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XXX Wrestling
Category: Roleplay Stories

The XXX Action Arena... Hollywood... TV Tapings...

(Loud, very intense boos ringing out throughout the smoke-filled arena)



Ronda Rousey (WWE Superstar) is loving it. Proudly holding the XXX Wrestling Undisputed World Championship... men's and women's titles... over her head. Smirking ear to ear. Kissing her finger, then flipping off the crowd. Deviously mocking the packed, very loud and raucous crowd's very heated disdain for her.

Ronda just beat our longest reigning champion ever, The Man Becky Lynch (WWE Superstar). She held the Undisputed Championship for the last year and a half.

I walk into the ring, through the ropes, smoking a big ass cigar, smirking deviously. My "master plan" worked perfectly. I've been with Becky for the last year and a half. Ever since she won both belts. She's my bitch. On and off-camera. For now though, we'll stick to the on-camera part of that.

I just screwed (ripped off) Becky. I helped my new bitch Ronda beat her for the most prestigious championship in sex pro wrestling history. It was a swerve (fooling you).

I stand behind my new bitch and kiss her. Deep, dirty, and very devious. Mocking Becky who's on the mat, selling (making you think it's real) the finish (end of the match).

My half-brother Spence was involved too. He's our booker (the person who decides the matches and storylines) as well as a wrestler... Super Spence. He was a heel, but I turned him face (good guy) to be at ringside with Becky to supposedly help her if she needed it. Unfortunately for her, Super Spence was actually there to help Ronda... and me.

The whole plan played out perfectly over the last several weeks. And, judging by the fan's very vocal reaction...


... They really enjoyed it too. Ha.

Spence... who's standing outside the ring, mocking the fans like Ronda was... gets pelted by a water bottle from the stands while Ronda and I make out in the middle of the ring. Both of us laughing as the fans very pissed off reaction. It's raging-hot heat (emotion from the fans). God, I love pro wrestling.

My hands are clasping onto Ronda's small, but beautiful titties in her white, red, and yellow, ROWDY spandex bra top. Her nipples are so fucking hard. I quickly rub across them as we swap dirty heel (bad guy) spit.

The fans are half-drunk, half-baked, and fully pissed off... in a very good way... so it's a wonderful evening at the matches. Especially for me, Ronda, and my wife Stephanie McMahon (WWE CO-CEO). We own the company. I'm also an on-air talent... wrestler, announcer, manager, whatever I wanna do.

"I can't believe how mad this raucous crowd is. They're really pissed off." Our lead TV announcer Tom remarks as he looks around the fucking insane arena. Everyone's on their feet chanting, booing, throwing shit... and expressing themselves to the loudest and wildest degree. Fucking perfect. We have the best fans in the biz. The fucking best.

"They love Becky so much. They can't believe what just happened. James screwed his girlfriend, right here in the ring." Our color commentator Trish Stratus (WWE Hall Of Fame Diva) puts her hands over her blonde head to cover it from all of the flying debris overhead.

As Spence runs to the back screaming and crying, trying to avoid all of the trash flying right at him, Ronda and I calmly break kiss. It's payoff time. What's that? Well, it's like the biggest selling point of our wrestling promotion. We're a sex pro wrestling company, so... it's the sex part. Yep... everybody that loses a match, gets fucked. By the winner... and possibly others. It's a big deal for us.

I stand over Becky, my gorgeous Irish lass kicker, and smirk down at her as she finally snaps out of her daze. She's selling the chair shot to the back ending that we went with so perfectly. She gives me a, "why did you do it, James" look. I just keep on smirking. And slowly unzipping my black leather pants as I stand over my chick.

Becky knows what's coming. She realizes that she lost, and she full well knows exactly what that means. She turns her head in pretend disdain as I pull out my giant, tattooed... shiny gold stars all over my cock and balls... dick and let it hang between my legs. Still deviously smirking. Still being the heartless heel.

While I shove my fucking dick down Becky's throat fro her to suck on, Ronda goes outside the ring real quick to get her favorite strapon from the announce table. She smirks at Trish and mockingly blows her a kiss. Trish flips her off which gets a big cheer from the angry crowd. Ronda just laughs and waves her massive dildo at Trish.

She gets back into the ring, holding her fifteen inch ivory dildo... it's even bigger than my dick... high in the air to taunt the very boisterous crowd. They keep tossing trash and cussing and chanting all kinds of nasty shit at Ronda. It's a fucking beautiful atmosphere out here for sure.

"GO SUCK A DONKEY! GO SUCK A DONKEY!" Yeah, the fans are still pretty mad at Ronda. Ha.

Ronda drops her belts to the mat, and puts on her strapon, really playing it up for the crowd. She whirls her hips around so the giant, fat, veiny rubber dick swings around very obscenely. Awesome.

Ronda blows me a kiss. I grab her head and pull her in for a deep, messy kiss. Extra spit. Extra freaky tongue molesting. Awesome.

We break our kiss as Becky has about ten inches of my real, tattooed dick down her throat. Fourteen inches of fat, veiny, tattooed perfection. And Becky's loving every second of sucking it. Her eyes are bouncing around in her head. She's smiling around my cock... even though she's trying to not let her fans see that... and she's moaning so slutty as my cock surges even further down her gullet. Spit is hanging from Becky's lips all the way down to the mat. Pooling on it as she starts bobbing on my rod. Swinging her long-red-haired head around wild and nasty as she slurps away on her favorite dick ever... her words.

Ronda finally enters Becky... her ass... no lube at all. Raw. And brutal. Ronda smirks at me and pounds Becky's tight Irish ass hard and fast. Becky screams onto my cock as her very beautiful, very-well-toned butt is taken so brutally by her most hated adversary.

Becky takes it all though. No complaining. She's a real pro. It's not her first loss in XXX Wrestling, so she knows the routine. She's a very horny slut anyway, so it's not a problem.

Ronda and I double team my bright-red-haired chick senseless. A massive dong down her throat. And another one up her ass.

I violently fondle her small, gorgeous titties through her black spandex top. She's braless, so those beauties are jiggling like crazy from Ronda's hardcore butt fuck.

Becky squirts all over Ronda, yelling on my dick again. Her trim, super fit body trembling hard. All of her spit and all of my meat muffling her ecstatic scream though. She just squirt and squirt. Tons of milky-white sex honey dousing Ronda. Again... awesome!

Finally, Ronda pulls out and starts cumming... it's a squirting dildo... her fake semen all over Becky's spandex covered titties. Smirking mightily.

I smirk too. And, I cum too. Right down Becky's fucking throat. She very happily... once again, hiding that from her wild, pissed off fans... gulps it down til the last huge glob. I pull out and hit her right in the face with it. A huge, sticky wad of sperm splattering that perfect, sweaty, pleasurably-pained and humiliated face. Becky grins wickedly at me as my rich and gooey semen slowly rolls down and across her face. Fuck, that's hot! I smack her sperm-covered face with my glazed tattooed dick a few times. She sticks out her tongue and licks it. Still wickedly grinning at me. She winks too.

Ronda grabs Becky's head and yanks it to her dick.

"Suck it, whore! NOW!!!" Ronda again smirks so deviously. Becky angrily flips her off, but obliges, sucking on that giant rubber cock. Sucking down the drops of fake sperm that dribble out of it. Becky really sells it. Looking as disgusted and angry as possible. The crowd is going nuts. Chanting so fucking loud and angry.


This place is fucking bonkers. It's so fucking loud in here. I signal for the security guys to escort Ronda to the dressing room. We kiss nice and nasty before she heads to the back.

Becky "disgustedly" wipes her mouth and flips off Ronda again. God, she's talented. Ronda just laughs at her again, and flips her off. Then, she flips the fans off as she's escorted to the back, holding both of her championships up above her head. She's getting trash thrown at her the whole way back. I just grin from the ring. I know our security guards won't let her get hurt, so I'm not worried. Our fans are cool too. They go to the far limit of hardcore fandom, but they know it's still a show.

About fifteen minutes later, in the back...

"OH MY GOD, GUYS... THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!" Stephanie hugs me tight and kisses me, then hugs Becky. She already congratulated Ronda

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My man looked so hot in that ring. God, I wanted to switch places with Becky so bad. Hahaha. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Steph kisses me while we hug.

"Yeah... it was great. Those fans rock. And you ladies do too." I smile over at Becky and Ronda, who are talking about the match and being congratulated by the other wrestlers. They both smile over to me and blow me kisses.

"So... you wanted to suck my dick really bad, huh, hot stuff?" I smirk at my wife.

"Oh my God, yes. All the time, handsome. Hahahahaha." We kiss again. Stephanie making sure to rub those huge enhanced boobs of hers all over my sweaty chest.

"I have a great idea for a grudge match next week, baby. I just know that you'll love it." Stephanie gives me her trademark extra naughty grin as she grabs my hand and leads me into her backstage office to show me just how much she wanted to suck my cock earlier.

This... and her idea... should be very, very interesting, and hot of course. I can't wait... for both. Ha.

Tune in next time to see just what Steph's great booking idea is and to see just how good she is at sucking cock. Should be fun. See ya.

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