present a month ago. I fucking love Penny. She's perfect in every way... and she's all mine.

"Babe... have you seen my purple g string? I can't find it. I hope some weirdo didn't take it home last night, after the party... that is kinda hot though... I should've sold them, like I did the leopard ones." Penny comes in the living room and jumps in my lap, on the sofa. We make out. She's nude... so am I. It's a thing for us... we both love being nude as much as possible.

"I love the leopard ones... (I bought her four of them)... go buy a bunch of them, wear them and then we can sell all of them. I fucking love that. Money, money, mon-ey. A lot of horny motherfuckers out there nowadays. Might as well exploit their asses for some paper." Penny's eyes go wide... and a big ass smile is on her lips.

Penny puts her arms around my neck and kisses me with devilish lust. She's turned on by my idea. She sells some panties here and there, but she loves the idea of going all out with it. Penny and I are sexual soulmates and business people as well.

I pinch Penny's rock hard, pink nipples... she moans... I lean down and lick them... she moans again, writhing on my soft cock.

"Hey... what about me?" Bernadette asks, walking briskly over to Penny and I, her milk filled 32D tits bouncing, making my mouth water. She sits beside me and shoves her left tit in my mouth. I start sucking down her tasty milk, loving every drop. Bernie shoves as much of her gorgeous tit in my mouth as she can, and I go to town, sucking it as hard as possible. Milk shoots fast into my thirsty mouth. "Mmmmmmmm... Suck my milk daddy."

Penny sits up and grabs my cock, jerking it to full hardness. She rubs it on her wet labia and slides it up her clean shaven twat. I'm in sexual heaven, fucking my love and first wife... and sucking the perfect milk jugs of my second wife.

Penny rides me like a Nebraska bull riding champ. Her right arm swings in the air, her left pinches my right nipple. I watch her with my mouth full of tit and milk. My cock is so fucking happy. I grab her right, perky 34C tit and squeeze hard. Penny licks her lips, then bites them, riding me harder. I rub her thick, pink nipple quickly with my thumb, still squeezing her tit extremely hard. Penny loves pain and pleasure mixed together.

I rub Bernie's bushy blonde pussy... I like contrast... Penny's is bald, so Bernie's is bushy. I slide my middle finger up Bernie's pussy and wiggle it ridicously fast. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... use me daddy." I smile at Bernie... my bitches know how to make me smile for sure.

Penny's squirts on my cock, then gets off and leans over, engulfing my entire 10 inches. She looks up at me, overtaken my raw animal lust, sucking my entire shaft, bobbing that perfect, long blonde haired head super fast. Her awesome, long hair flies through the air, gracefully, but wildly.

Penny lifts her head and Bernie sits down on my thick, throbbing meat missile. Bernie leans her head back, her mouth wife open, and bounces wildly on my cock, screaming in sexual euphoria, cumming immediately.

Penny looks at me as she sucks Bernie's big, full right tit. She licks the rock hard, pink nipple quickly as she sucks half of Bernie's awesome titty. I drill up Bernadette's tight cunt, my thick cock stretching and railing up that sweet young milf pussy. Bernadette's big titties shake violently, as I pummel up her cunt. "FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE DADDYYYYYYYY!!" Bernie squirts again, as Penny smacks Bernie's pulsating, pink clit and sucks her big titty.

I blast my wad up Bernadette's sweet pussy, pumping a tidal wave of jizz up it. I push deep, wanting to impregnate her. She has kids with Howard, but I wanna keep her pregnant with mine. I've knocked her up four times already, but she didn't have the baby. I'm gonna have a bunch with Bernie... and Penny too.

I keep cumming up Bernie's twat. She smiles, wanting me to get her pregnant. We kiss, as my cock still pumps my jizz up her pussy. Penny joins in for a three way kiss. We molest our tongues and kiss deeply. I play with Penny and Bernie's hard nipples, as we make out.

Later in the evening...

Penny and Bernadette go out, for a girls night out, with our friend Amy... who's married to our friend Sheldon... they live across the hall from us.

I'm at home... nude again... with my mom Kathie Lee... she's nude also. I love my mom more than anything. She's the most important person in the world to me. She's sitting in my lap, her head on my shoulder, as we watch TV.

"How's everything with Penny and Bernadette, sweetie?"

"It's great mom. They both make me happy and they both turn me the fuck on 24/7."

"That's great baby. As long as you're happy, I'm happy." My mom is a sweetheart. She may be my next wife... I'll probably need Penny and Bernadette to both "charm" the judge for that one. My arms are around mom's waist, holding her hands. I'm kissing her neck, looking her mature body over. She's in great shape. Her 34D breasts only slightly sag.

Mom moans softly, rubbing my fingers, kissing my neck. I'm in love with my gorgeous mother... not just mom and son love, but actual man and woman love. She has me wrapped around her finger. I'm a mama's boy... in the horniest way possible.

Meanwhile, at the bar...

"It's time to get CRA-ZY!" Amy is horny. The ladies are drinking looking around the hipster bar for some action.

"You're ready to party huh Amy?" Penny sips some wine, looking so fucking hot in her tight white tank top... no bra... and white Capri pants... no panties. Her long blonde hair flows down her back. She's got a white hat that says HOTTIE, in pink letters, on it... very fitting... that's turned slightly sideways.

Bernadette has a pink latex body suit on... nothing underneath. Her big tits are showcased beautifully in that super tight bodysuit. Her thick nipples are poking right through it.

Amy is wearing a tight, thin, red turtleneck sweater and black skirt... pretty wild for her very conservative fashion standards.

Penny is the hottest chick in the bar. My wife is a goddess... pure sexual magnetism to the extreme. Her hard nipples are poking through her tank top. She's fucking perfect.

A nerdy guy walks over to the ladies. "Um... hey... I'm... Um... Dillon."

Amy puts her arm around his shoulder and smiles. "Hello Dillon... Wanna fuck?"

Penny spits out her wine in surprise. "AMY..." Penny is shocked at her usually conservative friend's brazen behavior.

"Um... sure." Dillon nervously smiles and puts his arm around Amy's waist. Amy and Dillon walk to the women's bathroom and go in. Penny can't believe Amy's aggressive sexual behavior. She looks at her wine and nods. It probably has something to do with the four glasses of champagne, Amy had drank so far. Penny shrugs her shoulders and finishes her red wine. She orders another one and looks at Bernadette.

"Well Bernie... since Amy kicked off the festivities..." Penny reaches over and slowly unzips Bernadette's bodysuit passed her big, milk filled breasts. Penny moves the latex to the sides of Bernie's awesome breasts, where they barely cover the nipples, but expose most of her tits. "There... that should do it... time for you to get fucked baby... they got pay though." Penny is the boss... she's the pimp in charge, when I'm not around.

Bernadette smiles sweetly showing her submissiveness to Penny. She sips her champagne. Penny softly rubs her big breasts, admiring them. "You have such big, beautiful breasts Bernie. They are so nice sweetie." Penny leans over and slowly licks them both... kisses them too. Penny softly kisses Bernie and smiles.

Penny gets a text from Amy. It says, "you gotta see this!" Penny looks at the pic Amy sent. Her eyes go wide. Amy is on the toilet holding Dillon's 11.5 inch thick cock. Amy is smiling at the camera. Her husband Sheldon has a big cock too... 9 inches and thick. This one is much bigger though and she was very excited.

"Take a look at that Bernie." Penny shows Bernie the picture.

"Whoa!... That's even bigger than James' cock. She'll never be able to handle it." Bernie says, in her sweet, high pitched voice.

"I don't know... who knows about Amy... she an enigma. Maybe she can... let's go see." Penny grabs Bernie's hand and they head to the women's bathroom.

They make their way to the handicapped stall... more room... and knock on it. "Amy open up... we wanna see if you can handle that." Penny whispers... there are a couple of other chicks at the mirror.

Amy unlocks the stall and Penny and Bernie squeeze. It's big enough for all four. "Congrats Dillon... nice cock." Penny smirks. She films everything with her phone.

"Yeah... very nice." Bernadette adds, staring at it, licking her lips.

"I know... I couldn't believe it when I pulled it out. It's way bigger than Sheldon's." Amy says, then sucks the thick head, tickling his balls. Bernie pulls her big tits from her outfit.

"Here Amy... let me lube it up for you." Bernadette squeezes her thick, pink nipples and squirter her milk all over Dillon's huge cock. Amy laps at the milk and rubs Dillon's meaty balls. Dillon smiles big and leans against the divider, so happy, having three horny chicks in the stall with him.

Bernadette covers the huge cock then knees down and licks the sides of it, as Amy sucks the head. Penny films it, smiling. She plays with her left breast, as she films. "C'mon Penny... get some of this monster." Amy says, blowing Penny a kiss.

"Yeah..." Dillon says smiling, his eyes wide, wanting my other wife too.

"Sorry Dillon... I'm off limits. Enjoy Amy and Bernadette. Fuck the shit outta them, with that big ass cock, sweetie." Penny squashes his hopes of a bathroom foursome... but, he's still got a threesome. He grabs Amy's and Bernie's heads, as they take turns sucking that huge monster cock. Bernie rubs it between her big titties, pumping it with them, squirting her milk everywhere. Amy laps up the milk, and sucks the head of Dillon's cock, as it plunges through Bernie's titties.

Dillon grunts and blasts his load in Amy's hard sucking mouth. Amy smiles around Dillon's huge head and sucks every drop down, as Bernie keeps pumping his huge cock between her big beautiful tits. Dillon smiles so fucking big.

"CHUG CHUG CHUG!!" Penny cheers, as Amy drinks down the nerd's huge load.

"There... now you can fuck us Dillon... and you better do a good job, or I'll get my husband to kick your ass." Bernie says in her sweetest, but most devious voice. She smiles and winks at Penny.

Dillon fuss Amy from behind, pounding her bushy, brown hair twat. That huge cock rails up that tight cunt over and over. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... YESSSSSSSSSS!!" Amy screams out, squirting everywhere. Penny laughs, while she films everything.

Bernie sits on Dillon's huge cock, as he sits on the toilet. She faces away from him and bounces ridiculously hard on that massive cock. Her big titties shake. Amy sucks the milk from them, as Bernie screams out in ecstasy, "FUCKKKKKKKKKK MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE...YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Bernie squirting all over Dillon's huge cock. Amy rubs Dillon's balls, then squeezes them, to prevent him cumming.

Amy and Bernadette take turns riding Dillon's huge cock, squeezing his balls when he grunts, so they can continue fucking him. They ride him for 45 minutes, squirting a combined 12 times 8 by Amy... she's an orgasm machine.

Dillon finally is allowed to cum. He fills Amy's cunt, as he squeezes her very nice tits. He falls back against the wall in exhaustion. Amy gets up and watches Bernie suck Dillon's jizz from her bushy twat. Bernie looks to Penny's camera and plays it up, slowly licking Amy's cum dripping cunt, sucking it hard, letting the jizz hang off her tongue, then sucking it in and swallowing it all. Amy sucks Dillon's cock clean, and she and Bernie kiss, sharing the creamy jizz.

"Good job Dillon... how much do you have on you? You gotta pay to play sweetie." Penny being the pimp... a super sexy ass pimp.

Dillon hands Penny $275. Penny puts the money in her pocket and turns the camera around, to show her perfect face. "Got the money baby...(she shows me the money)... love you James." Penny blows me a big kiss, through the camera.

Back at our apartment...

Mom is riding my big cock. It's buried up her tight, toned booty. I'm squeezing her perfectly shaped, mature titties, enjoying her amazing, milf booty. "I LOVE YOUR COCK BABY... MY GORGEOUS SON... I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!" She leans her head back and we kiss deeply. I pull and squeeze her thick, pink nipples and mom's milk shoots out everywhere. I roughly manhandle those amazing titties, squeezing hard, rubbing her nipples as they squirt out her milk.

I rub mom's erect clit and she squirts for the fourth time. My couch and carpet are soaked... and I fucking love it. Mom's tight booty squeezes my big cock tightly, as it plunges so fucking deep up her beautiful ass.

We keep kissing and mom keeps cumming, as I keep drilling up her well toned milf booty. My cock stretches her anus wide, drilling up that booty so fucking fast and hard. Mom squirts again and I pull out, standing up. I lean over and suck her soaked pussy clean. Mom plays with my hair, as I lick up all of her tasty juices.

I stand up, and point my super throbbing cock at mom's face and open mouth. I grunt hard and cum blast her beautiful face. My cum explodes out of my cock, painting her face and filling her open mouth. "YESSSSSSSSS!! BAPTIZE ME WITH YOUR DELICIOUS CUM BABY... FEED MAMA YOUR JIZZ!!" Mom swallows the cum in her mouth and smiles wide, her mouth wide open, giving her face to me, to cover completely with my cum.

The second I'm done cumming, my piss explodes out of my very happy cock. Mom sticks her tongue out and drinks down my warm piss, as it fills her wide open mouth. I keep pissing. Mom keeps swallowing. I groan, it feels so fucking good. I grab my phone with one hand and move back a few feet. My piss hits the mark from 8 feet away. I film it and keep filling my mother's beautiful mouth with my piss. Mom drinks down 10 mouthfuls of piss, then motions me over and sucks my dick totally dry.

I lay on the floor and mom squats over my cock, covering it in her own warm piss. FUCK THAT FEELS GREAT!

Penny, Bernadette and Amy come in as mom finishes pissing on me. Penny runs over and sucks mom's piss off of my cock. They girls all throw their clothes off, and we have a good old fashioned five way. Penny rides my cock in her ass, while I suck Amy's 36B tittles. All three girls ride my cock in their asses, while mom rides my face. I suck her, juicy, bald, mature pussy clean, finally cumming in Penny's perfect ass. Amy and Bernadette suck my jizz out of Penny's ass, kissing and sharing it. They suck my very happy cock and big balls clean.

I love my life and I love... My Hot Wives Penny And Bernadette.

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