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Our Family Bond
Category: Roleplay Stories


"Mmmmmmm... Give me that dick JAMESSSSSSS... Ahhhhhhhhhh."

My Sister Dana's (Regina King) lips tasting so sweet... Pussy even sweeter. Got her arms stretched out above her head, plowin' dat sweet ass pussy like only I can. 12 inches of pure bred dick meat plunging all the way up that chocolate honey hole... DEEPER... FASTER... HARDER... Dana shoots her cream, spray painting my white dick with her pussy honey. Kissing those lips, as she moans in delight into my mouth, banging her harder and harder... I cum. Pumping my seed deep and fast in that chocolate punanny. "Mmmmmmmmmmm... Feed me your cum daddy. Mmmmmmmmmmm." Dana sucks my tongue, as I feed her black pussy daddy's sweet, creamy nut.

I roll off her and light a blunt. Dana moves to my cock and sucks my cum glazed cock monster clean as a whistle. She looks up at me, unbridled lust in her eyes. She sucks me dry, loving every second... just like me. I smoke... then pass to her. Dana puffs... Blows the smoke all over my cock... then passes back. Relaxing time with my sister.

We're adopted. Our mama Oprah Winfrey is not only world famous... she's also a great mom. I'm a mama's boy. I love her so damn much. She's always there for us and she's always taking care of my every need... every damn one. Damn, I love her titties. Huge, natural wonders. She let's me play with em any fucking time I want.

"I love your big white cock James. It's so beautiful... just like you. Mmmmmmmmmmm." Dana winks at me, sucking half of my cock down her throat, slowly, softly pleasing me. Her mouth wrapped so tight and lovingly around my very thick dick. Her cheeks billowed out, her tongue swirling my shaft.

I softly caress her beautiful face, smoke... and watch... her orally please me so beautifully.

I go downstairs... naked... my favorite attire. I see mama in the kitchen and smile. I'm so happy being Oprah Winfery's son. She's so unbelievably sexy. We all live together. I just smile. Mama's beautiful. So curvaceous, so busty... So God damn sexy. A low cut white, short sleeve blouse... tight jeans, black glasses... those awesome titties overflowing her top. Huge cleavage on display. "Hey mama."

"Hey baby... (She Kisses Me)... Mmmmm... sexy man." I stand behind her, playing with her huge, heavy black titties, grinding on her phat ass, softly kissing her neck.

"Mama... you're so gorgeous. Sexiest mama in the world."

"Awwwwww... Thank you baby. You're the most handsome, most wonderful son in the world. I love you so much." Mama grinds that booty against my cock. I pull her jeans down and kneel down, spreading her thick cheeks. I lick her anus, smacking her phat ass, squeezing it hard.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm." Mama moans, as I slide my tongue up her tight ass, licking her out, rolling my tongue in her dark chocolate tunnel. I love mama's ass. I rub her wet slit, as I devour her tasty ass. Mama shakes her ass on my face. I finger her pussy faster and faster, my tongue rolling faster in her ass. Mama squirts all over my fingers. I lick them clean, then stand up.

My cock is so hard for mama. She reaches back, grabs it and puts it against her tight anus. I push, sliding slowly up that tight, dark tunnel. Mama moans her sluttiest, sexiest moans. I fuck my mama's phat ass. My huge white cock, stretching her out, plunging deep into her gorgeous, thick booty. I slam up mama's ass, my white thighs pounding against her black ass.

I pull mama's blouse up. She pulls her huge tits out of her white bra. I lean around and suck them, so happily, so lovingly. I'm obsessed with mama's huge black tits. I softly bite them, licking every, soft inch. I pound mama's tight ass, my massive white dick stretching her tunnel so wide. Her ass feels so fucking good. Mama's squirts all over me. I keep pounding her ass, sucking each tit, alternating sides. I suck them as hard as possible, stuffing as much of them in my mouth as possible. They taste like heaven. Huge titty heaven.

I suck one huge tit and squeeze the other, as I plow mama's tight ass. "FUCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEE BABYYYYYYYYYY!!" Mama squirts again. It shoots out all over the floor. I keep plowing mama's ass.

Dana comes in and kneels down, sucking my big, hanging balls, as I destroy mama's phat booty with my giant cock. Mama's smiles so big, holding my face to her tits, as I devour them. I squeeze the other tit so damn hard. Dana sucks my balls beautifully.

I pound the living fuck outta mama's gorgeous, curvaceous ass... So fucking fast!! Mama squirts again. This time right into Dana's sucking mouth. I blast my massive load of cum up mama's ass. FUCKKKKKKKK... IT FEELS GOODDDDDD!! My cock pumps out the jizz, full blast. I cum and cum and cum. It leaks out of mama's ass and Dana laps it all up. I smile so damn big, loving Dana's mouth all over my cock. She pulls my cock out of mama's ass and sucks the rest of my thick cum down her throat. She moans happily, drinking down every fucking drop of cum.

Mama and I kiss deeply. I manhandle her perfect titties, while we kiss... and while Dana sucks every drop of jizz outta me. She shoves her tongue up mama's ass and licks out every drop of cum in there, sucking it out too. I love my mama and sister so fucking much.

Mama and Dana kiss, sharing my cum. I watch and smile, sucking mama's huge tits... Dana's small ones too.

My Mama, sister and I have a very special bond. Our love for each other is unbreakable. Our sexual lust for one another is just as strong. We fuck all the time, every day, every night. I've gotten them both pregnant. We decided to finally get married... all three of us. It's beautiful. They're beautiful. I'm the luckiest dude on earth I'm married to the two most wonderful, sexiest women on earth... and they just so happen to be my mama and sister.

Our bond is the most beautiful thing to me. Our loving, listing, fuck crazy bond. We are one now... and it's because of our bond. Our Family Bond.

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