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Cum Whore Kelly Madison
Category: Roleplay Stories

Fake... Fantasy... Fiction... Mature Cum Shenanigans Starring The One And Only Kelly Madison

"I love it, baby. It's perfect."

"I'm glad you do, hot stuff."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm. You're the hot stuff, baby. Haha."

"I beg to differ, my love. No one... and I mean NO ONE... is hotter stuff than you." My horny grin makes Kelly smile and giggle.

"Awwwwww. You're so sweet, my king. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. And, so sexy too. Hahaha." Kelly kisses her finger and places it on my lips, smiling and winking with such love sparkling in her eyes at me. Then, she slides down my body. Very sexy-snake like, wickedly-smirking back up at me. She slides to the floor and starts softly rubbing her perfect face all over my bulge. Purring so happily. Smirking all extra-naughty up at me as she does. Blowing sexy kisses and winking naughty at me on top of it all. My bulge is soft now, but not for long. It's never soft for too long around my fiancée.

I'm engaged to the one and only Queen Of Porn Kelly Madison. I popped the question two months ago. She said yes real quick... thankfully. No time to sweat it out. Ha.

Kelly's much older than me. I'm 21. She's 55. My mature dream girl. Tall. Long blonde hair. Long, silky smooth legs. Trim figure... but with all natural 34FF breasts. The most gorgeous green eyes and smile ever. And one massive sexual appetite to match it all. The perfect milf. And, I can't wait to marry her.

She was married before, but, she dumped him. And here I am. Watching my future wife, on her knees, pull my cock out of my thin white sweatpants while she blows me hot kisses and giggles.

"God... I'm always in awe of your gorgeous cock, baby. It's so fucking BIG! MY GOD! Yum! Hehehe."

That makes me smile. It's always good to impress your woman with your dick.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Kelly engulfs my now, half-hard meat. Gulping down about six-inches. I've got fourteen fat ones when I'm fully-hard.

Watching my chick suck my cock is better than anything I could ever watch on TV or the internet. Plus, I have the added benefit of experiencing the immense pleasure of actually feeling it. THAT, MAKES IT TRULY MUST SEE... AND FEEL. Ha.

Kelly throws her head around as she sucks, swinging her long blonde hair wildly. I put my left hand on top of her head and growl real-happy, leaning back in the recliner and grinning from ear to ear.

Kelly laughs, and softly rubs my thighs as she takes me into her throat even deeper.

My cock lurches deep down Kelly's throat. So excited to be there. She doesn't gag at all either. A slight cough, but no gagging.

She slurps down about nine inches, then all the way back up to the bottom of my spongy, pierced crown. Yep... pierced. Small gold piercings all the way from the back tip of my crown, right down the underside of my shaft, and straight down the center of my ball-sack to the very back-bottom of it. That's a lot of piercings. Ha.

Kelly winks at me and smiles. Her mouth stuffed wide with now, fully-hard, pierced dick. She then swoops all the way down... her copious saliva lubing the way. And, I mean all the fucking way down. Deepthroating my entire fourteen-inch dick. Every last inch of it.

My eyes roll around in my head. My mouth quivers as I groan. My entire body tingling from the electric thrills shooting all through it.

My chick can suck dick better than anyone. Period.

She's smiling up at me so beautifully happy as I ride out the immensely-satisfying high of her fantastic blowjob.

Kelly reaches up and grabs my pierced nipples. Shaking them as she bobs her head repeatedly on my entire fucking cock. Jesus!

My cock throbs and twitches continually in her mouth and throat. Kelly handles it perfectly. Slurping and sucking that pierced monster down like a cocksucking world champ. Her incredibly luscious lips rippling down my hefty rod, then back up it, then all the way back down again. Her nose pushed into my shaved crotch. Her tongue licking around my balls. My entire cock stuffed right down her dick-craving throat.

The small gold piercings all the way down the underside of my cock roll so smoothly across Kelly's tongue and throat as my cock gets sucked down there, whole. God, it feels so freaking-amazing too!

When I cum, I growl like a sexually turbo-charged beast. It makes Kelly laugh around my cock. The whole thing buried down her throat. She's licking away on my big, pierced balls as she opens her throat as wide as she can and let's me shoot my extra-gooey seed straight down there.

She swallows, but she really doesn't need to. My cum's shooting down there so freaking quick, her throat can hardly keep up with it.

I hold Kelly's blonde head as my enormous cock keeps on pumping away. My cock throbbing mightily as it pumps out the rest of my sticky seed. Kelly coos so blissfully the whole time. Loving my cum racing down her throat so very-much.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So yummy." Kelly comes back up, giggling wickedly, and sits in my lap, facing me. Smiling extra-naughty at me. She laps at my smiling lips, then kisses me. Hugging me around my neck as we swap cum-flavored spit. Kissing so passionately. My arms hugging her close. Kelly grinding on my very-happy, completely cum-drained cock. It's all so fucking beautiful... and sexy as all hell too. Ha.

"I'm really looking forward to the Only Fans stuff, baby. Me interviewing random horny people on the street and flashing and having fun. That's gonna be so hot. Hahaha."

"I certainly know you'll make it that way, baby." We laugh and kiss some more. Damn, I'm in love. In love with the perfect mature woman. Milf city up in this bitch, baby! Hahaha.


Our first shoot for Kelly's Only Fans is gonna be so much fun. She walks the street with her microphone in hand, wearing only a full-length white fur coat, shades, and white pumps. She flashes random peeps and asks them questions about their sex life. Simple. Simple, but hot as fuck. Ha.


"Hi there, everyone. It's Kelly. I'm here on Only Fans to give you guys some new hot content... and to have some hot-fun myself doing it. Hehe... Hey, you..." Kelly opens her fur and flashes a guy waiting for the bus as she strolls by the bus stop. She shakes those amazing titties around for him, giggling and smiling away, then closes her fur back up, laughing and waving and blowing kisses to him.

I laugh as I walk with Kelly, filming everything.

Dude sits there on the bench. Jaw dropped and drooling. Gawking really-hard at my woman. He does manage to raise his hand and wave back as Kelly walks off.

"Don't forget to join my Only Fans." Kelly tells him as she happily strolls away. Smiling and giggling so happy. She's loving the whole, Kelly On The Street thing so far.

My woman strikes again. Another new fan.

We spend the next hour or so with Kelly strolling down the street and flashing random peeps. She gets tons of horny wolf-whistles and very-thankful cheers and applause for her sweet and hot as fuck efforts. Ha.

She also interviews several random dudes, and one surprised, older woman.

"So... Do you cum harder from pussy or butt sex?" Kelly asks her.

The older woman paused. We were wondering if she would run away screaming or not.

"Anal... definitely anal." She finally answered. That got a big pop from Kelly and I. Kelly's so amazing and hypnotic, she even got the old broad to flash us right after Kelly flashed her. The old chick has some great cans too. Big and bouncy ones.

Kelly got her number, so we're definitely gonna bring her over and fuck her at home. Test out that whole anal cumming hard thing. Ha. We might even get her to join Kelly on her adventures too as well. Maybe I'll let her do the camera work too. Ha.

"Does your significant other drink your cum?" That one gets a huge grin from a big dude Kelly came across at the park.

"She used to. I cum a lot. A whole lot. So, she got tired of me always wanting to cum in her mouth. I love when my chick drinks my stuff. It's a big turn-on. But, sadly, that's a no-go nowadays." Dude shrugged his shoulders looking all sad.

"Awwww. Poor baby. I'm so sorry to hear that. I wish I could help you out somehow." Kelly softly rubs his chubby, hairy face. Really being sweet to the guy... while she smirks wickedly at me and the camera, and giggles away. She winks at the camera... and me. My amazing chick. Always the smokin' hot tease.

"You could drink my cum. It's been so long, I've almost forgot what it feels like." Dude swings for the fences. Ha.

"Well... you'd have to clear that with my man over there." Kelly giggles as she motions over to me with her head.

"That's your man?"

"Oh yeah! We're engaged." Kelly shows him her engagement ring. Smiling all sexy and chewing her gum.

"Oh... sorry, dude." He apologizes and chuckles. Embarrassed that he didn't realize that.

Kelly kisses his cheek and takes a pic with him. Her spectacular tits out. Smiling big and happy... both of them.

A couple of minutes later, Kelly pushes me into the alleyway behind the restrooms, behind a dumpster. She looks at me with sexual fire in her eyes. She's super-turned-on.

"God, that made me so fucking hot for you, baby! That poor guy wanting me to drink his fucking load! I want yours! Now! Right here!" Kelly's beaming with carnally-blazing hunger. Dick and cum hunger. So fucking turned-on.

She drops to her knees and hurriedly fishes my cock out of my pants. Immediately deepthroating my entire, half-hard monster. Sucking me off so furiously and sex-starved. It's a violent blowjob. Kelly absolutely gorging herself on my pierced meat. Eating it up and growling like a starving lioness on a fresh kill. Loud, animalistic growls of nasty sexual euphoria blaring out from her mouth as she bobs her blonde head fast on my cock. Sucking me all the way down so fucking fast and heatedly. Her spit hanging and flying everywhere. God, WHAT A FUCKING BLOWJOB!!!

I film this awesome content, just for us. Ha.

"UHHHHH!!!!" My cum shoots like a bazooka down her fucking throat. Kelly still wildly growling all over my cumming monster as she bobs that gorgeous blonde head faster and faster. Swinging it around and shaking it violently as she very-voraciously sucks my jizz down. Her long blonde hair flying around like crazy. FUCK! I just grab her fucking head and finish shooting my thick, creamy load right down her fucking throat! Ramming my giant, fucking, pierced dick down there as I cum.

Kelly coughing, but still not gagging, grabbing my ass cheeks, squeezing them tight, then pulling me into her throat as deep as I will possibly fucking go! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I keep on cumming. My biggest load ever! And Kelly gulps it all down with a very, very, very-heated and cum-hungry/happy smile. FUCKING AWESOME, DUDE! FUCKING AWESOME!

"God, I love you!" Kelly looks up at me. Sexual fury still blazing in her eyes and face. She blows me a real sexy/slutty kiss and goes back to sucking me totally clean. Every last drop of cum in me sucked right down into her stomach.

"Right back atcha, gorgeous. God, I love you." I breathe deep and hold Kelly's head as she works her post-cum magic on my dick. Damn, I'm in love. Cum-drained, and in love. Perfect. Just perfect. Ha.

Before we leave the park. The big dude that wanted Kelly to drink his load approaches her and asks for an autograph. He forgot to earlier. He apologizes again to me. I tell him it's fine and go put the camera in the car while Kelly gives him an autograph. Smiling all sweet and sexy and thanking him for being a fan.

We head out. The guy, Kent waves. We wave back and head home. Kelly leaning over and laying her head on my shoulder, softly kissing my cheek over and over. I just smile, my arm around her. Loving every freaking second with my amazingly perfect, in every way possible, and super-sweet cum whore... Kelly Madison. See ya next time. Peace.

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