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Me, My Mom And Boobs Ep. 5
Category: Roleplay Stories

Aunt Beth...

"Beautiful. That's it. Don't move... God, you're gorgeous."

My favorite aunt, Beth blows me a big kiss from the sofa.

I'm taking pictures of her for the new issue of Boobs Magazine.

Beth's 38F breasts are out. Hanging over her blue sports bra. She's nursing a beer. Looking all boss-bitch sexy with those massive melons sticking out. God damn! That broad's hot!

I walk over to the sofa, and rub my soft cock all over Beth's enormous, milky-white, lactating tits, then put it to her lips, and she does the rest. Engulfing my crown and about four inches of my fat, thick-veins-riddled shaft.

I take some pics and groan. My left hand pulling my aunt's blonde head into my dick so she'll suck more of it down her fucking throat.

My pierced cock is rolling smoothly across aunt Beth's tongue as she sucks me off. She's moaning and purring so sexy as she sucks me too.

Those small gold piercings that run from the tip of my cock, all the way down to the very-bottom of my ball-sack glide over her tongue, and right down her throat. Beth is orally handling my soft monster with ease.

I back off and go back to taking titty pics. My now-growing cock wobbling around as I move all around the sofa. Snapping pics of those all natural 38Fs from just about every different angle possible. I zoom in on the twitching nipple tips after Beth tweaks them to get the milk dribbling out of them. I have a fan on, so the breeze from it blows softly across them, sending shivers through them, making them twitch constantly as small drops of milk ooze out, clinging tight to those fat, rubbery nipples.

I walk back over to Beth and lean down, sucking her milky nipples. Cleaning them with my mouth. Softly grazing my teeth across them as I suck, which makes Beth growl with blissful glee. I smirk and laugh as Beth's happy growls of glee get louder the harder I suck her leaking nipples.

I take another hundred of so pictures of Beth's totally-awesome breasts in various poses on the sofa. Milky nipples and dry nipples too. Leaning back and forward. Her massive jugs bouncing in her hands, and getting squeezed senseless by her and me. All kinds of rough nipple play too. God, my aunt's got gorgeous knockers. The second best set of tits ever... only behind my mom.

While Beth and I get things heated up even more at her place, my wife Billie's back in George's steam room...

"This really is a great steam room, George. I love the whole vibe of it. Great design as well."

"Thanks, sweetheart. It's great to have you back... Great design of those as well." George... our 73 year-old neighbor, and liquor store manager... points over at Billie's white-towel-covered boobs. She laughs. So does George.

"Well, thanks. Glad you approve." Billie giggles. She leans her blonde head back and takes in the steam. Her below-shoulder-length blonde hair is starting to get wet from the steam. She's breathing deep as the steam soaks into her sexy, milky-white skin too. She's smiling, having a nice, relaxing time with George.

The steam's on about a low to medium level now, so the visibility is still very-nice. And George is taking full advantage of it, gawking hard at my woman... and those incredible, all natural 34DD boobs of hers.

"Did you tell James about your first visit to my steam room?" George pours a glass of red wine for Billie, then one for himself. He hands a glass to Billie then taps glasses with her.

"A little. I told him how good it looked, and how much I liked it."

"What about the other stuff?"

George smirks. Billie giggles, then sips her wine.

"No. We just fooled around a little. Nothing much to tell." My busty-blonde-beauty wife playfully grins at ol' George. Raising her eyebrows at him as she sips her wine.

"Well... that was your idea, doll. Not mine." George raises his glass in salute to Billie and wickedly winks at her. She giggles again.

"I know. I know. You're sweet, George. I just wasn't in the mood for more. Some boob sucking and a handjob was enough. Don't get greedy." Billie playfully giggles and smiles at George as she sips her wine again. She's teasing him very-nicely.

"Well..." George leans confidently back against the bench behind him, his slightly chubby belly spreading out, and opens his own, white cotton towel, exposing his large, resting, mature cock. It's laid out on his left thigh. "... this is your SECOND visit. So, maybe..." Another flirtatious smirk from ol' George as he drinks his wine.

Billie laughs. She likes George. He's a charming, funny guy. She enjoys flirting with him too.

"We'll see." Billie unties her towel, and lets it fall to the bench. She seductively-stirs her finger around in her wine, then sucks it like she sucks a cock to tease ol' George. She very-provocatively pops her finger out of her mouth and smiles nice and sexy at George. "Like I said... Don't get greedy, George." Billie sticks her incredibly-gorgeous rack out, shakes it a little to tease George again, and laughs, mischievously shaking her eyebrows at George as well, then sipping her wine again also.

George grins even wider and more perverted. Sensing this visit may just be even more fruitful than the first one.

Back at aunt Beth's pad...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Beth finishes off my cum. She's on her knees in front of the sofa, drinking down the last bits of it as she sucks me, and jerks my shaft. God, it feels freaking awesome too. Those sexy lips hugging and slurping my rod. That kinky tongue bathing my crown and upper shaft with so much cock-loving saliva. Damn, dude. Damn.

"Soooooo good, big daddy. Yummy. Hahaha." Beth smirks as she watches one final drop of cum slowly roll out of my piss slit as she slowly jerks my shaft. Her hand under my crown, pulling the flesh on my dick all the way up.

She sticks her tongue out and laps it up, then sucks my entire fucking dick right down her throat. The whole damn thing. Fourteen-pierced-inches of meat.

Beth sucks all the way back up and pops her mouth off of my head and smiles at me. Winking, then nibbling on my sensitive head while I grunt like mad. I'm absolutely loving her tremendous oral skills.

Another successful photoshoot. This one starring my favorite aunt... and the cover girl of this month's issue of Boobs Magazine.

I see another huge seller for this month. Huge tits = huge, porn-mag seller. Makes sense. Ha.

Back in George's brand new steam room...

"Wow, George... that's a lot of pee."

Billie wipes her eye and giggles. She's on her knees in the steam room, with George standing in front of her, smirking like crazy as he continues to piss all over her magnificent, sweaty titties.

George's senses were correct. This time in the steam room is definitely much more fruitful than the first one was... and much wetter too.

His piss splashes my wife's natural jugs continually as he moves it back and forth across both. A little bit of it splashed up into Billie's left eye, so she's wiping it out. She watches her boobs get piss washed while she holds them up and jiggles them around. She teasingly sticks out her tongue, and George proves he's not one to ever miss an opportunity for kinky entertainment. He moves his dick upwards and pisses on Billie's outstretched tongue. Chuckling and winking at her as she laughs. Billie lets the piss run off of her tongue, down to her already-drenched, jiggling boobs.

"Not bad, George. Not bad at all. Almost as nice as the wine." Billie laughs again and winks up at 73 year-old George as he keeps pissing on her. Mostly on her boobs. But, he does point his pissing old monster at Billie's face and splashes that, then he moves his dick quickly back down to her boobs.

Billie's buzzed on five glasses of very-tasty red wine, and her inhibitions are pretty freaking low. She smiles with piss dripping from her face as George finishes drenching her absolutely gorgeous, DD boobs with it. His piss now dribbling out. He shakes his dick a couple of times and admires his work. Grinning proudly from ear to ear.

He decides to push his luck. He points his dick at Billie's mouth, wiggling it around to entice her to suck it. She laughs again and shakes her head at George's persistent desire for her, still buzzed from the wine and the steam all around them. She's sweaty, soaked with piss... and horny. So...

Billie sticks her tongue out again and licks the tip of George's cock. A few drops of piss start dribbling out again, falling right onto Billie's dancing tongue. She smirks extra-naughty up at the old guy, then she engulfs his dick. Just the head. She sucks hard on it. Drinking down the drops of piss already on her tongue and sucking hard for more.

George growls his happy thank you, and puts his left hand on the back of Billie's head, pulling it to him. Forcing more of his big old dick into my wife's intensely-sucking mouth.

His smirk of immense joy is beaming with sexually-fueled, kinky-bliss. He starts fucking Billie's mouth as she bounces her piss drenched boobs in her hands, while she sucks on George's mature, thumping-hard 9 inch cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Such a tasty cock. I love it." Billie winks up at George as she softly sucks his thick, veiny rod while he slowly fucks her mouth.

"Thank you, sweetheart. I love your sexy mouth sucking on it too. God! I love it!" George growls.

Billie laughs again, smiling around that veiny old dick. It's thick, but not overly thick. Smooth, but veiny too. Billie keeps moaning as she keeps sucking, as Georgie keeps fucking... her mouth. Billie still bouncing and squeezing her boobs in her hands as she sucks too. Swallowing all of that slimy precum that's pouring into her mouth.

She feels George's dick jump in her mouth and knows what's coming... or cumming. Ha.

George lets go of Billie's head for awhile, and closes his eyes, growling and groaning for his impending cum.

Billie sucks faster. Bobbing her below-shoulder-length, blonde-haired head on that big old dick and swinging her head and hair around as she goes.

George holds Billie's blonde head on his cock again, and grunts repeatedly... and then, starts shooting his jizz into her mouth. Several quick blasts of cum pumping fast into Billie's beautifully-sucking mouth. She coos away, loving the rush of tasty, gooey seed battering the back of her throat. She gladly drinks it all and sucks for more as George stands there, holding her blonde head, pumping his mature dick... and seed... deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm." Billie moans contently as she lets George's spent cock slowly slip from her mouth. She smiles up at him and giggles at his very, very-happy grin back down at her.

"You've got some tasty cum, George. That was delicious. Thanks." Billie giggles again and quickly licks the tip of her tongue on the tip of George's dick, making it jump around so excitedly. They both laugh at that. And George growls away, so fucking happy that Billie dropped by to see his new steam room... for the second... and much more fruitful... time. Ha.

When I saw Billie later in the evening, she told all about George's steam room again. I could tell by the way she was smiling and talking that she had a blast... a kinky one. She didn't get too specific though. She wanted to, but I told her not to. I wanted to not know what she did. It's hotter that way.

I fucked her tits in the bathroom... and in our bed... and took some more pics of all of it so I could slip them in on the new issue of the magazine... with aunt Beth on the cover. It's gonna be a big seller, and I'm really excited to see it all put together. Billie is too. Hey, another day... another successful magazine shoot. Boobs rule the world, dude. They rule the freaking world. Ha. Peace.

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