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Me, My Mom And Boobs Ep. 4
Category: Roleplay Stories

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm." My wife Billie's licking all over my face and neck as we chill in bed... naked. Why? Just because she wanted to. Hey, I'm not gonna argue about it.

We just finished a really hot, at-home photoshoot for the next edition of Boobs Magazine. Just the two of us.

"My hubby tastes so good. Hahaha." Billie's happy. I'm happy. It's all cool.

Billie licks up to my lips and gives me three short, but very hot kisses. Then, she lays on top of me and smiles. Tickling my chin.

"I know you're happy. Your sister Kate is coming into town for a visit. And... I hear, she might be moving back home." Billie tickles my chin again. Raising her eyebrows at me and smiling nice and naughty.

"Oh yeah. I've missed her. And... I hope she does. We could always use another hot, big titty blonde slut around here." I laugh. Billie playfully slaps at me and laughs too.

"What? Me and your mom, and Kaia aren't enough for you anymore. Hahahaha." She kisses me again.

We roll over on the bed. Me on top now. Still kissing. My right hand grabbing her left breast. Cupping and squeezing it. My thumb rubbing back and forth across the tip of her quivering nipple.

The thought of seeing my world-traveling, supermodel older sister Kate again, and fucking her... again... makes my dick hard almost instantly.

My other sister Kaia... the younger one... she's 19... came back home a few days ago. She's been here off and on alot since she moved out, so I see her a lot more than I've seen Kate. Kaia was living with her boyfriend, but they broke up, so she came back home to live with mom and I and Billie... thankfully.

Kaia and I have been going at it hot and heavy... real heavy... since she got back home. I fucking love that uber-horny blonde babe. Ha.

Billie's gorgeous body writhing on me while I play with her big tit also helps greatly with that.

As my wife and I get down to business in bed, mom and Kaia are picking up Kate from the airport. They're on the way home.

"It's good to be back, mama. It's so good to see you and Kaia. I can't wait to see my sexy brother too. I've missed him so much. How are he and Billie getting along?"

"Beautifully. They're so in love."

"That's good. What about Kayla?" Mom pauses when Kate asks about my ex. She looks back at Kaia in the back seat, then over at Kate in the passenger's seat. They stop at a light.

"What's wrong? I know they aren't together any more, but I though they were still close."

"Well... baby... that's a complicated one." Mom thinks about the best way to describe my relationship with my ex to my older sister.

"Kayla wants him back, but James loves Billie." Kaia chimes in. Making it simple. Mom looks back at her. Kaia just shrugs her shoulders as she casually chews her gum.

Like I said just now, Kaia's been here a lot, off and on, for the last almost year, so she keeps up with everything. She and mom talk all the time about me and my relationships. I don't mind. I'm pretty chill about that stuff.

"Well, James is married, so I understand that. Is Kayla being difficult?" Kate looks through her messages on her phone.

Mom again, pauses. She can relax since they're trapped in a LA special... a traffic jam. Fucking LA traffic.

"What?" Kate curious, but mom's not in a hurry to explain the whole situation in detail.

"She's been out of town. She and James had a big blow-up right before he and Billie got married. I hear, though, that she's coming back. I'm not looking forward to it." Mom rolls her eyes. It's not that she doesn't like my former girlfriend. It's just that Kayla can be a little overbearing and selfish... especially when it comes to me. And that upsets mom. She's very protective of her only son.

Kayla's a cool chick though. God, she's hot as fuck too. It was really hard breaking it off for good with her. It took me awhile. She's Jamaican/Indian. And good God... she's got one amazing fucking rack! Fuck! Massive, natural, tattooed tits. They're just the beginning though. I'll save the rest of the hot details for later though. Ha.

Back in my bedroom...

"Yeahhhh. Do my butt, baby. Do it! Uhh!" It's doggy time. Billie's holding the headboard. I'm behind her, banging her tight, but very comfy booty big time. Slapping that ass, then reaching up, grabbing her below-shoulder-length blonde hair, and yanking on it. Billie smirks back over her shoulder at me, and blows me a super-hot kiss as I fuck her ass nice and deep. Her 34DD hanging boobs flopping around under her. The bed rockin'. Billie moaning loud and hot. Dancing her booty on my fat, pierced meat stuffed up her tight, jiggly butt.

The gold piercings running down the back of my dick and balls rub all over Billie's anus and anal walls as I fuck her ass. They make her scream out over and over from all of the very-intense butt stimulation I'm giving her.

"FUCK!!!..." Billie's squeezing extra-hard on the headboard. Her mouth wide-open as she screams out in ass-fucking bliss. Her beautiful eyes so excitedly bouncing around in her head. "Cum in my mouth, baby. I wanna drink it all. Pleaseeeeeeee! God, I wanna drink it. Please, baby." Billie grins so heatedly and seductively at me. Begging for my cum. She most definitely will get it too.

I pull out quickly, and whip her around just as quick.

Billie immediately sucks down my entire, fourteen-inch shaft. The whole fucking thing. Only slightly gagging. My cock is twitching like crazy down there. Billie's very-intense suck job on it gets her what she desperately wants and craves in about ten awesome seconds or so.

"Shoot it, baby. Feed your bitch. Pleaseeeeeeeee. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Billie very-heatedly mumbles around my fat, veiny meat. Feverishly sucking out my extra-creamy load in record time. Six fat globs of pearly-white sex gold pumping straight down her throat. Billie growling furiously as she drinks it all. Sucking hard on my cock as it empties it all down there. Billie smiling so content and happy. Moaning loud and slutty. Fucking awesome. Fucking awesome!

"Damn..." I lean over, resting on my wife's back. Kissing and licking and nibbling on her neck and cheek. "You're one great fuck, baby. I'm glad I married you." We laugh.

"Thank you, baby." Billie kisses my face as I start sucking on her neck. "I'm glad you did too." We laugh again. Riding out the awesome post-butt fuck high. My hands playing with those super-soft and jiggly, hanging boobs as I suck away on Billie's neck. Her happy moans of joy and giggling spurring me on.


Mom and Kate and Billie and I are all hanging out in the living room, having a great time.

Kaia went over to Earl's to check out his new sauna that he put in, in his basement. Mom hasn't seen the finished product yet, so she's anxious for Kaia to tell her all about it.

Over at Earl's...

"This is cool, Earl. Wow. Cool sauna." Kaia checks it out. She's casually chewing on her bubblegum as she looks around our 75 year-old neighbor's brand-new sauna.

"Thanks, doll. It took awhile to get everything finished, but I'm happy with it."

"Cool. It's getting hot in here." The sauna temp is going pretty good. It's nice and hot, with steam flowing from the hot rocks in front.

"Sorry, doll. Do you want me to turn it down?"

"Nah. I'll cool myself off." Kaia just whips her tight, white and black tee shirt off. Earl's horny old eyes bulge when he sees Kaia's freaking awesome, 32F natural tits in her skimpy white satin bra. Hot blondes with big natural tits run in my family. It's one of the coolest things about my family. Ha.

Earl swallows hard, but manages to keep his composure.

Kaia smiles so sweet and sexy over at Earl, still chewing that gum... "Wanna fuck?" There are many things I love about my younger sister. Her beauty. Her boobs. Her amazing beautiful, sweet, sexy smile. Her easy going, happy personality, and her very direct approach to things... especially sex. Ha.

Earl just nods. Jaw dropped. Happy grin forming quick. My family's gonna wear ol' Earl out. Ha.

Back at home...

My day couldn't be any better at the moment. I'm buzzed from some really good weed. I'm chillaxed back in a very-comfy recliner. And, I've got three of the hottest women ever on their knees in front of me, blowing me. Yeah... it's a damn good day. Ha.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mom's twirling her head around. Her long blonde hair flying as she slurp s the top five inches or so of my pierced cock. Her insanely-beautiful lips locked tight on my hefty meat. Rippling up and down it steadily as she moans with pure delight. Reaching up to hold my hand as she so perfectly sucks me off.

My sister Kate, fresh off the plane, is very perfectly nibbling and sucking on the middle to lower part of my shaft. Her tongue bathing my flesh and gold piercings with sweet saliva. The piercings running all the way down my cock from the back-tip of my spongy crown, right down the massive, thick veins-bulging shaft, all the way down the middle of my big, shaved-bare ball-sack to the very back-bottom of it.

And, my wife Billie, not to be overlooked, is slurping on those big, bare balls and base of my shaft, orally massaging all of them. My balls one at a time, then sucking in the whole middle of my sack and wickedly licking up and down the gold piercings running down it.

Fourteen-inches of very-thick, very-veiny and very-pierced dick being worshipped by my loves. All three of them moaning and cooing so blissfully. All of them rubbing all of their big, soft titties all over my balls as they suck me off... FUCK!... All of them so desperately wanting my creamy cum. And, all three of them about to get it all...

"Yeahhhhhh! WOO! Hahaha!" Mama leading the charge as my cum starts pumping out. Three perfect faces smiling wide. Three naughty tongues lapping away. Three cum-craving mouths so ecstatically sucking all of the flying jizz in and down.

And one very happy son/brother/hubby loving every fucking second of it. Ha.

Mom and Kate and Billie all take turns joyfully sucking me clean. Smiling. Laughing. Kissing and licking my dick and each other. Passing my extremely-happy cock back and forth between them. Deep-sucking it, then passing it off to the next and further draining me over and over and over. FUCK!!! OH YEAH... FUCK!!! WOO!!! Ha.

They all make sure to show my balls some more love too. All of them sucking them one at a time. One uber-hot blonde sucking each ball, then all three joining up and sucking together on them.

Three gorgeous, big titty blonde bitches sucking on your balls at the same fucking time... HEAVEN! HEAVEN!!!

We all pick up a beer and raise them up in the air.

"To my gorgeous piece of ass sister Kate... Welcome home, baby. And... to three chick blowjobs... THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU! WOO!"



"To my hubby's beautiful dick and balls... HELL YEAH!"



We all salute, tap bottles and cheer. What a fucking day so far. Ha.

Meanwhile... back in Earl's new sauna...

"WOO-HOO! You've got some good dick, Earl. Fuck me, baby. WOO!" Kaia's smiling away. Chewing gum. Riding Earl's hard, 75 year-old cock... facing him... as he sits on the front bench of the sauna. Kaia's legs spread real wide. Her hands holding him by the neck.

Earl's very-enthusiastically grinning from ear to ear, so fucking happy and excited to be where he's at... and in... at the moment. He's also playing with Kaia's big bouncing titties as she wildly bounces on his super-hard, 7 and a half-inch mature dick. Her sweet young pussy furiously eating that strong old meat up.

The steam and heat in the sauna are heating up even further. Creating a very heated and sweaty sex pit for the two of them.

Earl leans in and starts sucking on Kaia's perfect, perky tits while she keeps on riding him. WOO-HOOING and popping bubbles, her beautiful, super-smooth legs still spread extra-wide as she bounces on that old fucking dick.

"Oh God! Earl grunts into Kaia's breast flesh as he starts cumming inside of her... sans condom. His slightly-watery, but huge load pumping steadily up that sweet young snatch, mixing with Kaia's that she shot a couple of minutes ago. Kaia wiggles her pussy around on Earl's dick to drain it completely, the she pauses. Smiles at Earl. Blows one last bubble and pops it. Then, she gets up and smiles again.

"Thanks, Earl. That was fun." Kaia waves and smiles some more, and leaves, picking up her clothes as she passes them on the way out of the sauna. She fucks, then she leaves. My sister. Get the dick, then get the fuck outta there. Haha.

Earl's happy. He leans back on the bench behind him and takes a deep breath, wiping his sweaty brow and happily shaking his head.

"What a gal." Earl says to himself, smiling away.

Yeah, dude. Kaia's quite a gal indeed. Ha.


A little later...

"Thanks, George."

"You're welcome. You hear about Earl's new sauna?"

"Yeah. My sister Kaia was telling us about it earlier."

"He showed it to me the other day. It's nice, but..."

"But what?" Billie asks the liquor store manager.

"It's not as nice as my new steam room."

"Oh yeah?"

"Nope. You should come over some time and I'll show you."

"Sure. That's sound like fun. I'm sure James would like that too."

"Great. How about you two coming over tonight and checking it out?" George is smirking mischievously. Flirting pretty good with my wife. Dude loves to flirt. But, he's cool about it.

"I have to check with James first. He may have something planned for us."

"Oh... tell James that the latest issue of Boobs has already sold out. Everybody loves your beautiful boobs, doll."

"Haha. Thanks, George. I'll tell him."

"Well.. OK. Give me a call when you find out about tonight."

"Ok... I'll call ya. Bye."

"Bye, beautiful." George and Billie wave bye to each other as my Billie walks out of the store. George makes sure to watch my wife leave as closely as he can. Another old dude hooked. He's a cool dude though. Nice guy. Real friendly. Also... real horny. That's definitely in abundance around here though. Ha.



"Sorry that James couldn't join us, doll." George hands Billie a glass of red wine.

"Thanks. Yeah... He and Kelly are doing another photo shoot for the magazine, over in Pasadena."

"That sounds like some more really hot Kelly titty pics coming for Boobs magazine." George laughs, and winks at Billie. She laughs too, and smiles.

"Oh yeah. The two of them together equal HOT. Hahaha. I feel a little inadequate sometimes when I see them together. I mean, Kelly's so gorgeous. And James is too. They make a perfect couple."

"You pretty darn gorgeous too, sweetheart. Don't sell yourself short. You're stunning." George raises his glass to Billie. Smiling too as they start to check out his steam room.

"Awww. Thanks, George. That's really sweet." Billie smiles again. Sweet, sexy, and friendly. Damn, she's hot. And I tell her that all the time. So, there's no reason for her to ever feel inadequate about anything. Her being so beautiful and hot are two of the main reasons I married her. Ha.

After the grand tour, Billie and George decide to turn on the steam and chill. George was prepared. He's got on his white cotton towel, and speedo... Yeah... speedo. Old dude with a speedo. Seems redundant.

Billie has a pink and white sports bra and yoga pants on. Comfy attire for both.

"I have to admit, sweetheart. Your pics in Boobs really blew my mind. I mean, Kelly is always amazing herself. She really is. What a woman that lady is. But, she's always showing off the goods... to some degree. Which we all love.

You, on the other hand, are a lot more low profile in your gorgeousness. You don't flaunt it as much, so it was truly a delight to see you nude. Not just your boobs, but, the rest of you as well.

"Thanks, George." Billie raises her glass to George. A proud smile now on those beautiful lips. "I'm glad you liked them so much. I really wanted James to like them. I wanted to WOW him, so I'm really happy that I did. He loved them so much, we fucked all night long. He was so turned on by my pics. God, that was fun. Hahaha." Billie's demure grin can't hide just how proud she was turning me on as much as she did with those kinky pictures. I fucking loved them. And, that made her very-freaking happy. So, I was very-freaking happy. Simple married math. Ha.

The steam's going strong in the steam room. George has it as a moderate level. Not too steamy. You can still see pretty-clearly.

Clearly enough for Billie to see George open his robe and let it slide to the bench he's sitting on. Clearly enough for her to also see his old, but very-large, bulge that he's sporting in that thin yellow speedo he has on too.

Billie looks away, sipping her wine, and smirks, raising her eyebrows with playful innocence as well.

George is making sure to closely watch my wife's nipples hardening in that very-boob-hugging sports bra. His pleased grin beaming with intrigued, kinky-delight.

Meanwhile, over in Pasadena... At a nice and sleazy motel...

Mom and I have finished up the motel photoshoot for the next issue of Boobs. She's gonna be the covergirl again. Everybody loved the first issue she graced the cover of, so hey, why not do another one? Makes perfect sense.

I wanted to have a real gritty, dirty vibe to the pics, so I picked a cheap motel over in Pasadena that Penny and I fooled around in a few times to do the photoshoot with mom.

The room's dingy and grimy. It's got a real sleazy feel to it. Perfect for what I was going for. A cheap fireplace and kinda-filthy bear-skin rug and everything. A real trashy pad.

I'm smiling. My phone in one hand. My dick in the other.

Mom's smiling too. Stretched out in the bathtub. Getting pissed on. Yeah... I'm pissing all over my moms 34FFs. Taking pictures of it with my phone.

That strong yellow stream splashing all over those insanely gorgeous breasts. Mom opening her mouth so that I can piss in it too. She gulps down a mouthful of piss, then smiles at blows me a real sexy kiss as I wash down her titties with tons of pale yellow, dick liquor.

Mom's massive tits glistening bright with the yellow piss. Her wickedly horny smile turning me the fuck on.

She signals me over to her with her finger. Her wicked grin getting even more wicked by the fucking second.

I walk right up to her, grinning from ear to ear. Snapping pics, one after the other. Mom blows me another hot kiss, then deepthroats my entire, pissing dick. The whole fucking thing. One gulp. I growl my delight and finish pissing right down her throat. Mom softly massaging my big, hanging, pierced nuts. Cooing blissfully as she drinks me dry. God, what a fucking woman.

Tune in next time to find out just how steamy George's steam room actually gets with he and Billie in it. And more mom being mom. And more Boobs too. Can't forget them. Ha. Peace, bitches.

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