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Cum Whore Patricia Heaton Ch. 1
Category: Roleplay Stories

I've been married to TV star Patricia... or Patty... Heaton for twenty five years now. We get along great. Perfectly actually. Patty's the perfect wife. She's fucking grievous. She's very attentive to my every need. So loving and sweet. She's also a really easy going, laid-back gal that loves to cook, travel, fuck... and eat cum.

Yeah... I said, eat cum. My 60 plus wife absolutely craves cum. She's obsessed with it. She not only eats it straight from the tap, she also eats it in her food, her toothpaste, her milkshakes, her coffee... anywhere she can.

"Babe... I'm hungry. You don't mind do you?" Patty gives me a very sweet, loving-wife, horny smirk as I drive. I look over at her and grin. We both know the very, very obvious answer to her question.

Patty starts unzipping my black leather pants, fishing out my still soft bulge. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You have the most beautiful cock that I've ever seen, babe. It's so BIG! MY GOD! I want that thing down my throat. All of it.

Patty leans over and starts licking all over my spongy, tattooed and pierced crown. Yeah... tattooed and pierced. Patty loves my cock. She carries numerous pics of it around in her phone and purse.

My cock is fourteen-inches long when fully erect. It's got shiny gold stars inked all over it... my huge balls too. It's got small gold piercings all the way from the very back-tip of my crown, all the way down the underside of my fat, veiny shaft, and down the center of my huge ball-sack to the very back-end of it. A true work of erotic art. A very expensive and painful one too. No cheap shit on this dick.

And Patty can deepthroat the whole thing too. Tons of practice over the last decade led her to achieve that very impressive feat. No gagging. No puking. She used to. But not anymore. Way too many blowjobs for that to happen anymore.

Patty kisses all over my plump crown as we stop at a light. We're heading to dinner.

I play with Patty's newly, beautifully-styled, auburn-blonde hair as she softly kisses all over my cock head. Slowly swirling the tip of her tongue around it as well. Ahhhhhhhh. So damn good.

A car stops to my right. Two older guys are in it. They look over and see my wife's head starting to bob as she slurps my crown into her mouth and starts sucking. I get an approving car horn beep and cheer from them. I grin over and nod right before we take off.

Patty's mouth feels fucking amazing on my cock. Four inches down... Then six... Then eight. My cock growing instantly, and disappearing, in her saliva-filled oral honey pot as she slurps my fat meat deep and loving. Her auburn-blonde head bouncing faster in my lap as I casually drive to the restaurant.

Showing you just how perfect my wife really is, she manages to get a blunt from the glove compartment. Light it. And hand it to me. All while she's blowing me. Her mouth never leaving my now, fully-hard, monster cock. She's truly amazing. I'm smiling so happy... and now smoking. My cock lurching appreciatively so deep down my wife's uber-talented throat.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. She finally gets the last fat inch of tattooed, pierced meat down there. All fourteen-throbbing inches buried down her fucking throat. FUCK!

The piercings all the way down my giant,-bulging cock, rolling so smoothly down her throat as she buries her beautiful, brown lipstick-smeared lips into my crotch. I'm shaved down there, so Patty's lips are sealed tight onto my bare skin.

Her kinky tongue's heatedly-licking all around my huge, pierced and tattooed ball-sack too. Bathing it thoroughly in her sweet saliva. There's so much of it, long stands of saliva are hanging down to the floorboard from her tongue.

I start cum-dumping down my wife's very, very, very anxiously-awaiting throat as I pull into the parking lot. There's a line waiting for valet parking, so Patty finishes me off, so eagerly gulping down my entire, huge, extra-gooey load of sperm in perfect timing with the line.

We pull up to the valet right as she comes up off of my cock. The valet looks into the car, surprised by what he sees. My giant, freshly-drained dick in my wife's loving left hand. She's pumping it, drawing out one last drop of jizz. It rests right on my piss slit.

Patty smiles at the probably 21 year-old valet and blows him a slutty kiss as she leans back over and very slowly... and wickedly... laps up the drop of cum clinging to the tip of my crown. She swallows it and smacks her sexy lips, licking out her cum-glazed tongue at the valet. I smirk. Patty does too. We kiss. The car blowjob and the taste of my cum on my wife's tongue making the evening nice and kinky so far.

I tip the valet after my wife fixes her lipstick in the mirror, and then we head into the restaurant. It's a new place. Italian. Supposedly great food... and service. Who knows.

When we get to our table, the waiter smiles and greets us. He's an older guy. Probably around 70 or so. A little older than my wife.

He shows us the wine list. Patty smiles over at me. She's so beautiful. She really is. She has such gorgeous eyes too. They always sparkle so perfectly. So enticingly. My just-sucked-dry dick twitches in my pants as I look into my wife's amazing eyes. She knows exactly what my dick is doing, so she winks over at me. Wickedly grinning as well.

Patty kicks the dinner off the right way... the fun way. While the older waiter is talking over the wine list with her, she grabs his cock. Yep. Right there in the restaurant. Right there at our table. She grabs it and starts rubbing it. Smirking at me. The waiter pauses for a moment, then just goes on describing the different wines to her. Ha. Yeah... dude is cool as a cucumber. He no-sells it perfectly.

Patty decides to test his no-sell resolve. She keeps smirking at me, and nonchalantly unzips his black pants. The old dude has a blue speedo on under them. Patty giggles at that. She reaches in and starts rubbing his impressive bulge through his speedo.

Dude still no-sells it. He just keeps on talking wine to her.

I'm snickering. Watching this all. A few other diners are too. Whispering amongst themselves. They're not being a bitch about it though. They're smiling and pointing... and waving to me. Giving me, and my wife, a thumbs up. Cool crowd. Ha.

By the time Patty has the old waiter's dick out, it's hard. And big... Really big. Not as long as mine, but even thicker than my cock. It's wrinkled and very veiny. Thick veins throbbing all down the obese shaft. It's got a slight, downward curve to it too. Patty's very impressed. She jovially wiggles her eyebrows at me.

Dude still no-sells it. He must have bitches playing with his huge old cock all the time in here. Ha.

Patty's not really paying any attention to his very-thorough wine descriptions. She's way more interested in that huge piece of hanging, mature dick meat between his legs, beside her.

I watch my wife start licking up and down that mighty shaft. It twitches repeatedly at the touch of my wife's expertly-skilled tongue. She kisses it. Softly and slowly. Her eyes never leaving mine. We love watching each other fuck. It gets us both off big time.

Patty engulfs that massive, wrinkled cock and starts sucking it. Still watching me watch her. And yes... the old dude still no-sells it. I'm beginning to wonder if this is all a work or something. Performance art instead of an actual restaurant. Who cares. My wife's sucking a huge old dick. And we're all very interested to watch it. Yes, me and the others in the place. Everyone is now watching Patty suck that cock.

She pulls off of it, then spits all over it, and sucks it deep again. Her beautiful lips stretched obscenely-wide to accommodate that massive meat pipe. Patty gets it all down. Coughing twice from the enormous girth pushing down her throat, but not gagging. Yeah... the waiter has his hand on my wife's head and he's fucking her throat. He's finally selling it, I guess. Ha.

Patty's copious spit is flying from her mouth. Hanging all the way to the floor as that old freak pounds her throat with that massive old dick.

"UMMMMPHHHH!!!" Patty gulps hard when the guy starts cumming. He shoots three huge globs of semen, then pulls out of her throat and mouth and wipes his dick all over my wife's lipstick-smeared lips.

Patty smiles approvingly, and licks it as the waiter brushes it back and forth across her insanely-sexy lips. Then, he shoves it back down her throat. Fucking her throat a few times as he holds her head still. Then, he pulls back out and slaps his obese, wrinkled meat on her mouth several times.

"I'll get your wine now." He bows to us with a serious, professional grin, and puts his dick away. Zipping up, then heading off to get our wine. Patty sits there, wiping her mouth with a napkin. Giggling and smiling really naughty over at me.

She fixes her lipstick once more. Happily grinning at me the whole time. Both of us laughing as well. Another fun night out with the wife.

"Wow! That was a big cock." My wife and I keep on laughing. "Great cum too. A little greasy tasting, but still delicious." Patty sips some water and smiles extra-playful at me. What a sexy bitch she is.

We have a great dinner. The food really is impressive. The eggplant lasagna is very tasty.

"I made sure to put our very special, house-dressing on here for you, madam. I hope you enjoy." The waiter gives Patty a sly grin as he puts another salad in front of her. She really enjoyed the first one, so she asked for another.

The waiter walks off. Patty looks at her salad, then at me. She laughs as she plays with her salad. It's got a very special dressing alright... Cum. You can tell the whole salad is covered in thick, creamy sperm. Slightly watery so, I'm assuming it's the waiter's own brand. Ha.

Patty runs her fork through it, then raises it to her lough and softly sucks her fork clean.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Just like before. Yummy." Patty winks at me, smirking so wickedly too.

Yep... it's the waiter's cum.

"Wait a minute... this tastes a little different. My God... they all came on it. Yum, yum." Patty laughs as she eats the sperm-tossed salad. It seems like the whole kitchen staff came together.... Literally... to make the special house-dressing.

I sit there, finishing my lasagna, and watch my wife happily gorge herself on the very-creamy, very-fresh salad. I can see the gooey cum coating her fork and salad on it. It glazes Patty's beautiful, wet and creamy, brown lipstick-covered lips as well as she sucks the fork totally clean every time. She makes sure to lick them clean after every bite.

A little later...

"How was your salad, madam?" The waiter asks. Mischievously grinning as he asks.

"It was absolutely delicious. My compliments to the house. Patty blows him a sexy kiss. She blows me one too.

I just grin. So in love with my wife.

Patty blew me in the car again on the way home as a thank you for such a great dinner... and after we got home too. She swallowed each time. As I said before, she just can't get enough cum. She really can't. She's absolutely obsessed with eating it all the time. And good God... I love her for it. Ha.

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