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The Big Fucking Dick Theory
Category: Roleplay Stories



My cum grin is beaming.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sooooooooooooooooo yummy. UMPH! GRHHHHUMPH! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Yeah... it's beaming.

"God, I love your cum, sweetie. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God, it's delicious. Yum!"

Penny's short, moussed up blonde with dark roots hair feels so nice in my right hand as I hold it on my cock. My 16 inches of tattooed glory cock. Shiny gold stars inked all over my cock and balls. Expensive... and painful to get... but, cool as fuck looking.

My monster finishing up feeding my new wife. Thick, creamy, gooey, rich and smooth dick goo racing into her mouth... and being swallowed right down her throat. Every drop. Penny's a cum hound, and drinking mine is her obsession. And good God, she performs her obsession so well. So very well.

I close my eyes, and let my beautiful blonde bitch suck me clean. Bobbing away on my enormous rod. About eight inches down at a time. Spit rolling down to my balls. Her divinely kinky mouth bedazzling me and my monster meat pipe once again. Those super smooth and creamy pink, glossy lips beautifully pumping my fat meat as her hands play with my meaty, inked up balls. Massaging them and so perfectly delighting them just like her mouth's doing to my cock. Perfect. Just perfect.

"God, that was yummy, sweetie. I LOVE you cum. LOVE IT!" Penny moves up to my mouth, smiling wickedly, and kisses me. Her cum tainted spit rolling into my mouth as her tongue fucks mine. All nasty and freaky. Sexy bitch. My left hand slapping and squeezing her very supple booty cheeks. Damn, my wife's got a beautiful ass. Such a beautiful ass. Jiggly, but firm and toned. Perfect.

Penny's as hot as hot gets. A very beautiful blonde with great tits and that perfect ass I was telling you about. I met her while she was married to a physicist named Leonard. I was banging her gorgeous brains out while they were hitched. Anyway, they ended up having a big falling out, and they got divorced. Leonard moved back home to New Jersey, and I married Penny. I most definitely won that one.

A few minutes later, there's a knock on the door.

"Hold on. Be right there." Penny blurts out. We get up, and quickly put the sofa bed back up to just a sofa. Penny throws on her clothes... a see-thru, skimpy white top and pink booty shorts with, SLUT across the butt... while I go to the bathroom to take a leak. Then, she answers the door. It's our across the hall neighbors, Sheldon and his wife Amy. They're both close friends of Penny... mostly Amy is. Sheldon's ok, but, he can be a tad overbearing... a lot more than a tad actually... pretty much all the time.

"Hey, guys. James and I were just... relaxing. What's up?" Penny grins, and invites them in. She goes into the kitchen to pour herself and Amy some red wine. Sheldon doesn't drink. He's a really picky, peculiar dude. About everything. And I mean everything.

"Sheldon and I were talking about taking a vacation, but as usual, we couldn't agree on where to go." Amy explains. She and Sheldon are sitting on the sofa. Penny's chillin' and drinking her wine, in the big comfy chair on the right of the sofa. Sheldon used to live in our apartment with Leonard, so he's still very picky about where he sits in it. Always on the right end of the couch. He calls it his spot. Yeah... he's weird. Really smart, but really weird. He's a theoretical physicist. For what that's worth.

Amy's really smart too. She's a neurobiologist. Again... for what that's worth.

"How about Paris? It's such a beautiful city."

"I know. I'd love to go there. But..." Amy rolls her eyes at Penny, then she gives Sheldon the evil eye. "... You know who didn't want to." Amy shakes her head at her stubborn husband. She downs the entire glass of wine and puts the glass on the table.

Penny giggles, sipping her wine instead of chugging it like Amy. She feels sorry for her dear friend, but... she also tried to talk Amy out of marrying Sheldon, so, she does think it's kinda funny how they have so much trouble agreeing on anything, relationship wise.

"Paris is a city full of diseases, fattening food, and unruly behavior. I refuse to go on a vacation to a cesspool of filth like that. I'm sorry. I just can't. I want to live past 40." Sheldon once again proving his peculiar weirdness, crystal clear for everyone to see.

"GOOD GRIEF, SHELDON! PARIS IS A BEAUTIFUL CITY, AND........." Amy pauses from yelling at her overbearing hubby for a moment. She sees me walking into the kitchen, nude. Amy's jaw drops immediately. Her eyes bulging frantically at the sight of my swinging meat monster between my legs. Penny starts laughing. She knows exactly how much her best friend digs me... and my big fucking dick.

"Quite a sight to behold, huh, Amy?" Penny giggles over the brim of her wine glass. She sips it, her eyebrows raised at her star struck friend on the sofa.

Sheldon was looking at Amy while she was yelling at him, but he turns his head towards the kitchen, and sees me standing by the fridge, looking for a snack inside.

"My God! He's nude! He's nude in the kitchen! How unsanitary! My God, Amy... James is nude in the kitchen! Look at that thing between his legs! Look at it, Amy! Oh my God!!!" Sheldon's freaking the fuck out. Being all Sheldon... as usual.

"I know... I am." Amy mutters as she stares a giant hole through me and my cock, grinning so gaga and goofy combined. Her eyes bulging. Her jaw dropped. Her tongue hanging out and wagging freely. Amy's drooling as she obsessively grins at me... and at my dick. She's mesmerized. Totally. Penny can't stop giggling as she watches her friend absolutely lose her shit over me. A very proud grin beaming on Penny's sweet, sexy lips. She loves how hot chicks get for me. She loves to show me off to everyone. Hey... it's cool. I dig the attention too.

I eat a leftover chicken leg, and drink some orange juice I snagged from the fridge. I'm hanging by the counter that seperates the kitchen from the living room while everyone watches me. Just another day for me... and for my big fucking dick.

After the dick gawking dust settles, Penny takes Amy and Sheldon out to lunch to get their minds off of my dick. I skip it. I wanna chill at home.

About twenty minutes after they leave..

There's a knock on the door. I sigh and get up to answer it. Damn peeps can't leave me alone.

"Well hey there. James... right?"

"Yeah. Hey, Mrs Cooper. Sheldon's out to lunch with Amy and Penny."

I invite Sheldon's very religious mom in. Nice enough lady. Way more bearable than her immensely annoying son.

I offer Mary some wine, but she doesn't drink. Always conservatively proper to the enth degree. I give her a glass of Sprite instead. Extra ice.

We chat on the sofa. I like Mary Cooper. We have nothing in common really, but she's a nice lady and she likes to touch me. Not sexually, just like rubbing your arm or hand... or thigh. Again, not sexually. Just friendly. I like it. She's got a sweet smile too. She's a very warm, sweet lady. How the hell did Sheldon come outta that womb? A real mystery for sure.

"You know, Amy has been telling me a lot about you're relationship with Penny. I hope you don't mind."

Mary's playful grin catches me off guard. She's not really a tease in any way at all, but... she's certainly coming across that way right about now. I decide to see how serious she is about that.

"Really? The loving part, or the freaky sex part?" I smirk. Sipping my Budweiser.

"Both, actually. Again... I hope you don't mind."

"Nah. I'm used to it. Penny tells everybody all about us. It's fine."

A few more minutes of relaxing chatter later...

"My, my. The good Lord has certainly blessed you, dear." Mary admires my gigantic dick as she softly strokes it with her right hand. She's turned towards me, smiling. I've downed three glasses of wine, and Mary's giving off some real serious, extra horny slut vibes to me as well.

"Yeah, I guess. Penny says it tastes great too... if you're interested." I chuckle confidently. Mary takes the bait.

"Well... I most certainly am, dear. I really need to find out for myself." She grins extra, extra naughty at me. She leans in and softly kisses my lips, then her mouth finds its way down, right onto my sixteen inches of tattooed splendor. Yeah... she starts sucking on it. And she sucks it surprising well too. Very well.

Mary's short brown haired head bobs in my lap as I lean back and start smoking. Chillin' pimp style. Getting my giant knob slobbed by the super religious cock hound mom of my overly annoying, super smart neighbor. Damn, this bitch can suck. Even better than Penny. Her glossy lips tightly gripping, and smoothly gliding, up and down my massive throbbing shaft. Her spit rolling down it right before her over stretched lips do.

Mary's tongue is dancing all over my thick, veiny shaft. All of those shiny gold stars throbbing and thrusting as Mary's lips glide right past them repeatedly. She's got thirteen plus inches down her throat. And I'm rock hard too. Her mouth is stretched so wide around my meat. So tight. Fuck! She can suck so good.

Sweet weed smoke rolls from my mouth. My cock's jumping excitedly in Mary's throat. She gags, but keeps on sucking. A real pro. Where in the world did she learn that? I have a feeling there's slightly more to sweet Miss Mary Cooper than she lets on.

Her head bobbing increases. Her lips sucking harder on my meat. Her tongue dancing faster on it as well. Yeah... I start cumming. Fuck! One... two... three... four... seven huge globs of semen shooting right down that slutty throat. My giant, inked up meat lurching hard. Mary's throat expanding and drinking down every single drop of jizz. Easily. She drinks it all and keeps on sucking. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

"Damn, baby. You can suck a dick."

"Well..." Mary wipes the corners of her mouth as she raises her head up. Grinning confidently. "... thank you, darlin'. I am the cocksucking queen of Galveston, Texas, by the way. Don't tell Sheldon though. He'd have a conniption fit if he knew his mommy loved sucking dick so much." She snickers, and blows me a sexy kiss. I laugh. Yeah... Sheldon would go nutso if he knew his mom loved a big fat dick down her throat as much as possible.

We chill on the sofa. Kiss. And drink some wine. I guess my sperm lowered her inhibitions enough to partake in some red wine... and weed. Yep, Mary Cooper even smoked with me. She's a cool chick. I'm looking forward to having fun with her a whole lot more from now on.

Check back in part 02 to see Amy get her chance with my monster and also our sweet friend Bernadette too. Plus, Penny takes it up the butt... from me and Sheldon... and so does sweet Miss Mary Cooper. See ya.

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