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Me, My Mom And Boobs Ep. 3
Category: Roleplay Stories

"James loved them. Thank you so much for helping me with them, Earl. You're a sweetie."

"It was my pleasure, doll. I'm always here if you need anything... anything at all. Just ask."

"Thank you so much. I enjoyed our little fun we had too." Billie giggles.

"Me too, beautiful. Me too. Maybe we can find the time to have a repeat performance. Are you busy later? I'm free all day. Well... at least until 9. Kelly's supposed to come over and have some drinks. I'm really looking forward to that."

"Well... Hmmm.... James is over at his aunt Alia's house. I guess I have some time now."

"I'll be right over, doll!" Earl's super-excited to hang out with my wife Billie again. They both laugh on the phone.

"Ok... but, don't hurt yourself hurrying over." Billie teases, laughing and shaking her head at Earl's immense excitement for some more boob fun with her.

"I won't. I promise, doll. Be right there." Earl's anticipation of having some more fun with Billie is blaring out in his voice.

"Ok, see ya shortly." Billie hangs up and giggles. She's flattered that Earl's so excited about getting to play with her boobs again. She really did enjoy jerking him off all over them yesterday.

Earl's a really nice old guy and Billie appreciated his help with the pictures that she made for me. By the way, Billie's the second cover girl for Boobs Magazine. She loves it, and I do too.

Over at my aunt Alia's pad in Malibu...

"These are so hot. Just like Kelly's... and mine." Alia winks at me as she smokes that blunt. Looking sexy as all fuck doing it. I just smile, and watch her.

She's checking out the new Boobs Magazine with Billie on the cover. The first press is already sold-out. We're putting out the second one tonight.

Boobs Magazine is a small-time production, but it's fast becoming a very successful one. Thanks to my mom and wife... and aunt... so far.

"Oh... I do like that dildo. It's not as big as mine though." As Alia checks out the pics, I make my move.

"Or this..." I take her left hand and place it right on my bulge. Alia immediately drops the magazine and looks at me. Smiling that super-hot, smokey smile.

"It definitely isn't as big as this thing... for sure." We laugh. Alia rubs my cock in my baggy, gray shorts. I always go commando, so my enormous rod and big, hefty balls... both with all of those small gold piercings down the underside of them... and the center of my ball-sack... are always free to flop around as much as they want.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God! I love your cock! It's so fucking big... WOW!" Alia yanks my shorts down, and stares in awe at it. My dick's still totally soft, but still massive.

There's nothing better than seeing a chick getting so excited when she sees how big my dick is. And, she's sees all of those piercings on it. And she plays with it... like Alia.

My aunt softly jerks my cock. Holding it gently in her left hand as she smokes and smiles extra-sexy at me. Fuck! She's one sexy, big titty bitch! All natural 34Gs. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I love my aunt's boobs!

Alia puts the blunt into my mouth and softly kisses my cheek. Giggling at my happy growls of joy from the gentle, cock-loving handjob that she's giving me.

I close my eyes and growl even louder when I feel Alia's spit drool down all over my spongy crown. She rubs it into my cock thoroughly as she jerks me. My extra-beefy cock throbbing away in her very skillful hands. She's using them both on me now.

My cock's growing by the second. Throbbing mightily, and lurching in her loving-aunt hands. They keep pumping me. A little quicker now. Alia leaning in and licking slowly up my right cheek as my growls once again intensify.

Meanwhile... back at home...

"Wow, Earl... You really were excited to come over. Hahaha." Billie remarks as she stands in the front doorway while ol' Earl very, very-eagerly massages her big tits through her pink hoodie... that has SLUT written in white across the chest. Kinda fitting, huh? Ha.

Earl got to our house in record time... even though he lives right down the street. Ha. As soon as Billie answered the door, he very-excitedly grabbed her boobs and started groping them. Ready Eddie for sure. Ha.

"Come inside... I guess. Hahaha." Billie laughs. She leads Earl inside with her boobs. His hands are glued to them. Squeezing and kneading away on them. My amazingly beautiful blonde wife's going braless, so ol' Earl is getting the free jiggling experience with her tits.. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm. You've got such nice hands, Earl. They really know their way around some boobs." Billie laughs again as Earl keeps up the very-heated boob groping. His old hands frantically pawing those very-natural 34DD beauties senseless through my wife's pink hoodie.

Billie goes ahead and takes off her hoodie. She manages to get Earl to stop pawing her boobs long enough for her to do it. Ha.

He quickly leans in and starts sucking in them next to the living room. Deep and intense. It kinda surprises Billie a little... but, she likes it.

"Oh... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeahhh. Suck my boobs, Earl." Billie softly bites her bottom lip. Moaning softly as well as Earl smashes his wrinkled old face into each large mound and sucks them so deep and hard. Voraciously gorging himself on those incredibly gorgeous... and tasty... boobs.

Back at Alia's...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (PLOP)... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (PLOP)" My long dark-haired aunt smiles at me as she pops her mouth off of my cock again. She's sucking it. Bobbing fast on it. Then, loudly popping her mouth off of my cock head, over and over. I fucking love that shit!

"Ride me, bitch." I blurt out after a couple more loud PLOPS. Ha.

"Hehehe. My pleasure, stud." Alia's so fucking sexy. She oozes hot, sexy sluttiness. She's my dad's much-younger sister. She's 42. And, she's a world-class fuck.

Alia hops up on my cock. She smiles real-wide as I enter her. Those small gold piercings all the way down my crown and shaft rubbing on her coochie walls so perfectly as my cock slowly eases up her slick pussy.

I rub her thighs and smile. Watching those huge natural boobs jiggle as she starts smoking again. Alia's boobs are a work of art. They're hangers, but in the most gorgeous way possible. So soft and hefty. Just insanely perfect.

My hands quickly make their way up her tall, trim body and grab onto them. Squeezing hard. Alia coos blissfully, and starts bouncing on my fully-hard, excitedly-twitching cock.

She swirls around on it, smirking down at me while she smokes, and bounces some more. Alternating between them. That drives me wild. My intensely happy, horny growls of joy blaring out through her bedroom. Alia laughs. She leans down and kisses me nice and soft and slutty, sharing the smoke... and her tasty spit... with me.

Back at home...

"Mmmmmmmmmm. God... I love how you play with my boobs, Earl. Yeahhh. Squeeze them harder... God, yes! Ahhhhh." Billie's heatedly sucking on her bottom lip as Earl squeezes roughly on her big, heaving breasts. He's kissing her neck too. They're on the couch. One full bottle of red wine into their fun.

Billie's playing with Earl's snow-white hair. Giggling, and writhing happily on the sofa as Earl manhandles her gorgeous tits. Pawing them and kneading them nice and rough. Quickly rolling his thumbs across her rock-hard nipples as his hands maul her boobs.

"Can I please fuck them, doll? Pretty please." Earl begs in between heated kisses on Billie's tingling neck.

"Sure. Here, or in the bedroom?" Billie asks with a naughty undertone in her voice. She laughs when Earl very-quickly springs his head up from her neck.

"Well... the bedroom would be better, doll. There's more room on the bed... for whatever may go down." Earl gives Billie his best, extra-naughty grin. She giggles again.

"Or in..." Billie wickedly winks and grins at ol' Earl. He almost loses it right there. "Lead the way, stud." Billie grins extra-playful. Earl jumps up from the sofa as quick as humanly possible, takes a deep breath, and holds out his hand to help Billie up. She shakes her head and giggles some more, then takes his hand, following him to his bedroom.

You can hear Earl WOO-HOOING all the way there.

Back at Alia's...

"DAMN! DAMN!!! DAMN!!!!!!"

"Sexy bitch." I slap that ass real hard.

"God yes! Slap it, baby!"

I slap her ass again. Harder!


My aunt's growling as I piledrive her sweet, sexy booty from behind on her bed. She's gripping the headboard. Screaming from not only my giant dick in her ass... with all of those gold piercings rubbing all over her bulging bowels, but also from the vibrato she has stuffed up her squirting pussy. It's on high. And Alia is too. Hell yeah!

Banging that bitch's booty even harder. Deep. Driving fourteen-inch of fat pierced dick straight up that dark, winking hole.

My hands gripping those huge hanging udders so damn tight as I butt fuck my gorgeous aunt's brains out.

Pussy milk and juice everywhere. Dripping all over me. Staining her sheets. Fucking cool as shit! Hell yeah!

Back at home...

"Oh my God! I think I'm dreaming, doll. My God! Your beautiful breasts are so soft. Wow!"

Earl's leaning back on his elbows on my bed, watching Billie, who's on the side of the bed, work his dick with her tits. He's having a hard time not cumming. A really hard time. His 7 and a half-inch, old cock is throbbing incessantly as Billie fucks it with her magnificent boobs. World-famous covergirl boobs now. Ha. Her nipples twitching and pulsating non stop as her funbags pump that slightly-wrinkled old rod at hyper speed.

Then, they slow down. Billie can sense Earl's impending cum, so she slows down on the dick pumping to let his immense pleasure last even longer for him.

"You like that, Earl?" Billie grins as she slowly rubs her 34DD, soft boobs across Earl's precum-oozing rod. The slimy fluid greases up Billie's amazing, jiggly tits so very nicely. She knows the obvious answer to her question, but she's also enjoying Earl enjoying the boob fun.

Billie drools out some more spit all over Earl's veiny shaft. Rubbing it in with her tits, then drooling out even more. Her spit, and Earl's precum mixing on her milky-white breast flesh to make the perfect lube for a great titty fuck.

"You're so beautiful, doll. My God, you take my breath away." Earl smiles as Billie softly rubs her tits across his twitching cock. More drops of clear fluid pumping out of his piss slit, further lubing my blonde-beauty wife's spectacular tits.

Billie smiles back, and blows him a horny kiss.

"There ya go again with the taking your breath away stuff. Haha. Remember, I told you to be careful with that. I don't want anything happening to such a sweet, dear friend. With such a nice, sexy cock." Billie giggles again and winks at Earl. Then, she leans over and sucks his wet crown. That definitely almost... almost... makes Earl lose his load.

Billie twists her mouth on the old cock head. Slurping it and sucking it as she rubs her slick boobs on Earl's big hanging balls.

He growls away. Leaning his head back and grunting furiously. Billie laughs around his cock, and sucks it even deeper. Taking in about three inches of his shaft. She bobs her blonde-haired-head on that mature rod, rubbing her big boobs across his meaty nuts the whole time.

"Doll... my God... I apologize for being so greedy, but, could I please fuck your pussy. I just have to ask. My God!!!" Earl's going crazy on my bed. Writhing around frantically from Billie's mouth on his cock, and her tits on his balls.

She pulls off of Earl's dick and giggles. Earl looks down at her and gives her a sweet, begging look. Billie giggles once more, and...

"I was hoping you'd ask that." Billie laps at Earl's leaking dick and laughs, then she stands up, and gets into our bed with him. Earl is grinning from ear to ear, so fucking happy, he can hardly stand it.

"I have a condom in my wallet, doll. Here... I'll get it real quick." Earl hurries to reach over to the nightstand and fish out the condom from his wallet.

Billie spreads her legs on the bed, smiling mischievously, and rubs her pussy in anticipation of his old dick going in there.

Earl hurriedly puts the condom on. He does it perfectly, which is impressive considering how horny he is at the moment.

"Here we go. Hot damn!" Earl says excitedly as he rubs his condom-covered cock head on Billie's slick, puffy labia. Billie laughs at how excited Earl is.

He enters Billie. Nice and smooth. Billie coos happily, smiling again, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him in even deeper.

Earl leans down and starts voraciously sucking each of my wife's boobs as he fucks her. First the right, then the left. Billie licks her lips and grins, playing with his white hair. Her feet slapping on his butt to pull his dick deeper into her juicy, pulsating pussy.

Back at Alia's...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That was so fucking amazing, baby. God! You can fuck! WOO! Hahaha." Alia kisses me as I rub my face on hers. Softly roaring away. My cum stopping. I filled her ass to the brim. So much so, it's leaking out, further staining her sheets. God, her ass feel fucking fantastic with my dick and cum in there. It's tight. Her anal walls are throbbing hard. Pounding on my spent cock. Fucking fantastic.

I'm playing with those hanging 34Gs. Cupping and bouncing them in my hands. Absolutely loving the feel of them. I'm obsessed with my aunts huge natural tits... and I'm obsessed with her too. My favorite aunt. The Weed Queen, with the best weed-dealing tits ever. Ha.

Back at home...

"God! That's right. Just like that, Earl. Just like that. Yeahhhhhhhh."

I don't know how, but ol' Earls managed to hold off on cumming for the last twenty minutes of pussy fucking. He's caught his second wind, I guess. Ha.

He's behind Billie now. Banging her super-sweet pussy doggy-style. Billie's laying her head on the pillow, cooing happily and smiling as Earl fucks her. Quicker and quicker. His impending cum speeding closer to fruition by the second.

Earl's holding Billie's curvy hips, fucking my wife, and growling wildly as he goes.

"Here it cums, doll. Here it CUMSSSSSSSSS!!!!! OH GOD!!!" Earl leans his head back, growling wildly, and starts sperm shooting into his condom.

Billie looks back at him, smiling, and laughs. She wiggles her pussy on his condom-covered rod as it shoots out his slightly watery load. Earl's really-excited. He's shooting an extra-large load. One fat blast of mature sperm after the other pumping furiously into that condom.

He's grunting so loud from the cumming, and also from Billie's naughty pussy dancing on his dick too. Earl finally finishes depositing his wad into the condom and leans back. Breathing deep. Wiping his brow and relaxing. Another deep breath from ol' Earl.

"My God, doll. That was perfect. Thank you so very much for everything. I really mean that. You're such a sweetheart. Such a beautiful sweetheart. With such sexy boobs." They both laugh as Earl leans back up and forward, and reaches under Billie, grabbing her boobs and very-happily squeezing them.

Billie smiles, and blows him another kiss, wiggling her pussy again on Earl's sensitive, softening cock... which makes Earl growl out in post-cum ecstasy. That, in turn, makes Billie laugh once more.


Mom's over at Earl's. They're chillin' with some wine and beer, watching wrestling. Mom's picked up my love for pro wrestling recently. She's fucking awesome. Ha.

"I'm so glad you love my pics, babe. It really makes me happy." Billie plops down on our bed, in between my legs. Smiling playfully. Looking so damn fine. Her blonde hair pinned up. She's got a baggy pink sweatshirt on and some really-skimpy white booty-shorts too. Damn, dude... I've got it bad for my wife. I fuck my mom and aunt and other chicks and all, but I still have it bad... or really, really good... depending on how you look at it... for Billie.

We kiss. Soft, sweet kisses. Smiling and rubbing on each other. So relaxed and happy.


Billie's heated kisses increase. All over my face.

"What's wrong, babe?"

"Alia got arrested."

"Oh my God."

"She wants me to come bail her out."

"Are you?"

"She is my aunt. And, she works for me so, I guess I should. I'm sorry, babe."

Billie licks my lips then smiles at me.

"It OK, baby. Don't worry. You're a sweetheart. You should bail your aunt out." Another sweet smile from my wife, and a sweet, but very passionate kiss to back it up.

"I'll be back as soon as I can. I promise."

"Ok, baby. Love you, my king. God, I love you."

"I love you too, baby." I smile, then kiss Billie once more. I hate having to leave her, but, she's right. I should go bail out my aunt. So... I reluctantly get up and head up to Malibu.

A little later...

Billie's bored. I'm stuck up in Malibu, trying to get my aunt bailed out of jail. For some freaking reason everything is taking ten times longer than it should.

I text my wife and explain that to her. She texts me back a bunch of hearts and kisses and licks. And a really sweet, "I love you" message too.

"I wonder how things are going over at Earl's." Billie asks herself. She decides to text mom and ask if she can come over and hang out for a little while. She tells her all about me bailing out my aunt.

"Awww. My poor, baby. I wish he didn't have to deal with that... Sure, you can come over, babe. We're having a great time here. Hehe." Mom answers back.

Billie grabs a beer and heads over, keeping on his very causal outfit she had on with me. Hair pinned up and all.

A little later...


Earl's gigantic grin makes mom and Billie both laugh.

He's stretched out on the sofa with mom and Billie both on their knees in front of him. Earl's got his condom-covered old meat stuffed in between mom's massive, incredibly perfect boobs. She's pumping away on his constantly throbbing dick. Shaking her all natural wonders all over it as the precum flows freely from it.

Billie's leaning over and spitting all over Earl's condom-covered cock, keeping it nice and lubed-up. She and mom kiss too. Extra-slutty kissing. Very-heatedly swapping tons of spit between them. That drives ol' Earl even crazier. His uber-happy growls, groans and moans blare out throughout his house.

"I'm gonna cum, ladies. I'M GONNA CUM!!!!! ARGH!!!"

Mom and Kelly laugh again as Earl starts thrusting like crazy in between mom's furiously shaking titties. His mature jizz pumping fast into the tip of the condom. Mom sees it, and laughs again.


Billie cheers Earl on too. She and mom watch Earl dump a huge load of sex cream in there. It bulges out the end of the condom big time.

Earl finally finishes shooting the biggest load he's ever shot. He breathes deep, repeatedly, trying to cool down.

"WHEW! MY GOD!" Earl can't stop grinning.

"Yeahhhhhhhh." Mom giggles as she slowly pumps his wildly-twitching dick a little more with her huge, heaving tits.

Mom then wows Earl with a little trick. She manages to pull the overstuffed-with-cum condom off of Earl's old, spent cock without spilling a drop of cum from it. A very impressive feat.

Earl watches and smiles his old, horny ass off.

Mom grabs the condom and holds it up, letting Billie see just how much cum is in there. They're both very impressed with the huge hanging bulge of cum in the condom.

"WOW, EARL! THAT'S ALOTTA CUM! MY GOD!" Billie is floored by the sheer volume of it. Especially at Earl's age... 75.

"Oh yeah. That's a lot of yummy cream for sure. Hehehe." Moms equally impressed.

Earl doesn't say a word. He just lays his head back on the back of the sofa, and grins from ear to ear. Absolutely loving his life at the moment.

"It would be a shame to waste all of this sexy seed. Now wouldn't it? Hahaha." Mom laughs, then she blows Earl a sexy kiss, and winks at Billie.

She tilts the condom towards her open mouth and pours it in. All of that slightly watery... but tons of it... cum. Earl's eyes almost pop out of his head as he watches. His jaw dropped at the truly-awesome sight of the most gorgeous milf ever drinking his mature dick-milk straight from his used condom.

Mom swallows the first mouthful, then keeps the second in her mouth. Gargling it. Letting some of it hang from her tongue, then quickly slurping it back up into her mouth. She smiles very-playfully at Earl with her mouth closed, then she winks over at Billie again, and grabs her head.

Billie a little surprised, but she plays along. Mom pulls her to her and kisses her. Sharing the mouthful of gargled sperm with her. Billie's surprised again, but she just smiles... and kisses mom. Swallowing some of Earl's well-seasoned cum herself as they kiss and swap cum.

They keep kissing, putting on a helluva hot show for ol-Earl. She starts playing with his hanging dick as he very-closely watches the finale.

Mom and Billie smile and laugh as they heatedly kiss and moan so fucking sexy, knowing just how much they're exciting ol' horny Earl.

"There..." Mom licks her lips clean and smacks them for Earl when she and Billie finish kissing. Billie's laughing and wiping her mouth. "I owed you that, sweet Earl. I kinda left you hanging back in your car. Hehe." Mom reminding Earl about their first date where she just jacked him off into the condom.

"My God, doll. You are on amazing woman. Wow! Just amazing."

"Awwww." Mom blows Earl another kiss, then she kisses a surprised Billie once more. Playing with Billie's 34DDs as they kiss. Earl can't stop smiling. He's rubbing his dick and grinning like a madman. It's been one helluva day for him too.

Me, I'm still stuck up in Malibu. Another hour later and I finally get my aunt out of jail. She blows me in the car on the way back as a thank you for doing it. Hey... I can't be mad. I love my aunt, and she blew me. Things could be worse. Ha.

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