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Fun Times with Filthy Friends Ch. 1
Category: Roleplay Stories

Filthy Freaks is the name of my mom's bar 'n grill and also the website that promotes it... among other things.

(Snorting lines in the bar bathroom)

"Nasty motherfucker. Pissing down your sister's throat while your doing lines."

"Sister-in-law. Get it straight, whore." I mischievously smirk over at Max (2 Broke Girls/Kat Dennings). She smirks back. Teasingly sticking her tongue out at me, then swabbing her finger in the leftover coke and rubbing it on her gums.

Sarah (ESPN Hottie Sarah Spain) is having a blast on her knees in front of me, sucking down my piss. Her beautiful, lip-glossed lips air-locked onto my bulging, thick-veins-throbbing shaft as I piss dump down her fucking throat. Letting her do all the work. I'm busy going through the bag of yayo aunt Alia (Former Pornstar Alia Janine) scored for me.

Sorry Todd... my half-brother... your wife is too good of a piss-drinking cocksucker not to get high with at work.

I get a text... "When are you bringing that dick over, stud?? Hoda and I need it, baby. I've already watched her fuck two of our neighbors. I want to watch you fuck her... now!"

Kathie Lee Gifford is horny. She's not only the queen of daytime TV, she's also a beautiful, famous friend... and much, much more.

"I'm cumming... oh yeah... I'm cumming right now. Ha!" Right as I write that, I start jizzing Sarah's throat. I just finished pissing down it, and two second later, I'm cumming down it. Perfect timing. I close my eyes and cum! Several powerful blasts of sperm rocketing down my sister-in-law's slutty cum-whore gullet. She bobs on my cock and moans so happily. Drinking every drop with the happiest of smiles. Massaging my big, pierced balls... small gold ball piercings running all the way down the underside of my cock and the center of my ball sack... as she sucks me off.

I hold Sarah's dark-brown-haired head, and ram her throat a few times as I finish jizzing down it. Damn, she's so pretty eating my cum. So fucking pretty. Awesome cum-smile too.

Max and I kiss... nice and nasty... while Sarah sucks me cumless, and Kathie Lee and her best bud Hoda wait. It's all about me, dude. Me, and what... and who... I want to do. I'm feeling myself right about now. Sorry, no humility here at the moment. (Cocky smirk)

Max keeps kissing me. Our tongues softly fucking. Those amazing full, gorgeous lips of hers driving me crazy as we kiss. I tweak her left nipple with my hand as we swap spit, groaning happily from Sarah perfectly orally draining the last drops of ball goo from me. Her soft lips making sweet, slutty love to my massive pierced cock. Fucking beautiful shit. Absolutely beautiful.

My coke high only adds to the beauty of the moment. I'm a chill coke dude. Most people get hyped from it. The yayo just chills me out. A different effect, but a really cool one.


We hear someone blurt that out from one of the stalls. Then, we hearing banging on the stall door. Rough banging. Like someone's head getting banged against it.

A minute later, uncle Dave and aunt Beth walk out of the stall. Both smirking away. Aunt Beth wickedly wiping the corners of her mouth as she struts over to the mirror, blowing me a slutty kiss on the way there.

I just chuckle. Damn, my bad-ass bbw aunt turns me on! Sexiest aunt ever. Those massive, natural milk jugs bouncing in front of her. That long, wavy blonde hair flowing down her back. Those gorgeous, cock-gobbling lips... with the thin layer of sperm glaze shining on them at the moment.

Aunt Beth leans down and finishes off the line of coke on the counter, then puts some more lipstick on. Hot pink. Fuck yeah. Hot fucking bitch.

Uncle Dave is chill. He just pisses in a urinal and calmly washes his hands, checking out Sarah and Max's big fucking tits as the three of us kiss.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Beth are part owners of the bar. Mom's the majority owner. My mom (Porn Goddess Kelly Madison) is the most perfect goddess ever to goddess. Ha. The perfect woman in every way freaking possible... every freaking way!

"Hey babe." Rachel (Friends/Jennifer Aniston) walks in and smiles over at me. She walks over to the urinal and whips her dick out. Yep... I said dick. A big one too. She's a hermaphrodite... she's got a pussy and a dick. A really beautiful pussy too. She pisses through her dick instead of her pussy.

Uncle Dave walks over to her and starts kissing on her neck as Rachel pisses. Flirting with her. They both laugh and flirt, and the next thing you know, Dave's got his massive monster crammed up Rachel's firm ass. About half of it anyway. His dick is almost as big as mine. His is thirteen inches long. Mine's fourteen inches long. Rachel screams out and puts her hands on the wall, still pissing in the urinal, as she gets ass pounded from behind by my chunky uncle.

We all watch the fun. Beth standing beside me, jerking my cock with her left hand while I film the ass fuck/hermaphrodite piss fun with my phone.

Max and Sarah light up a blunt and smoke, passing to me too as we all watch on, film, and cheer Dave and Rachel on.

Uncle Dave is a sex fiend... like the rest of us. Dude is a fucking and partying machine. He's always fucking somebody. Always having fun and making sure you do too. Everybody loves uncle Dave. Being 70 years-old and fat doesn't slow him down at all either. His beer belly jiggles while he ass fucks Rachel. She pounds on the wall and grunts. Taking all that dick up her tight ass with a slutty bitch grin, her big dick still pissing away in the urinal.

They keep fucking for another ten minutes or so. Rachel finishes pissing about a minute in, then just concentrates on taking that fat, old monster up her beautiful, trim ass more and more. Dave's got most of it shoved up there, pounding away in one of the most beautiful women you'll ever see. Rachel's a real beauty. Long, dirty blonde hair and a trim, fit body. Absolutely gorgeous chick... with a big ol' dick.

After uncle Dave dumps his load up Rachel's smooth, supple butt, he pulls out and calmly puts his cum-dribbling meat pipe away. Thanking Rachel and kissing her cheek. He smacks her ass too. Getting in a quick squeeze as well before he heads out of the bathroom. He gives me a thumbs up, and aunt Beth a pat on the ass, on the way out. He's a cool-ass dude. Ha.

Aunt Beth texts mom. They've got a party planned for tomorrow. A really-wild one.

But hey.. I've got hot pussy rubbing up on me, and a website to get content for right about now. Ha. And, a wife to check up on too. Speaking of my busty blonde wife......

"Mmmmmmm. You're good at that."

"Thanks. You've got the prettiest titties I've ever sucked."

"Aww. Thanks. Yeahhh. Suck it harder. Mmmmmmm."

Billie (Billie Eilish) sucks on her bottom lip as the customer sucks on her rock hard nipple. They're in a special, "work only" bathroom. Billie's earning a big tip. The dude's getting to suck on one of the most awesome racks ever. Pure milky-white perfection. He's paying for the privilege. I think $100 to suck Billie's boobs. I think that's the price.

Yeah... you can pay to suck... among other things... the bartenders/waitresses tits. One of the many reasons to come on down to Filthy Freaks and have a great time... We guarantee the great time part by the way. Just sayin'.

"Oh, sorry." My cousin Gabbie (Pornstar Gabbie Carter) walks in on Billie and the customer. She starts to walk back out and close the door, but Billie stops her and wickedly grins. She waves her over.

Gabbie smirks and closes the door, walking over to Billie and standing beside her. Peeling down her sports bra so her 34DDs...same size tits as Billie and Max... can spill out before she's even asked to show them. She knows what's up.

The dude's jaw drops. He stands up and looks at Billie and Gabbie in front of him. Two of the hottest, big titty bitches you'll ever see right there, inches from him. Both chicks with their awesome, natural racks out, smiling extra-sexy and playful at the guy.

He's staring hard. Swallowing hard too. He's also silent. He doesn't know what to say, so Billie helps him out.

"I'll tell you what. If you have an extra $100 on ya, you can fuck Gabbie's beautiful boobs while I play with myself. I'm sure she won't mind... right, Gabbie?" Billie playfully grins at Gabbie. Reaching over and groping Gabbie's fucking perfect tits while the dude drools all over himself.

"Sure. I don't mind at all... not at all." Gabbie blows the guy a very-slutty kiss. Moaning so hot and naughty as Billie gropes her.

Billie's thumbs are rubbing across Gabbie's huge areolaes and thick, hard nipples. Billie palms both tits and kneads them too. God, brown-haired beauty Gabbie's got perfect boobs... just like my wife.

The dude doesn't say a word. He does quickly fumble through his wallet though and grabs another $100 and gives it to Billie. She's being nice about the price. Usually it would cost $150 to fuck Gabbie's tits, but Billie likes the way he sucked her tits, so she's giving him a discount.

A couple of minutes later...

Gabbie's got those big, soft udders wrapped tight around the guy's six inch dick, pumping away on it as he leans back against the sink counter.

The dude's rubbing Billie's legs too while she smiles at him and rubs her pussy that she's got spread open for him. She's got her legs spread for him too, giving him a great view of her open snatch.

The guy keeps licking his lips. Groaning happily from the titty fuck, and staring a hole through my wife's gorgeous, juice-dripping coochie hole.

Billie's clit throbs wildly as she rubs it. Her labia puffy and tingling as her fingers rub in her slit. Her pussy lips glisten with Billie's leaking juices. She smiles so sexy too. The guy is mesmerized by my amazing wife... and his dick is mesmerized by Gabbie's amazing tits.

He's fucking up into that luscious tit valley while she's pumping away on his lurching meat, lapping at the precum-oozing crown as it pops through her spectacular, heaving tit valley.

That's it for him. He puts his right hand on Gabbie's head, and she engulfs his dick right as he starts cumming.

"OH GOD!! FUCK! OH... UHH!" The guys dick spurts out four jizzy globs, and Gabbie swallows each down in a flash. The dude rams his dick up through Gabbie's big titty cave and deep into her mouth. He turns his head away from Billie as he dumps the last of his creamy goo into my cousin's mouth. Billie giggles, seeing how excited the guy is to cum in Gabbie's mouth.

"You girls are so beautiful. God! You're both fucking amazing. Thank you so MUCH! UH!" The dude starts shaking as Gabbie sucks him clean. She rubs her big tits all over his drained dick as she sucks it. Laughing on it as the guy growls and shakes, feeling so fucking awesome.

"You know..." Billie hops down off of the counter and smiles. She pulls the guy's dick from Gabbie's mouth and smiles down at her too, jerking the guy's softening cock as she smiles. Billie sees one last drop of sperm leak out, clinging to the guy's tip.

"That would usually be another twenty for Gabbie to swallow, but you're really nice, so......." Billie leans down and engulfs the guy's entire cock. Deepthroating it and sucking it with her throat... much to the guy's immense... and loud... enjoyment. She pulls back off of the dick and smiles wickedly at Gabbie again, then kisses her. "... no charge this time." Gabbie turns her head and smiles and winks up at the guy. He happily grins back at her and nods as a thank you.

Another happy customer. Ha.

Later... at Kathie Lee's house... Fucking Hoda on Kathie Lee's bed...

"Choke the slut. Make her cum again and choke her. Do it, stud. Fuck that filthy whore."

Kathie Lee squeezes Hoda's small, jiggly caramel boob really hard. Twisting her nipple hard too. That makes her Egyptian/American fuck toy wince and coo happily as I pound town her light-brown pussy. My hand squeezing a little tighter on her throat. Fucking and choking her as she cums again, drenching my gigantic dick with her seasoned pussy gravy. Smirking away. Filming it all with my phone. This is definitely going up on Filthy Freaks.

Hoda's smooth caramel legs are up on my shoulders. She's smiling at me. Her eyes fluttering as I lightly choke her and pound her twat at the same time. My huge white dick throbbing mightily as it powers up that sweet caramel hole. Hoda's pussy's pounding on my meat. Her cum still shooting. Still bathing my excitedly-lurching dick.

I slap Hoda's face and smirk at her. I smack her face again. Harder this time. I choke her some more... much to Hoda's horny mature whore delight... and pound her pussy faster and faster. Kathie Lee's bed smacking against the wall behind it.

Kathie Lee yanks my hair, and smirks at me. She kisses me dominantly. Pinching both of my pierced nipples as she shoves her tongue down my fucking throat. Fuck, I love it!

Precum is pumping non-stop outta my dick, glazing Hoda's aching pussy walls.

I loosen my grip on her neck. Hoda takes a deep breath and smiles so fucking happy. Absolutely loving being choked and fucked at the same time. She fucking loves that shit. Rough and nasty sex makes her cum so damn hard. She's a kinky whore, and Kathie Lee... and I... take advantage of that as much as possible.

When I cum, Kathie Lee jerks my cock til I cum all over Hoda's light-brown boobs. Hoda makes sure to lean up and get some jizz in her mouth. Her mouth wide open. Her tongue stretched all the way out. She's so fucking turned-on from the rough, kinky sex. My dick shoots a glob onto Hoda's slutty tongue, totally coating it with thick and creamy ball goo.

Kathie Lee leans down and sucks me clean as I keep on filming with my phone. Every second of our threesome recorded for our fans... and for me personally as well... to enjoy.

I start pissing. First down Kathie Lee's very-happy throat, then all over Hoda's smiling face. Kathie Lee directing the heavy yellow stream all over her best friend's caramel-toned face. Kathie Lee spits right in Hoda's face too. The degrading fun making Hoda scream out and cum so damn hard as she rubs her pussy blazing fast. Fucking awesome shit. Fucking awesome.

Once my piss slows down to a dribble, Kathie Lee and Hoda both suck my dick. Draining it completely. Kissing and moaning blissfully as they indulge their deepest, happiest piss whore dreams. And me... I just watch, film, and smile my perverted ass off. Oh... hell... yeah!

I hang around afterwards. Kathie Lee and Hoda are doing an episode of their podcast... Kathie Lee And Hoda, Hardcore Hotties... and they have a very-special guest... Kim Kardashian. Another very-special friend of mine. So... it's chill time at Kathie Lee's pad for me and the ladies.

Meanwhile... at home...

"Oh god!.... Fuck my ass. God. GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!"

My blonde beauty younger sister Kaia... she's 20... is on her hands and knees on her bed getting doggy style butt banged by our half-brother Spence (The King Of Queens). He's goofy grinning as usual. Slapping and banging Kaia's gorgeous, trim booty. Gripping her sleek hips, fucking away as he drinks a beer and belches. Spence is feeling himself. He's cocky. He's usually scared to death of being caught fucking my sister by Kaia's 400 pound bad-ass, bald all over biker boyfriend... and our cousin... Otto.

Today though, Otto's out of town, so Spence isn't worried about him... at the moment. That's gonna change shortly though. Sorry... spoiler alert. Ha.

Kaia's a cock hound, so she's always down to fuck. Bad-ass boyfriend or not.

Spence is always DTF too, but he's also very-protective of his talent... his very-large cock... and he takes Otto's threats to rip it off and fuck him in the ass with it very seriously... as he probably should.

I fuck Kaia too. All the time. Otto likes me though, so it doesn't bother him. It seems like the only person in the family that he doesn't like for some reason is Spence. If you knew Spence you'd probably see why, but he's still my brother, so I try and play peacemaker for Spence's sake from time to time... when I have time.

Spence just has a gift to piss most people off. Especially boyfriends of chicks he's fucking with his "talent." Hey... we all have a gift I guess. Ha.

"God, I'm cumming. Mmmmmmmmmmm." Kaia feverishly rubs her pussy as Spence fucks her beautiful, bouncy butt from behind with that 10 and a half inch and fat, uncut, pale-pink dick of his. His copious precum mixing with Kaia's delicious pussy gravy. She cums and cums and cums. Smiling and sucking her bottom lip. Rubbing her throbbing pussy all the way through her orgasm.

Kaia gets a call. She picks it up when she finishes cumming. Calmly chewing her bubblegum and popping a bubble.

Spence is still fucking her butt. Still goofy grinning from pasty-white ear to pasty-white ear.

"Oh... Mmmmmmmmmmm. You're back early? OK. Cool. Yeah... I'm alone. I'll wait here for you. See ya then. MWAH!"

"Who was that?" Spence gets ready to cum in Kaia's ass. His grin... and cockiness... outta control.

"Otto... he's on his way here. God... cum in my butt. Yeahhh." My sister casually informs our brother, chewing her bubblegum, ready for some Spence cum in her perfectly-tight ass.

Kaia's gorgeous smile is the perfect counter to Spence immediate look of complete and utter fear that totally covers his formerly cocky face. His jaw drops. His heart sinks. His raging-hard dick does too. It immediately goes limp inside of Kaia's super-horny butt. She's dancing it all over Spence's dick, very-ready to get sperm-blasted at any moment.

Spence starts screaming like a maniac and frantically jumps off of the bed. Falling down, then quickly jumping back up. Crazed with fear, leaving my sister on the bed, sexually-disappointed.


Yeah... Spence is scared.

No cum for you! Kaia can hear that voice in her head. Ha. She sighs and shakes her head, laying on her bed and looking up at the ceiling, blowing bubbles with her gum as Spence spastically runs around her room... then out of it... liked a scared-shitless maniac. Yeah... big stretch. Ha.

"At least Otto's coming over. He can feed my butt some cum." Kaia perks up. She blows a big bubble and pops it, ready for her boyfriend to get his huge, King Kong Bundy's younger-brother-looking butt over there and fuck her brains out.


I get a very-cool surprise when mom drops by Kathie Lee's house. She knew I was there so she dropped by to spend some time with me and to say hey to Kathie Lee and Hoda. She's didn't know Kim was there.

Dude, I'm hanging with four babes and getting drunk. A pretty-perfect way to wind down your day.

Mom and I chill and watch Kathie Lee and Hoda do their podcast from Kathie Lee's home studio. It's all about hardcore sex and hot chicks... hence the name.

Mom gets frisky, so she ends up in my lap, facing the big window between the den and Kathie Lee's studio. They can see us fooling around as they do the podcast.

Mom's got my dick out of my pants and right up her pussy and she's bouncing happily on it while I reach around her and play with my favorite tits ever. Both of us are drinking. I'm drinking a beer, and mom's drinking red wine.

Fuck. Just fuck. Mom's amazing jugs bedazzle me... and my hands... once again. She's got her flowered silk blouse open. Her all natty 34FFs hanging out over her white satin bra cups. My hands squeezing away so happily.

Her pussy does too. Pumping my hard, pierced cock perfectly as she bounces on it. Casually drinking her red wine and watching the podcast. Smirking away. Cooing away. So content and so happy. And that makes me happy.

"God, I love this cock! Yum! Hahaha." Mom leans her head back and smiles so happy. Her long blonde hair tickling my face. Smelling so beautifully-sweet as usual.

The piercings all the way down my shaft are rubbing perfectly on mom's pulsating pink folds as we fuck. That, and my immense cock size both working together to stimulate her magical milf pussy to otherworldly heights of sexual bliss.

Mom's juices pour out all over my thick-veins-covered meat. Glazing my dick. Lubing it for even more sensual pussy stimulation.

My dick throbs hard. That makes me growl happily. Drinking my beer as my mom leans back to me and softly kisses my neck. Purring away so happily as she starts grinding her pussy round and round on my hard-as-granite cock. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!

I'm ready to blow, but mom suddenly stops grinding my dick. Sensing my impending cum. She wants to drag it out. The perfect cock tease. God, so fucking perfect.

Mom slowly swirls her leaking pussy all the way around on my ridiculously-hard dick. Round and round. Slowly. When it throbs harder, she slows down even more. Perfectly working it. Totally controlling my cock and it's mighty urge to flood her world class pussy with cum. Perfect pussy work. Just perfect.

Mom kisses my cheek and purrs. Smiling, then licking my cheek.

I turn to her, and she purrs again, lapping at my lips wildly. I kiss mom. Deep and dirty. So fucking turned-on by the hottest bitch ever.

Inside the studio...

"They're really going at it."

"Yes. I want some more of that beautiful dick."

"Oh yeah! Me too. Yummy."

Kim watches extra-close. All three bitches are. They paused the podcast for a minute to closely watch mom and I in the den.

"You know..." Kathie Lee signals the producer to start recording and filming again. "Kim... I have an idea. Bob... will you please come in here, doll?"

Kathie Lee calls for her neighbor Bob to come in. He was hanging outside the studio watching, drinking a beer.

Bob walks in and stands next to Kathie Lee. His arm around her shoulder. His hand cupping Kathie Lee's white-tank-top-covered boob. Shaking and squeezing it.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. Kim, dear. This is my sweet neighbor, Bob. Bob... This is Kim Kardashian." Bob and Kim wave and nod to each other.

"Kim... Bob here has a gift. A very, very-special one."

"Oh really?" Kim is intrigued.

"Yes. Hoda... would you please?"

"Oh yeah. It would be my pleasure."

Hoda quickly gets off of her stool and walks over to Bob. She whips his swim trunks down, and voila! Out pops the fattest dick you have ever seen... and it's still soft. Kim's eyes bulge from across the table. She smiles wickedly. Slowly licking across those incredible lips. Bright-red, creamy lips.

"Wow! That's impressive, Bob. Very-nice. Yum." Kim approves. Her eyes very-closely checking out every single inch of that humongous dick. It's only about six inches long, but it's gotta be about eight inches or so in girth... totally soft. Kim gets up and slowly walks over to Bob and Hoda. Slowly licking her lips at the sight of that massive, hanging meat.

Kathie Lee sits on her stool next to Bob, and lets him play with her still gorgeous, mature breast while they all closely watch that 60 year-old dick to see how much bigger it will get.

Back in the den...

"God, baby. Your cum feels sooooooooooo good shooting in my pussy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Soooooooooooooo good. Yeahhhhhhhhh." Mom's smiling ear to ear. She finally let me cum dump in her cunt. And, my dick is dumping a massive load up there. One of the biggest ever. So much thick and gooey sperm rocketing up my mom's snatch. My cock jolting hard each time it erupts with cum.

When my dick stops jumping, mom slides off of it and turns to me. Smiling at me and blowing me sweet, slutty kisses. She licks all around my spongy-hard crown, then sucks down my entire fourteen inch cock. Every last inch. No gagging. No coughing. A perfect deepthroat blowjob.

I lean my head back and growl happily as mom sucks my cock. Licking around my pierced balls with my entire cock crammed down her throat. Such a talented cocksucker. The best ever... period!

I hold mom's blonde head as she sucks me from her knees. I watch Hoda and Kim double suck off Bob in the studio too. Kathie Lee directing the double blowjob. That dude really does have a fat fucking dick. Damn! Kim's lips don't even fit all the way around it. She's got about half of his cock in her mouth, but that's all. It looks like it's about seven and a half inches long, but God knows how fat. That's a fucking fat dick for sure.

After mom finishes orally worshipping my dick in the den, we kiss, then head inside the studio.

Kathie Lee immediately drops to her knees and starts sucking me off. All of the double blowjob directing got her really horned-up. Ha.

Mom and I kiss while my world-famous sugar mama very-ravenously sucks my cock.

Bob's fucking Kim now. On the studio black leather sofa by the wall. Hoda's behind him, pulling his mature white cheeks apart and tongue fucking his ass. The mature caramel whore loves eating ass. She absolutely loves it.

Kim's screaming out as Bob fucks her shaved-bare snatch on the sofa. That enormous meat stretching Kim's pussy so damn wide. Her eyes are bouncing around in her head. Her big breasts are heaving. Her incredible body's shivering... and... she's cumming.

Kim rubs her aching clit as she squirts all over Bob's enormous, mature white dick. Kim's legs are on Bob's shoulders and he's grinning away. Fucking away at that world-famous coochie pie. One of the most perfect, wettest, and most delicious pussies you will ever fuck... if your lucky enough to.

Bob starts pinching Kim's nipples really-hard. She screams out again, so he twists them even harder. Fucking her even harder too. Kim screams and creams. Loving the hardcore pounding and rough nipple play.

Bob pulls out and yanks Hoda's head between his legs, shoving his massive dick in her mouth and fucking it rough and wild while Kim watches.

He pulls out again, and starts pissing all over Hoda's face, then aims it at Kim's big tits, pleasantly surprising her. She opens up, so he aims for her mouth from a few feet away and pisses right in it. Kim swallows a mouthful, then gets a wave of piss down her body.

Bob pushes his pissing monster right against Kim's winking rosebud. He smirks deviously at her. She laughs and smirks back, pushing her world famous ass down on his pissing dick. It's a really-tight fit, but that insanely-fat, pissing dick finally pops through Kim's anal ring. The warm piss immediately soothing Kim's instantly-sore ass. It's stretched so damn tight around that enormous cock. She takes it though. Piss, cock, pain, and all.

Hoda sucks on Bob's balls as he ass fucks Kim. Still pissing in her butt. Kim is screaming again. Pained-pleasure to the max. Her ass so sore from stretching so much around that cock, but also feeling so good from the warm piss blasting up it.

Meanwhile, I've got Kathie Lee and mom bent over the glass table, fucking them both from behind. Both in the pussy. Fucking one, then the other. Then fucking both in the ass. Alternating between both again. It's fuck city, USA up in this fucking podcast studio, bitches. Non-stop hole pounding with two of the biggest dicks ever. And four of the horniest, big cock whores ever on top of it. WOO! HELL FUCKING YEAH!

Back at Filthy Freaks Bar 'n Grill...

"You gals need a ride home?"

"No thanks, Dale. Max has her car."

"Ok, see you beauties tomorrow."

"Thanks. Bye."

"Bye, stud." Max playfully winks at Dale. She's chomping hard on her gum and smirking.

"He's so sweet."

"Yeah... he's OK, I guess."

"Just OK? You called him, stud." Billie giggles.

Billie and Max walk to Max's car. Their shift is over.

Dale's the bar manager. He's a really nice guy. Everybody likes him. The staff loves him. He's always accommodating when it comes to getting time off, and raises, and stuff like that. He makes sure to take care of the staff.

"Hey, he's got a big fucking dick, and I like fucking and sucking it. So yeah... stud." Max wickedly sticks her tongue out and smart-ass smirks across her car at Billie as they get in. Billie laughs and shakes her head at her dark-brown haired and buxom best friend.

Billie knows all about Dale's big fucking dick. Everybody at the bar does. That's why aunt Beth hired him. Mom didn't mind the hire when she met Dale, and got a look at that enormous thing between his legs.

Dale's very-nice and chill personality charmed mom, and his dick sealed him getting the job. Beth made sure to get Dale to show mom his dick at the interview. She knew mom would hire him immediately.

Dale's dick isn't enormously fat like Bob's. It's very-average girth-wise. Very-average at best. The exact opposite of Bob's dick. Nothing special at all. The enormous part though is it's length. Sixteen and a half inches long. Yep... sixteen and a half inches long. Aunt Beth measured it totally-erect.

Dale's bisexual. So... the male and female staff both like to thank him for his constant support and understanding and nice treatment by sucking and fucking him. It's a mutual enjoyment thing. Both sides certainly enjoy it too.

"How many times today?" Billie asks Max about her and Dale as they head home. Max is living with us for the time being. Her apartment building had a fire, so they closed it down for repairs.

"Hmmm... just twice. A blowjob before work and a quickie fuck during my first break."

"Does Johnny know about you two?"

"No..." Max gives Billie a, hell no look. "And, he doesn't need to either. So, keep it on the down low."

Billie giggles at Max's request. Johnny is one of my best buddies. He and Max started dating recently.

"He doesn't know you fool around? He's got to. Everybody knows you do."

"I told him I'd stop while we're dating... for now." Max gives Billie a sly grin. She's chewing hard on her gum and driving. Smirking away. Max is proud that she convinced Johnny that she would stop fucking around while they dated. Nobody believed that she would, and... yeah... we were very right. Ha.

"So... how long are you gonna keep up the facade?"

"I don't know. It's kind of exciting though. Cheating is fun. The whole, will he catch me stuff turns me on!" Max's big, horny grin makes Billie giggle again.

"Yeah, you are quite the horny slut, Max." They both laugh.

Tune in next time for way more filthy fun with the freaks. How long will Max be able to keep up the no cheating lie? How much pussy can Dale handle at work? Will Spence ever stop being scared shitless of Otto? And... how awesome can my mom possibly be? Check in next time to find out. Peace, freaky bitches.

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