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Category: Roleplay Stories







"Squeal pig... SQUEALLLL!" I order bbw, milf porn slut extraordinaire Lisa Sparxxx, slapping her fat fucking whore ass.

"EEKKKKKKK... UHHHHHHHH... SQUEALLLLLLLLLLLLL!" She obliges, as I twist her piggy ear. She's wearing piggy ears, a piggy snout, and hooves on her hands and feet. I'm fucking her fat ass from the back... on my bedroom floor, as my wife Kim Kardashian films it. Lisa's gigantic melons are flopping like crazy, under her. I'm slam banging her booty, while she's all dressed up as a pig for one of my most popular porn series, PIGGY FUCKERS 42. It's all about fat bitches and bbws getting sleazy fucked like pigs. It's degrading and most importantly... fun.

"Piss on her fucking fat piggy face Kim... You want that, don't you piggy?" I ask Lisa, slapping her fat ass as hard as possible. It's red from all the booty smacks. Lisa grunts in pain/pleasure. She loves being sexually degraded. She loves being dominated and used too.

Lisa nods and bites her lips, loving my huge dick shoved up her ass, and also loving the pain from my booty smacks. She squirts for the tenth time, right as Kim starts pissing all over her face. She's nude, filming and looking at me. I blow Kim a kiss. She blows me one right fucking back. Kim splatters Lisa's fat face with her warm piss. God, that's hot. I booty slam Lisa even harder. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!! EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!" Lisa screams and squeals. I laugh.

I cum deep up Lisa's loose, extra plump ass. She's had so many dicks up there, its gonna be loose. I slap her giant tits, side to side, harder and harder. Lisa screams into Kim's pussy. Kim pulled Lisa to her delectable twat and started roughly grinding on her piggy nose and mouth. Kim pisses right into Lisa's mouth. I pull out and start pissing all over Lisa's back and hair. I told upwards and piss into Kim's open mouth. She licks her luscious lips, as she drinks my piss down with a huge, happy smile.

I piss six mouthfuls of warm, yellow urine into Kim's mouth. She gulps it all down, not missing a salty drop. Fucking sexy bitch!


A little later, over in my main kitchen...

"Good job baby... now... cream my cupcake." Chef Anne Burrell... another wife of mine... tells me, wiggling her plump ass on my face. I've been eating Anne's pussy from behind, while she was baking cupcakes.

"Sure thing slut." I answer. I slap Anne's plump, soft ass and get up. I spin Anne around and she kneels down, cupcake in hand. Anne starts sucking me off, those gorgeous lips of hers working my fat rod so fucking beautifully. My slimy precum leaks into her cum thirsty mouth.

"Mmmmm. So yummy. God... I love your precum daddy." Anne moans, pulling off my huge cock long enough to say. She engulfs my cock and starts sucking for dear life. Anne slaps my ass, squeezing it, encouraging me to fuck her slutty mouth. I do. I grab her blonde head and pound that slutty mouth and throat ean my head back and explodes all over the cupcake. His thick jizz splatters that huge cupcake, icing it perfectly. Anne sucks out the last drops of sperm before dining on the cum covered pastry.

"So good. Yummm!" Anne looks up at me and licks and kisses my twitching dick clean, then goes to town on the cupcake. She takes a big bite, getting her sensuous lips doused in creamy sperm. Anne eats it up with utter delight, licking her lips to get all of the thick cum icing.

"Godddddd... This is so gooddddd! You have the yummiest cum every daddy." Anne blows me a big, slutty kiss and slowly licks her lips, smacking them for me. She finishes the cupcake and wipes her face clean, licking her cum glazed hands clean. It's messy, but Anne very much approves of the taste, giving me a big thumbs up. I give my slit and cheeky smirk and slap my super fat dick on Anne's glazed, glistening lips.

We need to market these James. Your yummy cum makes the best icing." Anne deepthroats my entire monstrous rod, shaking her very stylish, cool ass blonde haired head on it.

"Yeah... a lot of cum starved sluts out there." I reach down and squeeze Anne's big, soft tits.

"Here too." Anne fires back, shaking her eyebrows at me. I laugh. I really dig her slutty ass.

"Yeah, babe... you get sucked off a lot around here, so that would be more HARD work for you." Anne chuckles and licks my piss slit, then gets up.

"Fun, HARD work though." I fire back. We both laugh and kiss, nice and dirty like. Ha. We suck and fuck all the time around here. It's the official thing to do. If you don't wanna fuck, you gotta leave. PUT OUT... OR GET THE FUCK OUT!... It's on the wall by the front door. Ha. I'm the horniest motherfucker ever... so thankfully I'm surrounded by a ton of very horny, very accommodating sluts. Oh hell to the fuck yeahhhhh! (Big horny laugh).


One of my crew, Howard Wolowitz (The Big Bang Theory) has been doing some very important work for me. He's an engineer that used to work for NASA and the military. He's in charge of my Sex Robot Program. Yes... sex robots. I've poured a ton of money into it and it's paid off big time. He finished the first one, and now he's finishing the second and third one. The first is of my dear, late friend Beth Chapman. I fucking love Beth and I miss her. I also loved fucking the shit out of her too. Now, I can again. (Two big thumbs up).

"This is amazing Howard. It's so real. You and your team have done a really awesome job." I congratulate Howard, as I look over Beth in my lab. It's on my property here in Bel Air.

I bought a few properties around my home and made my own little, horny ass neighborhood. I built the lab next to my house. It's all part of my home. I also gave Howard and his wife Bernie (The Big Bang Theory) a home here. A perk of working for me. Besides... I fuck Bernie. She's an insanely hot, short, busty blonde babe with a high pitched, sweet voice. She can also take a fat dick up her tight, sweet and saucy ass like you wouldn't believe. She loves to cuckold Howard. I love that shit. I love fucking other dude's chicks, especially right in front of them.

"The detail is amazing. Every bump, every detail is spot on. These titties are absolutely spot on. God... I miss her." I tell Howard, while I roughly fondle Beth's gigantic 38F melons. They were all natural, but even though they're man made now, they still look and feel the same. God... I love technology. (Grinning happily... groping happily too).

"Thanks. Everything is exactly how you wanted it. Her pussy is ultra realistic too. It's self lubing." Howard explains. I finger the pussy, and he's right. It's nice and wet and warm. Feels totally real. This is the most realistic... and expensive... sex doll ever.

"Mmmmmmm... finger me big daddy." Beth blurts out. It startles me. She actually sounds just like Beth did... not robotic at all. She's talks real, and reacts to what I'm doing. Holy fuck!

"We used voice rendering technology with the voice samples you gave me... and she's programmed to react to everything you do, just like an actual real woman. She's as real as a sex robot gets." Howard amazes me. This motherfucker is getting a raise!

"The other two will be ready shortly. Probably in a couple of days." Howard further impresses me. The next two are Chyna (Former wrestler/pornstar) and Anna Nicole Smith. Two former close fuck buddies of mine.

"Dude... you're the best. You're getting a big bonus for this. Great job. Great fucking job." I look over Beth, feeling her all over. She feels like a real woman in every way. She even smells nice. Damn... sex robots are fucking awesome. I grope those massive tits again, shaking them, tweaking the fat, pink nipples. Absolutely amazing.

"Thanks James. Just doing my job... and I loveeeee my job." Howard leers at Beth. I laugh. Another horny motherfucker. He fits in perfectly here. We dress Beth in a white sports bra and tank top, tight, daisy dukes... and some cowboy boots and hat. God... I'm gonna have so much fun fucking this robot. I may even let everybody else fuck her too... maybe. Ha.


Over at my offices/porn studio/swingers hotel...

I bought the Beverly Hills Hotel and turned it into my offices and porn studio. I also use it as a singers hotel too. It's always filled. It's very hard... no pun intended... to get a reservation.

Kim is in her office, looking over our shooting schedule with another of my wives, blonde porn queen Kelly Madison. We're making an Area 51 type parody with my very horny/very nerdy cousin Spence (The King Of Queens) as the lead alien. Ha. Good casting, huh? It's called Alien Fuck Invasion. Fuck fuck fuck all the damn time. (Big laugh, chill axing with a fat blunt).

"Who's scheduled for the first scene with Spence?" Kim asks Kelly, who runs my porn studio/website and also is my all star director. Kim runs and oversees everything for me... so I can spend extra time fucking around and fucking sex robots and what not. (Laughing my ass off... but it's true).

"It's supposed to be Sara Jay, but she may not be able to do it. She's been sick, so that's all up in the air." Kelly explains.

"Well, who are we going to use if Sara can't make it?" Kim sits back in her desk chair, rocking in it, and looks at Kelly.

"I'm thinking about asking Penny (The Big Bang Theory)." Kelly answers. Penny is another of my wives... and extremely horny... hence, she's my wife.

"Hmmmmm... Penny would be great. She would make a great star for this movie. Much better than Spence." Kim and Kelly laugh. Kim thinks it over.

"Ask Penny if she'll do it. We can always work Sara in as a supporting actress. I'm sure Spence wouldn't mind fucking them both." Kim giggles. Kelly agrees.

"He's got the cock for it... and he's horny as shit." Kelly replies. She and Kim laugh again.

"Yeah... it's really thick... like James'... not as big though. Anyway... ask Penny. I think she'll be up for it." Kim directs Kelly, both mega babes smiling at each other.


Kelly gets on the elevator to head down to the porn studio. It's one of the public ones, so the elevator operator is on it. Herb is 75. He's a nice guy, quiet. He's always so professional, so my girls love to tease him to see if he they can rattle him... kinda like the guards at Buckingham Palace. He's a little more laid back than them though. Ha.

Kelly smiles, looking straight ahead. She's wearing a right, white, button down blouse that's already unbuttoned past her enormous, 34G all natural tits. She gets a devious idea. Kelly unbuttons another button and pulls her blouse open. Her massive tits are spilling out of her white lace bra.

"Herb... do you think this bra is OK? I don't know... I mean, my tits are so big." Kelly asks, grinning wide. She's an expert cock tease. She looks down at her tits, then sweetly over at old Herb.

Herb's eyes almost pop out of his head, but he maintains his composure. Kelly turns up the heat, grabbing Herb's old cock through his pants. It's big... and it's still soft. "Whoa... that's really big Herb. Wow!" Kelly rubs it, feeling it harden in her hand. It's huge and getting bigger. It's even bigger than mine. Kelly is pleasantly shocked. She keeps rubbing it. Herb still doesn't break his concentration. Kelly hits the stop button on the elevator... and gets down to the concentration breaking.

Kelly bites her bottom lip, as she strokes Herb's gargantuan cock through his pants, looking over at him... but he stills remains calm, cool and collected. "Damn Herb... how big is this monster?" Kelly asks. Herb remains silent, not breaking character for a second.

Kelly ramps it up, unzipping Herb's black trousers and pulling out the biggest cock she's ever seen. She estimates its 14 inches long and as thick as her forearm. Kelly marvels at it, as it stands straight out in front of Herb.

"Jesus Herb... that's the biggest cock I've ever seen. It's even bigger than James'. Holy fuck!" Kelly stares in awe at it, touching it, slowly walking her fingers up and down the massive shaft.

"Thank you ma'am. I'm glad you like it." Herb finally speaks.

"Oh my God... I love it. We need to put you in our new movie. It's an Area 51 parody. Penny's gonna be in it. I know she would go crazy for this beautiful cock. Mmmmmm." Kelly's smiles, striking the massive cock again.

"If you say so ma'am. You're the boss." Herb agrees to do the movie.

"That's right Herb. I'm the boss... and as the boss, I think I should make sure you will be able to perform under pressure, so to speak. Come." Kelly moves to the back of the elevator, leading Herb by his monster rod.

"Fuck me Herb. Show me how good you are. Tear me up with that gorgeous cock." Kelly spits in her hand and rubs it into Herb's cock.

"Yes ma'am. As you wish." Herb grabs Kelly's curvy hips and shoves up her tight cunt. Kelly lurches forward into the back wall of the elevator from the force of Herb's entry. She closes her eyes and smiles, hugging the wall, as Herb fucks her thrusting so damn deep and so fucking hard up her already soaked cunt. Kelly cums, and Herb keeps fucking. Kelly's huge, hanging breasts flop wildly, as her delectable, blonde landing strip topped pussy gets ravaged by that old monster rod.

Kelly's eyes roll back in her head and she licks the wall, loving the pussy plowing she's getting. "FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! GOD YESSSSSSSSSS!!" Kelly grunts, cumming again. Herb keeps fucking her. He reaches up and fondle her flopping tits, slamming up that sweet as honey pussy, wrecking it the fun way. Kelly cums again, her juices pouring out of the sides of her overstuffed cunt. Herb softly grunts, then cums his watery load up Kelly's stretched out wide cunt. Five globs of watery semen explode up Kelly's hard throbbing pussy, as she kisses the wall, in a sexually charged daze.

Herb pulls out and puts his cum dripping cock away, not wanting to get any on the carpet in the elevator. Kelly breathes deeply, then turns around. She smiles at Herb, then reaches down and wipes her cum leaking twat. She brings her fingers to her full, luscious, red lips and sucks them, drinking down the watery jism clinging to them.

"Hmmm. Very, very nice Herb. A huge, gorgeous cock and tasty sperm. Always a great combo." Kelly winks at Herb, the fixes her clothes and starts back the elevator. She fixes her lipstick too, smacking her lips at Herb and blowing him a kiss.

The elevator opens and Kelly walks off, waving to Herb. He goes about his business like nothing happened. A true professional.


Kelly makes her way to studio 1. Spence is there in his green alien costume. Big alien head and eyes, green bodysuit with holes for his cock, balls and anus cut out. He's really weird looking, so Kelly decides to bust his balls a little.

"Hey there little green man. You eat something that didn't agree with you? I see your cock looks normal, so at least that's OK." Kelly giggles. Spence talks through his alien head.

"I'm fine Kelly. This head is hot inside, but I'm fine. When are we gonna start? I heard Penny was gonna star in it." Spence looks so funny, talking normal in that alien outfit.

"Yeah. I asked her earlier. She said you better fuck her good though, or she'll go all Nebraska on your alien ass." Kelly tells Spence, who hops up on the exam table and lays back on it, relaxing before his scene. His fat cock is soft, but still impressive. Kelly looks it over. Her pussy is still sore from Herb's giant cock, but her mouth and tits are tingling.

Kelly walks over to Spence and grabs his fat dick, stroking the soft monster. "You have such a thick cock Spence. It's so pretty too." Kelly makes Spence smile in his huge green head.

"Thanks... I..." Spence gets cut off, as Kelly leans over and sucks his fat head into her mouth. She chews on it and pops it out of her mouth, over and over. Spence starts shaking, feeling reallllll good. Kelly blows Spence for ten minutes, shaking her long blonde haired head side to side, licking and chewing softly on that very thick piece of dick meat. Kelly can sense Spence's impending cum. She pulls him from her mouth and pulls her monster tits out of her bra and wraps them around his cock. She shakes them all over Spence's dick, pumping it faster and faster.

"Oh my God... I'm cumming!" Spence blurts out from his huge alien head. His cock blasts out, splattering Kelly's giant melons. She moves his cumming cock from tit to tit, as it pumps out that thick sperm. Kelly smacks it all over her melons, rubbing it into both.

"Good alien. Maybe Penny won't go all Nebraska on your ass now." Kelly laughs. She moves to Spence's alien head and rubs her cum covered monster melons all over it.

"Take that jizz, you alien pervert." Kelly laughs as she rubs all of Spence's jizz all over that fat, green alien head. She licks a small glob of cum up from her left tit and swallows it.

"Tasty alien cum. We might have to keep you around. You've got a nice alien cock too... (Kelly grabs it and shakes it)... I think we'll definitely keep you around, pervert from outer space." Kelly leans over and bites Spence's fat mushroom crown, then smacks his shaft. He grunts in pain/pleasure. Kelly smugly laughs, enjoying cock teasing my nerdy, alien cousin.



"What is this place? It's creepy as hell." Penny looks around the pitch black examination room, trying to figure out what's going on in this seemingly abandoned facility.

"OWWW!" She bumps into a table. It's so dark she can't see anything. Penny looks around for a light or flashlight or something.

"DAMN IT!" She stubs her toe on a stool. "Shouldn't have worn flip flops." Penny reaches down and rubs her sore toe.

"I can hear Sheldon now..."

"Don't be another flip flop fatality." Penny shakes her head at the thought of what her annoyingly overbearing friend would say about her choice of footwear.

Penny bumps into a thin chain hanging from the ceiling. She pulls it and a light comes on. "WHAT THE FUCK!!" Penny is started by the green alien laying on the exam table. He's short and chubby... and has a big, human looking cock showing. Penny is impressed... and scared. This place is so creepy and quiet.

Penny does notice that her plump pink nipples are poking through her tight white tank top though. She attributes it to the cool breeze blowing through the creepy, cold room. She's beginning to regret her decision to snoop around inside a secret government facility, seeminglyy abandoned or not.

Penny look the alien over, nervously. Is it dead? She wonders. She touches it and quickly pulls her hand away. The alien doesn't move. It just lays there.

Penny is creeped out, but also intrigued. She pulls her camera out and takes a picture. She thinks to herself... "hey... even if it's dead, it's still an alien, so maybe I can make a few bucks off this picture."

Penny alps takes a picture of its cock. It's so thick and normal looking. Penny slowly reaches out and touches it. She quickly pulls her hand away again. "Hmm. It feels normal. It's so thick too. Where's this alien been my whole life?" Penny chuckles. She touches it again. It moves. Penny jumps back... surprised by the alien cock's movement. She slowly reaches over again and rubs it. It's so big in her hand.

"Wow... I think I'm getting wet from this alien. What the fuck is wrong with me?" Penny grinds her legs together in her pink with white stripes shorts, with the word, JUICY, across her ass. She's not wearing a bra or panties. Penny licks her lips, definitely turned on by the huge alien cock. She squeezes it and strokes it. Penny loves the feel of it in her hand.

"Oh my God... it's so big and thick." Penny notices a glob of alien precum oozing out of the piss slit. She cautiously leans over and laps it up, wondering what alien precum tastes like.

"Holy crap on a cracker! That's good. Wow... I never knew alien jizz was so sweet." Penny starts sucking off the alien, drinking the precum that pours out onto her tongue. She deep throats the entire immense shaft, her saliva lubing it for her mouth.

Penny feels the huge shaft tremble in her expertly sucking mouth. She sucks even faster, bobbing her head rapidly, swinging it, side to side. The alien cock explodes inside Penny's throat. The tidal wave of alien jizz pours down Penny's throat. She pulls back and collects a mouthful in her mouth, drinking it all down once the cock stops cumming. Penny takes a couple of cocksucking selfies, with the alien cock filling her slutty mouth.

"Oh my fucking God! That was so yummy. If I would've known how good alien cum was, I would've been sucking off a whole bunch of aliens before now." Penny laughs, and sucks the fat alien rod clean, popping her mouth off of it.

"I need this big fucking alien dick in my pussy." Penny yanks her shorts off and climbs up on the table, straddling the alien, as she faces away from it. Penny bounces wildly on the bulging alien rod, slamming her pussy down on it.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKK!! GOD... THAT FEELS GOOD!!" Penny screams out, cumming all over the fat alien cock in her pussy. She leans her perfect, blonde haired head back and keeps slamming down on the rod. Penny fucks the alien for thirty minutes, cumming three more times. She finally feels the big dick twitch hard and cum deep up her perfectly delicious, throbbing, bald pussy.

"Uhhhhhhhh." Penny groans, as the cum pours into her convulsing pussy. There's so much, it oozes out the sides of her stretched out, swollen cunt.

"FUCK... THAT WAS SO GOOD! You've got a great cock mr alien." Penny looks back at the still motionless alien and says.

"Thank you." The alien finally speaks.

"EEEEEKKKKKK!!" Penny is scared shitless, jumping off the aliens dick and the table. She slips and falls down, but quickly recovers, grabbing her shorts an running out of the exam room.

The alien just smiles and throws up a peace sign.

"CUT!" Kelly says. "Great job guys." She compliments Spence and Penny, as the lights come on. Penny walks back into the room, putting her shorts on.

"Damn... I almost sprained my ankle, jumping off that table." Penny laughs.

"You OK?" Kelly asks.

"Yeah... I'm fine. My pussy is real fine. Great job Spence. You've got a helluva nice alien cock." Kelly and Penny laugh. Spence gives Penny a big alien thumbs up, as he takes the giant alien head off.


I spend the evening fucking Beth and Bernie, doggy style pounding their tight asses and slamming their big ol, soft titties, nice and proper. Howard films it. I gave him a million dollar bonuses for each sex robot. Bernie took control of the money. She didn't want Howard spending it on his own robot... or a ronof comic books. Ha.

Howard zoomed in as I came all over his gorgeous wife's smiling face. Bernie sucked me clean, as I booty fingered Beth.

Kelly rode me, as we went over the movie. She bounced that awesome pussy on my rock hard cock monster, telling me how everything went.

We put it out... and it was HUGE. A big smash for our site. Hey... sex robots... horny green aliens... and sluts... all pay I guess. I love this country. (Big ass smile, as I smoke a fat ass blunt, my feet kicked up on my desk.

Sex sells... and sluts do the selling. Oh hell to the fuck yeah!!

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