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Blowjob Queens... My Sister Ch. 1
Category: Roleplay Stories


My sister Tina enjoys me playing with her boobs. Very much so. At home, on a date... yeah, we date... or at work, like now. She's a nurse. A very sexy one. I decided to pay her a visit at the sperm bank she works at. Oh yeah... she works at a sperm bank. Visit my sis, fool around... and make a donation. A really cool way to spend an hour or so.

She's sitting in my lap in one of the "donation" rooms, her back to me. I'm groping those all natty 36Ds through her baby blue nurse scrubs top, really getting rough with them. Squeezing them extra hard, and kneading them deep and extra dirty with my big horny hands. Which in turn, is making my sexy, older, nurse sis writhe excitedly on my ever-hardening crotch, and moan really nice and slutty, while I do it all.

I'm licking and biting Tina's neck, sucking on it too, as I paw those big, beautiful titties, now doing it under her top, but over her dark blue sports bra.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm. God, yes! Do it, baby. Paw the shit out of my tits. God, yes!"

Tina's very content smile makes me smile while I do my naughty shit. Manhandling those super soft melons extra rough through that tightly packed, blue sports bra. Her raging hard nipples tingling non-stop through the thin bra and onto the palms of my hands. My hands pawing and kneading them harder and rougher by the second, much to Tina's very appreciative delight.

Tina's wide butt slowly, but oh so perfectly, grinding on my bulge through my black leather pants. I'm going commando... and so is she... so her slutty butt is really going to town, working my fat veiny rod, rocking magically back and forth, and all the way around on it, over and over and over. And God... it feels fucking amazing.

Both of our bodies very much enjoying all of the very heated action in that sterile, sperm depository. The fact that we're making-out in a sperm bank not only turning me on so very much, but also my sister. Her nipples are threatening to rip right through that super smooth, blue sports bra any fucking second now.

My hands finally find their merry way up under her bra. Her warm, super soft, naked breasts exciting them so fucking much. I squeeze those big titties so hard. Tina screams out ecstatically with a big, wicked grin. She licks all around her pink lip gloss covered lips, grinding my now rock-hard bulge even faster with her big, thick ass.

I quickly reach down, and pull down her scrubs... and whip out my hard cock, which isn't easy to do in those tight pants... letting her naked booty do it's naughty thing on my exposed crotch. Awesome shit right there. Fucking awesome. My cock twitches non-stop. Throbbing and jumping against Tina's big booty as it heatedly glides across my big dick in every direction possible.

I move my hands back up to Tina's titties, pawing those bare boobs mercilessly. Really rough. Really deep. Shaking, kneading, squeezing, cupping, and slapping, then violently squeezing them some more. Tina's big jiggly tits turning red from all of the intensely furious titty manhandling.

Her nipples throbbing violently in my hands. Her loud and heated moans of joy echoing out in the room. Both of us laughing and grinning away from the naughty aspect of what we're doing at my sister's workplace.

"God... I wanna suck that big beautiful cock now. I just have to, baby bro. Mmmmmmmmmmmm." Tina sucks softly on her lower lip, grinning so bright and so wildly horny.

"Be my guest, sexy sis. But... be ready to swallow a whole bunch of it. I've got tons of sperm saved up for you, you filthy cum slut." We share a nice, naughty laugh at that.

A minute later, Tina's on her knees in front of the chair, spitting all over my insanely hard dick. Jerking it fast, rubbing in her spit lube, then spitting on it some more. I sit back, watch, and grin. My sexy bitch sister can work a dick like nobody's business.

Her shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair swaying slightly around as she wildly gobbles up my fat, veiny meat. Throwing her head around heatedly as she sucks me off. Her glossy lips stretched wide to very happily accept it into her cock starved mouth. Spit rolling down my meaty shaft. The big veins running all over my cock throbbing outta control as my older sister applies extra tight sucking pressure on my shaft. Her hands softly tickling and massaging my big, beefy balls.

Tina's big tits are hanging so enticingly out of her bra. Looking so wickedly beautiful. Her scrubs top still pulled up above them, just like her sports bra.

My happy growls are getting louder as more of my cock gets eaten up by my sister. Her head bobbing fast. Her glossy pink lips rippling up and down my shaft. The veins on it bulging. Thumping harder and harder as my impending cum gets closer and closer to becoming a very messy reality. I cum a lot... and my sister absolutely loves every fucking drop. Anywhere on her... or in her. She's not even worried about getting a specimen cup for me. She's gonna take the first load right down her fucking throat, like a true cocksucking slut.

Tina's sexy eyes lock onto mine. Her lips dancing faster down my shaft. That's it.


Tina just smiles as the first sperm globs hit the back of her throat. She quickly deepthroats the rest of my big dick... no gagging whatsoever... and the next eight sperm bullets... and there's more... erupt right down her cum obsessed gullet. Her throat swallowing fast. I grab the top of her head, and growl intensely. My face scrunched up in cum crazed delight as I shove my jizz spewing meat as far down my sister's throat as humanly possible. She very happily eats every damn drop too. Fourteen sperm globs in all. A ton of sticky seed for my sex cream craving sis.

She moans and swallows. So fucking happy to be smack dab in the middle of jizz eating heaven. Drinking her brother's massive, creamy wad with the happiest, and horniest smile ever plastered all over that sexy, naughty nurse face.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So fucking good, baby. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Tina can't stop smiling around my big fucking cock. Her throat still swallowing. The veins on my cock still thumping relentlessly.

I pull Tina up to me and kiss her. Tasting my own seed as her semen tainted tongue fucks my regular, untainted one.

My hands returning to those big fucking titties of hers, and pulling hard on her rock-hard nipples. They're so fat and long. So hard and so rubbery. I shake them as hard as I can as we heatedly kiss. Tina groaning so loud and happy into my mouth. Smiling so bright as she now shoves her wickedly naughty tongue right down my throat. Her big soft tits trembling with pleasurably furious excitement the more, and the harder, that I shake her nipples, and maul those beautiful, super jiggly melons.

The second load went all over Tina's smiling face. It took about ten minutes to get it out. Tina on her knees again in front of me. Both of her hands furiously jerking me off as she spit all over my precum pouring rod. Her tongue dipping down to very eagerly lap up the massive amount of clear fluid pouring from my wide-open piss slit.

My load looks so fucking perfect splattering all over my sexy sister's smiling face. Ten globs this time. Smaller globs, but still thick and gooey and messy. Pearly white, thick sex milk rolling all over Tina's face. Coating every inch of it with a thick, hazy glaze of jizz. Drooling right down into her open and anxiously waiting mouth.

Tina sucked me in, and sucked me dry. Slurping my happy rod so totally thorough and clean. She licked up the sperm from around her mouth, laughing at me, and blowing me cum slut kisses as I filmed it with my phone. I'm uploading that shit asap.

The third load came after I fucked my sis. I'm so turned on by her, I just couldn't leave without fucking that super delicious, totally shaved bare twat of hers. Damn, she's got a beautiful twat! So juicy too. Big labia and all. I love it so fucking much!

I fucked Tina from behind. She was leaning on the counter with the specimen cups on it while I deep dicked her shaved clean pussy from the back. Slapping her wide ass. Yanking on her hair. And groping those gorgeous cans some more as I furiously pounded her pussy hillbilly silly. In and out. Over and over for another ten minutes or so. My fat dick lurching over and over again inside that sex juice pouring pussy as it took it. Her big labia so puffy, and vibrating so powerfully the harder I fucked her.

Tina getting pussy owned by her younger brother. Screaming out so loud with cum enthralled, pussy submitting glee.


When I came, Tina quickly wheeled around as I pulled out of her fiercely spasming snatch. She dropped to her knees again, and sucked me off so violent and deeply heated. Her lips, tongue and head all working overtime as she sucked out my third, less voluminous load. Still, about five good sperm globs for my sister to ravenously eat. Which she very, very, very gladly did. Loud and dirty too. Tons of lip smacking, loud cum gurgling, and nasty, cum crazed cooing. Really gorging her extra slutty self on my rich and creamy wad. Damn, I couldn't stop smiling as I looked down at my sis while she sucked me cum senseless.

"Well... I guess we need one more. It would probably look better if I actually had a sperm sample in the cup from you. Haha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

"Yeah...probably." We laughed, and high-fived as Tina got back to work, deepthroating me fast and furious. Desperately wanting another load from me. It is her job after all. I gotta help her out, I guess. Ha.

My hand spent the whole time on the top of Tina's now sweaty head. Her hands spent the whole time playing with those gorgeous melons of hers as she slurped and sucked me so perfectly. So loving. Making love to my well worked, but still hard, cock. Her tongue dancing happily across the underside of it.

Her cum spiced spit rolling constantly down my throbbing, veiny meat as her glossy, slutty lips worked their kinky magic on it. Rippling and gliding smoothly and steadily up and down as my hand pushed her sweaty head further down on my cock each time that she sucked me deep.

"Here it comes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh." My happy growl of cum joy was Tina's signal to quickly grab the specimen cup, and twist off the cap. She held it on the tip of my cock with one hand as she jerked me off with the other, lapping at my bulging, mushroom crown, and smiling as my pearly white load shot into the cup. Four decent sized globs of semen splashing into it.

Tina collected it all, then sucked me clean once more. Loudly popping her lips off of my trembling, pleasurably drained cock over and over, smiling playfully and giggling as my cock jumped right in front of her face every time that she did it.

"God, I love your cum. Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yum, yum. Hahaha." Tina licked my piss slit, wickedly swirling her kinky tongue tip all up in it. Then, she kissed my head before she put the cap back on the specimen cup, and stood up. We kissed again. I played with her titties again. Nice and soft this time. Pulling on those incredibly hard nipples, then softly cupping and squeezing her big tits again.

What a day. What a sister. The best and the sexiest. My blowjob queen.

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