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Cum Whore Patricia Heaton Ch. 2
Category: Roleplay Stories

Cum Eating Fantasy Fetish Porn Starring Patricia Heaton... Totally And Completely Fake

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. That's was such a good night's sleep, my love. Now..." I'm still half-asleep as my wife Patricia Heaton... or Patty... slyly slides under the covers and starts sucking my also half-asleep cock.

A happy grin immediately forms on my lips. My 64 year-old TV star wife is truly a one of a kind cocksucker.

I look down and see her head, under the covers, bouncing. I can feel her beautiful lips air-locked onto my growing meat, slurping it and bathing it with her saliva-coated tongue.

I just lay there and grin. Clasping my hands behind my head, and beaming with oral sex delight.

I get a text from a producer that wants to have Patty come in and read for a tv show role. I'm not only Patty's husband of 25 years, I'm also her manager.

He's one of the Weinstein types. He has a rep for talking actresses into fucking... and sucking... him for roles. Dude's a little iffy. But, it would be a really good payday for us.

"You got an offer from Goldman. He wants you to come in and read for a role. It's a hot cougar type of role. Perfect for you, baby. Ha."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds fun, babe. Hold on..." Patty speeds up her suck job and has me jizzing down her throat in no time. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. God, I love your cum, my love. I love so damn much. God! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Patty slurps me clean. Pumping my giant, tattooed and pierced rod with both hand around the base as she loudly sucks the top half of my fourteen-inches. Popping her mouth off of my cock repeatedly, then sucking it back in. Fuck! Just fuck!

Patty snakes her way up to me, under the covers. She smiles mischievously at me, then kisses me when she pops out from under them.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Such tasty lips too. Yum." Patty sucks on my bottom lip, then my top one. Pulling both with her mouth as she sucks them, then kissing me after each one.

"So... big daddy... what should I do?" Patty reaches over to the ashtray on the nightstand and grabs the joint. She smokes it as she rests on my chest. Looking curiously right at me.

"Well... the dude's a douchebag, but... it could be big money for us."

"Goldman... oh... he's that really sleazy producer that Sofia Vergara talked about taking to court. You know... He supposedly talked her into taking his big greasy dick in her butt to get that movie."

"Oh yeah. I had forgotten about that. Hmmmm... a big greasy dick in the butt to get a movie? I wonder what the going rate is for a hot cougar role on a TV show. " I give Patty a real naughty smirk. We both laugh. She puts the joint into my mouth. I puff, then pass back to her.

"Well... with his rep... I'm guessing minimum, a blowjob... and swallow. They hate when you spit. Maximum, anal... with a swallow. They just love shooting their greasy sperm down your throat." Patty smirks at me, and winks, as we puff and pass.

"I'll call him and tell him to forget it." I start to call the freak on my phone, but my wife stops me.

"No, no. It's fine. I can handle him. If he tries anything too weird, I'll tell him that my brother is a cop and he hates women abusers... especially Weinstein types."

"Your brother's an accountant." I grin at my wife, and she puffs hard on the joint.

"Yeah..." She blows a big smoke ring into the air. "But, he doesn't know that and, I know for a fact that he's deathly afraid of going to jail. Sofia told me all about him.

I laugh. Patty looks right at me and laughs too. She kisses me again. Very passionately. Her kinky plan to get the hot cougar role is under way.

Later in the day... in Goldman's office...

"That was a very good read, Patty. You're such a good actress. And still lovely." The fat dude winks real sleazy at my hot as fuck wife.

"Thanks. I know I'd be perfect in this role. I'm made for it." Patty confidently grins. She uncrosses her sexy, mature legs, then slowly crosses them again. Pausing in between crosses to let the fat sleazeball see that she has no panties on.

"I can see that." The fat guy starts rubbing his crotch again behind his desk. He's been doing it the whole time.

"Good..." Patty leans forward in her chair. Wickedly smirking at the obviously half-drunk douchebag as he unzips his pants behind the desk. "Now... what's it gonna take for me to get the fucking role? Because..." Patty stands up and rips open her tight, white blouse, letting Goldman gawk hard at her white satin bra-encased 34C breasts. There's still perky and oh so beautiful.

Patty stands there confidently. Hands on her hips. Very-ready to do what it takes to get the part.

Goldman sneers and laughs his cocky laugh.

"Anal... with a swallow."

Patty smirks, and shakes her head, thinking back to what she told me this morning.

"I hope you've got a big dick, because my husband is the only man that's ever fucked my ass, and he's got a huge one." Patty tosses her torn blouse over to the couch behind her. She quickly pulls down her tight, black leather miniskirt and tosses that on the couch as well. She leaves her black heels on. And her bra. She does pull her gorgeous tits out of the bra though. She lets them hang over the very-smooth cups.

"Get over here and suck me, bitch. Get it nice and hard for your butt." The fat, sleazy producer leans back in his chair, holding his fat cock up, waiting for my wife to obey him.

Patty slowly makes her way over behind his desk, and immediately, her jaw drops. The scumbag has the fattest dick she's ever seen.

"How the hell did Sofia take that thing in her butt? Damn." Patty asks herself. She quickly shuts her jaw, and walks over to Goldman, then drops to her knees.

"Good slut. Suck it. Suck it good." His cocky smirk gets bigger and bigger. Patty thinks to herself that she hates this fat fuck, but, she really wants the part. So...

"Yeahhhh. Suck that big beautiful dick, you nasty fucking whore." Goldman's full of himself. He's very used to getting what... and who... he wants.

Patty's slurping that obese dick better than its ever been slurped. Bobbing fast on it, and swinging her auburn-blonde hair around for sexy effect. Her spit coating that massive shaft, lubing it for her beautiful, creamy-smooth lips rippling down that extra-girthy, thick-veins-bulging meat.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH! The fat freak grabs Patty's head and shoves deep down into her throat, depositing his fat load of greasy cum down it. His huge, fat ass coming up off of his chair as she slams his massive meat down Patty's way-overstuffed throat. Rough and dirty. Patty coughs hard and slaps his fat legs for him to let go of her, which he finally does.

Patty immediately pukes all over the fat fuck. Coughing from the immense girth of that thing he rammed down her throat. It's so fucking fat.

She scowls at the freak, puke and spit hanging from her lips. She's breathing heavy. The fat, sleazy fuck leans down and kisses her. Deep and nasty. Patty pushes him away and angrily flips him off, so disgusted by him.

Dude just laughs again. Cocky and sleazy. He grabs a cigar from his desk and lights it, smoking hard on it, as Patty wipes her messy mouth with some tissues Goldman has on his desk.

"So... you still want the part?" Goldman smirks wide at Patty. She doesn't need to think about it very long.

"HELL YEAH, I DO! NOW... FUCK MY ASS, YOU DISGUSTING PIG!" Patty doesn't back down from a challenge. She takes his sleazy overconfidence as a challenge. A disgusting challenge. She's going all the way with it too, to get that fucking part. No matter how much she'll hate herself later for doing it.

The butt fuck is quick and brutal. Patty does make him out some lube on that monster before he rams it up her still tight butt.

Goldman bends Patty over his desk, and pounds her ass from behind. Hard and fast. Rough and dirty. In and out. Those fat thighs of his slamming into my fit wife's slender ones. She's pounding her fists on his big, oak desk. Screaming out in pained pleasure as the fat freak takes her ass. Owning it at that moment. Showing Patty who's boss in that fucking office.

She willingly gives it up. Hating herself, but also loving being taken so forcefully. Even by such a fat, disgusting pig as Goldman.

He's puffing hard on that cigar, and pounding Patty ass as hard as he can. His big desk is moving around on the floor from the powerful force of his ass fucking of my 64 year-old, petite wife.

"I gotta jizz again. Kneel down and drink it, bitch." Goldman slaps Patty's smooth ass, puffing harder and harder on that fat stogie.

Patty looks back over her shoulder at him and gives him an angry scowl.

"I already swallowed your disgusting cum."

"You want the role or not, bitch?" Goldman.... Sweaty, fat, hairy, and sleazy... slaps her ass again, and waits for an answer. Still butt fucking her brains out.

Patty shakes her head and cusses him under her breath... but, she squirts... all over his fat, hairy legs. Her pussy quaking as it wildly blasts out her milky load. That makes Goldman laugh again. Cocky, sleazy, and full of himself. Puffing away on the cigar. Sweating profusely.

"Hurry up! And this is it, asshole!" Patty admits defeat, realizing she has to drink his greasy jizz again if she wants the part. Which she definitely does.

Goldman pulls out, and pulls Patty to the floor. All of a sudden, she loses her hatred for him. Her love for being sexually used and her love for cum take over.

"FEED ME THAT FUCKING CUM, BITCH! FEED ME, YOU FAT FUCKING PRICK! GIVE ME ALL OF IT! I WANT YOUR FUCKING CUM, ASSHOLE! NOW!!!" Patty's mouth is open as far as it will go. Her tongue outstretched as far as it will go. She's craving cum. And she wants it now!

"Yeahhhhhh, you nasty fucking whore. Drink my seed, bitch. Drink it all. Hahahahahaha!" Goldman growls like a grizzly bear as she yanks Patty's head to his huge cock and starts jizzing her mouth fast and furious. It explodes out of his cock, and Patty immediately drinks it all down. Every fucking greasy drop. Grunting and moaning like a wild animal herself. Craving more and more cum. Her trim body trembling from her very-powerful cum-lust.

"Whew! You got the part, baby. You got the part, you hot cougar slut." Goldman laughs again. Smokey and sleazy. "Damn, you can suck cock. I may have to sign you to a lifetime contract or something... just for that. Hahahaha!" Goldman's smoky laugh fills the room as Patty looks up at him, still sucking that obese dick. Torn between hating herself for giving into his disgusting ass, and her love for actually giving in to his disgusting ass... and cum. Ha.

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