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Kelly Gone Wild Ep. 2
Category: Roleplay Stories

Some changes made to the series :

My wife Kelly (Formerly Kelly Madison) is 55 years old, not 54

Andy from the Kelly XXX series makes his debut in this series in this episode

Other cast changes are made starting with this episode


Kim Kardashian is back being one of my top chicks... welcome back, baby

Totally Fake Sex Fiction... Only A Fantasy

"God, babe... I've missed this gorgeous cock in me so very much. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. God! Oh Yeahhhh. Big daddy dick meat, baby. Yum. Hehehe."

Fucking Kim Kardashian's ass again just feels right. My dick would most definitely agree with that.

Deep fucking that Kardashian dumper makes me smile. Always has. In... out... in... out. Deep trust in... long pull out. Over... and over... and over. God. My cock is raging hard. It could cut through stone right about now. Throbbing away non stop inside the most famous ass on earth.

Slapping Kim's rump. Hard!

"Yeahhhh. Do it, daddy. Do it." Kim wiggles her as on my cock. Nice and naughty.

Again... An even harder slap. BAM!

"GOD, YES! Fuck me til I can't walk, baby. Make me yours. Brand me, baby. Brand my ass. God, that's so hot!"

I thrust quicker up her ass, looking down at her back. Her long, shiny dark hair flowing down it so perfectly, even as she takes fourteen inches of fast ass dick meat, just about balls deep, up that dumper. FASTER, FASTER, FASTER, FASTER.... HARDER, HARDER, HARDER, HARDER... OVER... AND... OVER... AND... OVER... AND OVER!!!!

My bed shaking hard. Kim screaming and squirting. Her cream blasting past me, spraying the TV and even the sliding, patio doors behind it. Kim's face buried in the bed, screaming into it as her butt is ravaged by big daddy dick meat himself. BAM... BAM... BAM... BAM... BAM!!!!! Deep, hard, fast, and merciless, dominating that celebrity badonkadonk like only I can. IN... IN... IN... IN... IN... IN... SO FUCKING HARDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!

I yank hard on Kim's long dark hair, lifting her face from the bed. She's pounding on the bed. Her lush, curvy body trembling all over from the hardcore anal pounding she's receiving.



My giant dick jolts and lurches so deep up that insanely beautiful butt as I cum. Kim's ass spasming and dancing around extra wild non stop the whole sperm dump time. She's shaking and dancing it like a wild ass whore having the best fuck ever. Yeah... she definitely is.

I lean down, and kiss my manager. Deep and dirty kiss. Kim engulfing my mouth and raping my tongue with hers as my cum spewing slows to a mere dribble in her butt.

"I love you, babe. I love you so fucking much." Kim's going all out with the flattery. She wants me. Not just as her fuck buddy. She wants me as her man. My marriage to Kelly making no difference to her. She just wants me. I gotta smile to that. Yeah... most definitely, I do.

"Is Kelly picking up Andy?"

"Yeah. She's bringing him to our place to stay til he gets his own place. He's gonna film some solo stuff with her later too. A nice dildo fuck or something."

"Sounds yummy... like this cock. Hehe." Kim rolls me off of her, and kisses me. Very passionately. She pumps my softening meat as we kiss. Her hand handling it so perfect. Lightly gripping and squeezing it as she jerks it. Perfect handjob. She smiles extra naughty, then winks at me, then... slowly licks her way down my body, softly kissing me as she goes.

Kim licks from the base of my balls all the way up to the tip of my cock, smiling so beautifully at me the whole time. She nibbles on it, giggling when she hears me growling happily.

Kim laps up any drops of cum glazed to my thick, spongy crown, kissing my cock so sexy, then sucking me in, slurping my mostly soft cock with such skilled love and fiery lust as well. I lay back on the bed and smile towards the ceiling... fucking loving having my dick in Kim Kardashian's super gorgeous mouth again.

As I mentioned just now, my wife... the star of all of this... Kelly, is picking up my dad's old pal Andy at the airport. He's a well known smut producer, and pretty chill guy, so he's gonna fit right in with us.

"It's good to meet you too, Andy. It's not a bother picking you up, either. James is kinda busy... (Kelly grins)... so he asked me to pick you up."

"I really appreciate it, doll. Wow... James really hit the hot wife jackpot. You're absolutely ravishing, my dear."

"Awww. Thanks, Andy. You're sweet. I heard you're quite the charmer." Kelly giggles as she smiles over at ol' Andy. They stop at a light.

Kelly shifts slightly in her seat. Her long blonde hair swaying slightly as she moves. Those incredibly lush, cherry red lipstick covered lips so nice and wet and creamy. Kelly licks them a little, a sly smirk on them. She knows exactly how hot she is and she definitely loves showing it off as much as possible.

Andy watches her, and smiles, groaning to himself. My wife the master cock tease at work again. Ha.

"Just being honest, sweetheart. You're taking my breath away... and I don't even mind." Andy winks at Kelly. They laugh. Kelly's smiling... and so is my dad's dear friend.

"Well thank you. I'll be sure to give it back to you. I wouldn't want anything to happen to such a sweet, charming gentleman like you." Kelly blows Andy a sweet, friendly kiss. Seems like they're hitting it off really well.

Ol' Andy is a really sweet guy, but... he's also a real horny guy too, so he's scoping out my wife's world famous rack in her tight, thin, gray pullover hoodie top. Her gray satin, push-up bra underneath is making those already massive, all natural 34FFs look even more massive.

Kelly notices Andy's line of sight at her. She smirks as she watches the light, and shakes her boobs a little for the old guy's immense enjoyment.

After Kelly takes off from the light, she glances over and notices Andy's bulge in his pants. My dad told me about his funky, pierced penis, and I told Kelly. Andy has small metal balls pierced into his shaft, on all four sides of it, under the skin. Like a body morphing type thing. Kelly was definitely intrigued when I told her about it... and she still is.

"You know, I hope you don't mind, but James' dad told him about your pierced cock. And, he told me." Kelly, always the cock tease. Ha. She gives ol' Andy a naughty little grin, then turns her head back to watching the road... still grinning.

"Oh... No, I don't mind at all, doll." Andy chuckles. "... not at all." He and Kelly both laugh. Once they hit the next light, sweet ol' Andy kicks it up a notch... or several.

"Would you like to see it for yourself, my dear?" Andy's sly, naughty grin makes Kelly laugh again.

"Well... if you insist." She grins, and winks at the flirty old dude.

Andy unzips his beige cargo shorts and let's his funky old dick breathe. It's pale, uncircumcised, and has a pink head. It's only about five and a half inches long, but it's really thick from all of the metal balls pierced into the shaft, under the skin. Kelly looks it over and starts laughing again. "That... is one unique cock, Andy. Definitely."

"So... you like it?" Andy shakes it for Kelly. She laughs once more.

"Oh yeah. I sure do. Hehe. That must feel amazing in your pussy or ass." Kelly mischievously smirks at the old guy.

"Well, thank you. And, I wouldn't know about that myself. My pussy is shaped like a cock. And, itswkinds hard for me to fuck myself with it anyway." That gets a big laugh from Kelly.

"It sure is, Andy. It sure is. Hehehehe." Andy and Kelly are getting along great so far. They both love to flirt. And, they both like Andy's unique dick, apparently. Ha.

Over at my sugar mama Kathie Lee Gifford's pad, my half brother Spence (The King Of Queens) decided to pay her a visit, and talk some things over with her... kinda.

"Good boy, Spencey. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Another glass of wine for me. I want wine. I want wine. Haha."

Kathie Lee pours herself another tall glass of her beloved Gifft Wines white wine as Spence eats her out. He's laying on her bed, looking up at that almost 70 year old, but still gorgeous pussy pie. Kathie Lee's bending over the side of the bed... wearing only an open, white silk robe, white stockings, and white pumps... on top of Spence, grinding her delicious coochie just above his lips as Spence catches his breath after having Kathie Lee grind on his face for the last forty five minutes or so... while she downed three glasses of wine. So, she's pretty freaking buzzed... and happy.

"Ok, Alan. Chop, chop. Mama needs a dick. Poor Spencey's is too small." She mischievously smirks, teasing my well endowed half brother, shaking her dripping wet pussy right on Spence's pudgy lips for a few seconds before her boy toy Alan walks over, right up behind her. He's Kathie Lee's assistant. Alan's 20. Blonde, trim, over 6 feet tall. He's a junior at USC. Alan's majoring in drama. He wants to be an actor. Kathie Lee is "training" him, her way, for his hopeful, future career in Hollywood.

Alan rubs his nine incher on Kathie Lee's already lubed up anus. Spence takes another breather, watching up close as that rock solid boner slides so easily into Kathie Lee's very experienced butt. She's had more than a few dicks up there over the years... assistants or not... so she's well versed in anal love. Especially when she's downing her beloved white wine. She finishes off glass number four... and pours glass number five, putting the mostly empty bottle back on the nightstand when she's done.

"Oh yeahhhhhh. Such a lovely cock, my dear. Good boy, Alan. Very good boy." Kathie Lee smiles over her shoulder at him and blows him a sexy kiss as he fucks her very comfy ass. Sipping her wine again, right after the kiss.

Alan's gripping Kathie Lee's hips, butt fucking her famous hole nice and steady. A nice, smooth pace. Kathie Lee's drinking, and moaning happily.

Spence, is watching it all from below, goofy/pervy grinning as always, licking at Kathie Lee's quivering labia as they smoothly slide back and forth, an inch or so above his mouth.

Kathie Lee reaches down and tickles Spence's cock. She hasn't done anything to it so far, so Spence is really excited to feel her fingers on it. His huge meat thrusting, twitching, and dancing around on his crotch from Kathie Lee's expert touch. Spence growls happily, licking her labia some more as Alan's rock hard rod keeps up the steady and smooth butt banging. Thrusting all the way in, balls deep, each time.

Back at home...

"Thanks for letting me stay here, doll. I'll find my own place asap."

"You're welcome, Andy. No hurry. We have plenty of room." Kelly smiles. She's watching Andy get settled into his room. It's down the hall from our bedroom.

Andy's a real cool dude. Real nice. Real chill. Easy going. Very likeable. He's 69. Kinda short. Big ol' gray hair covered beer belly. He loves his Hawaiian shirts too. Dude wears them all the time. He's got a yellow and white one on now. Mostly open.

"James tells me your recently divorced."


"How long were you married... if you don't mind me asking." Kelly's asks, her arms folded under her world famous boobs. Andy's putting his clothes into the dresser. He pauses for a second.

"38 years, doll. And, that was my second marriage. I was hitched for a year and a half a few years before this one."

"Oh, wow. Sorry about your break-up."

"It's fine, sweetheart. We pretty much had ready been broken up for several years... Just not officially." Andy laughs. Kelly does too. "So... are you ready for our shoot? Or do you want to wait?"

"Whenever you're ready. If you need more time to get settled in, then that's fine. We have time. James is out with Kim, so it's just you and me here. Just the two of us. Hehe." Kelly the tease. Always.

"Well... that sounds delightful, my dear... Very delightful." Andy winks at Kelly. They both laugh again. Seems like ol' Andy is gonna fit in really well with us.

Andy's stepping in for Bob, our director. He has another side business going that needed for him to go to Europe for a month or so and handle some things... so... here's Andy.

Serena Williams... Bob's wife... stayed behind to help us out. She's a sweetheart. She's a big help with Kelly Gone Wild. Her and Bob are doing a lot of Skype sex shows with one another, so they're keeping things sexy and fresh between them while Bob's away on business.

"Well... I'll show you our new home studio, out back." Kelly smiles sexy, and leads Andy out to our home studio in the back yard.

We just had it put in. It's nice and cozy... and perfect for making some wild ass porn content. It's a two story studio, with a full basement as well. It looks like a pretty normal, dark brown wood framed guest house from the outside, but, it's a little different inside. Slightly kinkier. (Naughty grin)... We have different rooms set up in it for different fetish categories. All of them normal size rooms, nothing really over the top, size wise. The dungeon in the basement might qualify as that though. Haha.

Kelly and Andy are filming a solo dildo scene... as I said earlier... so, it should be a pretty quick shoot.

Back at Kathie Lee's...

"That's it, Alan. Shoot it for mama. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yes. Give mama all that yummy cum."

Kathie Lee is encouraging her 20 year old assistant to shoot his wad into her wine glass. She's sitting on the side of the bed, beside Spence, holding her wine glass... half filled with white wine... in front of Alan's precum spewing rod, anxiously awaiting his creamy dessert filling. Kathie Lee's smirking extra happy, licking those beautiful, mature lips as she waits on her decadent treat.

"God! Uhh!" Alan jerks his cock blazing fast... and starts cumming. Kathie Lee points it down into her glass and watches on as one creamy jizz glob after the other shoots down into it. Rolling down the sides of the glass, mixing with the wine to create a very special cocktail for the queen of daytime TV.

Kathie Lee rubs Alan's spent rod on the rim of the glass to get every last drop out, then she lightly swirls the cocktail around in the glass, judging the viscosity and look of the fluid in the glass. She smiles, approving of it all.

"Now... that taste test." Kathie Lee smirks and winks at Alan, who's watching closely. Spence is also watching, and playing with Kathie Lee's still gorgeous breasts while he relaxes on the bed beside her.

Kathie Lee brings the glass to her lips, licking slowly around the brim. A couple of drops of sticky semen clinging to her lips. She tilts the ass, and drinks it all. Slowly at first, letting Alan and Spence really enjoy the show. Then, she chugs the last of it down, gulping it all down her throat and slowly, and thoroughly, licking all around the inside of the glass to clean it all the way.

"Yum. Such sweet cum, Alan. You're so sweet for feeding me such delicious cum, baby. Thank you, sweetie. Mama approves."

"No problem." Alan grins, lusting big time for my sugar mama. Spence grins his trademark goofy/pervy grin and leans up to suck on Kathie Lee's luscious, and only slightly saggy, right breast. She moans her approval, holding Spence's melon shaped head close to her chest, blowing a sexy kiss to her USC boy toy as well.

"Now... you two make a sandwich outta me. Mama needs some hot DP action." Kathie Lee smirks again, taking her robe off, tossing the wine glass into the fireplace, and climbing up on Spence. Looks like the fun is continuing for the wine loving slut of so many horny guy's dreams... and her two, very down to fuck friends.

Later... at home...

I get a text from Kelly. She tells me that she and Andy are finishing up filming her dildo fuck scene in the new studio. I just walked in the door. Kim is bringing some of her stuff over. She's gonna finish moving the rest in later on. I call a neighbor to come help her move her stuff into the house... he's a big Kim K fan... then I head out to the studio to check up on my wife.

As soon as I walk into the den with the fireplace burning, I start smiling. Kelly's laid out on the white, bear skin rug, writhing around so fucking sexy with a dildo in her pussy and another in her ass. Andy is filming. Kelly smiles so happy when she sees me. Her long blonde hair stretched out on the rug as she writhes on it. Those long, smooth legs of hers stretched out so enticingly as well. What a hot vision. Her gorgeous green eyes sparkling with such deep love for me. The feeling is most definitely mutual.

Kelly's waving and blowing me a real big, and real freaking hot, kiss. My smile is so damn wide and freaking happy. The truly mind blowing vision of my tall, long blonde haired wife with those incredibly lush and hefty breasts in a skin tight red corset with her totally natural 34FF tits out, red stockings and red stripper pumps on, with those two big dildos in her holes... sets my fucking dick on FIRE!!!

Kelly laughs when she sees how turned on I am. She wickedly wiggles her finger at me, motioning for me to come join her...and that sure don't take too long. Ha! I'm outta my clothes and on top of my wife in no time flat, tossing dildos around like a maniac. I almost hit Andy with one. Sorry, dude. Heatedly kissing Kelly on the thick white rug while Andy films it all, grinning himself.

Kelly's got her arms around my neck, playing with my blonde hair, as we kiss, grinding her dripping wet snatch... I can smell her cum all over the rug... on my monster meat as it rubs on her pussy from above.

My love and I so happy together. So happy kissing. So happy grinding on each other. So happy being filmed doing it all. And soon, so happy fucking our horny ass brains out. Ha.

Kelly lines her pussy up with my raging hard dick monster... no hands needed... and sucks my dick in with her pussy. Damn, my chick is talented. No hands. Just her pussy. Just her silky slick, quivering, cock hungry pussy. It sucks me right in that wet, warm hole. Damn! Just damn! The tight grip. The suctioning force. All of it sending powerfully erotic sensations racing through my crotch.

We kiss. Passionate and powerful. We fuck. Passionate and powerful. Me on top. Kelly writhing heatedly on the super soft, white, bear skin rug.

Andy's filming down from in front of us, trying to accurately capture the immense heat between us. My wife and I fucking freely, passionately, displaying our fierce love for one another.

Kelly's enormous boobs rub so enticingly on my chest as we fuck. The harder I drive my giant rod up her constantly spasming pussy, the more they jiggle against my chest. Those massive mounds smashed between us, rubbing all over my chest, adding yet another layer of awesome to our already totally awesome fuck fun on the rug.

Kelly and I keep smiling and laughing at each other, living, loving, and lusting in the moment. Our bodies rubbing so wickedly on each other's. Carnally entwined. It's such a beautifully erotic experience.

Kelly cums. Screaming out into my mouth. Her hands heatedly rubbing up and down my back. Her heavenly divine body trembling as her cum shoots out, showering my fourteen inches of Kelly fucking fame so completely and so perfectly. My thrusts increase in speed and force the more Kelly cums on my cock.

I pull out and quickly slide my cum covered dick right up Kelly's tight butt. Kelly's cream lubing up my entry. Her eyes roll back in her head as I fuck her ass, watching her face. Loving my chick so fucking much. God, I love her.

Kelly moans extra sexy, and sticks her tongue out slightly on her lips. Her extremely happy smile beaming with pure sexual delight. My hips driving my dick up Kelly's ass nice and quick. Her body quivering hard. My cock lurching and twitching hard in her butt as well. I'm ready to blow, bitches.

When I cum, I'm straddling Kelly's world famous rack, feeding her my meat... and my seed. Andy leaning down in front of me, zooming in on Kelly gorging herself on my mighty wad. Drinking it all. Loving it all. Cooing and moaning so blissfully as my decadently gooey cum races into her mouth and right down her throat. Damn... Kelly looks so beautiful drinking my cum. My happy ass smile couldn't get any wider or any more happy asser. (Happy, horny grin)

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Baby, you've got the most delicious cum ever. EVER! GOD! Mmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmm." Kelly's green eyes roll around as she sucks me completely cumless. Totally engrossed with drinking my seed. Her moans getting sluttier and more vibrant by the second.

"Wow. That was a beautiful money shot, James." Andy approves. He gives me a thumbs up as he films.

"Thanks, Andy. My wife makes it very, very easy." I laugh. We all laugh. Kelly winks up at me, my cock stuffing her mouth so full. She gently rubs my thighs as her mouth makes sweet love to my spent, half hard rod. Awesome, dude. Totally fucking awesome.

I kiss Kelly, and help her up, hugging her tight, my hands roaming her back... down to her beautiful, jiggly rump. One hard slap. And one big squeeze, and I'm smiling extra happy again. So damn happy. So in love with the hottest and most perfect wife I could ever hope for.

Andy and I talk over some business while Kelly hits the showers. He's a real cool guy. So laid back and nice. Losing Bob for a month is a big loss, but, Andy is picking up the slack really well so far. Looks like we're gonna be just fine.

My sugar mama Oprah (Herself) stops by a little later. I introduce her to Andy, then we all head out back to have some drinks in the hot tub. Kim took our neighbor out for a bite to thank him for helping her with her stuff, so, it's just the four of us.

Kelly gives Oprah a bikini to wear from our collection we have in the studio. A real sexy one too. Gold. The top barely covering Oprah's huge, dark chocolate fudge nipples. The bikini bottom is skimpy too. Oprah's big ol' black badonkadonk barely contained in it.

Kelly's going topless. A pink g sting bottom is barely there. My chick. Damn... my chick. Such a fucking beauty. A real hot and slutty one. Hellz yeah.

We all chill in the hot tub, and drink, chatting about different things. It's so peaceful in there. That swirling hot water is so soothing. Kelly rubbing those incredibly perfect curves of hers all over me as she drinks really helps with the soothing part as well. Oh yeah. Haha.

Oprah slides her foot, under the water, up on my crotch. A naughty grin on those very full, very voluptuous, chocolate lips of hers. The bubbly water splashing all over those massive ebony mounds on her chest. My very pleased grin making Oprah smile extra sexy. She blows me a very big kiss, then sips her champagne, her foot rubbing so nice on my bulge through my trunks.

Kelly sees Oprah's foot on my crotch, and she joins in, kissing my neck, then speeding things up a bit by whipping off my trunks, twirling them around with her finger, woo-hooing as she goes. She tosses them on the deck, then licks my neck, nibbling on it too. Oh yeah. Things are progressing very, very nicely. (Happy thumbs up)

Andy's laid back and chill as always. He's drinking a scotch, watching everything. He's sitting to Oprah's right, who's across from me. Kelly's to my left, between me and Andy. Damn, this water feels great. Oprah's foot does too. And Kelly's mouth... and her hand massaging my balls, while Oprah's foot works on my dick, certainly does too. (Even happier thumbs up)

Oprah pulls her very skimpy gold bikini top off of her huge black boobs, letting us all enjoy those massive ebony hooters, all wet and extra wonderful, for ourselves.

My approving grin spurs Oprah on. Her foot speeding up on my cock, rubbing up and down on my extra thick shaft, quicker. That, combined with the hot bubbly water working on my dick... and my wife's very talented left hand perfectly massaging my big balls as she licks and nibbles on my neck has me rock hard and ready to go.

Oprah puts her drink down on the brown wood deck, and moves over to me. She and Kelly kiss. I rub both of their asses as they kiss for me. I join in and we have a very cool three way make-out session in front of ol' Andy. He's grinning and drinking, relaxing in the hot tub, enjoying the show.

Oprah's tongue shoves down my throat as Kelly starts sucking my slightly sweaty neck. My left hand gripping her tits and playing with them both at the same time. The hot, bubbly water splashing all over us. The steam from it swirling around us in the air. The atmosphere so sexually intoxicating. Damn... It's hot. And, I'm not even talking about the water temp. Ha.

I decide to kick things up a few, kinky notches. I whisper my idea to Kelly. She smiles real wide, absolutely loving the idea. I get out of the tub, and stand beside it. Smirking away. Kelly and Oprah kneeling side by side in the middle of the tub, both honeys smiling extra naughty at me. They open wide and... I start pissing. From one wide open mouth, to the other. I fill Kelly's gorgeous mouth with my tangy dick liquor, then quickly move over to Oprah's, and fill that one. Andy watches it all, laughing, and giving me a big thumbs up.

"HELL YEAH, BITCHES!" I yell out, so fucking turned on as I piss into my wife and into Oprah's wide open, very, very thirsty mouths. Filling both multiple times. They smile extra wide, wiggle their outstretched tongues side to side, quickly... and very, very, very eagerly drink it all down. Very much loving every tangy yellow drop.

When I get back in the tub, Kelly rides me, hugging me, and sucking my neck, as Oprah sits beside me, and feeds me her massive, super wet ebony mounds. I suck away, as hard and as voraciously as I possibly can. Poor Andy watches, wishing he was me. Ha.

Kelly leans back, wickedly grinning from ear to ear, letting me suck away on her amazingly perfect, super fucking wet, all natural 34FFs as she grinds on my rock hard fucking cock, her pussy eating it up and fucking it so perfectly. Kelly leans her head back all the way to the water, dunking it back into it. She comes back up, her long blonde hair soaking wet. She swings it around, smiling and laughing extra happy. She bounces on my cock as I keep on sucking on her wet boobs, deep sucking one, then the other, totally gorging myself on them. Growling my immense pleasure the whole, I'm in titty sucking heaven time. Woo!!! Ha.

Kelly and Oprah switch. Oprah rides me, facing me. She kisses me as she bounces on my white meat monster. The water around us splashing everywhere as Oprah bounces hard on my dick.

Kelly heatedly licks all over my neck, playfully biting and sucking on it, rubbing my chest, and purring so freaking happy. Kelly's super turned on... and so super perfect. I've got it extra bad for my tall, blonde beauty wife... and it feels so fucking good too.

"Poor, Andy. You're over there all alone." Kelly giggles. Andy chuckles back. He's enjoying our wet and wild show, taking it easy on the other side of the hot tub. "Here..." Kelly moves over to him and reaches under the water. She whips his swim trunks off, and twirls them around like she did mine. Woo-hooing the same too. She tosses them on the deck, and blows him a sexy kiss, then she moves back to me, and nibbles my neck again.

Oprah's bouncing extra hard on my super hard white monster. Her ebony cunt ravenously eating it up, gripping and pumping it tight and hard as she bounces. My hands tightly gripping and shaking those massive, wet black jugs. Kneading them rough and rowdy. God, Oprah's got gorgeous tits.

Kelly stretches her long left leg back, and rubs on Andy's crotch, under the water, with her foot. She looks back at Andy, and winks at him, then she gets back to sucking on my neck.

"GOD!!! WHAT A COCK!!! WOW!!! UHH!!! WHEW!" Oprah cums, squirting all over my rampaging white beast in her mature, wildly quivering ebony pussy. Her silky smooth cream bathing my white meat so evenly. So perfectly. Fuck! The feeling of all of that sweet milky cream rolling down my super thick shaft makes me shake all over. Fuck!

I fuck up into her sweet, mature black pussy HARDER, HARDER, HARDER, HARDER!!! Squeezing her huge, super soft black titties so damn hard.

Oprah screams, her lush, bbw body trembling. Her phat black pussy sucking even harder on my massive white tool thats rockin' her wickedly vibrating ebony cunt. Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Water's flying. GOD DAMN, IT'S HOT IN THIS FUCKING TUB, BABY... WOO FUCKING HOO, BITCHES!!! HA!

I can see Kelly's foot speeding up on Andy's hard, old pierced dick, rubbing up and down and all around, quicker and quicker. He's holding her very sexy foot on his crotch, grinning from ear to ear.

Andy growls real happy, shooting his seed up into the air. It splashes back down on him and on Kelly's leg... and in the water. Looks like we're gonna have to clean the hot tub out... again. Ha. Oh well. It's all good when you're having some kinky hot tub fun.

Kelly laughs back at Andy as she keeps rubbing his pierced old dick, making sure to totally drain it. She blows him a kiss and laughs some more, then she turns her head back to me and blows me a super slutty kiss. She takes a deep breath, then quickly dives under the water to take my cum shot right in her mouth...the whole thing under the water.

Oprah lifts up, letting my cock slide from her cream dripping cunt. Kelly quickly latches her mouth into it and sucks. My cum erupts out, shooting extra hard into Kelly's waiting mouth. She jerks the base of my fat cock extra fast as she sucks so ravenously on it, drinking my super creamy load with such intense pleasure and wild ass cum glee.

Kelly pops up out of the water, grinning wide, slinging her long, wet hair around. She smacks her super succulent lips for me, so fucking sexy and all, opening wide to very happily show me that she swallowed my entire load under the water.

I pull her to me and kiss her deep, passionate, and extra, extra turned on. Kelly smiles so happy, her arms around my neck, kissing me with such intense, fiery love and lust combined. Fuck! I love this woman more than anything. I'm hooked for life. And... it's gonna be a funky fresh, freaky ass, totally fucking awesome life gone wild. Hahaha. Peace, peeps.

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