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The Odd Couple XXX
Category: Roleplay Stories







I've been living with my girlfriend Kat for a year. I've been sharing the apartment with my best friend Spence for three. We've been best friends since we were kids. We're different, but we get along great. I guess you could say we're the Odd Couple... (wink).

I'm a gigalo... and Spence is an animator. He works on movies and TV shows. He's a big comic book nerd. I like em too... I just like chicks a whole lot more.

I'm pretty good with women... hence my job choice. Spence is... well... to be nice, he's a little awkward around them. I feel sorry for him... and I've tried to help him out over the years. The only reason he's not a virgin, is because I hooked him up with a couple of chicks. Hot ones. They were hookers, but hey... a hot chick is a hot chick.

I've tried to hook him up a bunch more times, but he always finds a way to mess it up.

Spence has the hots for my girl Kat. She's a big, natural titty beauty with a cool ass personality and a sex drive that almost rivals me.

Spence also has the hots for my mom Kathie Lee. She's the most gorgeous mom on earth and my first love. Mom's also got one helluva body for a woman in her 60's. Her hot body rivals hotties in their 20's. Such a babe... just like Kat.

Spence has been down lately, more than usual. He's lonely and he keeps saying he wishes he could make a porno someday... but he knew he never could, cause he sucks with women. He doesn't even think he could score, in a movie, with a chick who's getting paid.

As I said earlier, he's only fucked hookers, so maybe that's his route to success. I feel bad for him. He's my best friend... But at least one of us is getting laid regularly... (Smiling)...

Kat and I are going at it in an early morning fuck marathon. I had three clients yesterday, but I'm always horny for my big titty beauty. Kat's riding me, my twelve inches buried up that brunette snatch, her arms hugging me to her magnificent chest. I'm sucking those glorious titties... motorboating the fuck outta em.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGG AGAINNNNNNNNNNNN JAMESSSSSSSSSSSSS... FUCKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Kat screams out in sexual nirvana, coating my foot long fuckstick with her tasty pussy cum, squirting like a sex fountain... for the eighth time.

I've already banged her curvilicious booty, as she was bent over the bed, screaming my name... Fucked her huge, full and fantabulous titties, like a sex fiend, while straddling that spectacular titty mountain... Sixty nined while I pissed in her thirsty mouth. Our usual fun times.

I cum blast my huge load all up in Kat's honey hole, as we kiss dirty, her arms wrapped around my neck, our saliva mixing together, sucking each other's tongues.

"Damn baby... You got me all fucked out, right before I gotta go to work. I fucking love you James. My handsome ass boyfriend. You're a stone cold hottie baby... and your all mine." Kat kisses all over my face... licking my face too...slowly. Sexy ass bitch.

"Fucking love you too hot stuff. Big ass titties of awesome always got me rock fucking hard." I tell Kat, who squeezes down tight on my cock with her super talented twat.

"Mmmmmmmmm... yes they do... so hard." Kat kisses me, while I fondle those big ass tits of awesome.

"Babe... I've been thinking about something. Please don't get mad." I tell Kat, cautiously.

"Ummmm... OK. I'll try not to." Kat says sarcastically, balling her right hand into a fist, laughing.

"I feel bad for Spence. He's so lonely and he doubts himself so damn bad. He's been telling me he wanted to do a porno, but he knew he couldn't get a chick to do it with him." I say, trying to not piss her off, before I even ask her the favor.

"So... let him get a guy then. Who knows... maybe he's gay. He does have a lot of trouble with girls." Kat rubs my faces and lays on my chest. I put my arms around her and let it fly.

Would you be willing to be in the porn movie with him?" I blurt out.

Kat raises up and looks at me with a half disgusted, half, "are you fucking serious?" look.

"Don't punch me baby. I'm just asking a favor. Please." I give her my innocent puppy dog eyes, which she can never resist.

"So let me get this straight. You want me... your loving, very, very sexy girlfriend... to be in a porn movie and fuck your best friend... who's a creepy little loser?" Kat asks,, her arms folded, sitting in my lap, under the sheets. She has an angry look on her super gorgeous face.

"Well... I guess... yes." I wait for her to punch me. Thankfully she doesn't.

"Could you at least think about it babe? Please. It's important... and I love you, you gorgeous, beautiful, super sexy, perfect goddess of a supermodel beauty." I lay on the cheesy charm thick. Kat giggles. She's still upset though.

"Oh... I'll think about it. My boyfriend wants me to fuck his annoying best friend, cause he can't get laid! Fuck!" Kat jumps outta bed and storms around the room angrily, for a few minutes. I stay quiet and let her calm down. She walks around the room... looking fucking awesome, nude. A few minutes later, Kat gets back in bed with me.

"I'm calm now... and thank you baby. Your cheesy compliments never get old... and you're correct, I am all of that... and more." Kat looks away, her mood mellowing, slightly.

"Thank you... and yes you are baby... and more. A whole lot more." I tell Kat, hugging her and softly kissing all over her face. Kat half smiles and gives me a quick kiss, quickly looking away.

"You know... Spence has the hots for you baby. He can't stop talking about how beautiful you are." I tell Kat.

"Yeah... he can't stop staring at my boobs either. Pervert." Kat says, smirking and giggling.

"C'mon. Give him a break. He's really lonely and down... and you're so fucking hot, with those awesome titties. Can't blame him for staring. I do too." I squeeze Kat's tits, pinching the hard, thick nips. Kats titties are so big and heavy in my hands. I fucking love em.

"Well... they're yours baby. You can stare all you want. Spence on the other hand..." Kat kisses me and gets up to shower and get dressed for work. It starts to turn me on, thinking about Spence fucking Kat, porn movie or not. I decide to move the process along a little quicker.

"You know. If you do this favor for me... I'll take you on that cruise to Jamaica." I sweeten the deal for Kat. She's been wanting to take a two week cruise to Jamaica with me for awhile, but our schedules haven't lined up.

Kat comes out of the bathroom with a towel on her head... and nothing else on. "Oh really? Bribing me to fuck your roommate?" Kat laughs and shake her big titties for me.

"I'll think about it baby. OK? You're making it interesting. I'll definitely think about it. Who knows... maybe Spence can fuck. I doubt it... but who knows. He might surprise me. I already know he doesn't have a big dick like you. I saw it one day, when he was coming out of the shower and I needed to borrow 50 bucks, and you were outta town. It's small... compared to yours. Thick though, but small. He's just so creepy." Kat goes back in the bathroom.

Later in the day, I have a free schedule and my mom drops by. I have the world's most beautiful mom. She's in her mid sixties, but she has the body of a woman half her age. So curvy and smooth, tan and firm.

Mom and I are eating lunch, when Spence comes in. "Hello Spence. How are you dear?" Mom greets him with a smile. She's so sweet... and sexy as fuck.

"I'm fine I guess, Kathie Lee. It's great to see you. You look ravishing as always." Spence tries to charm mom.

"Aww. Thank you. You're sweet. How's everything? Do you have a girlfriend yet?" Mom asks, as Spence sits on the sofa. Mom and I are at the kitchen table. It's an open apartment. The kitchen and dining area are one room basically...and open.

"No. No. Not yet... unfortunately. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever find anyone... or even get a hookup. I'm so lonely." Spence holds his head down. I feel bad for my friend. Yes... as Kat said, he's a little creepy sometimes, but he's also my friend... my best friend, so I wanna help him out.

"Aww... poor Spence. You'll find someone. Don't get too down on yourself, dear." Mom reassures Spence... or tries too.

"Thank you, but I don't think so." Spence heads to his bedroom. A couple of hours later, Mom and I are making out on the couch. Her gorgeous C cups feeling so awesome in my hands. "I feel bad for Spence, sweetheart. He's so down and lonely." Mom says, as we kiss. She softly bites my tongue, and rubs my crotch.

We can hear noises from Spence's bedroom. He's watching a porno... and most likely, jerking off. Mom and I laugh... and make out.

Mom sucks my cock as only she can, slowly dragging those beautiful lips up and down my huge shaft. Her tongue bathing my rod in her saliva, lubing it for those lips. I close my eyes and enjoy it all. I push mom's head down further on my cock. She easily takes it in, her throat opening, accepting her son's cock with loving delight.

Mom rides me, reverse cowgirl, on the couch. I play with those gorgeous 36C tits, squeezing them, loving the feel of those soft tits in my big hands.

Mom and I kiss, as she rides me. I roll her perky, rubbery nipples between my fingers, quickly rubbing the tips. Mom moans happily into my mouth, bouncing away on my big cock. She grinds on my cock also, her ass moving slowly, then quickly, then bouncing again.

Mom moans again into my mouth, cumming hard on my rock hard manhood. I pinch her gorgeous, thick nipples and her sweet, delicious milk dribbles out. I lean forward and lick it off her nipples.

I suck those thick, throbbing nipples hard, drinking down that spectacular mother's milk, loving every damn drop. Mom hugs me to her gorgeous breasts, as I greedily gulp down that sweet milk.

I bang mom doggy style in the sofa, smacking her ass, squeezing it, as I watch my big ass cock drill up that sweet ass, mature pussy. I pull mom's long, dark blonde hair, and pound her pussy harder and harder. She squirts on my cock. I keep plowing up that sweet pussy.

Mom's tits hang down and jiggle from the hard fucking. "OH MY GOD... I'M CUMMING AGAINNNNNNNNNNNN!!" Mom screams out and blasts her pussy nectar all over my hard throbbing cock. I pull out and pull her around. Mom sucks my cock, tasting her juices.

Mom rides me, facing me, as I lay on the couch. I suck her awesome, mature melons, as they dangle in my face. I drink that mothers milk that dribbles out, licking her nipples, sucking so hard on those awesome tits.

Mom squirts again, as I cum deep up her spasming pussy. Our mutual orgasm feeling so electric and love fueled. We kiss and ride out our mutual BIG O.

Mom climbs off me and licks all over my cum glazed cock, cleaning it beautifully. She sucks it down all the way, her head bobbing, as she sucks out every last drop of jizz in me. I play with her hair and groan, loving my mother's mouth on me.

We hear Spence still watching his porn. "That's sad sweetheart. We just had a beautiful fuck... and Spence is all alone, watching porn. He really needs a girl." Mom says, as we snuggle. I squeeze her beautiful, soft, but firm ass and decide to let Spence have some fun.

"Mom... WI you go in there and fuck Spence? Show him a great time... like you always do me." I ask mom, playing with her ass, softly kissing her cheek and neck.

"Sure baby. I'll do anything for you sweetheart." Mom kisses me and gets up, heading over to Spence's room. Mom knocks on the door and heads in. I kick back on the couch and relax. I turn on the TV and think about mom fucking Spence. Mom's awesome in every way.

Thirty minutes later, mom's still in Spence's room. I get up and get a beer and sit back on the sofa.

An hour has last and mom's still in there with Spence. I decide to go check on them. I get up and walk over to Spence's room. I hear mom talking to Spence... and I hear Spence groaning. I quietly crack open the door.

Mom is riding Spence, reverse cowgirl, telling him how to last longer, squeezing his cock and balls tight, so he can't cum, when she feels he's ready to. My mom the sex teacher. Ha. I love her so damn much.

Mom sees me and winks, blowing me a sweet kiss, as she bounces on Spence's hard as steel cock. Spence is laid back on his bed, groaning, his hands on mom's hips. Mom is bouncing hard on his cock, stopping to make sure he doesn't cum, squeezing his cock and balls to make sure he doesn't.

"Good boy Spence. This way, you'll last much longer. You have to train yourself to be a better lover, dear." Mom smiles at me and grinds in Spence's cock.

"Now... put it in my ass and let's train you to last longer in a tighter hole." Mom tells Spence, who's groaning like crazy, wanting to cum, but not being allowed to.

"OK Kathie Lee... thank you so much for this. Oh my God... it feels so great!" Spence is having fun, so I close the door gently, as Mom waves at me. I go back to the sofa, smiling, knowing my mom is working her sexual magic on my best friend. Spence is gonna be fine.

Two hours later, mom comes into the living room and sits on the couch next to me. I hand her a beer.

"So... how did it go?" I ask, as we sip our beers, looking at my gorgeous mother, so turned on by her.

"It went beautifully sweetheart. I think Spence will be just fine from now on." Mom simels her beautiful smile and we tap bottles and drink. Mom tells me about their three hour sex lesson.

"Spence has a sweet little cock. It's not as bug as yours sweetheart, but it's really nice. Nice and thick. He was scared it would be big enough for me, but I assured him it was fine." Mom rubs my leg.

"I sucked it for him, so he would relax, but he came quick. He kept apologizing. I laughed. It was sweet. His cum was very nice. I loved it rolling down my throat, when I swallowed it. Spence enjoyed that too. I even rimmed his ass for him. He really enjoyed that too." Mom looks at me, her sexually intense eyes beaming at me, her fingers walking softly, up and down my soft cock.

Mom starts stroking my cock, as she tells me everything. I listen and enjoy the handjob.

"Spence fucked me good. He was nervous, but I told him what to do... and showed him. His cock felt so good in me. I love thick clocks. You know that baby." Mom blows me a kiss and strokes me, my cock hardening in her super skilled hand.

"He felt really good in my ass. He fucked me from behind, my hands on his headboard. He came in my ass, I let him. He stayed hard, which is always good. I let him fuck my tits. He almost came again, but I bit his cock, and wouldn't let him." Mom strokes me faster. Her sweet lips gripping the beer bottle so sexy, as she drinks it.

"We fucked some more, different positions. I taught him to control his urge to cum. He learned really well. I rewarded him, by letting him jerk off in my mouth, while I licked his, nice and fat, cock head.

Spence has such tasty cum. I played with it in my mouth for him, then swallowed it all, letting him see I did. He was so grateful afterwards. He ate my pussy for a half an hour. I came in his mouth twice. He was so sweet. I think he will be just fine from now on." Mom strokes my rock hard cock faster and faster, looking at me with her sexiest look, slowly licking the bottle neck.

"Now... about my gorgeous son." Mom leans over and sucks my cock, deepthroating my entire cock in one gulp. I cum deep down her throat. Mom licks my huge, cum pumping, balls, as she drinks down my gooey jizz. Mom swallow every drop I feed her.

"Absolutely delicious sweetheart. The best ever baby." Mom licks her lips, smacking them, blowing me a, sexy as fuck, kiss. I love my mother so damn much. She's such a beautiful sex goddess. So damn sexy.

I go out for an appointment, and when I come back, Kat is gone, in just her bathrobe. She's waiting for me. Kat kisses me, her arms around my neck. I fondle those world class tits of hers and make out with her super sexy ass.

"Let's do it. I'll fuck Spence and he can film it. I wanna do it now baby. I'm horny as fuck, and I want that vacation." Kat shakes her eyebrows for me.

"OK baby. Let's do it." I kiss her.

"SPENCE. GET OUT HERE." I call Spence.

Spence comes out of his bedroom, a smile on his face. "I'm sorry guys, I was eavesdropping. Thank you both so very much. This means the world to me. I'm ready to rock." Spence opens his bathrobe and shows off his hard as steel erection. He already has the camera set up in his bedroom. Kat and I laugh.

"Well... so am I." Kat tells Spence, opening her bathrobe, showing off that perfectly curvaceous body. I squeeze her phat ass and suck Kat's huge tits for a few, as she moans and plays with my hair, then she heads off to Spence's bedroom.

I laugh and sit back on the couch. Kat already put a six pack there for me. I watch some TV, hearing grunting and moaning from Spence's bedroom. I grin. I drink the whole six pack and start another one. Two and a half hours later, I decide to check on them. I open the door and watch.

Kat is riding Spence's thick cock in her phat ass, reverse cowgirl, facing the camera. "Mmmmmm... fuck me cowboy. Fuck my ass mister!" Kat enjoying making the movie.

Kat sees me and smiles. "Yeahhhhhh... my boyfriend is watching me get fucked in the ass. I fucking love it!" Kat says, so damn hot, licking her luscious lips, looking right at me. Those huge, natural tits shaking, as she bounces on that thick dick. Kat bites her lips and lays her head back, as Spence fucks up into her tight ass from the bed.

Spence fucks Kat doggy style, in her ass, facing the camera. Her big hanging tits flopping wildly. "YESSSSSSS... FUCK MY ASS HARDERRRRRRRRR!!" Kat grunts, horny as fuck. Spence slams up her ass.

Spence fucks Kat's tits, straddling that awesome chest. Kat licks Spence's piss slit, as his thick head pops through her huge titty mountains. Spence grunts loud and cums all over Kat's gorgeous face. It splatters out onto her cheeks and lips. Thick white goo slowly running down her face. Kat sucks his still cumming head.

"Mmmmmmmmmm... so good." Kat likes Spence's cum. She sucks him clean, then lays back, as come over and cum all over her face too. I had been jacking off watching. Kats very beautiful face is completely covered in jizz.

I finish cumming in Kat's mouth. Kat sucks me so hard, drinking down every last gooey drop. "Oh my God... I love your cum James. Fuck... it's delicious. Feed me baby." Kat sucks me totally clean, smiling a cum soaked smile up at me.

"Here... suck it Spence. You owe James." Kat tells him. I laugh. Spence leans over and sucks my cock too. Kat wipes my cock with my our cum and makes Spence suck it. He does so willingly, so happy I let him fuck my mom and girlfriend. Kat and Spence alternate sucking me.

It was one helluva day. We uploaded Spence's movie. It was a big hit. He wants to make another one... but Kat told him it was a one time thing. I'm sure I can find another chick for him... maybe mom. I'll make that a threesome though. I wanna fuck mom, while Spence does.

We're best friends, so I'm glad I could help Spence get over his doubts about himself. Mom and Kat were awesome for doing the "hard work" too. Spence is happy now and I'm doing my thing, fucking for a living. We having a blast as... The Odd Couple XXX.

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