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The Hottest Wife Kelly Ch. 3
Category: Roleplay Stories

"GOD! WHEW! Shhh. I'm calling my husband, you nasty perv. Hehe."

"Yesss. Call him as you take this dick up your pussy, my dear. MWAHAHAHAHA!"

"DAMN! UHH!.... oh... Hey, baby. How's my handsome king?... God! UHH! Whew!... I'm fine, baby. I'm... just getting in some stretching while I wait for some papers... Awww... thank you, baby."

"WOO-HOO! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"

"GOD DAMN! Shhh.... I'm fine. I just called to let you know that I'm gonna be late tonight. Me and the girls are gonna go out for some drinks after work."

"Yesss... after WORK!!! WOO-HAAAAAAA!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"FUCK! GOD, YES!... No I'm just happy that my lunch got here. I'm starving. It looks so yummy."

"Yes it does. It most certainly does. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" (LOUD BOOTY SLAP)

"GOD, YES! OH MY GOD, YES!... It's soooo good, baby. Hehehe." Kelly (The Queen Of Porn Kelly Madison) looks back, and smirks extra naughty.

"OK, baby. I'll see you when I get home. I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! GOD!!!!! I LOVE IT.... I MEAN I LOVE YOU, MY KING! GOD, I LOVE YOU! WOO!!! OK, baby. MWAH! Byeeee. Hehehe. MWAH!"

"I'm glad you love it, my dear. Haha."

"Just fuck me harder, Newman (Seinfeld). Make me fucking cum already, you nasty fucking perv. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Make me cum!"

"Your wish is my command, my dear. BWAHAHAHAHA!" Newman rams into Kelly's coochie from behind. She's bent over his desk, earning her salary the fun way.

Kelly swings her long blonde hair around as she takes the rough and deep pussy pounding from her super pervy, portly new boss. His very thick meat thumping her quivering coochie hard and fast, being bathed royally by the copious amount of silky sweet pussy juices Kelly's leaking all over it.

"GOD!!! YOUR COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD IN MY PUSSY, NEWMAN!!!! WOO!!! FUCK THAT PUSSY, STUD! FUCK IT! FUCK IT GOODDDDDDDD!!!! WOO!!!" Kelly's grinning wide and leaking fast. Her 34FF titties smashed down into the oak desk. Her throbbing hard clit smashed against it also. Newman's chunky body pounding against her trim one every time he slams his fat dick up my wife's wildly vibrating snatch. He viciously slaps her ass again, grabbing her long hair and yanking hard on it.

My 55 year old wife Kelly screams out in immense, carnally furious joy, loving the rough sex lunchtime fun with the boss in his office.

"Should I fill the condom now, baby? Hmmm?" Newman laughs as he bangs Kelly's pussy extra fast, so hard as well that the force moves his heavy oak desk slightly.

"GOD, YES! FILL IT FULL, BABY! SHIT! FILL IT FULLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!" Kelly screams and creams, squirting all over Newman's condom covered rod. Her pussy clamping down on that chunky meat super tight as it violently squirts out its milky sweet load.

Newman growls and grins, sticking his tongue out and wagging it at the air. He shoots his extra creamy seed so powerfully into the condom. He's wearing a magnum so he'll have more room to cum in. Dude cums a lot, so he's prepared.

He slams his fat veiny dick into Kelly's cum pouring snatch each time he jizzes in the condom. A huge, fat rope of cum pumping out every damn time. Kelly smiles happily, wickedly licking around her ruby red lipstick smeared lips as she feels the condom growing inside her, so fucking full of gooey jizz already. She dances her pussy around, sucking out all the jizz she can into the extra large condom. Kelly coos happily when she feels the large ball of latex covered seed deep inside her pussy.

"WHEW! That was absolutely divine, My dear. You are most definitely worth the money. Hahaha. Whew!" Newman slaps Kelly's ass once more and pulls out of her pussy, the large ball of seed hanging down obscenely from the head of his still fat and very veiny cock. The thick veins sticking out thick and wide from all of the blood that was just rushing to his dick.

Back at home...

"Damn, Kelly sounded weird. She must be fucking or something."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah. She just be fucking... or something. Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Kelly's best friend Christy Canyon sucks down the last of my rich and creamy load. She's on her knees in front of the sofa, sucking me off while I watch some one of her pornos. It's a good one. She got DP'ed and she took two facials in the last scene.

Christy's smiling up at me, softly cleaning my spent dick... two hours of titty fucking and sucking on it later... with her sweet, slutty mouth. This shiny gold stars all over my dick and balls throbbing so happily from her hall of fame oral skills.

Christy rubs her gorgeous natural cans all over my tattooed dick and balls. Her rock hard nipples rubbing so perfectly all over my tingling crotch. She's smiling, and blowing me sweet kisses as she goes. Her tits are hanging out of her white cotton bra. Looking fucking amazing. They're so big and soft and smooth and beautiful. Kinda droopy now, but still beautiful.

Christy climbs up to me, and kisses me. Sweet and soft. I squeeze on her beautifully soft melons as we kiss. God, they're soft. I love natural tits the most. They just feel better.

Back at Kelly's work...

"Hahaha. That's right. Suck on that ball of sperm, my dear. Suck on it goodddd. Hahaha!" Newman laughs real cocky and perverted and leers down at Kelly, all sweaty and feeling freaky. She smiles back up at him and winks as she sucks on that large, latex ball of sperm hanging off of the tip of Newman's still big ass dick. She shakes her head around and growls like a dog hogging a bone. Newman laughs and smacks her face with his condom covered dick. Laughing wickedly, very much loving his decision to hire Kelly as one of his real estate agents.

His phone buzzes. Newman picks it up. "Yes?.... Hmmm... OK. Tell him, I'll be right over." He hangs up. "Sorry doll. Gotta go. Business to take care of. Here... here's a little present for you. BWAHAHAHAHA!" Newman's trademark wicked laugh.

He slips the condom off of his dick and leaves it hanging out of Kelly's mouth. He zips up and waves, laughing pervertedly too... and scurries out the door, leaving Kelly on her knees, behind his desk... with a huge condom with the end full of cum hanging from her mouth.

Kelly spits it out. That's the second time this week he's done that to her. Kelly let the first time slide... but not this time. "Asshole." She picks it up with a wicked grin on her face. She opens Newman's middle drawer, where he keeps his petty cash... she's got the key... and she holds the condom over the drawer, tilting it, and pouring all of the thick and slimy jizz all over the huge wad of cash inside. Making sure to cover the entire wad. Kelly laughs at her naughty work, then she tosses the condom, and gets up, angrily slamming the desk drawer shut with her foot.

She straightens her clothes, putting her huge titties back in her crème colored satin bra, pulling down her white leather miniskirt and buttoning her white silk blouse back up as well. Damn, my wife's a piece of ass!


"He's an asshole. A real asshole."

"He got me pregnant. I told him to pay for the abortion. I didn't want my husband finding out about Newman getting me pregnant behind his back. The asshole didn't even pay for the abortion, even though he promised that he would. He lied to me. He's such a jerk."

"Yeah. He fucked me at the New Years Eve office party with my fiancee in the next room. AND, HE TOLD HIM ABOUT IT! THE FUCKING ASSHOLE! Luckily I talked it out with my fiancee and he didn't dump me. Thank God. Newman can fuck. I'll give him that. But, he's such an asshole too."


"He sure is."

Kelly's surprised by her co-workers feelings about their boss. She hasn't known Newman too long, but she didn't realize the other girls in the office hated him so much. She was upset about earlier in his office, but she didn't think he was this big of an asshole.

"What do you think, Kelly? You're the new meat?"

The other agents laugh. They're having some margaritas at a bar not far from the office.

"Well... I didn't know he was such a jerk. I fucked him earlier and he was fine... really fine... til the end. He was being an ass. So, I know what you mean." Kelly sips her strawberry margarita, and looks curiously at her fellow agents over the brim of her glass. She wonders if she made a mistake taking the job.

Later... at home...

"I don't know, babe. I just don't know. I thought Newman was nice and funny and all, but, after today and talking to the girls, I just don't know."

"Do you want me to have a talk with him and slap him around? I'd be happy to, my love."

"Awwww. No thank you, my king. It's fine. I can handle him. Don't worry. By the way... did you know what I was doing earlier when I called you? Hehe." Kelly asks, laying on me, tickling my chin and smiling at me.

"Oh yeah. I could tell. You naughty slut." We share a laugh. I slap her ass and squeeze both cheeks nice and rough. Kelly coos so happily, licking at my lips, then kissing me. Very, very passionately.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Did it turn you on, baby?" Kelly licks and nibbles on my right cheek and my neck. Sucking on it too.

"Oh yeah. It always does." I slap her ass again... and squeeze them cheeks even harder.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good. Very, very good. Hehehe. I love turning my man on. God, I love it. And..." Kelly lovingly smiles at me, cupping my face in both hands. "I love you. More than anything in the world, my king." She licks my lips, slow and really horny, then kisses me again. Deep, loving, and extra, extra sweet... and sexy. The perfect kiss. Lips, tongues and spit working so perfectly together.

The next day...

Kelly and her co-workers design a plan to get Newman back for being such a jerk to them. Kelly finds out that Newman's wife, Elaine (Seinfeld) doesn't know about his extra marital shenanigans at the office. Kelly knows that she could just call Elaine and tell her, but, she decides to make it a little more than that... and a lot more fun for her... and the others... as well.

They talk Newman into closing the office in the afternoon for some kinky work fun... with all of them. Of course, Newman agrees.

Kelly, Patty, and Jackie pop open some bubbly in the conference room with Newman. Kelly makes sure Newman's glass is full. He's sitting at the head of the long table, feeling extra cocky and full of himself. His got his dick out, under the table, jerking on it.

Brunette beauty Patty distracts him by rubbing his face all over her white silk blouse covered rack. Patty holds his chubby, wickedly grinning face tight to her C cup chest as Jackie slips a little something into his glass of champagne to make him a little more uninhibited than normal, and way less suspicious of them. Kelly and Jackie and Patty all three nod to one another, slyly grinning as well. Their kinky plan starting off without any problems.

The party continues smoothly with Newman dirty dancing with all three ladies, one at a time, making sure to incessantly grope their curvaceous bodies as they dance. The three hotties play along, smiling and laughing happily, really getting into the naughty fun Newman is very much wanting.

Middle aged, busty black milf Jackie put in a couple of secret hidden cameras earlier in the conference room while Newman was on the phone in his office. She used to work for a security firm so she knows her way around hidden cameras. She's got the whole room covered so they can catch Newman doing anything... and everything... the three hotties can get him to do. It's all part of their master plan. They're gonna get him in as many vulnerable situations as they can so they can film it, and out him to his wife Elaine.

After some more extra naughty dancing... including a really hot lap dance by Kelly... Newman's ready for the real good stuff. His fat, chunky cock with the bulging veins running down it is raging hard.

The ladies look at each other and grin wickedly, deciding that they might as well have some real fun while they're busy ruining Newman's marriage out of revenge.

"He's a fucking asshole, but, that's too good of a hard-on to waist." Patty tells her co-workers. They mischievously nod in agreement.

All four participants hurriedly disrobe, and get down to funky business.

Newman is spread eagle on the table, Patty and Jackie squatting down at the end of the table, taking turns sucking his fat, veiny cock while Kelly's squatting down on the table, riding his portly, extremely sleazy grinning face.

Everybody's grinning wide and happy. Jackie looks over at the three hidden cameras... while Patty slurps on Newman's big hairless balls... to make sure they can perfectly capture the kinky, revenge sex action.

Kelly's drinking her fourth glass of bubbly as she grinds on Newman's mouth. He's laughing super cocky, his long, wide tongue shoved chin deep up Kelly's super sweet coochie pie, furiously licking away all over her juice drenched, puffy pink folds. Kelly's moaning blissfully and sipping champagne, forgetting, for the moment at least, how much of an overbearing asshole her boss actually is.

"Climb on up, ladies. BWAHAHAHAHA!" Newman deviously laughs and wiggles his eyebrows. He kisses and sucks on Kelly's slippery slit.

Jackie climbs up and takes Newman's fat white meat up her 50 plus year old black snatch. She rides that funky white rod full speed ahead, bouncing feverishly on it. Her black milf coochie swallowing it whole. The entire, super veiny rod being sucked into Jackie's snatch as she rides the fuck outta it, slapping Newman and egging him on to fuck her harder. Her beautiful big black titties shaking around so enticingly. Newman grabs them and paws them rough as she sucks mercilessly on Kelly's close to cumming coochie. Jackie's cameras filming it all.

Patty spreads Newman's chubby cheeks apart and rims his big sweaty ass, licking away as Newman starts slamming his bulky white meat up into Jackie's extra juicy black snatch.

Kelly ends up bent over the table, getting furiously fucked from behind by the deviously chuckling sex fiend that employs her. Newman grabs Kelly long blonde hair and yank it, slapping her sweet jiggly booty too. He's pumping that big ass dick deep into her snatch. Kelly's super sweet cum leaking out of her well plowed pussy.

"GOD!!!...... This fucking asshole can sure fuck. Damn!" Kelly says the last two sentences to herself. Her eyes bouncing in her head, her huge hanging hooters bouncing under her, rubbing all over the huge conference table.

Newman's cocky grin is outta control. It's beaming with big dick pride. He's sweating, and now smoking a cigarette too. He slaps Kelly's ass again. Real hard. She winces and grins back at him. Her love of rough sex overriding her disgust at him.

Newman ends up ass fucking Patty. She's the one that he was supposed to pay for the abortion. She takes his bulging prick balls deep up her tight butt. Newman's ducking her butt down real rough, really slamming into it, cackling away so snide and condescending. Smoke pouring from his fat mouth.

Newman shoots his jizz all over Jackie's super sexy black milf face. His huge globs of thick, gooey semen rolling slowly all over that sexy black face as they splash it from forehead to chin. Newman jerks it all out, smacking Jackie's voluptuous lips with his cream spewing dick, shoving inside to deposit the last couple of drops inside Jackie's mouth. She sucks him dry, bobbing fast on that chunky white meat. Slurping it loud and messy, much to Newman's immense, very cocky delight.

"That was delightful, ladies. BWAHAHAHAHA!" The smoke pouring from Newman's sweaty mouth... and Newman's boorish smirk... as he mockingly laughs make the ladies roll their eyes with disdain.

"We've got a little surprise for you, Newman." Patty defiantly smirks. Kelly and Jackie do too. Jackie stands up and slaps Newman in the face. He's totally caught off guard and confused.

Jackie points over to the hidden cameras. "We got you, bitch!" She mockingly smirks at Newman.

"Yeah... your wife's gonna know all about you and your office asshole fun." Kelly smirks too. She and Jackie high five.

"Yeah... and you owe me $1,000 too, asshole! I'll just get it from your wife... or your soon to be ex wife, I should say." Patty grins deviously, angrily flipping off Newman, right in his face.

Newman thinks about it for a second, and the cigarette falls from his mouth. He just realized that he doesn't have a prenup. He gulps hard, sweating profusely... and starts crying, desperately begging the ladies not to turn him in to his wife.

They look at him, then at each other, and... they breakout in raucous laughter, mocking their super cocky, super pervy boss. Yep, they got over on him... big time.

Never discount three horny ass, pissed off bitches. Newman will most definitely agree with that one right about now. Ha.

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